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Dresden – Old Town

My Vision For The German Armed Forces (upd!!!)

As being an European Union’s and quasi German citizen; as the European Union’s internal borders are open; and as Germany, during the WW2, by hers brave and just struggle against the contemporary settler-colonialism she became, de facto, the European Continent’s moral hero, I believe that, I am entitled to have a personal and subjective vision for the Germany’s Armed Forces, which is the following.

If, a very large part of our human kind didn’t embedded a civilisation that is dominated by its ritual and heavy (almost all day and all night long) usage of hashish and other opiates, then, I would promote as the most important element of Germany’s society, the citizens themselves. However, now that such a large part of the world population manifests barbaric traits, I am obliged to claim that, hers Armed Forces are, definitely, the Germany’s most important element.
As the Armed Forces are, definitely, so much crucial for Germany’s survival, everyone in Germany, and not only, should make every possible effort in order for the G.A.F. to justly and honestly, retain their highest esteem and credibility.
The German Nation is an innocent; excellent; and kind Nation; and as such, it is entitled, to never be dishonoured; and to always be honoured, in every aspect.
The German Armed Forces, by definition, represent the collective traits of the German Nation; therefore, the German Armed Forces should, never be dishonoured; and always be honoured, in every aspect.
In order for the German Armed Forces’s esteem to always be justly treated, mistakes, with regard to the German Armed Forces’ symbolic association, should be very strongly avoided.
The German Armed Forces’ members have justly earned, my respect; my love; and my admiration.
However, I am not totally satisfied with the present circumstances of the G.A.F’s internal structure and dynamics.
More specifically, I believe that, certain modifications should be correctly and accurately employed in order for:

- Becoming a G.A.F.’s member to be the absolutely first choice of way of life, for every born and quasi German.
- Being a G.A.F’s member to not deprive him or her from any of the creative opportunities which, the ordinary German citizens, enjoy.
- Being a G.A.F’s member to become the quasi, “Royal Avenue” towards a complete self-actuallsation.

Best moments in "The peaceful warrior" movie

These modifications, according to my opinion, should be the followings:

- The non-uniformed G.A.F.’s members should be reduced, from 80,000 to less than 40,000; and the uniformed members, from the current 180,000 members should be increased to no less than 500,000 members.
- A specific and small part of their training should be excluded (for National security reasons I avoid mentioning which one).
- All the G.A.F.’s members, without any single exception, should be trained, besides their “trigger-pulling” exercises, also to, Euclidean Geometry; Algebra, Statistics, Electronics, Algorithms/software Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Music, Philosophy, Poetry, Cybernetics, Monarch-programming and Arts.

- All the Militärischen Abschirmdienst’s members, without any single exception, should devote initially the 65% of their duty time for gaining Mathematical Logic’s knowledge to a degree no less than adequate (e.g. Phd level).

- All the G.A.F.’s members should be offered or they should be obliged to gain bachelor’s and master’s degree education within Military Universities.

- A new foundation of Military companies should be established (at domains like, technology research, medical research, science research, robotics, automation, defence systems, space technology, avionics, nuclear-energy, innovations, medical, pharmaceutical, banking, food-chain, telecommunications, electronics, Internet, University academics, sports, music, arts, etc.) where, the G.A.F.’s members would offer part-time professional work, the same way the ordinary citizens do at the private companies, in order for both, the soldiers to be able to express their own creativity by materialising their most creative ambitions, as well as, for the G.A.F. to gain monetary financial resources and not burden excessively the German tax payers.
- All the G.A.F.’s members should gain training, beyond their military “trigger-pulling” exercises that makes them to become “real-warriors”, meaning to become able to exploit the total of both, their minds’, as well as, their bodies, potentials.
- All the G.A.F.’s members should enjoy a total protection against the contemporary hybrid-war’s covert threats.

By the above modifications I believe that, the G.A.F. shall gain, within the German society, the place that they very hardly earned and they actually deserve, meaning that the ordinary German citizens:

- to look up towards the G.A.F. in order to gain, courage, inspiration, positive examples to follow, positive role models, positive reasons for becoming charmed and a sense of adequate security, and
- to develop an intense sportsmanship as to which of them would succeed in gaining the extreme honour of becoming a G.A.F’s member, meaning a member of the German Nation’s top elite.

Concluding, I wish to early warn that, the above proposed modifications should only be made at the right time and by the right way. Otherwise, the German Nation’s most excellent members may become jeopardised. Instead and judging by my knowledge of the Germans’ patriotism, I believe that, at the right time, e.g. a potential call for increasing the German soldiers from 180,000 to 500,000 shall be positively answered so quickly that, the current G.A.F.’s infrastructure to prove inadequate to serve such a huge demand for enlisting to the G.A.F.

Christos Boumpoulis


1. Other, than the German, Nations maximise their Armed Forces’ effectiveness by turning their own soldiers to “maddened monsters”. However, the combination, of high intelligence and deep knowledge, remains, by definition, always more powerful than “maddened monstrosity”. Simultaneously, the more excellent and kind a Nation is, the more highly intelligent can be and to deeper knowledge it could gain access to. The German Nation, undeniably, is one of the most excellent and one of the most kind Nation of our human kind; therefore, the G.A.F. by embedding within its members’ training the elements, of intelligence cultivating and of knowledge developing, unavoidably they would become the most powerful Armed Forces of all. Check-mate.

2. “Welcome to the club” of those who may have been fooled in order to involuntarily become forge-witnesses. Even, e.g. a good-willing gift may appear as having been “rejected”, if, this gift was, unsuspectedly for the giver, overtly for the would be taker and covertly for all bystunders, linked with a Monarch-trigger of terror. Try not to be fooled by the contemporary settler-colonisers.


7 Most incredible One Man stands in History


Mathematical logic

Mathematical logic is a subfield of mathematics exploring the applications of formal logic to mathematics. It bears close connections to metamathematics, the foundations of mathematics, and theoretical computer science. The unifying themes in mathematical logic include the study of the expressive power of formal systems and the deductive power of formal proof systems.

Mathematical logic is often divided into the fields of set theory, model theory, recursion theory, and proof theory. These areas share basic results on logic, particularly first-order logic, and definability. In computer science (particularly in the ACM Classification) mathematical logic encompasses additional topics not detailed in this article; see Logic in computer science for those.

Since its inception, mathematical logic has both contributed to, and has been motivated by, the study of foundations of mathematics. This study began in the late 19th century with the development of axiomatic frameworks for geometry, arithmetic, and analysis. In the early 20th century it was shaped by David Hilbert's program to prove the consistency of foundational theories. Results of Kurt Gödel, Gerhard Gentzen, and others provided partial resolution to the program, and clarified the issues involved in proving consistency. Work in set theory showed that almost all ordinary mathematics can be formalized in terms of sets, although there are some theorems that cannot be proven in common axiom systems for set theory. Contemporary work in the foundations of mathematics often focuses on establishing which parts of mathematics can be formalized in particular formal systems (as in reverse mathematics) rather than trying to find theories in which all of mathematics can be developed.

Subfields and scope

The Handbook of Mathematical Logic (Barwise 1989) makes a rough division of contemporary mathematical logic into four areas:

  • set theory
  • model theory
  • recursion theory, and
  • proof theory and constructive mathematics (considered as parts of a single area).

Each area has a distinct focus, although many techniques and results are shared among multiple areas. The borderlines amongst these fields, and the lines separating mathematical logic and other fields of mathematics, are not always sharp. Gödel's incompleteness theorem marks not only a milestone in recursion theory and proof theory, but has also led to Löb's theorem in modal logic. The method of forcing is employed in set theory, model theory, and recursion theory, as well as in the study of intuitionistic mathematics.

The mathematical field of category theory uses many formal axiomatic methods, and includes the study of categorical logic, but category theory is not ordinarily considered a subfield of mathematical logic. Because of its applicability in diverse fields of mathematics, mathematicians including Saunders Mac Lane have proposed category theory as a foundational system for mathematics, independent of set theory. These foundations use toposes, which resemble generalized models of set theory that may employ classical or nonclassical logic.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematical_logic


Propositional Formulas: Introduction to Mathematical Logic #1



Military Counterintelligence Service (Germany)

The Military Counterintelligence Service (German: Militärischer Abschirmdienst; MAD) is one of the three federal intelligence agencies in Germany that is responsible for military counterintelligence. The other two are the Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service, BND), which is the foreign intelligence agency, and the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, BfV) which is the domestic civilian intelligence agency.

The headquarters of the MAD are in Cologne, with twelve groups located in cities throughout Germany. These MAD groups are collectively known to be the Militärischer Abschirmdienst. The agency has about 1,300 military and civilian employees and in 1995 had an annual budget of 74 million euros.

Its full formal name is Amt für den Militärischen Abschirmdienst; formerly it was formally named Amt für die Sicherheit der Bundeswehr.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Military_Counterintelligence_Service_(Germany)


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