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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Πέμπτη, 06 Ιούνιος 2019 22:24
Food - Drink Poisoning

According to my present knowledge the contemporary settler-colonising Nations, systematically, attempt to fabricate forged incriminating "evidence" against innocent political dissidents. Here is my response to this barbarity.

Reading the excerpts of the included in the present article's appendix makes me wondering whether or not, the contemporary settler-colonising Nations, U.K. (the leader), U.S.A., Russia, Israel and Turkey, have reached a level of such a boundless malice, against the human kind, themselves including, that, in some countries, they even:
- transformed the supermarkets to covert military bases where non-uniformed, probably transhumanised, members of colonising armies work there.
- use the supermarkets in order to destroy the innocent political dissidents.
- finance, their settler-colonising covert-war against victimised Nations, by the monetary profits of the owned by them pharmaceutical/medical domain's companies after the owned by them supermarkets, having poisoned millions of innocent civilians.

Christos Boumpoulis

P.S.: The innocent political dissident, myself included, we are entitled to live, long, healthy, able-bodied, free, creative and happy lives.


“The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

A.G.: This is the most brilliantly self-financed war. They can see everything that another person does. They can read their minds, they cannot hide anywhere, and the same will happen to you. They can steer you; tiny transistors are placed in your homes, in the walls.

Source: https://www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/3010-2/

The last stage is food poisoning, dont appease them

They will target you based on how much you are willing to allow before becoming avoidant. Your goal should be total Avoidance not retaliation or mirroring or analyzing or trying to find a way to make it stop such as writing letters. The only thing that works is avoidance.

- If a bartender gives you a second look, watches you while you drink.
- If a waiter or waitress is acting nervously.
- If a chef comes from out back to see you at the table.

You are being poisoned.
This can go as far as internal burns using bleach or acid.
If you live by yourself you are screwed. Stick to packaged food and throw out anything opened.
Drugs can be poisoned too.
Theres ways to make setups so you know youve been broken into, things such as fake dust on the walkway.
Theres very little ways to actually prevent a break in.
In my case my perps are doing it because they can and to deflect from their own issues. If they weren’t doing this to me I would actually feel sorry for them, for they are miserable and their relationships just aren’t healthy ones. So deflection is all they got! This are weak minded, tortured souls and they believe that hating and destroying others will make their situation less evident or at least they and others won’t focus on their own issues. But the chickens eventually will come home to roost, no matter how much they deflect. They already have and they know it. Always fight for your rights, just be smart about it. Plausible deniability is the name of the game for the handlers that’s why they hire idiots for the minions work. That work in our advantage for the hire ups will not expose them selves to protect the minions. They are just as vulnerable as us, and just as expendable. Each of us have to decide how best to fight their own battles but I believe that exposure and legal action in my case is the best defense!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Gangstalking/comments/a2hxn1/the_last_stage_is_food_poisoning_dont_appease_them/

Population's food and water control

Grocery stores and the employees that work in them, are valued assets for gangstalking because they know that a targeted individual might be able to evade them in almost every other way, but he or she must have food and water. You might be able to give up going to the movies, but you must make that trip to the grocery store. Guess what, the Gangstalkers will be waiting for you. This is also a key principle of Agenda 21. Municipalities often make it difficult for people to grow their own food, livestock etc. because such activities allow people to be independent and strip away a vital form of control.
Grocery stores also provide an excellent opportunity to poison you. They will observe the foods that you buy and then wait until you head for the groceries again. Your favorite foods will then have been skillfully replaced with adulterated products, usually with the complicity of store management who were recruited long ago. Becoming a stalker may even be in some cases, a condition of employment.

Source: https://allstaractivist.com/2014/04/06/just-got-gangstalked-at-foodsco-sf/

Gang Stalking / Organised Psychological Harassment poisoning, spying, and destroying lives

“If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are not being “gangstalked” . “Gangstalking” is described on some websites as a bunch of people “just” following you around doing strange skits. That would just be annoying compared to what it really is. Although it might be possible that victims are not aware of where their “symptoms” are coming from. I thought I was physically ill at first, but then began to see a relationship between my “illnesses” and what can only be described as felony assaults……………..”

Presented here is, from my own point of view, the most accurate description of ‘what is going on with this ‘gang stalking thing ‘. No one seems to understand how these strange harassments happen, and no one is able to believe any reasons as to why they happen.In the text below, presented to Gang Stalking World, as an annonymous post, we can see how an enterprise has eveloved, one that is criminal, and has brought organised crime and the common critizenry together. Deceit, fabrication, threat, and technology seem to have made such a union possible. Adding that such a union aims to destroy innocent people’s lives, if not bring them to their deaths.What is most disturbing in the text below, is the salient argument standing out in the first paragraphs, that states that gang stalking is primarily about poisoning, drugging, and attempting to chemically inducing psychotic-like symptoms in the targets of this crime, and contaminate their physical health.Evidence, to support such, through individual accounts are not necessarily mounting, but from my own personal experience with this terror/gang stalking phenomena, as well as from what I have gathered by researching this, the more equipped and modern these groups are, the more money that has been thrown at them, the more they are apt to use highly covert fumigations, poisonings, and daily incrimental druggings, in their effort to cause undue suffering and pain for someone they have been hired to target.

If you have not been or are not being poisoned and/or drugged, you are not being “gangstalked”.
”Gangstalking” is described on some websites as a bunch of people “just” following you around doing strange skits. That would just be annoying compared to what it really is.
Although it might be possible that victims are not aware of where their “symptoms” are coming from. I thought I was physically ill at first, but then began to see a relationship between my “illnesses” and what can only be described as felony assaults.
The mental and physical effects described by most targets are achieved by:

covert poisoning

using more or less common neruo-interrupters (organic phosphate pesticides),
psychotomimetic agents (drugs)
and irritants.

Some of these chemicals are mixed when needed with additives to make them behave in desired ways.
Some are intended to absorb through the skin and others are intended to out-gas. They are not all used in all the described ways.
Some, what I will call irritants, are sprayed on the target and act locally on the skin or spread out slowly with various affects.
One perp[etrator]s will divert your attention while another one sprays from a “breath spray” size can on bare skin behind or where you won’t notice. They always make a noise like clearing their throat so you won’t hear the sound. I caught them doing this too.
Some drugs are mixed with dispersant’s to make them out-gas. These are squirted at or near an isolated target using covert methods. In remote places where possible, constant “Area gassing” is done from neighboring houses.
The perp[etrator]s spent a couple days at my neighbors installing the devices they use to disperse their chemicals. I’m sure they are well hidden but I know I can find them.
These house devices have been refilled on a regular basis since they were installed.
Passing cars/trucks with an electric squirting device are being used, each squirting an out-gassing mixture as they pass by.
These were almost constant for several years and are still coming. On the road perps will squirt “out gassing” mixtures from the backs or fronts of their cars/trucks at your car/truck. When they can get away with it perps even do this while walking past in order to gas the target.
The chemicals will out-gas quickly or slowly depending on their intended use.
The most dangerous assault is the direct assault from a car/truck that has an electrically powered high pressure squirting device behind the grill. These usually squirt pesticide that is intended to stay put and absorb through the skin.
This attack can penetrate thick clothing and is usually done in a parking lot or anywhere they can get close to you in a car.
Be aware of cars pausing near you or “aiming” at you in parking lots. Individual perps on foot will work their way behind you and squirt your lower back using various covert “rigs”. This is what I first caught one of them doing.
The chemicals can be administered by “flipped” coworkers, neighbors, friends, family, local strangers and old or new professional (paid) perps.
Neuro-interrupters have a cumulative effect
With successive poisonings there is a gradual decrease in cognitive functioning whidh is what is intended by the perps. I read an account of one victim who had been poisoned to the point that he could no longer speak.

A perp[etrator]s will always wait close by to observe the condition of the victim after assaults.
The protection against this is waterproof or impermeable clothing or any barrier that will block what is essentially a “high-tech squirt gun” If the victim fails to protect themselves, they will go down as a result of these assaults.

Some psyhcotomimetic agents
usually LSD or similar will be applied to surfaces the victim will ordinarily touch, door handles, cabinet drawers, any place in their home, car and places at work.
Daily vitamins, coffee, shampoo or anything used or consumed on a daily basis is a potential contamination target, especially single use items.
In the home milk is often contaminated with OP pesticide.

It is obvious if put in any clear liquid because the liquid becomes cloudy. Gloves and clothing might be turned inside out and “treated”. Time to change your cloths, don’t forget to shower.
The perps will start slowly, only contaminating a single item or items they have control over so no evidence will remain in case law enforcement investigates. After they believe they have compromised the victims credibility they will become more active and aggressive with contamination and all other aspects of the “organized assault”.
The following as well as this entire scam may take place over the course of many years.

Source: https://harassmentterror.wordpress.com/2006/11/25/gang-styalking-psychological-harassment-technology-fumigation/