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Κυριακή, 25 Αύγουστος 2019 17:23

Break Stick: making a Pit Bull release when it attacks



Settler-Colonising Locking Jaws


Since the day that I was born and continuously, until today, I remain a legitimate and lawful citizen, ordinary in everything else except my natural tendency towards mechanical and electronics engineering, with which I keep practicing since my age of ten years old.

For the past 1941 days, or 5 years, 3 months, 24 days, or 63 months and 24 days, or 167,788,800 seconds, or 2,796,480 minutes, or 46,608 hours, or 277 weeks and 3 days, or 532.05% of a common year (365 days), I have, unjustly and illegitimately been enforced by the contemporary British settler-colonialism to live as if I was homeless, within my private passenger car thus every night to sleep in my car. Consequently and mostly, as a form of a legitimate self-defence I am publicising this present article.








More than one civilisations exists within our human kind.

One of them is the one which enables, those which embed this kind of civilisation, to earn their living by perpetrating settler-colonialism against other Nations.

Settler-colonialism aims to confiscate, the land, the children and the future of the settler-colonised Nations’ inhabitants. And for achieving these goals it applyes genocidal policies.

One of these genocidal policies is related to, making non-uniformed, settler-colonising armies by “drugging and maddening with opiates beforehand” members of, according to the British terminology, “martial races”; migrating these armies within the colonised Nations’ lands; supplying weapons, intelligence and financial power to these armies; and extracting, from the occupied lands, resources of every kind, including inhabitants, as mere meat, for transplanting human organs/tissues.

The ultimate goal of settler-colonialism is the total genocide of the settler-colonised Nations’ population.

The Nations which materialise this civilisation they do keep perpetrating settler-colonialism for many centures; thus, similarly like the pit-bull’s bite, these Nations remain extremely persistent in refusing to let-go anyone of their victimised Nations.

Currently, if a prudent observer excludes each and every fake-news and overtly instrumental, international insident, s/he is, almost certainly, going to verify the fact that, the one and only one, existing within the international community, cause of collective violence is originating from the contemporary British settler-colonialism.

Greece is not the only victim of the settler-colonialism as, strong existing indications dictate the possibility that, a lot more than one European Continent’s State is also being victimised, like Greece.

As during the Tasmanian Nation’s total genocide, from all those facts, which they seem to happen within any of the victimised Nations, only one is really essential and truly matters; and that one is, Death.

During the Tasmanian era, the colonising-settlers simply shot the innocent, indigenous people in order to murder them and that was making them be considered, at their colonising Metropolis, as heroes.

However, the modern settler-colonialism uses “plausibly deniable” methods in order to totally genocide the indigenous populations. Some of these methods, according to my present knowledge, are the followings:

The younger generations are being manipulated in order to shell their parents and children, as mere meat, namely sources of human organs/tissues for transplantations.

The victimised populations are being kept mildly sedated through the consumption of related chemicals (like fluoride, etc.) through the food-chain.

The subjugated mass media propagate false perceptions about non-existent illnesses like, “alzheimer”, “attention deficit hyperactivity dissorder ADHD”, “schizophrenia”, etc.

Members of the settler-colonising armies, covertly poison and/or assault with non-conventional weapons (like the directed-energy military weapons) children, adults and elders in order to violently, making their natural behaviors annoying and unacceptable from the members of their close, social environments; and they drive, by employing illegitimate means, entire families to bunkraptcy.

The mildly sedated and bankrupted parents are being indirectly bribed, by offering to them, material wealth; legal immunity; a relief from a forged unbareable interpersonal relationship; and forged vindicating excusses, in order to give away their own children.

The mildly sedated sons and doughters are being indirectly bribed, by offering to them, inheriting their parents material wealth; legal immunity; a relief from a forged unbareable interpersonal relationship; and forged vindicating excusses, in order to give away their own parents.

The mildly sedated ordinary citizens are being indirectly bribed, by offering to them, financial relief from the economic burdens of the medical expenses for treating supposed “deseases” like, “cancer”, “aids”, “cardiovasculars”, etc.; legal immunity, in order to keep silent about the mass murder of their own fellow citizens.

From the mildly sedated citizens those who have been victimised in any aspect, e.g. health; profession; financial income; legal slandering; social marginalisation; cripled, etc. are being indirectly bribed, by offering to them material wealth and/or power of any kind, in order to expose themselves to social environments within which their mentality shall be, unwittingly, replaced by artificial intelligence (A.I.), meaning becoming, unwittingly, transhumanised, thus, according to my opinion, committing against their own selves the sin of assisted suicide, namely, euthanasia.

In other words, settler-colonialism is, DEATH; DEATH and DEATH; and everything else (e.g. fake-news, fake international disputes, etc.) are garnish and nothing else.

Concluding, I wish to express my strong and non-negotiable beliefs that, the European citizens, we are entitled to live; we deserve to live; we are determined to live; and we wish, we are able, and we shall, enjoy Peace; Freedom; Cooperation and frugal Prosperity. And the way for this to happen is by using creatively our natural mentalities. As the break-stick resolved the problem of how to loosen a pit-bulls bite, similarly, effective solutions may be invented in order to resolve the calamity of the contemporary settler-colonialism.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: During the current circumstances within the international community it seems that, there is no one else; THERE IS NO ONE ELSE; able to confront the calamity of the contemporary settler-colonialism than, collectively, the ordinary citizens themselves.

Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Κυριακή, 25 Αύγουστος 2019 17:44