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Religious Confession


When Religious Confession Is Safe? - The Oldest Trick In The Book

The survival and the freedom, of the citizens; of their families; and of their Nations, depend on the security of their sensitive, personal information.

The context

Settler-colonialism dominates our world.
Entire social groups, designated by the British terminology as “martial races”, remain “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” and they are being used for settler-colonising peaceful Nations without using fire-arms. Their main weapon is robbed information.
The contemporary settler-colonialism aims to rob the Nations’, land, children and future.
The colonising army’s massive criminality can remain “plausibly deniable” if, and only if, its victims’ sensitive, personal information has been, promptly robbed and then, it has been criminally, exploited. Therefore, for the colonisers, conquering, from all, the colonised Nations’, “gate-keeping” positions, those which have access to the citizens’ sensitive, personal information, remains a matter of life and death.
By the potential entire human kind’s having become totally transhumanised, meaning the citizens having been brain implanted with claustrum manipulating and remote neural monitoring (RNM) devices, the colonising Nations’ supposed intentions become satisfied.

Main subject

There are three occassions where the citizens confess willingly their most sensitive, personal information: confessing to a so called “psychologist”; confessing to a so called “psychiatrist”; confessing to a priest.

At certain European Union’s member-States, a mere macroscopic observation of the related individuals’ psysiognomies confirms the fact that the domains of the so called “psychology” and “psychiatry” remain dominated by members of “martial races”.
The late, heroic Archibishop Christodoulos was murdered because he tried, indirectly, to inform the Greek citizens about the imminent, entire human kind’s involuntary transhumanisation.
With regard to the members of the rest of the spiritual community:

- they say nothing about the involuntary exploitation of children as “guinea-pigs” for conducting human experiments which remain enslaved for their entire lives.
- they say nothing about the involuntary exploitation of, involuntarily brain implanted with claustrum-manipulating devices, unsuspected adults as “guinea-pigs” for conducting human experiments.
- they say nothing about the abitrary and massive “zobification” of children with Retalin.
- they say nothing about the so-called “psychiatry’s” genocide.
- they say nothing about the childrens’ organs/tissues trafficking.
- they say nothing about the issue of mind-control (“Monarch Programming”, brain implants, etc.).
- they say nothing about the contempory tortures, like the gang-stalking.
- they say nothing about the existing dictatorships, like the one in Greece.
- they say nothing about the contemporary genocides, like the one against the Greek people.
- they say nothing about the contemporary massive human-rights’ violations like the one which is related to the May 21th, 1949 secret treaty.
- they say nothing about the institutionalised, wihin certain of the contemporary colonising Nations, pedophilea.
- they say nothing about the contemporary settler-colonialism.
- they say nothing about the horrible Khazarian mafia.
- they say nothing about the contemporary children’s ritual sacrifices (Satanism, Babylonian rituals, etc.).
- they say nothing about the involuntary transhumanisation.
- they say nothing about brain control, settler-colonialism and khazarian mafia, in order to defend the honest priests who may be slandered because they refuse to disclose the citizens’ confessions, if and when such priests exist.
- they say nothing about how, the honest and peaceful priests may defend themselves from the contemporary “drugged and maddened”, high-tech, colonising-“Orks” which are after these priests’ “gate-keeping” positions.
- they, systematically, say a lot about priests which are being accusses with supposed “pedophilea”.

The human life is sacred and invaluable.
Our world, according to the “Antropic Principle” was made to suit the human kind in the best way.
Naturaly, there is a certain “cost” for the humans  to enjoy the blessings of, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity; they remain beyond reach for the ones who are used to consume hashish all day and all night long.
Only when a Nation flourishes, its families may flourish, also.
Only when a family flourishes, its members may flourish, also.
Only prudent and rational human beings may make their own Nation to flourish.

Christos Boumpoulis


The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia
by Preston James and Mike Harris

The Khazarian king was given a choice between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Khazarian king chose Judaism, and promised to stay within the requirements laid out by the surrounding confederacy of nations led by the Russian Czar. Despite his agreement and promise, the Khazarian king and his inner circle of oligarchs kept practising ancient Babylonian black-magic, also known as Secret Satanism. This Secret Satanism involved occult ceremonies featuring child sacrifice, after ”bleeding them out”, drinking their blood and eating their hearts.

Sadly, the Khazarians continued their evil ways, robbing and murdering those from surrounding countries who traveled through Khazaria. Khazarian robbers often attempted to assume their identities after they murdered these visitors, and became masters of disguises and false identities – a practice they have continued even to this very day, along with their child-sacrifice occult ceremonies, which are actually ancient Baal Worship.

Fluoride is added to the public water and toothpaste, and dentists are mind-kontrolled to believe that fluoride prevents cavities,and is not harmful to brain or thyroid function, which it is.
The addition of fluoride to the public water supply and to toothpaste [and salt] is to dumb-down Americans by on average lowering the operational IQ and making folks much more docile than they would normally by. Programs to develop and deploy vaccinations to dumb-down children and create huge numbers of future chronic health problems were initiated.
Doctors have been mind-kontrolled and misled by biased research that was cherry-picked, ignoring any studies that were negative – and that included most of them. All vaccine cell lines are contaminated with SV-40, a known carcinogenic slow-acting virus.

The Khazarian Mafia’s intense hatred of anyone who professed faith in any God but their god Baal has motivated them to murder kings and royalty, and make sure they can never rule. They have done the same with American presidents – running sophisticated covert operations to disempower them.

Source: www.veteranstoday.com/2015/03/08/hidden-history-of-the-incrdibly-evil-khazarian-mafia/

“Human Sacrifices” in Greece
by Maria Polizoidou 27/11/2018

Greek diplomats were issuing visas to unaccompanied children in order to facilitate illegal removal of their organs.

Source: www.gatestoneinstitute.org/13346/greece-organ-trafficking

The whistle-blower Kay Griggs, ex-wife of colonel George Griggs ex commander of the U.S. Navy special operations unit, descloses publicly in a youtube video:
- that the members of certain “martial races” are obligatorily also members of these “martial races’” armed forces
- high ranked members of the U.S. armed forces are being subjugated through extortions related also to supposed “pedophilea”.
Source: https://www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/kay-griggs-interviews-the-u-s-military-is-a-mind-control-operation-run-by-sexual-deviants-homo-and-bi-sexuals/

Israel Becoming a “Safe Haven” for Jewish Pedophiles Escaping Prosecution Worldwide
An apparent “safety net” is in place for jewish pedophiles who want to escape justice in their home countries and flee to Israel, where thy will never have to worry about being deported for their sick crimes:
One of [Israel’s] founding pieces of legislation, the Law of Return allows any Diaspora Jew to receive citizenship in Israel.

“There’s a danger that Israel is becoming a safe haven for pedophiles and alleged perpetrators,” said Manny Waks, a survivor of child abuse and the founder of Kol V’Oz, an advocacy group addressing child sex abuse in the global Jewish community.

While the jewish-controlled media reminds us regularly of the pedophile problem in the Catholic Church, they almost never mention the rampant pedophilia among Orthodox rabbies in the jewish synagoges.

Source: www.humansarefree.com/2018/12/israel-becoming-safe-haven-for-jewish.html?m=0

The colonising Nations’ secret services exploit children in order to use them either as sex-slaves or in order to frame and slander targeted individuals as the American diplomat at the Moschow incident.
Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/aug/4/russia-uses-dirty-tricks-despite-us-reset/?page=all

Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, Jim Keith, 1999
page 26, “Since most of the children to whom the drug is given are male, it has been estimated that 10 to 12 percent to all male school children in the U.S. between the age of six and fourteen are being zombified with Ritalin”.

Crying 'Pedophile' Is the Oldest Propaganda Trick in the Book
Jake Michaels/Redux

Almost a year ago, a woman accused Tom Hanks of sexually abusing her as a child and began posting reconstructed memories on Twitter. The accounts are disturbing and specific, but incomplete and unproven—something Hanks’ accuser attributes to the trauma-based mind control she believes herself a victim of. Even though (or perhaps, because) her claims remain unverified, the pedophilia allegations were quickly embraced by a group known for up-leveling whisperings of child abuse into full-blown scandal: devotees of the QAnon conspiracy.
Believers in the QAnon conspiracy hold that President Trump is a “brilliant four-dimensional chess player” using the Mueller investigation as a smokescreen to root out the murderous, Satanic, pedophilic deep state. (It’s a Trump-era catchall conspiracy: Pizzagate + Seth Rich + the Illuminati.) Hanks is the QAnon conspiracists' perfect target: A Hollywood A-lister who donates to Democrats and has been shielded from moral censure by monogamy and his preternaturally wholesome dad routine—until now. And QAnon has done what they do best: Trumpet the unconfirmed revelation until suddenly, in the eyes of internet search algorithms at least, Tom Hanks, America’s uncomplicated, unproblematic favorite, is a pedophile.
Cooler heads will remember that Hanks is innocent until proven guilty, and there is scant proof to work with here; yet, somewhere a conspiracy theorist is very pleased that you’re suddenly, automatically feeling a little suspicious. All the debunkings in the world won’t extinguish that initial spark of suspicion, and that’s exactly the point.
Hanks is only the most recent protagonist in a spate of high-profile pedophilia accusations levied by far-right commentators. Many, like Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn’s, have been championed by the same citizen sleuths who powered Pizzagate, the unfounded theory that Clinton-linked DC elites ran a child sex-trafficking ring out of a pizzeria. But while crying "pedophile" is a trollish smear many now associate with the digital wing of the American extreme right, the tactic isn’t native to a particular ideology, and long, long predates the internet.
Alleging that your enemy preys upon children is an ancient propaganda tool that’s been used by everyone from medieval Catholics to the Soviet Union. It’s a powerful indictment because it trades on fundamental human fears. It’s designed to otherize the opposition and sabotage any sympathy you might have for them. It’s a ubiquitous tactic because it works.
It’s easy to piece together how this strategy emerged: Someone figured out which crime their society viewed as most morally reprehensible and went with that—the unforgivable act that almost always involves kids. “Children represent the most sacred ideals any society can have,” says Margaret Peacock, a historian at the University of Alabama who has written about the role children play in propaganda. “They represent the future.” Because humans are biologically wired to protect their offspring, painting your enemy as a defiler of innocence and a threat to the next generation instantly dehumanizes them. And because many societies see pedophiles as not just monstrous but irredeemably so, this charge provides endless opportunities to justify mistreating the group accused of it.
Establishing your opposition as a subhuman beast has been justification for the harshest forms of retaliation. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, European Jews were accused of kidnapping Christian children to use their blood in religious rituals; Also throughout the 19th and mid-20th centuries, European Jews were the victims of pogroms and the Holocaust. Where false pedophilia charges go, genocide and repression follow. (A related strategy: Far-right commentators such as Ann Coulter have accused refugees of preying upon children as a way to justify not aiding these groups as they flee deadly, oppressive situations.)
Barely a decade later, the threat of child predation helped rationalize the Cold War, on both sides. The Soviet Union condemned capitalism by suggesting that the US was so reluctant to use social services that its children were forced into lives of crime and prostitution. Over in the US, communism was the real thief of childhood, transforming children into brainwashed robots capable of turning their own parents over to the state for crimes such as hoarding grain. There’s likely some truth to these tales on either side, which is why propagandists chose them: Keeping the focus on mistreated children keeps people from wondering about whether they’re wholly true. The anger stirred by these stories helped keep millions and millions of people on the brink of nuclear destruction because the consequences of allowing the other side to remain unchecked was unthinkable.
In the US, the marches of the civil rights movement occurred alongside a steady drip of propaganda painting black men as a sexual threat to white women and children. “It was as a tool for the othering of the black man, excusing brutal suppression and surveillance,” Peacock says. “It’s arguably helped lead to the rise of the police state they’ve come to live in today.” For the same reason, attempts to criminalize homosexuality (or block marriage equality) have also come along with accusations of pedophilia. Proving these suspicions would require elevated levels of domestic surveillance—unwarranted searches, wiretaps—but stoking fears to produce hate has a way of prompting people to let civil rights slide.
Fortunately, those efforts didn’t pan out. But accusations don’t fade easily. Jews are still charged with mixing children’s blood into matzos. Brainwashed Russian children are still a common trope in US cinema. Stories of predatory black men resurface every time a police officer shoots an unarmed civilian. The myth of the LGBTQ child predator lurks behind every bathroom bill.
In part, the digital far-right’s pedophila obsession is a way of justifying unsavory sleuthing techniques. Everyone lives within the social media panopticon, but doxing and harassment are generally frowned upon. That is, until teams of “citizen journalists” start finding secrets in those years-old tweets. When the ends expose anathema, the means don’t matter any more. And if your audience is looking for an excuse to cement vague feelings of dislike and mistrust, they will readily believe whatever dark deeds can be found in that Instagram photo taken 102 weeks ago.
But also, QAnon believers are holding up the “allegedly pedophilic other” to justify their own existence. The digital far-right has serious PR problems. After directing harassment campaigns against the teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting, it’s hard to argue their concerns are high-minded. With President Trump in office, they’re not underdogs anymore. Remember, the Pizzagate conspiracy sparked into existence just a month after Hillary Clinton called Trump’s supporters “a basket of deplorables.” Pizzagate was formed in direct conversation with Clinton: We may be deplorables, but we’re not pedophiles—you are. And if we post enough, tweet enough, make enough YouTube videos making the same claim, search algorithms will link your name to pedophilia—forever. That’s what happened to Tom Hanks.
As these fringe movements find sympathy harder to come by, they’ll play the pedophile card even more frequently. Smearing public embodiments of the system that rejects them—journalists, Hollywood, Trump-opposing politicians like Senator John McCain—is one of the only moves they have left. Too bad it’s an effective one.
Source: www.wired.com/story/crying-pedophile-is-the-oldest-propaganda-trick-in-the-book/

Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain
By Helen Thomson
ONE moment you’re conscious, the next you’re not. For the first time, researchers have switched off consciousness by electrically stimulating a single brain area.
Scientists have been probing individual regions of the brain for over a century, exploring their function by zapping them with electricity and temporarily putting them out of action. Despite this, they have never been able to turn off consciousness – until now.
Although only tested in one person, the discovery suggests that a single area – the claustrum – might be integral to combining disparate brain activity into a seamless package of thoughts, sensations and emotions. It takes us a step closer to answering a problem that has confounded scientists and philosophers for millennia – namely how our conscious awareness arises.
Many theories abound but most agree that consciousness has to involve the integration of activity from several brain networks, allowing us to perceive our surroundings as one single unifying experience rather than isolated sensory perceptions.
One proponent of this idea was Francis Crick, a pioneering neuroscientist who earlier in his career had identified the structure of DNA. Just days before he died in July 2004, Crick was working on a paper that suggested our consciousness needs something akin to an orchestra conductor to bind all of our different external and internal perceptions together.
With his colleague Christof Koch, at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, he hypothesised that this conductor would need to rapidly integrate information across distinct regions of the brain and bind together information arriving at different times. For example, information about the smell and colour of a rose, its name, and a memory of its relevance, can be bound into one conscious experience of being handed a rose on Valentine’s day.
The pair suggested that the claustrum – a thin, sheet-like structure that lies hidden deep inside the brain – is perfectly suited to this job (Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B, doi.org/djjw5m).
It now looks as if Crick and Koch were on to something. In a study published last week, Mohamad Koubeissiat the George Washington University in Washington DC and his colleagues describe how they managed to switch a woman’s consciousness off and on by stimulating her claustrum. The woman has epilepsy so the team were using deep brain electrodes to record signals from different brain regions to work out where her seizures originate. One electrode was positioned next to the claustrum, an area that had never been stimulated before.
When the team zapped the area with high frequency electrical impulses, the woman lost consciousness. She stopped reading and stared blankly into space, she didn’t respond to auditory or visual commands and her breathing slowed. As soon as the stimulation stopped, she immediately regained consciousness with no memory of the event. The same thing happened every time the area was stimulated during two days of experiments (Epilepsy and Behavior, doi.org/tgn).
To confirm that they were affecting the woman’s consciousness rather than just her ability to speak or move, the team asked her to repeat the word “house” or snap her fingers before the stimulation began. If the stimulation was disrupting a brain region responsible for movement or language she would have stopped moving or talking almost immediately. Instead, she gradually spoke more quietly or moved less and less until she drifted into unconsciousness. Since there was no sign of epileptic brain activity during or after the stimulation, the team is sure that it wasn’t a side effect of a seizure.
Koubeissi thinks that the results do indeed suggest that the claustrum plays a vital role in triggering conscious experience. “I would liken it to a car,” he says. “A car on the road has many parts that facilitate its movement – the gas, the transmission, the engine – but there’s only one spot where you turn the key and it all switches on and works together. So while consciousness is a complicated process created via many structures and networks – we may have found the key.”
“Consciousness is created via many structures and networks but we may have found the ignition key”
Awake but unconscious
Counter-intuitively, Koubeissi’s team found that the woman’s loss of consciousness was associated with increased synchrony of electrical activity, or brainwaves, in the frontal and parietal regions of the brain that participate in conscious awareness. Although different areas of the brain are thought to synchronise activity to bind different aspects of an experience together, too much synchronisation seems to be bad. The brain can’t distinguish one aspect from another, stopping a cohesive experience emerging.
Since similar brainwaves occur during an epileptic seizure, Koubeissi’s team now plans to investigate whether lower frequency stimulation of the claustrum could jolt them back to normal. It may even be worth trying for people in a minimally conscious state, he says. “Perhaps we could try to stimulate this region in an attempt to push them out of this state.”
“We could try to stimulate the region in a minimally conscious person to try to jolt them out of this state”
Anil Seth, who studies consciousness at the University of Sussex, UK, warns that we have to be cautious when interpreting behaviour from a single case study. The woman was missing part of her hippocampus, which was removed to treat her epilepsy, so she doesn’t represent a “normal” brain, he says.
However, he points out that the interesting thing about this study is that the person was still awake. “Normally when we look at conscious states we are looking at awake versus sleep, or coma versus vegetative state, or anaesthesia.” Most of these involve changes of wakefulness as well as consciousness but not this time, says Seth. “So even though it’s a single case study, it’s potentially quite informative about what’s happening when you selectively modulate consciousness alone.”
“Francis would have been pleased as punch,” says Koch, who was told by Crick’s wife that on his deathbed, Crick was hallucinating an argument with Koch about the claustrum and its connection to consciousness.
“Ultimately, if we know how consciousness is created and which parts of the brain are involved then we can understand who has it and who doesn’t,” says Koch. “Do robots have it? Do fetuses? Does a cat or dog or worm? This study is incredibly intriguing but it is one brick in a large edifice of consciousness that we’re trying to build.”
Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329762-700-consciousness-on-off-switch-discovered-deep-in-brain/