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Open Letter to Dr. Bruno Kahl – President BND PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Dr. Bruno Kahl - Grußwort



Cryptoleaks – Wie CIA und BND mit Schweizer Hilfe weltweit spionierten | Doku | SRF DOK



Open Letter to Dr. Bruno Kahl – President BND


Dear Dr. Bruno Kahl,


- There is an ongoing international aggression, with the form also of settler-colonialism, on U2RIT’s behalf, against the European Continent.

- there is a dictatorship in Greece (election votes counted by a private company for decades, ban of the citizens’ inspecting their judicial/penal files, political assassination of Giannos Kranidiotis, Kostas Tsalikidis, Socratis Giolias, Panagiotis Bompolas etc., American illegal intervention in Greece related to the “Huge Cooper & Co” treaty, instrumentall bankruptsy of the State by “puppet” governments through disproportionate external loans, systematic violations of the Greek constitution related to the State’s external loan treaties/memorandum, child organs/tissues smuggling, involuntary human experimentation, enslavement of citizens with involuntary r.n.m./brain-locking electronic implants, bioterrorism related to cancer, political persecutions of legitimate political dissidents, torturing and hostage-taking of crucial eyewitnesses of Gladio’s crimes e.g. Olga Bompolas, Russian/British hybrid invasion at the northern Greece, assassination attempts by the Russians in Paris, France against Greek political dissidents).

- there is an ongoing assault against, Greece’s territorial integrity and to the Greeks’ human rigths, related to the illegitimate “Prespes Agreement”.

- a unilateral hybrid war is being pepetraited by the U2RIT, against Greece.

- legal evidence have been publisized related to the weaponisation, meaning genocide, of some of the Greece’s supermarkets.

- Due to mainly cultural reasons, the Americans remain unwilling and unable, to honor their agreements and to obey the conventional and moral laws; and as a rule, they victimise their partners in order for them to avoid their own accountability and use them as “scape goats”.

- According to sufficient indications, the late Hagelin Junior, the Son of Crypto’s founder, Boris Hagelin, had a moral character, thus he was murdered in order for not revealing the “secret services coup d’ etat of the century”. Also, according to existing evidence the Crypto’s owners knew in advance, about the bombing which killed three people and injured more than 200 at West Berlin's La Belle discotheque in 1986, about the torture and murder carried out by dictatorships in South America, and about when coups were planned and massacres were committed. The murder and the ex ante knowledge of committed crimes made the German Security Athorities vulnerable to potential American extortions.

- The Americans (actually the U2RIT), traditionally, they perpetrate any crime they like and then, they destroy the eyewitnesses, the whisteblowers, etc. The European citizens know their method, namely the gang-stalking by which they target and destroy innocent civilians: 1. they sabotage every aspect of the targeted individual’s life; 2. they isolate the targeted individual from its network of support; 3. they make the t.i. homeless; 4. they frame (e.g. slandering, forged-accusation, etc.) in order to lock him or her up (to prison or to mental institution, e.g. Dr Reinhard Munzert, Bernd Seiffert, etc.).

- The Hagelin Junior’s case is equivalent with my case as, we both grew within a social environment of extreme corruption; we both exhibited moral stance and refused to complicit the crimes; we both were subjected to premeditated fake car accidents attempts (me at Düsseldorf, Germany on 2011 and at Egnatia highway, Kavala Region, northern Greece); I was more lucky and survived though, sadly, he wasn’t lucky enough and got murdered.


Currently, the dictatorship in Greece, due to also my political activism, is progresively being disintegrating; the Russia’s huge fossil-fuels reveniew is being threatened by the emerge of Greece’s enormous energy reserves, as substitutes to Russian fossil-fuels, also with my contribution; there is a growing pan-European realisation, due to also my contribution, of the contemporary settler-colonialism which threatens to hold accountable for their international crimes the U2RIT’s member-States. These are some of the reasons for which, the Americans, etc. want me, actually, dead or (locked) alive.

My Father has been murdered, my Mother suffers a plausibly deniable hostage-taking and torture, and I have fled to Germany while remaining homeless, jobeless and unjustly deprived from my legal rights as a legitimate Greek political refugee. Furthermore, since my recent disclosure of criminal names to Greece’s security authorities and my recent disclosure about the weaponsation of some of the Greek supermarkets, and then, I, frequently, observe behaviors towards me, on behalf of unknown to me persons which comply with the specifications of the criminal “gang-stalking” and the criminal “street theater”, to a seemingly extreme degree.

The society knows that, the Americans, etc. they do not hesitate to commit any crime in order to pursue whatever they consider as their interest. However, which are going to be the consequences if the European security authorities and in order to please the Americans, they keep sacrifing innocent civilians like, e.g. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, etc.?

The settler-colonisers have a lot to monetarily benefit from a citizens’ potential radicalisation, though, instead, is there any benefit (besides the obvious catastrophy) for the European security authorities by their own, forcibly radicalising innocent, peacefull and kind European citizens (not some specific ones,but the populations in general)?

Concluding, I wish, for the benefit of the European citizens to kindly ask from you to protect the innocent citizens from the undeniably “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” colonising-settlers, in order for us to consentrate our attention exclusively towards creative activities like, robotics, automations, politics, literature, music, etc. Such a protection we deserve because we are innocent and lawful.


Christos Boumpoulis





20 minutes – murdered secret service son of crypto founder?

The Cryptoleaks are currently occupying Swiss politics. When the CIA and BND took control of the company in 1970, according to the SRF Rundschau research, someone apparently had to die. At that time, company founder Boris Hagelin, who had started working with the CIA, left the company. His son Bo’s power of attorney, that is, the power to represent, was canceled. Hagelin junior was apparently the only initiated opponent of the espionage operation – which could have made him a target of the secret services.

BND vice president assumed murder

In November 1970, just five months after the CIA and BND bought Crypto AG, Bo Hagelin was killed in a car accident in the United States, according to the intelligence documents underlying the research. “It would no longer be necessary to exercise so much caution towards the Crypto AG board regarding the ownership structure,” the documents say.

Intelligence expert Erich Schmidt-Eenboom says in the program: “Even the Vice President of the Federal Intelligence Service assumed that Bo Hagelin was not the victim of an accident, but of an intelligence murder.” Hagelin senior had tried many years afterwards, the death of his Clarify son – in vain.

Source: https://www.archyde.com/20-minutes-murdered-secret-service-son-of-crypto-founder/


How the US's CIA and Germany's BND spied on world leaders

In 2013, Edward Snowden exposed the extent of the US's surveillance on global telecommunications. Starting in the 1970s, Germany's BND and the US's CIA used a Swiss front company to spy on world leaders for decades.

In Munich in 1970, representatives of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service (BND) and their counterparts in the US's Central Intelligence Agency signed a top-secret agreement. CIA spies would later say they considered the operation, called Rubicon by the BND and Minerva in the United States, the "intelligence coup of the century."

A recent collaboration by the German public broadcaster ZDF, the US's Washington Post newspaper and Swiss Television has revealed the entire story. According to the report, the German and US foreign intelligence services jointly operated the Swiss company Crypto AG, one of the world's market leaders in encryption technology, founded by the Swedish inventor Boris Hagelin.

Beginning in 1970, the BND and CIA rigged encryption machines produced by Crypto AG so that they could crack communications. More than 120 countries bought Crypto AG hardware for embassies, administrative offices and government institutions.

Crypto AG's customers included Iran, Saudi Arabia and countries in South America and Africa. Only the Soviet Union and China never bought Crypto AG products.

Not even employees knew that the company was jointly owned by the international intelligence agencies. The BND covered up its involvement by using Siemens for Crypto AG's technical and business support and enlisting a law firm in Lichtenstein to register its ownership. The spy agencies shared the profits — in 1975 alone, they did over 51 million Swiss francs in sales, the equivalent of about $19 million at the time. BND agents reportedly handed their CIA counterparts their share of the proceeds in cash at top-secret meetings in underground garages.

One day after a bomb killed three people and injured more than 200 at West Berlin's La Belle discotheque in 1986, President Ronald Reagan said the United States had irrefutable proof that Libya was behind it. He owed that information to intercepted communications from the Libyan Embassy in East Berlin.

When the United States invaded Panama in 1989, officials knew that Manuel Noriega was hiding out at the Vatican's embassy in Panama City. The Vatican, too, relied on Crypto machines.

Torture and coups

The BND and CIA also knew about the torture and murder carried out by dictatorships in South America. They knew when coups were planned and massacres were committed. It is unclear whether this sort of information was ever passed on to Germany's government or the White House.

In 1981, when the United Kingdom fought Argentina in the Falklands War, the BND and CIA passed on communications intercepted from Argentina to Britain. NATO partners such as Italy, Spain and Ireland were also monitored as part of the operation.

Hans Bühler, a Crypto AG salesman and German citizen, was arrested for espionage in Iran in 1992. He was innocent, but authorities held him prisoner for almost a year. Under pressure from Germany's government, the BND ended its participation in the operation in 1993. The BND sold its 50% stake in Crypto AG to the CIA, which finally dissolved the company in 2018. By then, the company had long ceased to be a market leader, and the US spy agencies were already working with digital communication providers.

Source: https://www.dw.com/en/how-the-uss-cia-and-germanys-bnd-spied-on-world-leaders/a-52358527


Legal Notice 27

During the first half of the year 2011, I was living in a rented apartment at Bruchstrasse 64, Düsseldorf, Germany. At around 22:00 one night, while I was at my apartment, I heard the noices of something being burned and I saw through my window the indirect illuminations of an open fire, somewhere in the nearby road. I restrained my natural curiosity and didn't gone out, at that time, to see what was happening. The next morning I found out that, approximately five meters away from the front gate of the building within which was my apartment, a brand new and very expensive sports car (Audi tt) had been burned completely. By avoiding to approximate myself to this incident while was taking  place, I avoided to, probably, becoming arbitrarily and faultily associated with this incident.

After few days, I realized that a severe leakage of hydraulic fluid was manifested at the hydraulic clutch of my car along with the streering wheel hydraulic pump's belt having become, unexpectedly, too loose.



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