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A pair of Dictatorships

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«Επιζητείται ο τεμαχισμός της Ελλάδας» - Τα δάκρυα του ιστορικού Σ. Καργάκου και οι αποκαλύψεις του



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The Consequences of Legitimising Dictators


Legitimising Dictators is something not without consequences.

The contemporary Settler-Colonialism, as always, confiscates, the land; the children; and the future of the indigenous Nations. Instrumental means that serve this confiscation are genocidal-policies. And the, backed by the colonising Metropolis, dictatorship is the major perpetrator of these genocidal-policies.

Whenever, the indigenous Nations resisted, in the past, becoming settler-colonised, then, the settler-colonisers suffer casualties. For this reason, the settler-colonisers undertake preventive measures in order to exclude any manifestation of resistance on behalf of the indigenous populations.

The exclusion of any such manifestation of resistance, without instantly annihilating the entire indigenous Nation, can only be achieved by a dictatorial regime through the combination, of minimising the subset of its members which can undertake leadership roles, and, of murdering/discrediting the few left, potential, leaders.

Either, by mass poisoning, e.g. with fluoridation of the water/salt etc., the indigenous population becomes sedated and docile, or, by mass trans-humanisation through brain-implanting, a part of its, would-be, leaders become declassed as such.

The few left potential indigenous leaders, within the settler-colonialism context, they are being, either, assassinated by ways which comply to the “plausible deniability” principle, e.g. by induced “cancer”, by induced “heart-attack”, by fake “suicide”, by fake “stroke”, by fake “car-accidents” by being subjected to the death-program of gang-stalking, or, they are being discredited, by destruction of their nervous systems through, either, illegitimate (framing, slandering, forged-witnesses, etc.) institutionalisation within the so-called “psychiatric” domain (in Greece mercury-poisoning has been used for decades for slandering innocent and sane citizens as alleged “crazy” in order to criminally institutionalise them, while the majority of the medical domain being complicit to this monstrosity) , or, by brain-stubbing/MKUltra-chemicals, or, by slandering them as allegedly “criminals”, and/or, as allegedly “child-molesters”, and/or, as allegedly “homosexuals”, and/or, as “worthless/incompetent”, etc. In Greece and in the context of the current dictatorial regime, many good and sane citizens have been tortured, in so-called “psychiatric” institutions, by some of the most horrible and inhumane ways.

Furthermore and in order for the settler-colonisers to reduce, some of the would-be indigenous leaders and other indigenous citizens, to “push-button” people (myself being one of these “push-button” people), they involuntarily brain-implant them with claustrum-manipulating technology that gives the to colonisers the technical ability, through wireless remote control, to induce, upon the unsuspected victims mentality, the state of “awake-unconciousness”, meaning to instantly stop their brain/memory in order order to harm them in any way (poisoning, fabrication of false incriminating the victims forged “evidence”, involuntary human-experimentation, violation of their human-rights, etc.) and then, to “seamlessly” restart their brain while leaving to them no perception at all, about what happened in between.

The destruction of the would-be indigenous leaders is not the only duty of such a dictatorial regime as most of the genocidal-policies rely on these regimes’ support for becoming applied and becoming covered-up.

History verifies that, the dictatorial-regimes which, they applied overt genocidal-policies and which, the international community, denounced them and marginalized them, they didn’t lasted for long.

Now, the settler-colonialism applies covert though known and identifiable by all the “by-standing” Nations, genocidal-policies. The covert character of these genocidal-policies serves two purposes. The first is, to offer a “face-saving” excuse for the “by-standing” Nations to use while, avoiding to annoy the settler-colonisers and while pretending that these genocidal-policies they, allegedly, do not exist. And the second is, to offer to the settler-colonialism enough time in order to subdue also, the “by-standing” Nations and thus for itself to become globalised.

Both, the potentially dishonest/opportunistic, as well as, the potentially docile, Nations they remain the most easily settler-colonised of all as, dishonesty/opportunism remains vulnerable to the enforced criminalisation while, docility remains vulnerable to the entryism. And as such, these Nations, sooner or later, they, also, become settler-colonised.

Consequently, in the long run and profoundly, there is no benefit, on behalf of the, not yet having become settler-colonised, “by-standing” Nations, on offering legitimacy towards Dictators. Thus, whichever “by-standing” Nation might offer such a legitimacy, then, the chances are that, the origin of legitimacy of this kind is nothing but, either, one more already, or, one more candidate, settler-colonised Nation.

At his final speech, as the U.N.’s Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon denounced that, innocents’ “blood” lays on some of the world’s leaders’ hands. These leaders they, also, legitimised Dictators.

Concluding, I firmly believe that, our world does not need more “bloody” leaders and for this reason, denouncing and marginalising the Dictators of our world is preferable than becoming complicit, through offering to them legitimacy, to their crimes.


Christos Boumpoulis



Eragon (3_5) Movie CLIP - Fear and Courage (2006) HD