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Political Dissidents – Genocide – Brexit PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Δευτέρα, 21 Οκτώβριος 2019 15:23
Edward Snowden on the most shocking way the NSA spies on people 2014
Political Dissidents  – Genocide – Brexit
The political dissidents, as a rule, they become, by the contemporary settler-colonisers, arbitrarily designated as “targeted individuals” (T.I.s) meaning that they become subjected to the death-program of gang-stalking.
The T.I.s, by definition, they are, simultaneously, legitimate and intelligent, as, in any other case, the are swiftly transformed either, to prison inmates, or, to dead corpses.
According to Edward Snowden’s revelations, ( Edward Snowden on the most shocking way the NSA spies on people 2014 www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKGh4LoL5mQ ) the involuntary transhumanisation through involuntary RNM brain implanting has been perpetrated massively.
In the civilised countries which suffer from the contemporary settler-colonialism, the local authorities of all kinds, they are, by definition, doing their best in order to defend their corresponding Nations both, from the intertwinned settler-colonising genocidal policies, as well as, from settler-colonialism as a whole; thus, if, the genocidal-policies persist and the settler-colonisation perpetuates, then, the local authorities have, somehow, become involuntarily powerless.
The burden of the settler-colonised Nation’s liberation, when their local authorities have become powerless, is being automaticaly transferred on the native T.I.s’ sholders.
One’s expecting or even demanding from the T.I.s to act in any other way than legitimate, is irrational and in vein.
One’s expecting or even demanding from the T.I.s to act in any other way than intelligent, is irrational and in vein.
One’s expecting or even demanding from the T.I.s to act in any other way than overt and transparent, is irrational and in vein.
T.I.s are defenceless, unarmed, legitimate, honest, forcibly deprived from their private network of support, in most cases involuntarily RNM-Claustrum brain implanted, and 200 to 1 outnumbered. Also, they remain extremely vulnerable with regard to the related to the “mandatory mental evaluation” legislation’s abusages by the illegitimate, settler-colonising part of the medical domain.
The T.I.s, as being innocent human beings, they are entitled to live and for this reason, they employ ad hoc security protocols in order to avoid the negative consequences of their being gang-stalked.
Therefore, formality is the only means for effectively approaching any T.I.
From what it seems, the members of the societies which they are being subjected to genocidal-policies demand not to undertake risk of any degree in order to contribute to their T.I.s’ struggle for terminating these horrible policies. However, such demands are not realistic. Without overt, prompt and essential support from their fellow citizens, the T.I.s, inevitably, shall fail.
The existence of secure communication channels that do not produce metadata is essential with regard to defeating the settler-colonialism, as without such communication channels the settler-colonisers through the mass media which they control, they may systematically disorient the public opinion.
For example, Brexit, in actuality is about the rectraction from the European Union of the British, non-uniformed, settler-colonising armies, namely their “secret societies”; though, the “Mockingbird” mass media have effectively twisted Brexit in order to become faultily associated exclusively with an shallow disconnection from the Brussels bureaucracy.
While the contemporary calamity of the massive, involuntary transhumanisation of innocent civilians, is being unfolding, one’s potential mixing of the spy movies’ mentality with the real life’s struggle for liberty, may cause significant and unjust losses.
Concluding, within the civilised societies, there are citizens, which, at important aspects of their lives (e.g. human rights, health, professional, etc.), they enjoy the benefit of choice; and there are others which they don’t.
The manifestation of active solidarity remains one, among others, essential indicator of a society’s civilised character.
Christos Boumpoulis
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The CIA's Undetectable Poison Dart Gun
Judyth Vary Baker "The Cancer Epidemic: Causes, Crimes, Corruption"
Youtube video: G. Ayfantis - Kirki Copper Mine - English subs
The New Colonialism: Britain's scramble for Africa's energy and mineral resources
JULY 2016
The report reveals the degree to which British companies now control Africa’s key mineral resources, notably gold, platinum, diamonds, copper, oil, gas and coal. It documents how 101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) — most of them British — have mining operations in 37 sub-Saharan African countries. They collectively control over $1 trillion worth of Africa’s most valuable resources. The UK government has used its power and influence to ensure that British mining companies have access to Africa’s raw materials. This was the case during the colonial period and is still the case today.
While the scale and scope of the UK’s involvement in the exploitation of Africa’s mineral resources is staggering, so too is the trail of social, environmental and human rights abuses left in its wake.
“Θερίζει” ο καρκίνος του αίματος στη Θράκη
Ανησυχία προκαλεί η αύξηση καρκίνων του αίματος στη Θράκη. Ο πρόεδρος του σωματείου εθελοντών αιμοδοτών Ξάνθης «η αγάπη» Γιάννης Παπαχρόνης σύμφωνα με δημοσίευμα της εφημερίδας «φωνή της Ξάνθης», σκέφτεται να απευθύνει Ανοιχτή επιστολή προς τους Ξανθιώτες αναφορικά με τα αυξημένα κρούσματα καρκινοπαθών στον Νομό Ξάνθης και την Περιφέρεια Ανατολικής Μακεδονίας και Θράκης και παράλληλα να ζητήσει να εξεταστεί το ζήτημα σε βάθος ώστε να γίνουν φανεροί οι λόγοι που ο καρκίνος χτυπάει όλο και πιο συχνά την πόρτα των κατοίκων της Περιφέρειάς μας. Χαρακτηριστικό παράδειγμα η αιματολογική κλινική της Αλεξανδρουπόλεως, όπου σύμφωνα με τα στατιστικά στοιχεία του Νοσοκομείου, οι περισσότεροι ασθενείς είναι Καβαλιώτες και Ξανθιώτες.
Youtube video AIMATOLOGIKH
Youtube video Θερίζει ο καρκίνος στην Ανατολική Μακεδονία και Θράκη, αρνητική πρωτιά για Δράμα



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