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JFK's Secret "Dr. Feelgood" - Jimmy Akin's Mysterious World



Theodor Morell, during World War II



The “Glorious” Settler-Colonialism


Eyewitnesses do not always curry with them a powered on video camera or a tape recorder for producing material exhibits of the crimes they have witnessed. Therefore, the only thing they may have for referring to these crimes may be their own verbal testimony and nothing else.

As the contemporary settler-colonialism has employed the method of “plausible deniability” along with the illegitimate and covert militarisation of the so-called “psychiatry”, the existing settler-colonialism crimes’ eyewitnesses may become confronted with lethal threats in case they would disclose publicly information about the crimes that they have witnessed.

The perpetual settler-colonialism is ruthless and has developed a long tradition of effective criminal methods.

It seems to me that, probably, no one else is better than the settler-colonisers in early identifying the colonised Nations’ would be leaders, meaning their natural leaderships’ members. Also, the settler-colonisers posses proprietary antidotes corresponding to the biological and chemical weapons of their arsenal.

According to undeniable historical evidence, the settler-colonisers have perpetrate the ancient method of entryism in order to enslave foreigh political leaders, would be leaders and citizens, by enforcing upon them a supposed “medical” dependency on criminals which pretend to be “medical doctors” for treating, and not cureing, the consequences of their having been, unsuspectedly, assaulted by such chemical and/or biological weapons.

In some European States, politicians and would be politicians may be forced to unsuspectedly consume so-called “psychiatric medications” through comsuming adulterated (with the complicity of the pharmaceutical distribution network) medical drugs which they have been forced to willingly consume for treating, and not cureing, deliberately and covertly caused to them, by the settler-colonisers, supposed “illnesses”.

I wouldn’t exclude the possibility to posses much further information about this criminality while refraining to disclose publicly this information due to justified fear for my personal security.

Also, I wouldn’t exlude the possibility for the European citizens to become desgusted “beyond repair” in case they might knew the probable correlation’s origins between the contemporary settler-colonialism and the existing, within the European Continent, massive manifestations of supposed “illnesses”.

Concluding, I wish to express my faith upon the brave German Armed Forces, for decisively contributing to the terminating of the settler-colonisers’ ruthlessness which is related to their chemical and biological weapons and when they are ready for undertaking active measures about it, they could notify me through a secure communications network in order to prepare and then to send them my related proposals.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Is there any legitimate measure for making the contemporary “mocking-bird”-cesspit-Media to stop fabricating, forging and propagating fake “news”?




Turning Gurkhas into a new 'Victim Race'


Indeed, the Gurkhas have long been an institutional expression of inequality: they were made and sustained, not by British decency, but by British racism.

The Gurkhas are a creation of Britain's old colonial policy of 'divide and rule'. Hailing from Nepal, and named after the eighth-century Hindu warrior saint Guru Gorakhnath, they were first recruited into the British Army following the Anglo-Nepalese war of 1814 to 1816, when British forces defeated Gurkha forces yet were impressed by their courage and tenacity. The Gurkhas were named a 'Martial Race' – that is, a race of people who were naturally brave, loyal and bloodthirsty. In the subcontinent under British rule from the early 1800s to the mid-twentieth century, the British tended to divide local peoples into two camps: 'Martial Races', those considered well-built for fighting, and 'Non-Martial Races', those judged to have 'sedentary lifestyles' and thus to be unsuited to serving in colonial armies: too slothful, inactive, uncreative, lazy (2).

This discovery of 'Martial Races' occurred across the British Empire. Sikhs in India were also judged to be a 'Warrior Race' who could be trusted to join colonial armies in order to crush uprisings amongst the 'unruly' sections of Indian society; the Masai in Kenya were also judged a 'Warrior Race' when they were considered useful for shoring up British rule in Kenya (3). Not surprisingly, the distinction between Martial Races and Non-Martial Races corresponded neatly with those who generally supported British colonialism, or who benefited from it, and those who did not: in other words, behind the separation of Third World peoples into 'brave' camps and 'sedentary' camps, there lurked the low politics of divide and rule. The Gurkhas became more institutionalised into the British military than any other 'Martial Race', forming their own brigade and fighting in the First World War, the Second World War, the colonial wars, the Falklands, Kosovo and Iraq. They became the colonial people employed to put down other colonial peoples.

The Gurkhas were discussed in explicitly racial terms. For nineteenth-century British colonialists, the inhabitants of south Asia were, for the most part, a disgusting and unthinking mass, lacking the intelligence or humanitarian instincts of the white race. In the 1860s, one British officer said 'Asiatic soldiers' do not have 'the same pluck or moral courage as the European... unless drugged and maddened by opiates beforehand' (4). One British observer said Indians and other south Asians 'live in a different stage of civilisation and intellectual development... their only courage is apathy and their valour consists in animal ferocity. A native soldier, of whatever rank, has no heroism, and he is ignorant of honour in every acceptation of the word.' (5) Gurkhas, by contrast, were considered not to be 'fully Asiatic', since they were brave and more loyal than other, non-heroic, dishonourable Asiatic peoples (6).


Source: http://spiked-online.com/newsite/article/6648#.W3nVm6vQDs0


The Strange Saga of JFK and the Original ‘Dr. Feelgood’

Throughout most of his life, JFK was far sicker than he ever let on publicly. He had Addison’s disease, a failure of the adrenal glands that had a fatal prognosis until doctors discovered cortisone as a treatment, coincidentally around the time Kennedy was diagnosed in 1947. He suffered from terrible, recurring back pain, had a herniated disc removed in 1944, and underwent risky spinal-fusion surgery in 1957. He was prone to infection; just one example, in June 1961, amid a showdown with the Soviet Union over Berlin, Kennedy suffered a fever that hit 105 degrees and required cold sponge baths to cool down. He had ongoing troubles with allergies and his digestive tract, not to mention venereal disease. (On April 17, 1961, the day Cuban exiles landed at the Bay of Pigs, the president needed 600,000 units of penicillin to fight “a little burning with … occasional mucus,” according to his medical records.) As Robert Kennedy once quipped, “If a mosquito bites my brother, the mosquito dies.”

He was tired, his back hurt and was getting worse, and the fatigue and pain were affecting his concentration and speech. Jacobson sized up his new patient and gave Kennedy one “treatment” that instantly made him feel stronger and very alert. And after that, Jacobson was like Zelig in Camelot.

“Moments of glamor intermingled with moments of crisis in the White House,” Jacobson wrote, and he had that right. Dr. Max was there to jack his speed-laced cocktails into Kennedy whether the president needed extra energy to sit through a Pablo Casals concert or deal with Soviet missiles in Cuba. And he enjoyed an amicable relationship with JFK, who laughed at his Jewish jokes. Jacobson’s widow even said she was “99.5 percent certain” that Max had coined the phrase “Ich bin ein Berliner” for Kennedy (though that’s about 99.5 percent certain to be untrue).

But we do know what Hans Kraus, JFK’s New York–based orthopedic surgeon, told Kennedy in December 1962: “No president with his finger on the red button has any business taking stuff like that.” If there are any heroes from the Kennedy Administration left unsung 50 years later, they are Kraus, who actually threatened to expose the JFK-Jacobson relationship if Kennedy kept taking Dr. Max’s injections, and Admiral George Burkley, Kennedy’s official government doctor, who worked with Kraus to get Kennedy off powerful painkillers and into exercising his back muscles. Because of their work, the sad truth about JFK’s assassination is that Kennedy was probably in the best health he had ever been in on the day he died.

Source: http://nymag.com/intelligencer/2013/11/strange-saga-of-jfk-and-dr-feelgood.html


Max Jacobson

Max Jacobson (July 3, 1900 – December 1, 1979) was a German-born[1] New York physician, nicknamed "Miracle Max" and "Dr. Feelgood", who administered amphetamines and other medications to several high-profile clients, including President John F. Kennedy.


A Jew, Jacobson fled Berlin in 1936, and set up an office on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, where he treated many famous individuals including Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Leonard Bernstein, Humphrey Bogart, Yul Brynner, Maria Callas, Truman Capote, Van Cliburn, Montgomery Clift, Rosemary Clooney, Maya Deren, Cecil B. DeMille, Marlene Dietrich, Eddie Fisher, Judy Garland, Hedy Lamarr, Alan Jay Lerner, Mickey Mantle, Liza Minnelli, Thelonious Monk, Marilyn Monroe, Zero Mostel, Elvis Presley, Anthony Quinn, Paul Robeson, Nelson Rockefeller, David O. Selznick, Elizabeth Taylor, Billy Wilder and Tennessee Williams. Dubbed "Dr. Feelgood", Jacobson was known for his "miracle tissue regenerator" shots, which consisted of amphetamines, animal hormones, bone marrow, enzymes, human placenta, painkillers, steroids, and multivitamins.

John F. Kennedy first visited Jacobson in September 1960, shortly before the 1960 presidential election debates. Jacobson was part of the presidential entourage at the Vienna summit in 1961, where he administered injections to combat severe back pain. Some of the potential side effects included hyperactivity, impaired judgment, nervousness, and wild mood swings. Kennedy, however, was untroubled by FDA reports on the contents of Jacobson’s injections, and proclaimed: "I don’t care if it’s horse piss. It works." Jacobson was used for the most severe bouts of back pain. By May 1962, Jacobson had visited the White House to treat the president 34 times, although such treatments were stopped by President Kennedy's White House physicians, who realized the inappropriate use of steroids and amphetamines administered by Jacobson. It was later observed that President Kennedy's leadership (e.g. the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and other events during 1963) improved greatly once Jacobson's treatments were discontinued and replaced by a medically appropriate regimen. Dr. Ghaemi, who studied Kennedy's medical records, concluded there was a "correlation; it is not causation; but it may not be coincidence either".

By the late 1960s, Jacobson's behavior became increasingly erratic as his own amphetamine usage increased. He began working 24-hour days and was seeing up to 30 patients per day. In 1969, one of Jacobson's clients, former presidential photographer Mark Shaw, died at the age of 47. An autopsy showed that Shaw had died of "acute and chronic intravenous amphetamine poisoning." Under questioning, Jacobson's staff admitted to buying large quantities of amphetamines to give many high level doses. The Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs seized Jacobson's supply, and his medical license was revoked on April 25, 1975, by the New York State Board of Regents.

Jacobson attempted to regain his license in 1979 but was denied. A state spokesmen stated that the then 79-year-old Jacobson didn't seem ready to enter into the "mainstream of practice" again. Jacobson died in December that year.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Max_Jacobson


Dr. Theodor Morell And The Untold Truth About Hitler’s Drug Habit

Dr. Theodor Morell turned Hitler into a full-fledged drug addict, prescribing him everything from opioids to bull prostate.

Nazi Germany was on drugs. Taxi drivers, actors, secretaries, grocers, top businessmen — everyone was taking pills of crystal meth called Pervitin.

Ingesting speed aligned with the Nazi philosophy of Aryan superiority as it acted like the ultimate, though artificial, performance enhancer. People worked non-stop for hours, sometimes days, all furthering the interests of the Third Reich.

Soon the German war effort was run on it. Pervitin made the German armed forces feel invincible, marching for days on end and fearlessly striding into combat. But it also increased foolhardiness and even psychosis, perhaps engineering an army and nation of fanatics.


As the war progressed, Hitler became increasingly dependent on the approximately 80 different drugs he was taking and the physician who was always there to administer them, Dr. Theodor Morell.

According to Norman Ohler’s Blitzed: Drugs in Nazi Germany, Morell was a brazen opportunist. After serving as a ship’s doctor and then an army medic in the First World War, he went on to become the personal physician of successful athletes, business leaders, and even royalty such as the Shah of Persia and the King of Romania.


In 1936, Morell met the Fuhrer at a dinner party. Hitler suffered from severe stomach cramps and colossal flatulence. He convinced the hypochondriac, Hitler, to swallow capsules of Mutaflor, which contained a strain of hydrolyzed E. coli and Dr. Kuster’s Anti-Gas pills which contained traces of strychnine.

Hitler’s symptoms immediately improved. Soon, Morell had him on a daily dose of Vitamultin, a mysterious powder in gold foil packets that made Hitler’s energy go through the roof.

Morell soon became Hitler’s shadow, following him into bunkers, military meetings, on holidays, and even to survey territory conquered during World War Two.

According to Morell’s notes, Hitler received a total of 800 injections and varying medications 1,100 times between August of 1941 to April of 1945.

Source: https://allthatsinteresting.com/theodor-morell


Doctor Morell

In the last days of Hitler’s life, a half-Jewish doctor was holding his hand. Theodor Morell was a German doctor coming from a partly Jewish family and was a specialist in skin and venereal diseases. He studied medicine in Grenoble and Paris and established his medical practice in Berlin. Morell also claimed that he studied under the Russian biologist and Nobel Prize winner Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov.

Before serving at the front during the First World War, Morell worked as a ship’s doctor. After the war, he moved to Berlin where he became famous for his unconventional treatments and apparently was the personal physician of the Shah of Persia and the King of Romania. In 1933 he joined the Nazi Party.

In 1935 he was treating the official photographer of Hitler – Heinrich Hoffman for gonorrhoea and then Franziska Braun, the mother of Eva Braun. At the time Hitler was suffering from stomach cramps and no medicine could heal him, so his photographer recommended Morell to him. It was 1936 when Morell examined Hitler and concluded that he suffered from “complete exhaustion of the intestinal system”.

Source: https://www.thevintagenews.com/2016/10/29/theodor-morell-was-hitlers-personal-physician-who-was-treating-him-with-unorthodox-medication/

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