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Bundeswehr – A Force-Multiplier Development Plan (update) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Παρασκευή, 30 Αύγουστος 2019 12:16
Korvette im Gefecht: Flugkoerperschiessen auf der Ostsee – Bundeswehr

Bundeswehr – A Force-Multiplier Development Plan


Update 30/08/2019, 22:30: Too much time has passed by since I informed the Bundeswehr about my proposal and I haven’t yet received any indication that my message was received.

According to my present knowledge, the political circumstances within the European Continent may be extreme and many innocent civilians’ lives may be in jeopardy while the Greek Nation is, definitely, being genocided by the, established by the contemporary settler-colonisers, dictatorship in Greece.

Therefore, as my plan is legitimate, honest and exclusively beneficial for the German Nation, I feel obliged to proceed in disclosing publicly its details which follows.


A Force-Multiplier Development Plan

Purpose (the root definition of the problematic situation): The peaceful upgrading of Germany’s:

1. defence ability

2. National Sovereignty, and

3. freedom

The above three intended goals may be accomplished by a transition, from Germany’s current overall condition, towards the intended, future overall condition.


a. Germany’s current overall condition

On May 21th, 1949, as General Helmut Komossa publicly revealed, an international treaty bounded Germany until 12/2099 to let certain vital State’s operations, including telecommunications, defence, foreign policy, mass media, arts, education, etc. to remain controlled by the participating at that, almost certainly illegitimate, treaty parties.

At the youtube video which is titled “Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence” at the time frame 32' 30" there are strong indications that Bundeswehr is less powerful than it should.

Additionally, innumerable public information and public testimonies over the Internet verify the globalisation of the negative consequences upon the Nations’ freedom of the contemporary, shameless and remorseless settler-colonialism.

Under the current circumstances it seems highly unlike for not leaking to the contemporary settler-colonising Nations sensitive information about any defence system that would be developed, under these circumstances, in Germany.


b. Germany’s intended, future overall condition

The human rights of the German citizens will be fully respected.

Germany’s National Sovereignty will be integral and secured.

Germany’s democratic foundations will be integral and fully effective.

The German Armed Forces shall be so powerful that no other Nation shall dare to even think threatening Germany’s legitimate interests and rights.

The German Nation shall fully enjoy, peace, freedom, cooperation and frugal prosperity.


The method

1. First phase: development a specific mindset within a group of German citizens’ mind, adequate, to lead, spontaneously, to specific behaviours that are able to lead Germany to intended overall condition; and to minimise the required time (method D.B.F. Development Before the Fact) for, just, designing the effective and currently missing, defence systems.

2. Second phase: certain collective behaviours which shall be governed by the emerged mindset shall lead Germany to freedom.

Immediatelly then, the German industry materialises the already designed and effective defence systems and the German Armed Forces starts exploiting them in order to cement Germany’s complete freedom and integral National Sovereignty.


Practical Steps

1. A Nation-wide network of Citizen Band transmitter is established by the German Armed Forces. This network broadcasts digital signal which carries all foundamental information which is required information for the German, mechanical, electronics, chemical engineers and mathematicians, to undestand the objectives, the technology and the existing production infrastructure, of the required defence systems and of the settler-colonising Nations’ defence systems.

2. A German patriot addresses the German engineers and mathematicians and requests from them, while following certain security constraints, to increase by 30% their working time and use this effort in order to design innovative and effective defence systems which should be, as much as possible, ready for production. Their designs should be kept secret until Germany shall be totally reliefed by its current political burdens.

3. Everything, in Germany, should be kept so that nothing might indicate that an essential transformation is being manifested. The mindsets of the German engineers and mathematicians are expected to evolve beneficially so that creative and innovative behaviours are expected to, spontaneously, emerge which shall, hopefully, lead Germany to complete freedom.

Good luck.


Christos Boumpoulis





Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence


At the above Youtube video, titled "Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence", at the time location 32' 30" please see the E.U. attorney Henning Witte talking about Sean Stinn:

"He sent them (the collected data) to the German Ministry of Defense in Bonn. Their answer was: 'Yes we are aware of U.S.A. conducting experiments on Germans, but we are powerless'. I then contacted Andreas von Bülow who had been in the German government under Helmut Schmidt that was Chancellor then and who was later chairman of the German Control Committee of the German Parliament for the German Secret Services for many years. So he knew a lot about how the Secret Services are working. And because he also became a lawyer and I was (gang-) stalked because of my Estonia research or because I represented relatives here in Sweden we kept in touch... And Bülow told me, 'No no no you can not go to the German Ministry of Defense but you must go to a special guy at the American Embassy in Germany. This happened in 1998-1999. My cousin left there his evidence that he was... radiated to the CIA guy in Germany and two days later he was free. And for me it was a very nice key experience. How it first was and suddenly it stopped. For they thought: 'It's becoming too difficult'. I was known via TV, etc because of my Estonia-commitment. And they became fearful".


The initial article follows


The human life is sacred and invaluable.
The human-rights safeguard the human life.
Democracy is a prerequisite for the human-rights.
Freedom is a prerequisite for the Democracy.
Therefore, freedom safeguards the human life.

The lives of the European citizens depend on their fatherlands freedom.
The rest of the European States’ freedom decisively depends, according to my opinion, on Germany’s freedom.
Germany’s freedom severely depends on hers ability to militarily defend herself.
Therefore, the lives of the European citizens severely depend on the effectiveness of Germany’s defence systems.
The current international sircumstances along with existing, not necessarily legitimate, international treaties, most probably, establish significant obstucles with regard to the development, within the German Armed Forces, of proprietary defence systems. These alleged obstucles create a quasi upper boundary with regard to the military force that Bundeswehr, due to the alleged external constraints, is eligible to command.
In order for me to contribute, just a little bit, to the European Continent’s well being I made a plan on how the Bundeswehr could gain a, probably significant, force multiplier and I intend, as soon as possible, to inform accordingly certain officers of the Bundeswehr.
For the above reasons I believe that the reader’s wishing me good luck, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Christos Boumpoulis
Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τρίτη, 07 Ιανουάριος 2020 17:54