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New deal gives Ankara access to oil and gas in eastern Mediterranean



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Prespes-Agreement Superimposed-Reality Ruthless-Propaganda


The contemporary settler-colonising Nations, namely the U.K., the U.S.A , the Russia, the Israel and the Turkey, they attempt to destroy Greece, through dismemberment, in order to obstruct Greece to empower Europe, through offering fossil fuels’ self-sufficiency.

The illegitimate “Prespes Agreement” manifests this intention to dismemberment.

The recent, illegal and instrumental “Turkey-Libya maritime-border agreement” serves the intention of employing advanced propaganda in order for “blending out of existence” within the public debate, the “Prespes Agreement”, as follows:

1. Both, the “Prespes Agreement” and the “Turkey-Libya maritime-border agreement”, they belong to the category of “agreement” and as such, the later becomes superimposed over the former.

2. The international media makes enormous “political-noise” about the “Turkey-Libya maritime-border agreement” while they keep a “radio-silence” about the “Prespes Agreement”.

3. The European citizens’ “absolute threshold” of political issues’ importance has, literary, skai-rocketed due to the heavy consumption of fluoride, in drinking water and cooking salt.

4. The Greek, anti-colonialism political activists may become so much assaulted by illegal means, e.g. robbery and directed-energy (microwave) weapons that they are being threatened to, literary, become “transformed” to “cooked tandoori chickens”...

5. The European citizens start confusing the two “agreements” and gradually, the “Prespes Agreement” becomes “blended out of existence.

6. Greece becomes destroyed and as such, becomes unable to empower the rest of Europe.

7. Europe’s dependency on the U2RIT’s energy resources perpetuates, thus their human-rights end up so reduced as if the citizens, literary, they are observing them through a telescope, though holding it the opposite way.


Concluding, I believe that, Europe’s peace, freedom, cooperation and frugal prosperity is absolutely dependent upon Greece’s [freedom-energy_resources] couple and that, a cooked tandoori-chicken can, definitely, offer to humanity more usefullness than, metaphorically speaking, a "cooked tandoori-activist"...


Christos Boumpoulis



Delroy Wilson - It's A Shame



How To Make Whole Chicken Tandoori in Microwave | Desi Zaiqa





Prespa agreement

The Prespa agreement (Greek: Συμφωνία των Πρεσπών, romanized: Symfonia ton Prespon, Macedonian: Преспански договор, romanized: Prespanski Dogovor, Albanian: Marrëveshja e Prespës), also known as the Prespes agreement, Prespa accord or Treaty of Prespa, is an agreement reached on 12 June 2018 between Greece and North Macedonia, under the United Nations' auspices, resolving a long-standing dispute over the latter's name.

Signed beside Lake Prespa from which it took its name, and ratified by the parliaments of both countries on 25 January 2019, it went into force on 12 February 2019 when the two countries notified the UN of the deal's completion, following the ratification of the NATO accession protocol for North Macedonia on 8 February. It replaces the interim accord of 1995 and sees the country's constitutional name, then Republic of Macedonia, changed to Republic of North Macedonia erga omnes.

The Prespa agreement cannot be superseded by any other agreements or treaties nor revoked, and its provisions are legally binding for both parties in terms of international law and will remain in force indefinitely.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prespa_agreement


Turkey signs maritime boundaries deal with Libya amid exploration row

ISTANBUL/ANKARA (Reuters) - Libya’s internationally recognized government and Turkey have signed an agreement on maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea that could complicate Ankara’s disputes over energy exploration with other countries.

Turkey, which announced the accord and a deal on expanded security and military cooperation on Thursday, gave no details of their memorandum of understanding and did not specify where Turkish and Libyan waters meet.


Libya’s neighbor Egypt dismissed the deal as “illegal”, and Greece said any such accord would be geographically absurd because it ignored the presence of the Greek island of Crete between the coasts of Turkey and Libya.

Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-turkey-libya/turkey-signs-maritime-boundaries-deal-with-libya-amid-exploration-row-idUSKBN1Y213I





super- +‎ imposition



superimposition (countable and uncountable, plural superimpositions)


The process, or the result of superimposing

The placing of one image on top of another, especially placing a photograph over some other graphic


Source: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/superimposition


Just-noticeable difference

In the branch of experimental psychology focused on sense, sensation, and perception, which is called psychophysics, a just-noticeable difference or JND is the amount something must be changed in order for a difference to be noticeable, detectable at least half the time (absolute threshold). This limen is also known as the difference limen, difference threshold, or least perceptible difference.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Just-noticeable_difference


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