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In telecommunications, a handshake is an automated process of negotiation between two communicating in between participants (example "Alice and Bob") through the exchange of information that establishes the protocols of a communication link at the start of the communication, before full communication begins. The handshaking process usually takes place in order to establish rules for communication when a computer attempts to communicate with another device. Signals are usually exchanged between two devices to establish a communication link. For example, when a computer communicates with another device such as a modem, the two devices will signal each other that they are switched on and ready to work, as well as to agree to which protocols are being used.

Handshaking can negotiate parameters that are acceptable to equipment and systems at both ends of the communication channel, including information transfer rate, coding alphabet, parity, interrupt procedure, and other protocol or hardware features. Handshaking is a technique of communication between two entities. However, within TCP/IP RFCs, the term "handshake" is most commonly used to reference the TCP three-way handshake. For example, the term "handshake" is not present in RFCs covering FTP or SMTP. One exception is Transport Layer Security, TLS, setup, FTP RFC 4217. In place of the term "handshake", FTP RFC 3659 substitutes the term "conversation" for the passing of commands.

A simple handshaking protocol might only involve the receiver sending a message meaning "I received your last message and I am ready for you to send me another one." A more complex handshaking protocol might allow the sender to ask the receiver if it is ready to receive or for the receiver to reply with a negative acknowledgement meaning "I did not receive your last message correctly, please resend it" (e.g., if the data was corrupted en route).

Handshaking facilitates connecting relatively heterogeneous systems or equipment over a communication channel without the need for human intervention to set parameters.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Handshaking


Main Subject


If, secure communication channels shall not be established, then, we are all "dead".

If, secure communication channels shall not be established, then, we are all "dead".

The contemporary settler-colonialism respects nothing.

The colonising-settlers’ non-uniformed army, namely, the “Ritchie Boys” remain in active duty though they have been networked.

In Greece, hundreds of thousands innocent civilians are being covertly, meaning “plausibly deniably”, murdered (dissidents, “cancer”, “alzheimer”, “heart attacks”, “strokes”, etc.) by the dictatorial regime. Many innocent civilians have been, with claustrum-manipulating RNM electronic brain implanted. And Russia has covertly invaded at the Evros prefecture, at northern Greece.

A significant obstucle towards establishing secure communication channels is the “identification problem”.

The settler-colonisers through their death-program, namely gang-stalking they have mentally conditioned most of us, through applying the “Monarch Programming” (trauma based, triggers establishment), to not trust, literary, not even our own close relatives.

Solutions to the identification problem exist and they are simple and easy to apply though they can not be expressed publicly for obvious reasons.

The Bundeswehr, as the most integrated organisation within the civilised part of our planet has to undertake the initiative to invent these solutions and then to apply them while establishing secure communication channels for us all to speak to each other and arrange for rescuing both our societies as well as our selves.

Without these secure communication channels the settler-colonisers, as they do for centuries, shall use false messages in order to divide us in order to rule us.

Without secure communication channels we are all "dead".


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Being, a loyal patriot; bodily strong; fast in action; owner of the skills of jumping from helicopters, of using snipper riffles and hand-grunades, in our era, sadly, are not enough for faceing the contemporary calamity of settler-colonialism. The extent and the depth of the colonisers’ infiltration within the modern States’ infrastructures, combined with the horrors that the innocent citizens are suffering due to these infiltrators, couldn’t be worst. And one of the most problematic consequences of the globalisation of the settler-colonialism is its devastating effect over the collective trust. I wouldn’t exclude the possibility that most of you would not even believe many of the crimes which the colonising-settlers have committed and continue to perpetrate, for example, against legitimate and patriotic political dissidents; even States’ employees, in various European countries, may have repetitively attempted to commit homicides against legitimate citizens, for political reasons. It seems obvious that, on behalf of the civilised countries’ Armed Forces, a potential lacking of crucial and vital skills may exists. For example, each member should have the skill, at a proficient level, to instantly switch its situational awareness, in a discrete level, in order, for example, to instantly invent and establish communication channels with environmental elements of every kind in order to exercise effective and desirable influence over the corresponding environment. The German Armed Forces, according to my opinion, they should be tailored over the “holographic principle”, meaning that each and every G.A.F.’s elementary unit should be prepared to embed, in a sense and in a proportional intensity, the entire G.A.F.’s complete set of “skills”, while the least and less significant part of these “skills” are of the military kind. In various countries over the world transhumanised murderers, that are loyal to the contemporary colonising States, are murdering or they are attempting to murder, innocent civilians while having a stupid smile in their face. For perpetrating their crimes they are being backed by advanced intelligence; advanced communication networks; and advanced non-conventional weapons. As far as I am concerned, I, definitely, do not wish, members of the G.A.F. to ever confront, without having previously been adequately prepared, any of these cyborg monsters. And I certainly wish, those monsters to stop murdering innocent civilians. Therefore, I am asking from you to do what has to be done, as fast as you can.


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