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Location: Northern Germany


Citizen Band Radio:

- Channels: 11-19 AM (amplitude modulation)

- Callsign: EB-1142

Accountability-Free Genocides


Militarized "psychiatry"


The Absolute Evil


Gang-stalking Greeks


Byzantine Atrocities


European Dissidents ALARM


Human Rights' Court


The used up men


Dissidents - USG RICO crimes


Open Letter to Theresa May


Open Letter to António Guterres UN's SG


Triangulation - Zersetzen


Open Letter to Andrew Parker, MI5


Πράξεις ποταπές - Despicable choices



My father's death


Cavitation damage


Burglary and vandalism


Dry mini submarine


Message to Bundeswehr 2


Message to Bundeswehr 1


“Tough” guys and TOUGH guys


Μοναδική λύση, το Χόλιγουντ




Zeppelin: Beyond Gravity


Foreign intervention in Greece?


Η ανελεύθερη Ελλάδα


Η Ελλάδα καταγώγιο;


Αν.Επ. Π. Παυλόπουλο


Intangible prisons


Plausible deniability


Images of German w & s


Crimes against Humanity


"Chimera" - "Bellerophon"


pr. Donald Trump



Legal Notice 87


Βδέλλες, αποικιοκρατικές


Being a German


Legal Notice 84


Dirty colonial methods


Georgi Markov, BG - KGB


Samples of Barbarity


Ελλάδα - αποκόλληση


Έλληνες, στο έλεος...


Harvester's log 16/3/17



Legal Notice 66




Legal Notice 62



My story






Η Εστία μου



Why so untidy?






Εξόντωση Ελλήνων αντιφρονούντων;



Ζήτημα εμπιστοσύνης






Ανοικτή Επιστολή πρέσβη ΗΠΑ

Αφορμή, U2RIT vs Ελλάδα;


A request to U2RIT

Colonial aggression - 2

Open Letter to UN S.G.

Open Letter to p.C. & p. O.

Δήλωση πρόθεσης επαναπατρισμού


Ο "εφιάλτης" της Νυρεμβέργης

Συλλογή Φωτογραφιών

Αίτημα προστασίας, προς Ιταλία

Chroma key, background removal

Science and Ethics

Να συμβάλει και η U2RIT

Θα ξαναφτιάξουν πολλές φορές Άουσβιτς και Zyclon B


Split-Screen effect

Η Ζωή είναι Ωραία.

Βόρεια Κορέα

Λευτεριά στους Έλληνες, εξανα- γκαστικά "Εξαφανισμένους"


Μυστικές δίκες;


Πολιτισμό, ή, απληστία;

Ακραία Στυγνότητα

Η Τέχνη της Επιβίωσης

Political Asylum 3

Επιστροφή στις ρίζες

The Human Cost of Torture

An urgent appeal for solidarity

More obvious than the Sun

Western "culture"

Political Asylum

Έννομη Προστασία

Μια μήνυση που εγείρει ερωτηματικά




Honor your father...


Creative Greeks

A pair of Dictatorships

Non-Conventional Weapons: The Settler-Colonialism’s “Pride” PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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The Lodger (1927) Alfred Hitchcock, 1080p



The Genocide of Tasmania - Truganini



The Last Tasmanian 1978 FULL DOCUMENTARY



Edward Snowden on the most shocking way the NSA spies on people 2014



'Targeted Individuals' TI surveillance EXPOSED in "CitizenFour" (2014) Edward Snowden & NSA/CIA



#DizzleGate How Gangstalkers poison your food and try to set you up for imprisonment & a DUI charge



Azk IV - "Mind Control" - Dr. Rauni Kilde



America is a stolen country



G. Kasimatis Dictatorship Occupation English Subs






Non-Conventional Weapons: The Settler-Colonialism’s “Pride”


Non-conventional Military Weapons

Non-conventional military weapons typically target military and political bodies directly, seeking to reduce the effectiveness of the enemy military. They serve as a psychological method designed to win the hearts and minds of the civilian population. Unlike conventional warfare, the objectives of using non-conventional weapons are not well-defined, the tactics and weapons result in destabilization or intimidation, and the long-term goals are coercive or subversive to a political body.

The general objective of using non-conventional weapons is to instill a belief in the civilian population that peace and security are not possible without compromise. Specific objectives include inducement of war weariness, limitation of civilian standards of living, and civil liberties, as well as greater security demands, economic hardship linked to the costs of war, hopelessness to defend against assaults, fear, depression, and poor morale.



Europe has been, literary, lost within London’s fog.

This seems like an exceptional opportunity for the Europeans to enjoy a rather costly, in term of human rights, form of irresponsibility.

Solon’s and Plato’s wisdom seems like not being very much welcomed these days.

However, in any situation and under almost every circumstance, even while one’s own kind is being genocided, seemingly, there is always room for having, even partially, a nice time.


Christos Boumpoulis



Car Park Chaos | Mr. Bean Official





(Ex-FBI Whistleblower, Lawyer, Judge) Geral Sosbee Statement on FBI/CIA/NSA’s Global Intelligence Stalking Operations


The FBI then further terrorize the target by poisonings, pumping toxic fumes into the target’s residence, attacking the target with a variety of bio-chemical-viral agents, and DEW-ELF military weaponry. Everywhere the target goes, he/she is marginalized, demonized, and endures character assassination based on these secret, civil court orders. No constitutional protections from civil abuse apply.




Surprise! Wireless brain implants are not secure, and can be hijacked to kill you or steal thoughts

Scientists in Belgium have tested the security of a wireless brain implant called a neurostimulator – and found that its unprotected signals can be hacked with off-the-shelf equipment.

And because this particularly bit of kit resides amid sensitive gray matter – to treat conditions like Parkinson's – the potential consequences of successful remote exploitation include voltage changes that could result in sensory denial, disability, and death.

In a paper, Securing Wireless Neurostimulators, presented at Eighth ACM Conference on Data and Application Security and Privacy last month, the researchers described how they reverse engineered an unnamed implantable medical device, and how they believe its security can be improved.

They had help doing so from the device's programmer, but argue that an adversary could accomplish as much, though not as quickly.

Beyond these rather dire consequences, the brain-busting boffins – Eduard Marin, Dave Singelee, Bohan Yang, Vladimir Volskiy, Guy Vandenbosch, Bart Nuttin and Bart Preneel – suggest private medical information can be pilfered.

That's hardly surprising given that the transmissions of the implantable medical device in question are not encrypted or authenticated.

What is intriguing is that the researchers suggest future neurotransmitters are expected to utilize information gleaned from brain waves like P-300 to tailor therapies. Were an attacker to capture and analyze the signal, they suggest, private thoughts could be exposed.

They point to related research from 2012 indicating that attacks on brain-computer interfaces have shown "that the P-300 wave can leak sensitive personal information such as passwords, PINs, whether a person is known to the subject, or even reveal emotions and thoughts."





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