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The Decomposition of the Soul / Zersetzung der Seele / La décomposition de l'âme (2002)
Having The Guts To Rescue and Yves Saint Laurent Cologne
Targeted Individual's Guide to Homelessness
What you should know about homelessness and shelters
You are either a targeted individual who has been driven into being homelessness/house-less or you are someone who is homeless who has discovered the reality of your situation.
In the 'homeless' circuit life is alot different than what you are used to-its a sub culture, one that the mainstream doesn't know much about it seems. I have found that there is corruption in this system like you would not believe.
The public and the state gives and there is still a homeless problem because the people who run the system are scam artists partially and a lot of the 'homeless' simply cannot or will not be housed. This is a vulnerable/marginalized population with basically no voice and splintered demographics making up the population as a whole. The homeless shelter circuit and services are con mans dreams come true..especially white collar criminals who work in administrative positions.
I have seen everything from outright stealing to favoritism to misrepresentation of the organization to get funds, both government run and faith based.
It's an absolute mess. The people running these places or staying in them can often be criminals..career ones. This means that they will just target you as part of running thier business. CORRUPTION ALWAYS NEEDS TO AVOID EXPOSURE. WILLFUL INCOMPETENCE IS USUALLY A COVER FOR CORRUPTION AND THIS KIND OF WASTE MAKES PROFIT.
The shelter residents who do the targeting (your fellow 'homeless') are either going to get favored by the shelter or outsiders..either their drug dealer or the crooked in the criminal justice system-who have no shortage of people in on organized stalking and harassment at all levels.
Your circumstances are going to be alot different than other 'homeless' people. You also will have to make excuses as to why you don't want sec 8 or housing.DON'T SAY YOU ARE TARGETED. Getting you locked up is gangstalking's number 1 priority. You are going to get abused, set up, harassed and all kinds of mind games. So why go homeless if you are targeted?
It has its advantages:
-No worries about homes entries.
-No worries about personal items being corrupted as the shelter is temporary. Try to stay someplace where you can have control over your coming and going being vague. Make it so the perps within the system have no idea what you are doing next or knowledge of your schedule.The food line is also random-if you feel something isn't right go to the restroom or other diversion.
The chaos of homelessness gives YOU control over someone trying to CONTROL YOU.If you are heavily targeted with no support system and little funds you won't have a choice but to go homeless anyway..its just too overwhelming.
At a certain point it's just safer. If you try roommates you'll find that perps somehow know just how to put an ad in to get you to respond. Only people who want to perp you will really want you to live with during you being heavily targeted-everyone else will avoid you like cowards.
I have to say that shelter staff are either total a-holes who get off on this stuff or they are weak and won't help.Then there are those who seem to know and try to assist as best they can without disclosure.You will also encounter other people who are targeted and those who are posing as targets to gain your confidence.
You are going to have to use all your knowledge of a lifetime to get through being targeted much less dealing with being homeless as well.
The psychological warfare campaign WILL NOW USE THIS STATUS LEVEL TO DEMEAN YOU FURTHER.
So you are being kicked out of society, in a way. This is where you have to keep yourself alive via the internet, activism, public appearance like panhandling or other activity.
Don't let homelessness swallow you up. Don't let the perps convince you that you don't exist or force you to forget all that has happened ..or drive you to lose your mind.
You will most likely be offered housing repeatedly in an obvious manner as a bribe to sell out to some untruth like a label or silence you about the harassment or to cease your whistle blowing activities. It's up to you what your level of vengeance and durability is.I say don't sell out end of story.
There are usually health hazards like people not cleaning, overuse of bleach or combining bleach with other cleaners.(In WWII the bleach/ammonia combo was used for bio warfare..'nuff said.)
Things like mold are usually a problem as well as lack of ventilation (true for shelters and a large number of hostels).
There seem to be no health codes/standards for shelters and if there are they aren't heeded.
If you are a smart TI you already know about other parts of gang stalking..keep this in mind as you go to different locations/buildings.This is the sort of environment where you will be treated very badly and people think they can get away with it.Document everything, point out always how the rules were not followed and how you were 'played' and especially any favor given to perps that are fellow homeless. You will find, believe it or not, that certain shelters actually host what seem like perp groups... don't even try to conceive of how inhumane and sinister this is, just document it. Hostels may have even worse activities waiting for you from a perp group.(This is where a shelter being accountable as a service agency has its advantages over hostels.)Another reason that you are forced into homeless shelters is that these are all basically mind control environments..every shelter I have been to employs some kind of tactic according to the definition of 'brain washing'. It's to keep the population in line.You will have to fight the urge to give up or fall into complacency. Harassment outside of the shelter adds to trauma.In some shelters you will find relief from outside harassment for a time.
You might want to opt out of being homeless in shelters (homebum) and become a traveling house-less person (hobo)which is more nomadic and gets the local system out of your life. However that lifestyle is hard, takes versatility and high intelligence. If yer a TI then yer targeted for those qualities anyway.
During the Stasi era, at the former East Germany, some German heroes suffered unimaginably within the Stasi’s prisons.
At these days, whoever had the guts, German or foreigner, engaged himself or herself in rescuing the heroes; the rest, without exceptions, respected them and none of them dared to rise issues like whether their nails were polished.
The rescuers were very few compared to the Stasi’s collaborators.
During our days, the British gang-stalking, against the contemporary political dissidents, meaning those who refuse to decline from their human rights and those who pursue, peace, freedom, cooperation and frugal prosperity for all the civilised Nations, is the equivalent of the Stasi’s tortures and through homelessness it intents to lead to the illegitimate and unjust incarceration of its victims.
During our days, whoever had the guts, Native or foreigner, engages himself or herself in rescuing the contemporary British settler-colonialism’s victims; the rest, without exceptions, respect them and none of them dares to rise issues like whether e.g. they wear an Yves Saint Laurent cologne.
The rescuers are very few if any, while the British’ collaborators are innumerable and probably, they find even the most unworthy excuses to contribute in destroying innocent human beings.
Christos Boumpoulis


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