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 Leech Missile


 Leech Missile


Leech Missile

The Active Radar Homing Leech missile is designed to be a modified version of Meteor missile, equiped with:
- a Lidar
- an AESA seeker
- an infrared-sensor (for the stealths)
This missile approaches the airborn target from behind, flying a parallel and close (at around 30 meters) tragectory, but faster than the target.
When the target enters the Lidar’s operating range, the missile is guided in order to, softly, touch the target’s side and explode.

Christos Boumpoulis


Multistatic Radars – Target Triangulation


Multistatic Radars – Target Triangulation


Multistatic Radars – Target Triangulation

The multistatic radars are an extention of the bistatic radars.
By using multistatic radars, with a minimum of three receivers per each transmiter, the target’s 3D coordinates can be triangulated without having to rely at all on the directions of the transmmiter/receivers antennas.
Each receiver (Rx) if, paired with the transmmiter (Tx), constitutes a bistatic radar. The exact 3D coordinates of both, the receiver as well as, of the transmitter, are known. Also, the bistatic radar, when has been engaged towards a target (T) with unknown 3D coordinates, may calculate the sum, of the distance between, the transmmiter and the target (Tx-T) and the distance between, the target and the receiver (T-Rx).
When, there are two known points in space (foci, which is plural to focus) and a third, variable point with known the sum of its distances from the two foci, then, by definition, the variable point belongs to a known ellipsoid which is defined, by the two known foci and the known sum.
Therefore, each bistatic radar’s range-measurement defines a known ellipsoid which includes the target’s 3D coordinates.
The 3D coordinates of the intersection of, at least, three such ellipsoids (which correspond to three different receivers) coincide with the target’s 3D coordinates.
The mathematical function of a rotated ellipsoid can be found here, https://math.stackexchange.com/questions/1403126/what-is-the-general-equation-equation-for-rotated-ellipsoid - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler_angles#Tait%E2%80%93Bryan_angles_2 .
Symbolic and computational methods can be used for calculating the 3D coordinates of the three rotated ellipsoinds’ intersection.
The goal is to find a (x, y, z) solution at which E1 (x, y) = E2 (x, y) = E3 (x, y) = z, which means that, a system of three equations with three variables has to be solved.
For calculating the roots of such systems of equations I prefere to use Wolfram’s Mathematica though other similar software also exists.
At the above pictures an example of a multistatic radar is presented. The related arithmetic data are as follows:



Christos Boumpoulis



Germany’s Multistatic Air-defence Radar Network


 Germany’s Multistatic Air-defence Radar Network


Study: DE-GR Defence Infrastructure - 2 

Currently, the contemporary settler-colonialism dominates the international relationships.

This domination has been enforced, and also it is perpetuated, by perpetrating instrumental wars; and is being financed also by the profits of the military weapons’ monopoly.

The enormous monetary profits of this military weapons’ monopoly fuels the horrible instrumental wars’ entryism.

The colonised countries may regain their National Sovereignty by contributing to sending the military, aircrafts, helicopters, tanks, large submarines and warships, to the military museums. For doing so, according to my opinion, these countries need to develop the followings: 


- A multistatic air-defence radars network.

- Missiles technology.

- A network of ultra-light airborn drones equipped with EOADS (Electro-optical Distributed Aperture System).

- A network of underwater sensors. 


Multistatic Air-Defence Radars Network  The multistatic radars are an extention of the already established bistatic radars. Therefore, the bistatic radar mathematical model applys also to the multistatic radars (pls. See Radar Design Principles – Signal Processing and the Environment, Fred Nathanson, 2nd edition, Scitech Publishing, 1999, ISBN: 1-891121-09-X).

The benefits of the multistatic radars network are: 


- they are, if compared to the monostatic radars, much less vulnerable to the anti-radiation missiles (ARM) attacks.

- they offer the ability to triangulate the targets, with accuracy if they aren’t stealth. This triangulation, in many cases, makes expensive, digital antennas unnecessary.

- the Duplexer stage is no longer needed and can be ommited.

- multiple frequencies can be used both, at the transmmiters, as well as, at the receivers.

- the receivers, as being passive components, are untraceable.

- a large number of decoy transmmiters may be used.

- the same transmmiter may be used, for very-long range surveillance (and stealth-target location’s approximation), as well as, middle-range fire control (missile guidance).

- a part of the transmitters may be mobile and during crisis circumstanses, they may be relocated periodically.

- complex algorythms may be used centrally in order for a Nation airspace’s dynamic 3D map to be maintained.


For example (see the above pitures):

Transmitters are located at, Gottingen, Bielefeld and Frankfurt, in Germany.

Receivers are located at, Berlin, Dortmund and Hamburg.

Hypothetically, a hostlile military aircraft has been intruded into Germany’s airspace.

The Gottingen’s transmmiter sends a monopulsed, middle-frequency signal.

The receivers located at Berlin, Dortmund and Hamburg, receive the “return”.

The hostile aircraft’s location is being triangulated and a “snipper” missile, equipped with AESA seeker and an infrared-sensor, is sent to the target.

The hostile aircraft becomes a free-falling object and its pilot is ejected. 


Christos Boumpoulis



Greece & sea-bed, air-view

600 km Fire Control Radars

120 km Fire Control Radars

120 km & 600 km Fire Control Radars

Greece & sea-bed, sub-view 

Greece & hostile submarine 

Sensors identify the hostile submarine 

A torpedo intercepts the hostile submarine 

Greece and defence shield


Study: DE-GR Defence Infrastructure

This article presents a “snapshot” of an ongoing study about the integrated Germany-Greece Defence System.
For practical reasons only Greece’s map is used for the CAD drawings.

Main innovations.
1. Split transmiter-receiver radars.
2. Underwater torpedo-launching bases.
3. Underwater sensors-network.
4. Airborn Remote Piloted Vehicles RPV.
5. Stealth, very low profile, high-speed, very small sized boats.
6. Snipper-missiles (roller-ball missiles).

The split-type radars intent to resolve the ordinary radars’ “finite-elements” vulnerability and they include a large number of decoy-transmeters.
If, I shall have the opportunity to make some studying and also, if I shall find, in the local library, certain books which I need, then, I intend to construct the mathematical model of the basic version of a split-type radar.

Christos Boumpoulis



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