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European Union’s Downfall PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Πέμπτη, 12 Δεκέμβριος 2019 20:53
Old German WW2 air raid siren - full in loud Action
European Union’s Downfall
During the past many years, I have been struggling to, indirectly and directly, inform the E.U.’s administration about the following, according to undeniable evidence existing and present, collective security’s issues:
- claustrum manipulating, remote neural monitoring, electronic brain implants.
- gang-stalking.
- directed-energy, microwave weapons.
- weaponisation of, cancer, aids, embola, alzheimer, ms, etc.
- weaponisation of the supermarkets.
- “psychiatric” genocide.
- genocide of the Greek citizens.
- dictatorship in Greece.
- non-disclosure of the citizens’ judicial files and complete criminal records, in Grece.
- Forged political elections’ results, in Greece.
- Mass media that are MI5’s branch-offices, in Greece.
- contemporary British settler-colonialism.
- Russian-British hybrid invasion at Evros prefecture, at northern Greece.
- pharmaceutical industry’s entryism.
- “Huge Cooper & Co” treason.
- involuntary human experimentation.
- involuntary human harvesting.
- 18,000 human-harvested, murdered Syrians, in Turkey.
- children human-harvested, in Greece.
Until today, 12/12/2019, 19:00, there has been no formal reaction on behalf of the E.U.’s administration.
Furthermore, I have sent undeniable legal evidence to European security authorities and Governments regarding assassinations, attempted assassinations (against myself) and other crimes which were all linked to the contemporary settler-colonialism and neither, anyone formally reacted, nor, crucial witness’ protection was offered to me.
Each year, few millions of European citizens die from supposed spontaneously manifesting “diseases” while no one controls whether the pharmaceutical and the medical domains are being owned by Nations which, through the centures, earn their living by applying genocidal-policies against settler-colonised by them Nations.
I remain, since my birth until today, an innocent and lawful citizen and I am entitled to live, to be healthy, creative and free. And my kept hostage (due to being eyewitness of settler-colonisers’ crimes), old mother is entitled to live and be healthy, happy and free.
And all the other innocent European citizens they deserve to live, healthy, creative, happy and free.
For the above reasons I am certain that, the E.U.’s current form has totally failed. For this reason and as the human life is sacred and invaluable, I believe that, the European citizens, with no delay, should resort to the folowings:
- exercise legitimate self-defense in order to protect their families and themselves.
- close the borders of their country.
- exercise legitimate self-defense in order to terminate the domestic settler-colonialism.
- rebuild from the beginning their corresponding State.
- terminate all kinds of reltionships with the existing five settler-colonising States.
- establish good bilateral relationships with the existing civilised States.
Life, beyond sacred and invaluable, is beautiful.
Letting settler-colonialism to monetarily capitalise the lives of innocent civilians is shamefull and disgracefull.
Christos Boumpoulis
P.S.: In the appendix please see many human experimentation and/or gang-stalking victim’s testimonies.

About The Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues: (The St. Regis Washington, DC 923 16th and K Streets, N.W. Washington, DC 20006 February 28 – March 1, 2011) advises the President on bioethical issues that may emerge from advances in biomedicine and related areas of science and technology. The Commission works with the goal of identifying and promoting policies and practices that ensure scientific research, health care delivery, and technological innovation are conducted in an ethically responsible manner.
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