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European Political Dissidents - Expendable Living Organisations PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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European Political Dissidents - Expendable Living Organisations




Σαρρησ 3 .Η σύμβαση "Cooper" και το ξεπούλημα του ορυκτού μας πλούτου- ΦΕΚ!!27/02/1940



Greece’s mineral wealth is immense thus as far as the contemporary colonialism is concerned, Greece is equivalent to the mineral-reach Latin-American States. The “Hugh Cooper & Co” treaty’s treason proves that like the Latin-American States, Greece is governed by a dictatorship of the same kind like Latin-America.


Kasimatis Dictatorship Occupation English subs



Greece is being governed by a dictatorship and is being occupied by the NATOic secret army Gladio.


The Empire Files: The U.S. School That Trains Dictators & Death Squads



The contemporary settler-colonialism promotes its llegitimate interests through bloodthirsty dictators and lethal death-squads.





The settler-colonisers overtly assassinate members of the Greek natural leadership, like they do in Latin-America.


‘Operation Condor’: 24 people involved in the US-led offensive get life sentences



Since the settler-colonisers are remorseless, the Greek political dissidents are being targeted by the “operation Condor”, wherever they might flee.


Έλληνες διπλωμάτες μπλεγμένοι σε εμπόριο οργάνων παιδιών (ΑΡΤ, 20/11/18)



The settler-colonisers perpetrate in Greece child organs harvesting like they did in Turkey against 18,000 Syrian children.


'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: Season 4, Episode 13)



The settler-colonisers obstruct the legtimate political dissidents, like myself, to find a progessional work, by tampering their communications with their would-be employers as a part of perpetrating against them the death-program of gang-stalking.


Bernd Seiffert Psychiatry tortures part 1



In Germany, due to the May 21th 1949 secret treaty, the domestic “psychiatric” domain seems to remain totally prone to be weaponised against mentally healthy and legitimate political dissidents.


newsontime.gr -- Στερνό αντίο στην Άννα Μπόμπολα



I am an “insider”, as my uncle (my late father’s brother) is the Greek oligarch Mr. George F. Bompolas. During the past five decades my uncle, a multi-billionair, remained one of the reachest Greeks and he was involved to politics as a newspaper publisher. Also, for one and half years I worked as an economic-analyst at one of the, then, biggests Greek newspapers “Ethnos”. During the past six decades Greece was a ruthlessly settler-colonised State and I was a poor, close-relative of a domestic oligarch, thus unintentionally I gained access to sensitive information.


A Story about German Gangstalking (5/7)



I retain reservations about the accuracy of the claims of the above video. Maybe some time in the distant future I shall disclose many interesting incidents that happened to me while I was in Germany.


MI5 Microwave Directed Energy Weapons Attacks in Tolworth GrenFell



MI5 is British. The settler-colonising tradition of the United Kingdom is compatible with its current atrocities that are related to directed-energy weapons used illegitimately against legitimate political dissidents.




According to Germany's Asylum Seekers Benefits Act, asylum-seekers receive €354 ($410) per month, which is approximately €70 less than what recipients of regular social security get. Asylum-seekers living in private accommodation receive part of these benefits in the form of noncash contributions. Individuals living in state-run shared accommodation receive no more than €135 per month, either in cash and/or as vouchers. Only individuals who have been granted refugee protection status are entitled to regular social security benefits.

Source: https://www.dw.com/en/asylum-benefits-in-the-eu-how-member-states-compare/a-44298599


The facts


1. Greece, like in Latin-America, is a dictatorship were many innocent people die from unconventional weapons and political-dissidents, like myself, flee in order to rescue their lives. Child organs harvesting is being committed in Greece.

2. I am an eyewitness of British crimes which they were committed in Greece and they were related to, child organs harvesting, involuntary human experimentation, “psychiatric” genocide, involuntary brain implanting, and others including murders.

3. As a legitimate political dissident originating from a subjugated country I intervened politically, against the colonisers’ illegitimate interests in issues, like the Greece’s mineral-wealth’s exploitation, which they worth few trillion euros.

4. The MI5 through tampering of my telecommunications obstruct me to find a professional work and has illegitimately blocked my real-estate from economic exploitation. I neither have any monetary income nor any monetary reserve. I earn few euros by recycling empty bottles from the public garbage cans.

4. According to reliable testimonies and my personal experience, I am brain implanted with a device that is equipped, with brain-locking and remote-neural-monitoring technologies. For this reason, the domestic services, here in Germany, that are dedicated to the homeless people, like myself, remain beyond my reach for obvious, very serious, and undeniable security reasons.

5. The German government refuses to offer me a political asylum, thus I am lacking even the most basic mean of survival and I am obliged, to sleep in my small passenger car at extremelly low temperatures; to lacking the ability to have a shower; to use shoes and clothes which are totally destroyed by long usage; and to remain expossed 24/7/365 to the ruthless criminality (including the directed-energy weapons abusage) of the contemporary British settler-colonialism which undeniably it doesn’t respect anyone and anything.


As since my birth, continuously, until today I remain an, innocent, sane/creative and lawfull citizen and since the international law dictates that, as a political-refuge, I should be treated equally with the rest of the political-refuges that have resorted to Germany, I feel that my human-rights are being violated and that for unknown to me reasons, I am being, unjustly, reduced to an expendable living organisation.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: By designating as human-sacrifices those political dissidents which they refuse to decline from their human-rigths, the rest of the citizens shall get the “message” that, survival means resorting to the “justice” of the mighty; and the “law of th jungle shall privale in the society.