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Money versus Harvested Human Organs PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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John Piper - Wealth Is Almost Always a Curse, Not a Blessing



Inside the Hotbeds of Israeli Settler Terror



Εισοδισμός: το πλέον αποτελεσματικό στρατήγημα της ιστορίας!


Του Μ. Καλόπουλου


"Εισοδισμός" λέγεται η μέθοδος με την οποία κάποιος ή κάποιοι, με προσχηματικό τρόπο διεισδύουν σε μια εχθρική ή γενικότερα αντίπαλη παράταξη και αλλοιώνουν ή αχρήστευαν εκ των ένδον, το κέντρο αυτό των αποφάσεων ή της αντίπαλης δύναμης.


Ο εισοδιστής για να εξασφαλίσει το δικαίωμα της διείσδυσης πρέπει να είναι ολοκληρωμένος τεχνίτης της παραπλάνησης. Πρέπει να μπορεί να μεταμφιεστεί σε σωτήρα, ευεργέτη, υπάκουο δούλο, ή ακραίο υπερασπιστή των συμφερόντων των αντιπάλων του, μέχρι να εισέλθει, να εδραιωθεί μέσα στο αντίπαλο στρατόπεδο, και ανακαλύπτοντας την αχίλλειο πτέρνα των αντίπαλων του, να δράση πλέον ύπουλα και ανατρεπτικά από θέση ισχύος.


Ο καλός εισοδιστής, αρχικά "σώζει" το μελλοντικό του θύμα. Φαντασθείτε λόγου χάριν, έναν άνθρωπο που με αυτοθυσία σας έσωσε την τελευταία στιγμή, από μια οργανωμένη απαγωγή ή ένοπλη ληστεία. Τι το φυσιολογικότερο, να θέλετε να του το ανταποδώσετε, δείχνοντάς του την ευγνωμοσύνη σας, και χαρίζοντάς του κάποια θέση διπλά σας, ή στην εταιρία σας. Αυτό που όμως δεν γνωρίζεται, είναι ότι τον κίνδυνο απ’ τον όποιο σας έσωσε, τον οργάνωσε ο ίδιος, ή η κρυμμένη πίσω απ’ αυτόν αντίπαλη σας παράταξη, περιμένοντας ακριβώς τα ανταλλάγματα που προαναφέραμε, δηλαδή την είσοδο του "σωτήρα" σας, στο στενό οικογενειακό ή επαγγελματικό σας περιβάλλον.


Και φυσικά, το ύπουλο αυτό παρασκήνιο, εσείς δεν θα το μάθετε ποτέ… ή αν και όταν το εποπτευθείτε, θα είναι ήδη πολύ αργά! Το κόλπο αυτό του ψευδο-σωτήρα, λέγεται αλλιώς στημένη αντιπαλότητα ή ψευδαντιπαλότητα και έχει άπειρες μορφές και εφαρμογές.


Source: http://www.greatlie.com/anazitiseis/koinoniki-mixaniki/1880-eisodismos-to-pleon-apotelesmatiko-stratigima-tis-istorias-tou-m-kalopoulou.html


Translation of the above text:


Entryism is the most effective tactic in history!


By M. Kalopoulos


"Entryism" is the method by which one or some, in a conspicuous manner, penetrate into a hostile or generally opposing group and alter or disempower the enemy, its center of decisions or the opposing force.

The entryist, in order to secure the right of penetration must be a complete craftsman of deception. He must be able to disguise himself as a savior, a benefactor, obedient servant, or an extreme defender of the interests of his opponents until he enters, consolidates himself into the opposing camp, and discovers Achilles' heel of his rivals, and then to act sneaky and subversive its power.

The good entryist, initially "saves" his future victim. Imagine, for example, a man who, by self-sacrifice, saved you at the last minute, from an organized kidnapping or armed robbery. What's more natural than your wish to repay him, showing him your gratitude, and giving him a professional opportunity in your company. But what you do not know is that the threat from which he saved you had been organized by him or by the power been hidden behind him, meaning your opponent, expecting exactly the consideration we mentioned, that is, the entry of your "savior," into your close family or business environment.

And of course, this insidious backdrop, you will never know it ... or if you supervise it, it will be too late! This bay of the pseudo-savior is otherwise called pseudo-rivalry or falsehood and has infinite forms and applications. (Source: as above)





Money versus Harvested Human Organs


Many imagine that, money is, practically, some kind of “God”; they are wrong.

Money is far less crucial commodity than Mediteranian children’s organs as the later, they are a prerequisite of exercising the ancient crime of Entryism which offers, money; and power; and fame; and lust; and good health.

For the last fifty years, the colonising-settlers’ atrocity is equivalent to the current Israeli settlers’ atrocity against the Palestinians, though in Greece, plauibly deniable methods of murder and torture, are being used.

The colonising-settlers they demanded a 50%-50% split, of eveyrithing in Greece that is valuable, between the indigenous Greeks (the sheeps) and the colonising-settlers (wolves).

The Greeks weren’t stupid to accept becoming deprived, from their land; their children; and their future, and certainly, they resisted.

The method of entryism was used for overcoming this resistance by extorting the Greeks who had influence over their society through deliberately causing to them internal organs-degenerating diseases and then letting them to understand that they had to become enslaved in order to rescue their own lives.

The British MI5, the CIA, the KGB and the Mossad cooperated all together and they established a large and covert criminal organisation for harvesting human organs from Greek, children and adaults.

Judges, Security Services, spies, hospitals, doctors, private schools, summer camps, etc, all front-organisations, were involved in order, as it is “successfully” being done in China, to deprive from their human-rights innocent, children and adaults, by performing such “black-ops” that resulted, illegitimate secret-trials to unjustly convict unsuspected Greeks for crimes which they didn’t committed; and illegitimate pseudo-”diagnoses” of so-called “mental illnessess” to be issued, all in expence of their victims’ freedom.

This criminal organisation, stolen human organs; murdered innocent civilians; enforced unjust criminal charges to innocent civilians; atrociously tortured innocent human beings; and kept/keeps hostages.

My family and myself, we are eyewitnesses and victims of this criminal organisation.

The current Greek Minister for the Citizens Protection, according to my opinion, possesses sufficient, legal evidence and information, for exposing and legaly persecuting the entre crimial organisation, for rescuing the existing hostages and for vindicating those who have been slandered.


Christos Boumpoulis






by Jack Murphy

Jul 12, 2016

Illegal weapons trafficking, human trafficking, and organ trafficking are three illicit trades in which smuggled goods are transported via clandestine ratlines, the supply meeting the demand, in a simple value transaction. Of the three, organ trafficking is perhaps the most rare and least understood. Those who get to close to the gangsters, and gangster governments, who perpetrate these crimes and come between the criminals and their profits tend to have a fairly short life span in many instances.

What is interesting about these value transitions is that they involve underground systems. I stress systems as the key here because these transactions do not happen in a vacuum. Organ trafficking in particular requires a unique form of underground railroad with skilled technicians who kidnaps victims, remove their organs, efficiently transport those organs, and then transplant them into waiting patients. With more overhead involved that trafficking women and children for prostitution, or smuggling drugs, it is interesting that more has not been exposed when it comes to the illegal harvesting of organs.

From recent reports out of Egypt, to rumors about ISIS, and industrial scale organ trafficking in China, the phenomena is very real and represents a gross human rights violation which is rarely spoken of in international forums.




A recent news report out of Somalia recounts the journey of a woman and her two children who traveled to Egypt, most likely being trafficked by the East African version of a coyote who shuttles refugees and migrants from sub-saharan African to Europe. By one account, the woman was unable to pay the traffickers so they turned to another way to extract value from their human cargo. All three were murdered and sliced open, their livers and kidneys harvested for retail sale on the black market.


Rumors of children being kidnapped and murdered for the purposes of organ trafficking have been going around for years in Mexico. Apparently, it is much more than a rumor. In 2014, Mexican police arrested Knights Templar cartel member Manuel Plancarte Gaspar who, “was part of the cartel’s organ-trafficking ring. The ring would kidnap children and take them to rented homes with medical equipment where their organs were removed,” AP reported.

Mexican drug cartels have been diversifying their business model, getting away from the drug trade in exchange for oil smuggling (and extortion), illegal logging, selling stolen vehicles, human trafficking, and illegal mining. Organ harvesting can also be added to this list.

Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles, the subject of the documentary “Cartel Land” also made the claim that his anti-cartel vigilante group (autodefensas) intercepted a group of children who had been kidnapped during a school field trip and were being transported via refrigeration truck prior to being rescued.




While ISIS is well known to be involved in human trafficking, there have long been allegations that the group engages in organ trafficking as well, however hard evidence has not been forthcoming. With large numbers of civilian hostages held by ISIS in Tal Afar and Raqqa, some have speculated that the terrorist group sells organs to wealthy Gulf State Arabs who need kidneys.




Perhaps the most prolific organ harvesters are not a terrorist group or drug cartel but a state. The People’s Republic of China executed political prisoners (such as Fulan Gong members, Uyghur ethnic minorities, Tibetans, and Christians) and harvested their organs for retail sale to patients in need. As the truth began to leak out from behind the bamboo curtain, the PRC claims to have cracked down on the practice. However, this has only fueled the illicit black market for harvested organs. A 2006 investigation conducted by a Canadian member of parliament concluded that the illegal organ trafficking business was worth around a billion dollars a year.


The existence of a flourishing underground organ trade in a country ruled by authoritarian decree rather than written law should not exactly come as a shock. Because the rules and decisions are made by the powerful and for the powerful, the average citizen has little incentive to respect the law. When it comes to health care, where the government has done little to provide a safety net for its citizens, they have all the more reason to take matters into their own hands. –The New Yorker


A type of organ tourism has existed, and probably still does, in China in which a wealthy foreigner in need of a transplant flies into the country and is prepped for surgery once on the mainland. Meanwhile, an impoverished Chinese citizen volunteers to give up a organ in order to pay off debts, or a political prisoner is executed by the state so his organ can be harvested. Chinese doctors then conduct the transplant.

Source: https://sofrep.com/news/the-underground-world-of-organ-harvesting/


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