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Τετάρτη, 28 Αύγουστος 2019 14:10
Youtube: Flying Over Berlin

Flying Over Berlin - Inspirational Video

This inspirational video titled “Flying Over Berlin” is dedicated with respect and love to the brave and honorable German Luftwaffe.

The Plot
It is National holiday in Germany.
The German citizens are celebrating by dancing publicly traditional German dances.
The commander of the German Luftwaffe and hers wingman are performing their active duty by flying their fighter-jets over Berlin and safeguarding Germany's airspace.
She is a fighter pilot; she is an ace of hers kind; and as far as the security of hers Nation is concerned, she becomes deadly serious; and she is made from the toughest material of hers era: Faith.
She and hers wingman, loaded their fighter-jets with the most powerful weapons ever made: the excellence and the kindness of exemplar members of their Nation and they both flew, in a precision formation, over the Capital City.
Their fellow citizens, when they show hers fighter-jet cruising over the sky, they sensed that, civilisation would continue to be the most important cohusion element of their Peacefull, Free and Prosperous Nation.
Soon, they shall face the flying horror of Piracy and consequently, they shall have to battle for defending, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.
But, is, a battle between, what is alive and what is not, ever conceivable?
The two pilots exploit the opportunity to exercise their skils and perform they aerobatics which they are similar to the German traditional dance which their fellow citizens are dancing on the ground.
While practicing their flying skils, at a much higher altitude, a piratic fighter-jet has intruded Germany's air space and its pilot watches in detail the flying aerobatics of the two Luftwaffe pilots and also, the photographs that were printed on the surfaces of their aircrafts, on the monitor at his cockpit.
Suddenly, the two pilots notice that a single white dove flyes at such coordinates in front of their aircrafts that the collision is almost unavoidable. Simultaneously, the two pilots and in order to rescue the white dove, they perform an, exceding the specifications of their aircrafts, maneuver and they opened a void between the two aircrafts for the dove to pass-through.
Happily, the white dove is rescued though the two Luftwaffe fighter-jets fall into uncontrolable spinning.
As, both of the two pilots are higly proficient, they manage to regain the control of their aircrafts and they join each other into a precision formation.
The complete scene was observed by the piratic aircraft's pilot on his cockpit's monitor. After few minutes, he realises that, the people of the Nation below him, they want to keep close with them what they love; they are dancing even among the clouds; they cooperate with each other with precision; and they are actively willing to even risk their own sacred and invaluable lives just to rescue the life of a single dove.
Then, after struggling with his natural tendency to live a peaceful, free, friendly and happy life, he decides to leave his piratic fighter-jet by jettison himself and then with his parachute he landed on the German soil.
Few seconds after he aborted from his aircraft it exploded and it become debris.
After the piratic pilot lands on the ground, he joins the local citizens which they are participating in traditional dances and watches them with admiration.
The local citizens due to their being kind and civilised, they welcome silently their visitor; they accept him with discration despite his awkward pilot uniform; and they intend, to guide him on how to become an honest and decent person and to share with him the blessings of their higher civilization.
Above them, the two Luftwaffe pilots continue flying over Berlin while making shure that their Nation remains secure, peaceful, free and prosperous.

By this video I wish to symbolically express my subjective belief that, under certain conditions, the tradition along with the civilization may be far more powerful than the military weapons.

Christos Boumpoulis

P.S.: I remain totally indifferent towards the extremely rare natural phenomenon of spontaneous, homosexual behavior. On the contrary, I remain against the involuntary enforcement, for political reasons and through neuro-toxic chemicals, narcotics, electronic brain implants and mind-control methods, of pseudo-homosexual and/or pseudo-paraphilia behaviors. For making this video I used a 36 euro worth single-board computer (Raspberry Pi 3 b+), Blender and Kdenlive.
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