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Azk IV - \"Mind Control\" - Dr Rauni Kilde



Message to the German citizens 2-9-2019




Mind uploading

Whole brain emulation (WBE), mind uploador brain upload (sometimes called "mind copying" or "mind transfer") is the hypothetical futuristic process of scanning the mental state (including long-term memory and "self") of a particular brain substrate and copying it to a computer. The computer could then run a simulation model of the brain's information processing, such that it would respond in essentially the same way as the original brain (i.e., indistinguishable from the brain for all relevant purposes) and experience having a conscious mind.[1][2][3]

Substantial mainstream research in related areas is being conducted in animal brain mapping and simulation, development of faster supercomputers, virtual reality, brain–computer interfaces, connectomics and information extraction from dynamically functioning brains.[4]According to supporters, many of the tools and ideas needed to achieve mind uploading already exist or are currently under active development; however, they will admit that others are, as yet, very speculative, but still in the realm of engineering possibility. Neuroscientist Randal Koene has formed a nonprofit organization called Carbon Copies to promote mind uploading research.

Mind uploading may potentially be accomplished by either of two methods: Copy-and-transfer or gradual replacement of neurons. In the case of the former method, mind uploading would be achieved by scanning and mapping the salient features of a biological brain, and then by copying, transferring, and storing that information state into a computer system or another computational device. The biological brain may not survive the copying process. The simulated mind could be within a virtual reality or simulated world, supported by an anatomic 3D body simulation model. Alternatively the simulated mind could reside in a computer inside (or connected to) a (not necessarily humanoid) robot or a biological body.[5]

Among some futurists and within the transhumanist movement, mind uploading is treated as an important proposed life extension technology. Some believe mind uploading is humanity's current best option for preserving the identity of the species, as opposed to cryonics. Another aim of mind uploading is to provide a permanent backup to our "mind-file", to enable interstellar space travels, and a means for human culture to survive a global disaster by making a functional copy of a human society in a Matrioshka brain, i.e. a computing device that consumes all energy from a star. Whole brain emulation is discussed by some futuristsas a "logical endpoint"[5] of the topical computational neuroscience and neuroinformaticsfields, both about brain simulation for medical research purposes. It is discussed in artificial intelligence research publications as an approach to strong AI. Computer-based intelligence such as an upload could think much faster than a biological human even if it were no more intelligent. A large-scale society of uploads might, according to futurists, give rise to a technological singularity, meaning a sudden time constant decrease in the exponential development of technology.[6] Mind uploading is a central conceptual feature of numerous science fiction novels and films.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mind_uploading

In the above youtube video titled Azk IV - "Mind Control" - Dr Rauni Kilde, at the time frame 25’ 50” it is said: "Astronauts and cosmonauts were always and are implanted with microchips so that all their body functions, feelings, dreams and subconseous can be seen on Earth". And at the time frame 27’ 25” it is said: "Few years ago in California a supercomputer was asking for human rights; to be accepted as a human. Off course it was much more inteligent than its judges or anybody around and it was rejected. But now the latest information was that it is trying again, this consienceless computer to ask for human rights, in Florida".

Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde was a heroine, honest and insider and for these reasons I believe her.

According to hers disclosure, the mind-reading through the usage of remote neural monitoring electronic brain implants has been accomplished. Also, the mind uploading has already been accomplished. This is concluded by the fact that, "few years ago in California a supercomputer was asking for human rights; to be accepted as a human”. Computers, undeniably, are timeless, as anything within a computer that might become broken or non-operating, can be replaced so that the computer would last, actually, for ever. This means that, the human-rights from a computer’s perspective, logically, they do not have any rational meaning as, a computer could overcome any, by definition temporary, unwanted circumstances by, simply, waiting for these circumstances to naturally vanish. The human-rights by their nature are intertwined by the mortal nature of the human beings. Therefore, if requests for human-rights and requests for acceptance as a human, appear to originate from a supercomputer, this can be nothing else but a manifestation of an involuntary uploading of an unsuspected human being’s mind.

Such an involuntary mind uploading to a computer constitutes the actual death of the human being and to the extent that this uploading was perpetrated on purpose then, this uploading constitutes, actually, an assisted suicide, namely, euthanasia.

According to vast public evidence and testimonies, the traditional settler-colonialism’s genocidal policies continue to be applied by the contemporary settler-colonialism, though by using modernised methods and high technology.

The involuntary human brain uploading, in massive scale, may has become the covert version of the traditional settler-colonialism’s overt genocides.


Main Subject


Disclaimer: This article is based on the non-negotiable conviction that the human life is sacred and invaluable.


My dear fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, sons and doughters,


Servants of the German Nation exist.

1. There are elected servants.

2. There are professional servants.

3. And due to emerged love or moral duty, or, both, there are arbitrary servants.


The most insignificant is the third category, within which I have the honor to belong.


Servants are servants.

And the human lives, of those towards which the servants offer their service, can be nothing else than sacred and invaluable.

Therefore, for the servants, anything else than the survival of those which they serve is unthinkable.

The contemporary settler-colonisers, according to my present knowledge, they are maintaining open channels of communications with the existing legitimate political dissidents and the human-rights activists in order to, burgen; threaten; manipulate; terrorise; bribe; etc.

This communication is, simultaneously, overt and “plausibly deniable”, meaning, the recipient of the information sent, has to, subjectively, interpet the message, from a sort of encoded form to its corresponing actual form.

While keeping some reservations about the accuracy by which I have interpeted whatever messages may or may not, the settler-colonisers have sent to me, during the past, at least, eight years, the main core of this simplex communication is the following:


1. They requested to burgen.

2. Initially, they requested to arbitrarily shell-out the lives of those which I chosen to serve.

3. Then, they requested to arbitrarily gamble the lives of those which I chosen to serve.

4. And finaly, they requested to arbitrarily depend the lives of those which I chosen to serve on the result of a game of strategy.


The settler-colonialism is aparted, by the colonising Nations and the colonising-settlers’ armies.

Under the current circumstances it seems as being highly unlike that members of the colonising-settlers’ armies to having not been already transhumanised.

Also, the members of the colonising Nations are being burdened with such moral debts due to their having perpetrated unimaginable injustices against innocent Nations, that, their total transhumanisation seems like being almost certain.

Therefore, as the human beings are mortal while the transhumans are immortal, a burgening between them has no meaning; the transhumans have no reason to change their demands of any kind as, in the case of “disagreement”, they can always wait for the disagreeing humans to die.

The settler-colonisers’ demands for, shelling; gambling; and playing in games of strategy, the lives of human beings, prove that they are lacking knowledge of the elementary mathematics.

The human life is sacred and invaluable, meaning its value is equal to {infinity}.

The German Nation is aparted by (approximatelly) 82,000,000 human beings.

The value of one German human being is {infinity}.

The value of the rest of the German human beings is 81,999,999 x {infinity} = {infinity}

Therefore, the value of one German human being is equal to the value of all the German human beings which is equal to {infinity} = sacred and invaluable.

For a servant of the German Nation, the lost of any one of the German Nation’s members is unthinkable; and it can never become an object of a deliberate jeopardy of any kind.

Currently, within the European Continent, Nations, like the Greek, exist which, more or less, remain in the position of the Tasmanian Nation before its total genocide.

There is no meaning in trying to burgen or even discuss with the settler-colonisers.

During the supposed “Greek civil war” the colonising-settlers were exterminating innocent Greek citizens by using the rasor-sharp cups of opened cans. And from what it seems, currently, the contemporary colonising-settlers they may use, for the same purpose, British curved, with straight tips, screwdrivers.

Therefore, under the current circumstances, the liberation from the settler-colonialism’s calamity could not be accomplished under the wise guidance of any prudent and honest leader as, any candidate of such leadership, most certainly, s/he is going to become pointlessly sacrificed by innumerable British mechanical tools…

The liberation is simple (but not easy) and can become accomplished by the citizens, themselves.

The settler-colonisers, overall, as having been dependent so much on the Artificial Intelligence, inevitably, they have been degraded to deterministic systems.

Also, both, the structural form as well as the corresponding dynamics, of them they have been already publicised.

The citizens collectively, by applying the Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, meaning the law of undecidability, upon the deterministic system of the contemporary settler-colonialism, while knowing its structure and dynamics, they may vanish the calamity of the settler-colonialism from the face of our earth.

Concluding, I believe that, the citizens, may decide to liberate their corresponding Nation; or, they may decide not to liberate their Nation; or, they may choose not to decide anything at all. The duty of the servants, like myself, obliges them to obey the choices or lacking of choice, of the human beings which they have chosen to serve.


Christos Boumpoulis



Germany National Anthem with music, vocal and lyrics German w_English Translation



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