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Homo Neanderthalensis – The Remake (corr) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Der Neadertaler – Homo neanderthalensis



When We First Made Tools



Tyrannosaurus vs Triceratops - DINOSAURS



Homo Neanderthalensis – The Remake



Neanderthals (/niˈændərtɑːl, neɪ-, -θɔːl/; German: Neandertaler [neˈ(ʔ)andɐtaːlɐ]; Homo neanderthalensis or Homo sapiens neanderthalensis), alternatively spelt as "Neandertals", are an extinct species or subspecies of archaic humans who lived in Eurasia until about 40,000 years ago (kya). They went extinct probably by competition or extermination by immigrating humans, great climatic change, disease, or some combination.

It is unclear when Neanderthals split from humans, with DNA studies ranging from 182 kya to before 800 kya, and the time of divergence from the ancestral Homo heidelbergensis is also vague. The oldest potential Neanderthal bones are dated to 430 kya, but the classification is uncertain. They are known from numerous fossils, especially following 130 kya. The type specimen, Neanderthal 1, was found in 1856 in the German Neander Valley. After much debate over its validity, Neanderthals were depicted as being primitive, stupid, and brutish, for much of the early 20th century. Though their image in the scientific community has markedly changed since, the unevolved caveman archetype remains aloof in popular culture.

Compared to modern humans, Neanderthals were stockier with somewhat shorter limbs, and bigger chest and nose. These are often explained as adaptations to conserve heat in a cold climate, but are more likely adaptations for sprinting in the warmer, forested landscape they often inhabited. The braincases of Neanderthal men and women averaged about 1,600 cm3 (98 cu in) and 1,300 cm3 (79 cu in) respectively, within the range of the values for modern humans. Average Neanderthal men stood around 165 cm (5.5 ft) and women 153 cm (5 ft) tall, similar to contemporary humans.

Neanderthal technology is thought to have been somewhat sophisticated, and include the Mousterian stone tool industry, the ability to create fire and build cave hearths, making the adhesive birch bark tar, crafting simple clothes similar to blankets and ponchos, seafaring through the Mediterranean, making use of medicinal plants, and using various cooking techniques (such as roasting and smoking). Though they were likely apex predators, they still competed with cave bears, cave lions, cave hyenas, and wolves. Several examples of Upper Paleolithic art have been controversially attributed to Neanderthals–most famously Spanish cave paintings dated to before 65 kya–and some claims of religious beliefs have been made. They were capable of speech, though it is unclear how complex their language would have been.

They likely lived in small groups, lacked sexual division of labour, and put children to work at a very young age. Neanderthals lived in a high-stress environment with high trauma rates, and about 80% died before the age of 40. They had a low population, leading to the accumulation of harmful genes and inbreeding. Interbreeding between Neanderthals and anatomically modern humans was concluded in the 2010 Neanderthal genome project's draft report, likely occurring 100 kya and again 70–50 kya. Around 1–4% of the genomes of all native populations outside Africa (in Eurasia, Oceania, and the Americas) derives from Neanderthals, and about 20% of the Neanderthal genome survives today, but many of the inherited genes may have been detrimental and selected out.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neanderthal


The Neaderthals were living naked and in caves and they were vulnerable and defenceless against threats which were related, to the natural elements (cold weather, thunders, etc.); to water and food (e.g. food poisoning); and to wild monsters’ attacks (e.g. Dinosaurs, etc.).

The above is an accurate though abstract description of the Neanderthals’ everyday lives.

Explicitly from this abstract perspective, the lives of most of the European Continent’s indigenous inhabitants has been, unwillingly, reduced to the Neanderthals standards of living. Related inumerable exhibits are publicly available in the Internet.

The cause of this reduction is the contemporary settler-colonialism in a parallel role of the “Dinosaurs”.

The intertwinned with settler-colonialism, genocidal-policies assault the victimised civilians, through their houses’ walls with directed-energy weapons; through food, drink and medicin poisoning; through chemical/biological/radiological weapons; through gang-stalking; through “Monarch Programming”; NATOic/Stay-Behind/Bolshevik/Ritchie-Boys/“Psychiatry”/“Voronoff” non-uniformed armies; and through RNM/Claustrum electronic brain implants.

The Neanderthals’ helplessness, from this abstract perspective and according to my opinion is equivalent to the helplessness of the contemporary European indigenous inhabitants.

The Neanderthals overcame their helplessness by inventing adequate, infrastructure (e.g. houses with doors); technology (e.g. tools, axes, spears, food-cooking, clothes, etc.); and a primitive biosociety.

No matter if it might sounds as being naive, I believe that equivalent means the modern “Neanderthals” should employ in order to survive and to overcome their helplessness.

As far as I am concerned, I have already propagated practical methods (e.g. handwritten copying of literature passages, studying of Euclidean Geometry – Algorithms – Music etc.) and I am making specific arrangents, with regard to four E.U. member-States (108 M people) to receive, for each one of their housholds (approximatelly 50 M housholds) at least one complete set of, a dual (Raman-IR_absorption) spectrometer, Ionising-radiation meter, 27 Mhz voice/digital communicator, electronic brain implant detector/deactivator, directed-energy/microwave detector, biological-weapons detector, single-board handheld control-unit with a 3.5 inch touch-screen touch-pen.


DIY FM Radio kit assembly



All of the components are going to be delivered to the corresponding families with the form of electronic-kits for them to assembly by themselves, with the exception of one of the receiving countries which, according to my plan, the members of its Armed Forces are going to assembly the devices and then, they are going to, personaly deliver them to their own Nations families.

Also, plans for a deep tranformation of Europe’s biosociety are being under development.

The success of my plan is dependent on the citizens’ prompt and adequate support.


Christos Boumpoulis




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