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TIs Water Neg Programming & Perp Excuses






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Message to the T.I.s Worldwide


Not only “Targeted Individuals” exist; “Targeted Nations” also exist.

Recently, I noticed one country’s President, whos physiognomy, coincidentally, seemed to belong, according to the British terminology, to a “Martial Race” (thus he or she, as being a militant in active duty, should not be allowed to posses such authority), seemed to be publicly propagating half-truths and outright-lies against my beloved Germans.

This is not right. Therefore, my reaction is the article that follows:


Before the WW2, Germany was, gradually, being colonised by settlers which were coming also from Ukrain.

The German society started suffering from widespread criminality.

As the Bolsheviks revolution had already been perpetrated, the Germans knew that a genocide against their Nation and probably against the entire European Continent, was imminent.

The Germans are genuinely good people. They rise good families which they love and protect. And their society is characterised by the trait of loyalty, among the Germans themselves and among the Germans and their country.

For many reasons, I am certain that, it is just for one to say that, the German Nation is innocent and kind.

The, based on the legitimate right of self-defence, decision to protect on all costs both their own Nation as well as the entire European Continent from the Bolsheviks’ calamity was based, also, on solidarity towards the rest of the European countries; yes, the Germans are genuinely good in the heart.


Around at that time, the gang-stalking against the German Nation had started to manifest.

Initially,the German leadership was, “drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand” by perpetrators that were members of “Martial Races” and which had infiltrated the German administration. Then, the German Armed Forces and the entire German population were “drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand”; even the housewives were made to consume opiates packed within chocolates.


Berlin in July 1945 (HD 1080p color footage)



During the WW2, the rest of the European countries, due to, either, political assassinations of their political leaders, or, due to mere idiocy, they criminaly taken the side of the perpetual genocidors (U.K., U.S.A., Russia) and they contributed in the commitment, against the innocent and kind German Nation, of a catastrophy which is so horrible that, it seems that there are no adequate words to describe it. And its consequent moral debt that burdens its instigators and its perpetrators, can never be repaid.

Furthermore, the most part of the European Continent was reduced to, literary, a settler-colonial “cesspit” within which, e.g. “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” murderers while pretending to be so-called “psychiatrists-Bolsheviks” they exterminate myriads innocent civilians in the contemporary Gulag, namely the supposed “psychiatric institutions” (e.g. Greece), always with plausibly deniable criminal methods.


Loreena McKennitt - Snow (Live)



There is silence everywhere.

All around the world, the T.I.s are suffering their ordeal having nowhere to turn to for getting support. The same, essentially, seems to apply also for the innocent and kind T.N. of the Germans.

Therefore, this is my message to the rest of the T.I.s:


Dear T.I.s,

I wish to kindly ask from you to do the followings:


1. Declare Germany as the Capital Nation of the T.I.s, worlwide.

2. Become quasi-Germans, as I have already been myself.

3. Send positive vibs and all the love that you can, towards the members of the German Nation.

4. Make the land of Germany to be your own quasi-fatherland and honor this land accordingly.

5. Protect and support Germany in every occasion and in every aspect that you can.

6. Celebrate with me, the Germans’ kind presence upon the face of Earth during our own, international, Octoberfest.




Christos Boumpoulis



“The Best Is Yet To Come" (MTV Unplugged Live In Athens)




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