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Erectile Dysfunction from Opiates and SSRIs



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Gladio – Opiates - “Psychiatry” - Children


The Gurkhas were discussed in explicitly racial terms. For nineteenth-century British colonialists, the inhabitants of south Asia were, for the most part, a disgusting and unthinking mass, lacking the intelligence or humanitarian instincts of the white race. In the 1860s, one British officer said 'Asiatic soldiers' do not have 'the same pluck or moral courage as the European... unless drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand' (4). One British observer said Indians and other south Asians 'live in a different stage of civilisation and intellectual development... their only courage is apathy and their valour consists in animal ferocity. A native soldier, of whatever rank, has no heroism, and he is ignorant of honour in every acceptation of the word.' (5) Gurkhas, by contrast, were considered not to be 'fully Asiatic', since they were brave and more loyal than other, non-heroic, dishonourable Asiatic peoples (6).

Source: http://spiked-online.com/newsite/article/6648#.

In this I am referring not to the European Continent, in general, but instead, specifically to the Europe within which, not even a single State has the courage to speak out about existin, ex-secret international treaties that bluntly deprive entire Nations from their human rights.

According to undeniable historical evidence and reliable and named testimonies, a group of five Nations, the United Kingdom being the leader of them, they perpetrate settler-colonialism by using a secret, non-uniformed army that is called Gladio/Stay-behind and which is consisted by “drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand” soldiers. This soldiers among other attrocities, they perpetrate the silent genocide of the gang-stalking and many genocidal-policies against peaceful Nations, like the Greek Nation.

Therefore, I am asking the European citizens:

- How much mad the Gladio soldiers have to be in order to murder 85 innocent civilians at Bologna station, on 1980?

- How much mad the Gladio soldiers have to be in order to murder 13 and injure 211 innocent civilians at the Oktoberfest bonbing, on 1980?

- How much mad the Gladio soldiers have to be in order to murder Aldo Moro?

- How much mad the Gladio soldiers have to be in order to murder Patrick Lumumba?

- How much mad the Gladio soldiers have to be in order to perpetrate the silent-genocide of gang-stalking?

- How much mad the Gladio soldiers have to be in order to perpetrate genocidal-policies against peaceful Nations?


Most of these “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” soldiers suffer from erectile disfunction.

- Which moral constaint, if any, might obstruct these drugged, maddened and monstrous murderers from slandering any innocent civilians in order to institutionalise them as been false “crazy”?

- Which moral constaint, if any, might obstruct these drugged, maddened and monstrous murderers from framing innocent, healthy and defenceless children in order to steal their tiny-little testicles for correcting their own erectile disfunction?

It happens to know names and facts both about “psychatric” crimes as well as children’s testicles smuggling, though I refrain from disclose publicly this information because there is no one in Europe that is able and willing to garanty my personal security.

Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: The term "silent-holocaust" is international  and is related to the crime of gang-stalking. e.g.


Silent Holocaust: Targeting of Individuals and Gangstalking
STOP ORGANIZED GANG STALKING on the Miami, Florida public!



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