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Open Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel 03-03-2020 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τρίτη, 03 Μάρτιος 2020 15:48

Angela Merkel


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The H-460, pictured above, was an electronic encryption machine sold to governments around the world in the 1970s. Among the users were South American military dictatorships that used the devices to coordinate violent reprisals against accused dissidents. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post) 

The H-460, pictured above, was an electronic encryption machine sold to governments around the world in the 1970s. Among the users were South American military dictatorships that used the devices to coordinate violent reprisals against accused dissidents. (Jahi Chikwendiu/The Washington Post)


Open Letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel 03-03-2020


Your Excellency Dr Angela Merkel,


Could you please protect Germany from becoming, for once more, the contemporary settler-colonisers’ (U2RIT) scapegoat?

Existing historical facts verify that:


- the “School of the Americas” was and still is, used instrumentally, by the U2RIT, for perpetrating settler-colonialism in the Latin America and elsewhere, e.g. Greece.

- the CIA’s “Operation Rubicon” (former “Operation Thesaurus”) was used instrumentally by the U2RIT for backing with intelligence-services the Latin Americas, and not only, settler-colonisation.

- the German BND’s enforced (due to May 21th, 1949 treaty) involvement in the CIA’s “Operation Rubicon” was instrumental for extorting Europe’s lacking of negative reaction against the U2RIT’s settler-colonising atrocities. And the media’s reports, regarding the Crypto’s scandal, they indiscriminatelly associate the Bo Hagelin Jr.’s assassination also with the German BND, with no reference to the 1949’s treaty.

- The CIA systematically assassinates whoever arbitrarily deems as being a “wild-card”, treatening to publicly expose their atrocities, like Bo Hagelin Jr., Frank Olson and many others.


Right now, the U2RIT is currying out, in Greece and in other parts of Europe, crimes against humanity which make what the Stalinists did look like child’s play.

Right now, the U2RIT is currying out, in Greece and in other parts of Europe, murders of innumerable innocent civilians, as a result of applying settler-colonising genocidal-policies.

The whistleblowers, the human-rights activists and the anti-colonialism activists, like myself, we try to protect society by promptly informing the innocent civilians.

Also, according to recent, unverified information, a part of the Greek Security Authorities is doing their duties to persecute settler-colonialism thus, a violent reaction may manifest, on the U2RIT’s behalf, in the near future.

However, the U2RIT, in all cases, is criminally acting, illegitimately and “behind our backs”, and perpetrates against us the death-program of gang-stalking. We remain, unjustly and illegitimatelly, marginalised, excluded from the legitimate protection of the security authorities and of the laws, deprived from our legitimate monetary income, indirectly deprived from our human-rights including the right to work professionally, and continuously threatened to become criminally slandered in any way.

Germany retains the leading role, in Europe thus, by remaining neutral, with regard to the innumerable killings of innocent, European civilians and whistleblowers, is unavoidably going to become, some time on the not so distant future, for once more, the U2RIT’s scapegoat.

The core-principle of the U2RIT’s “civilisation” remains, through the ages, the rule “dog eats dog”.

Never, in the past, salvation came from compliance or docility with the barbarity.

Salvation may be secured by doing the right thing; the right way; at the right time; for the right reason.



Christos Boumpoulis



Avril Lavigne - Keep Holding On








Youtube video Θερίζει ο καρκίνος στην Ανατολική Μακεδονία και Θράκη, αρνητική πρωτιά για Δράμα



G. Kasimatis Dictatorship Occupation English Subs



Έλληνες διπλωμάτες μπλεγμένοι σε εμπόριο οργάνων παιδιών (ΑΡΤ, 20/11/18)









Putin’s Spy Games, Suspicious “Suicides,” and Creative Murders



Compromised encryption machines gave CIA window into major human rights abuses in South America


South American military dictatorships combined forces in the late 1970s on a continent-wide crackdown they called Operation Condor against perceived threats to their rule. It was part of a broader wave of violence in which nuns and priests were imprisoned, dissidents were tossed out of airplanes and thousands of victims were “disappeared.”

To coordinate this brutal campaign, Argentina, Chile and other countries established a secret communications network using encryption machines from a Swiss company called Crypto AG.

Crypto was secretly owned by the CIA as part of a decades-long operation with West German intelligence. The U.S. spy agency was, in effect, supplying rigged communications gear to some of South America’s most brutal regimes and, as a result, in unique position to know the extent of their atrocities.

A paper in their collection from the Defense Intelligence Agency, for example, describes the efforts of nations involved in Condor — including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay — to find ways to share intelligence about targets they wanted arrested or killed.

The countries’ initial target was a multinational rebel group operating in the southern part of the continent. But over time the operation morphed into a sprawling campaign involving mass killings in South America and assassinations of alleged rebel leaders and political exiles in Europe and the United States.

But the same memo indicates that U.S. officials were more concerned about killings beyond the Condor countries’ borders than the casualty count in South America. The CIA also was largely focused on shielding itself from “possible adverse political ramifications for the Agency should ‘Condor’ engage in assassinations and other flagrant violations of human rights.”

Carlos Osorio, a researcher at the National Security Archive, said the Crypto documents reinforce the perception among Latin Americans that U.S. officials did little to stop the bloodshed in previous decades. “They have always suspected U.S. participation, and knowledge is a form of participation,” Osorio said. “This is confirmation of those suspicions.”

More broadly, Osorio said, the documents suggest that the CIA and other intelligence services involved in Crypto were predominantly preying on lesser-developed countries, and those of the Southern Hemisphere. Neither the Soviet Union nor China ever purchased or used Crypto machines.

“The Argentines demonstrated their attack” showing weaknesses in the Crypto equipment and “demanded an explanation,” the document says. “Wagner was frightened almost out of his wits. This was a regime that reputedly threw dissenters out of airplanes unequipped with parachutes. Who would miss an obscure Swiss CEO who failed to return from a business trip?”

When Iran signaled that it would be willing to free Buehler for $1 million, the CIA balked at contributing, citing U.S. policy against paying ransom for hostages. It was an ethically contorted position for the U.S. government, standing on principle against paying ransom, with no evident consideration for its culpability in putting a private individual in harm’s way.

The BND ultimately paid the ransom, and sought reimbursement from the CIA for years to no avail.

“Knowledge of atrocities creates legal obligations in extreme cases and moral obligations in all cases,” said John Sifton, a senior official at Human Rights Watch, an advocacy group. Sifton said the CIA and BND documents warrant reevaluation of those nations’ responses to global crises.

Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national-security/compromised-encryption-machines-gave-cia-window-into-major-human-rights-abuses-in-south-america/2020/02/15/bbfa5e56-4f63-11ea-b721-9f4cdc90bc1c_story.html


Crypto AG — Was Boris Hagelin Jr. Murdered by the CIA?


“My son Boris Jr., who met a tragic death in 1970, had an inventive mind, and his contributions when the post-war CX-type was designed were very important.”

The Story of Hagelin-Cryptos — Boris Hagelin (1981)


“Even the vice president of the BND assumed that Boris Hagelin Jr. was not the victim of an accident. It was an intelligence murder.”

Intelligence expert Erich Schmidt-Eenboom


” (…) while stranded in Buenos Aires, Boris Hagelin Jr. confided that he thought his father had been wrong to accept rigging the Crypto AG machines.

Stunned by the revelation, the engineer decided to take this matter directly to the head of Crypto AG. Boris Hagelin confirmed that the encryption methods were unsafe.

‘Different countries need different levels of security. The United States and other leading Western countries required completely secure communications. Such security would not be appropriate for the Third World countries that were Crypto’s customers,’ Boris Hagelin explained to the baffled engineer.”

On that day, Bo had crossed the Rubicon.

His father felt betrayed. Boris Hagelin never forgave and he never talked to his son again.

To the CIA, he was now a “wild card”.

There is no doubt that the CIA decided to get rid of him — at least from a legal point of view — and decided to take over the company knowing that their old partnership with Crypto AG could not survive with Bo at the helm.

On January 15 2012, Sixten Svensson — Brother-in-law of the late Boris Hagelin — told me the following:

“Boris Hagelin Junior was killed in Washington DC and died 17.11.1970. He lived 3 weeks in hospital before, but brain-dead.”

Like many, Svensson initially suspected foul play. But after years of research, he now believes that Bo may have actually committed suicide as the result of the dispute with his father and the sale of Crypto AG.

One thing is certain. Prior to his death, Bo made certain arrangements regarding his twin daughters that appear to imply that he did not expect to live much longer…


Near the end of the 1960s, Boris Hagelin (Born July 2, 1892) is finally considering retirement.

The big question for the CIA and the BND is how they will keep their secret deal with the new management.

Clearly, Boris Hagelin Jr. was the natural successor. However, he made it very clear that the company would not continue his father’s dirty business with the spooks.

A CIA document puts it rather bluntly:

“He [Boris Hagelin Jr.] was viewed (…) as a wild card in the deck who, if he discovered the true arragements, might try to derail them.”

Against the will of his son, Boris Hagelin decided to sell Crypto AG. The CIA and the BND bought the company on June 4 1970 for 25 million Swiss francs.

Hagelin Sr. then resigned from the board. Beside himself, only Boris Jr. and Sture Nyberg — to whom Hagelin had turned over day-to-day management — knew the CIA and the BND had acquired Crypto AG.

(Neither the Washington Post nor ZDF could locate Nyberg or determine if he is still alive.)

In November 1970, Boris Hagelin Jr. was killed in a car accident in Washington DC.

Boris Hagelin tried for many years to uncover the truth… Unsuccessfully.

While discussing the case of US Army bio-weapons expert Frank Olson, legendary American journalist Seymour Hersh famously said:

“He was letting them know that he was marching to a different drummer and you couldn’t do it back then. He was a man who was profoundly, profoundly distressed about what he was learning……..and he was dangerous.

Back then, if you thought somebody was detrimental to the cold war, you had no problem dealing with them.”

The words, it seems, apply perfectly to Boris Hagelin Jr. as well.

So, did the CIA assassinate Boris Hagelin Jr. ? Although there is — yet — no evidence, one thing is certain.

The CIA must have felt immensely relieved upon hearing the news of his death.

PS — Following the reports this week by Swiss public broadcaster SRF, German broadcaster ZDF and The Washington Post, the Swiss government has finally opened an investigation into the spying affair involving Crypto AG. Why did it take so long? They do not trust me? Hopefully, they will also open an investigation into the death of Bo Hagelin.

Source: https://gosint.wordpress.com/2020/02/15/crypto-ag-was-boris-hagelin-jr-murdered-by-the-cia/


Note: The photo was found at, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angela_Merkel


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