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 Από: Χρήστο Μπούμπουλη

Ημερομηνία: 13/1/2020

Θέμα: Καταγγελίες, δολοφονίας Παναγιώτη Φ. Μπόμπολα, βασανιστηρίων και ομηρίας Όλγας Μπόμπολα


Αξιότιμοι, Κυρίες/Κύριοι,

Για άλλη μια φορά σας καταγγέλω την δολοφονία του Παναγιώτη Φ. Μπόμπολα, και τα βασανιστήρια και ομηρία της Όλγας Μπόμπολα.

Ο πατέρας μου ήταν ουσιώδης μάρτυς και θύμα σε σειρά εγκλημάτων της τρομοκρατικής οργάνωσης Γκλάντιο. Η ταυτότητα των δολοφόνων του προκύπτει από την εξής περιγραφή, σε συνδιασμό με τα συνημμένα τεκμήρια: "Approximately, on January 2012, I return to Greece were I found my father staying at his private residence, an apartment in a multi-store residence building, at the city of Voula, Greece.

For the period between, January 2012 and January 2015, according to my parents, the apartment located in the same building, at the upper next floor, was intermittently rented to a group of people who were speaking the Russian language, who seemed like being Russian natives and who possessed a very expensive luxury car, Mercedes 500, with very dark windshields and German license plates.

Once, one of our visitors who knew the Russian language and overheard those neighbors talking very loudly at their mobile phones while they were in their veranda made same rather interesting comments. And approximately at January 2015, my mother informed about them that, if I understood her well, which probably, but not certainly, I did understood here well, a large police operation had been performed and they had been arrested.During that period (January 2012 – January 2015) my father's health was, gradually, deteriorating. The one problem was with the unexplained manifestations of many, symmetrically, spread areas of ischemia, in his brain, which deprived him the ability to walk,the unexplained destruction of his heart's valves, the unexplained destruction of both of his eyes' lenses, and the unexplained, severe destruction of the cartilage of one of his two hips. My father used to sleep, in his bead, always turned to a specific one, of his sides".

Η Όλγα Μπόμπολα είναι, επίσης, ουσιώδης μάρτυς και θύμα σε σειρά εγκλημάτων της τρομοκρατικής οργάνωσης Γκλάντιο. Η ταυτότητα των δραστών των σε βάρος της, βασανιστηρίων και ομηρίας προκύπτει από τα συνημμένα τεκμήρια.

Σας παρακαλώ να πράξετε άμεσα το καθήκον σας και να απελευθερώσετε την Μάνα μου Όλγα Μπόμπολα και να διώξετε ποινικά τους δονοφόνους του Πατέρα μου Παναγιώτη Μπόμπολα.

Η διεθνής κοινότητα έχει αντιληφθεί ότι στην Ελλάδα υπάρχει δικτατορία. Καλό θα ήταν και εσείς να αντιληφθείτε έγκαιρα ότι και αυτή η δικτατορία, κάποτε, θα τελειώσει και θα υπάρξουν δικαστήρια.


Με τιμή,

Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης

Κίελο, Γερμανία




Chile: 20 secret police jailed for Pinochet-era crimes

Twenty former Chilean intelligence agents have been jailed over forced disappearances during the Pinochet dictatorship. The crimes were committed under Operation Condor — a secret campaign to wipe out the opposition.

A court in Chile on Friday handed prison sentences to 20 ex-members of General Augusto Pinochet's secret police for the kidnapping and murder of 12 people between 1975 and 1977.


Most of the victims were abducted in Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia before being taken to Chile to be tortured and killed. Some are still officially listed as missing.


Two of the former agents, Christoph Willeke Floel and Raul Iturriaga Neumann, were sentenced to 17 years in jail. Five others were given 15 years, while the remaining defendants were handed sentences ranging from 10 years to 100 days. More than 30 other ex-agents were acquitted.


Source: https://www.dw.com/en/chile-20-secret-police-jailed-for-pinochet-era-crimes/a-45599050


Trials of the torturers

In addition to the two civil trials of the instigators and the Polytechnic events, there were another six trials, which concerned the use of torture by the regime (Greek: Οι Δίκες των Βασανιστών, "The Trials of the Torturers").[31] Two of the trials involved the court martial of members of the EAT/ESA military police.[32] The first trial started 7 August 1975 at the Athens Permanent Court Martial,[33] and the second trial on 13 October 1975, with the verdict announced on 9 December 1975.[11][32] In total, the defendants totalled 18 officers and 14 soldiers of the non commissioned rank who all faced charges arising from using torture during interrogations. The second trial investigated torture allegations centering on Bogiati jail and in army units located in the Attica Prefecture.[11][32] These trials were followed by four additional trials involving allegations of torture concerning members of the security forces and the police.[31] The last of the torture trials started in November 1976.[31] Overall there were between one hundred to four hundred torturers' trials. The number is uncertain because detailed centralised records of the number of the trials were not kept.[34]


The charges during the first ESA torturers' trial were:[33]


Repeated abuse of authority, violence against a superior officer, unconstitutional detention, ordinary and serious physical injury, repeated insults to a superior, and recurrent moral responsibility for ordinary or serious physical injury.


Each defendant was charged to a varying degree but the only officer to plead guilty to all of the charges was sergeant Michail Petrou, a former guard at the Athens headquarters of ESA, who returned to Greece from abroad to be tried.[33]


A problem for the prosecution was the theft and destruction of the ESA files, which was described as "wholesale".[35] These files were never recovered and were not used in any of the trials.[35] In fact, documents which were initially exhibited in court by senior ESA officers later vanished without ever being found.[35]


During the EAT/ESA trials, Theodoros Theophilogiannakos pleaded with the army leadership to not convict any of the accused lower-rank EAT/ESA personnel. His rationale was that these convictions would encourage the newly legalised Communist Party to threaten EAT/ESA men with punishment in case the soldiers executed legally dubious orders. This would demoralize the men and make them second-guess the legality of each order issued to them. The soldiers would then disobey any order issued by their commanders, when in doubt as to the legitimacy of that order. Refusing to obey an order would be illegal from the standpoint of the army and would shake the discipline of the military, in Theophilogiannakos' view.[36] He went on to state: "Sentence us, the commanding officers, to death if you like. All that matters is to save the State".[36]


The prosecutor told the Court about Theophilogiannakos:[37]


Guided by a blind anti-communism, he attributed even the slightest opposition to the dictatorial regime to the "Communist finger"


During the second trial Theophilogiannakos asked the court to disallow testimony from Kostas Kappos, a Communist member of Parliament, on the grounds that he was an atheist. Spanos, instead of giving testimony, declared that the "Revolution" was betrayed like Cyprus, while Hadjizisis claimed that the ESA interrogators went through a worse ordeal than the actual interrogation victims.[32]


One of the accused, Dimitrios Kofas, was notorious as the "orange juice doctor" because he prescribed orange juice as a panacea for any ailment, including those resulting from torture. In a patient case involving the Air Force officer Nikolaos Stapas, Kofas prescribed orange juice for hematuria caused by severe torture. The doctor was convicted for eleven documented cases of dereliction of his medical duties.[35]


The closing remarks of the prosecutor in one of the EAT/ESA trials were:[37][38][39]


The torturers wanted to present EAT/ESA not as a place of torture but as a national reformatory. Modestly reserving to themselves infallibility of judgement, they have tried to follow in the footsteps of the Holy Inquisition.


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greek_Junta_Trials

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