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Legal Notice 139 – Brain-Locking Technology PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Κυριακή, 15 Δεκέμβριος 2019 15:06
Congo Independence Crisis 1960 (Lumumba's Assassination)
Gang Stalking - Why Are They Doing It to People
Legal Notice 139 – Brain-Locking Technology
This Legal Notice n. 139 is addressed to the German political and security authorities.
I am involuntarily brain implanted with a “brain-locking” (claustrum manipulating) and Remote Neural Monitoring, electronic brain implant which, within an at least two meters’ effective range, it can be wirelessly controlled by a combination of, an ordinary smart-phone, and WiFi protocol, and a specialised software application.
“Brain-locking” means, the implant’s technical ability to affect the claustrum area of the human-brain in order to unsuspectedly immobilize the victim, even in the middle of a street, by inducing a mental state of awake uncontiousness, in order the perpetrator to violate its human rights, in any way, and then to resume the victims contiousness without, the victim, having noticed anything at all. Consequently, the victims of the atrocious brain-locking technology, we are obliged to, preventively, always avoid being in places were criminality might exist and always be in crowdy public places or if we have such, in our own homes.
Responsible for my illegitimate brain implanting is the British MI5.
Due to my being a whistle blower against the settler-colonisation of Greece by the British-led Gladio secret army and also being a homeless due to having been subjected to a long-lasting gang-stalking and in order to protect my life, my good health and my freedom, I have, for security reasons and as a preventive measure, no other option than, after the sun-down and while walking to small streets with rare pedestrian traffic or poor lighting, to avoid approximating to, two meters or less distance, unknown to me pedestrians. Practically this means that, by my being deprived the rights, through illegal gang-stalking, of living in a house and earning my living by working professionally, in certain occussions and as a preventive security measure and due to repetitive refusal of the German authorities to provide me a political asylum, I have to walk on the bicycle lane of the streets for keeping the other pedestrians beyond my brain-implant’s effective range.
My involuntary brain implanting with the specific technology that I described above, undeniably, makes me actually enslaved to the remote-controllers’ operators (Gladio) and puts my life, my health and my freedom in jeopardy.
The way by which, the German State treats the innocent victims of slavery, which have fleed from a dictatorship, like in Greece, and politically dissent against the contemporary British settler-colonialism, like myself, unavoidably, designates to the German citizens and to the existing in Germany (probably brain-implanted) immigrants and refuges who is, in actuallity, “The Boss”, in Germany in order for all of them to “enlist” accordingly and in order to “promote” its policies and “survive”. In Tasmania and in Congo, “The Boss” was, and remains, the British settler-colonialism.
The information about my brain-implant was given to me by my mother, Mrs. Olga Bompola, on January 2015 and it was verified twice by reliable sources.
My brain implanting was methodised by a long and inhumane torturing of both of my good parents, Panagiotis and Olga Bompolas; and it was perpetrated by a group of Gladio’s members which were operating through a MI5’s front organisations that had the forms, of a Greek group of companies, private schools, “psychiatric” hospitals, summer-camps, geriatric-homes, etc.
The British, in order to develop their mind-control through brain implants technology, made few Greeks extremely reach while murdering or variously destroyed innumerable other innocent Greeks, including my innocent family.
In Germany, more than one million refuges originating from other continents tney enjoy the benefits of a political asylum, according to existing international treaties and live humanely within warm houses. Consequently, letting an innocent, 55 years old and with brain-locking device in his head, Greek refuge to sleep in a car in temperatures below 0 degrees Celsius, it would be unfair, inhumane and a plausibly deniable kind of torture.
For the above reasons I kindly request from you to provide me, as soon as possible, a safe-house and the practical benefits of the political asylum.
Christos Boumpoulis
Certain information which was disseminated from the international media indicate that the European security auhorities are not able to protect individuals, from the FSB assassins, which the Russian government designates as “enemies”.
During the last six years I, systematically and publicly denounce the Russian government as being perpetrating an hybrid invasion at Evros prefecture, at northern Greece, where my private residence is. Also, I disclosed publicly the involvement of the Russian government at my father’s, Panagiotis Bompolas, murder and indirectly, the identities of the Russian assassins.
Furthermore, I publicly disclosed information about a double assassination attempt against myself which was perpetrated during the summer of 2012, at Paris, France; and I wouldn’t exclude the posibility that, additional information that I sent to the security authorities of more than one E.U. member-States might has been sufficient for identifying the three FSB and the one French, assassins.
My public efforts, towards sensitizing the international community, for the current genocide against the Greek Nation and for the establishment of a dictatorship in Greece, were also systematic.
Also, I disclosed publicly some undeniable legal evidence about the quasi “weaponisation” of the Greek supermarkets.
During the last weeks, I systematicaly receive information that could, subjectively and arbitrarily (with accordance to the “plausible deniability” principle of MI5’s and CIA’s death-program of gang-stalking) be interpreted as indirect death-threats.
1. I regret to say that, the German government’s negligence or avoidance to offer adequate protection to a legitimate European citizen who whistleblows against the NATOic Gladio terrorists may, unintentionaly, give a false message that, whoever contributes, for the “Bolognia bombing 1980” and for the “Oktoberfest bombing 1980”, not to ever happen again, is a mere idiot and he or she deserves to be exposed to the NATO’s undeniable criminality (which is intertwinned with the Russian criminality).
2. The international community would certainly freaken-out in case that, radiographic images, of an old-generation and relatively huge, claustrum manipulating, remote neural monitoring, electronic brain implant, like the one by which I am involuntarily brain implanted with, would become publicised. Such an international freakening-out would threaten to immediately terminate the ongoing involuntary and covert transhumanisation of the entire human kind. Instead, the involuntary bearers, like myself,s of this technology could be illegitimately led to a surgical bed through the ordinary death-program of gang-stalking: character assassination; marginalisation; poverty; homelessness; assaults with unconventional weapons; illegitimate institutionalisation; surgical bed; crimation.
3. The European security authorities, for an unknown reason, they act as if the illegitimate usage against lawful civilians of the directed-energy weapons (microwaves) issue didn’t existed. The Russian assassins by assaulting my father Panagiotis Bompolas with such weapons they caused to him, roughly a hundred of ischemia point in his brain, disability to walk, disability to think, destruction of both of his eyes lenses, destruction of his heart’s valves and distruction of one of his hip’s joint. These wounds were exploited in order for the murder against him to become “plausibly deniable”. Under the current political conditions in Europe and according to my present knowledge, to inumerable T.I.’s public testimonies and my related very long personal experiences, any potential negligence and/or avoidance, on behalf of the European security authorities, to provide the anti-colonialism political dissidents, like myself, a safe shelter from remaining in public places all the time, is more or less, equivalent to an extrajudicial death-penalty.
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