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Why Political Dissidents Are Being Assassinated? - 2 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Δευτέρα, 22 Απρίλιος 2019 17:12
Human lives gambled on dice

Why Political Dissidents Are Being Assassinated? - 2

Few days ago I was informed about one more, horrible method, of destroying innocent people. This method was developed by the so-called "psychiatry" for automating the so-called "diagnosis" of the so-called "mental illness" of the so-called "post traumatic desorder".
Specifically, a computerised voice-analyser shall "diagnose" this "illness" if the voice of a person would include paterns of less clear speech and a lifeless, metallic tone.
At the same time, it is common knowledge the fact that, the voices of individuals which have been poisoned with "neuroliptics" (or other chemicals, e.g. MKUltra) include also paterns of less clear speech and a lifeless, metallic tone.
Therefore, the pseudo-science of "psychiatry" would become free to enjoy the material benefits of executing death-contracts without the burden of the accountability. In other words, either, a hucked version of this voice-analyzer, or a secret poisoning the victim with neuroliptics, could be employed in order to destroy any innocent, targeted individual.

While I was thinking the horrible consequences of this voice-analyzer's advent, I remembered that, during October 2016, I visited Greece for a few days.
At one occassion, I noticed the word " ΖΑΡΙ" (single tens of the DICE) unexplicitly printed besides the name of a product, at a supermarket's receipt after having bought, cheese and tomato juice (see the picture above).
Somehow, the two issues, voice-analyzer and supermarket, interlinked and I decided to make a research about the strange payment receipt.
The findings may have been horrible in terms of settler-colonising monstrocity.
I estimate that,

- my life expectency in case I might just think to disclose publicly my findings could drop to even less than two hours
- in case that the citizens of certain E.U. member-States might become informed about my findings they would react by doing nothing as, sadly, they are citizens of the "twilight" kind
- the colonisers apreciate hashish that much that in case my findings might somehow become publicly disclosed, they could, literary, even burn the entire European Continent to the ground in order for them to imagine that escaping the accountability of their misdeeds could ever be achieved.
- E.U. leaders may exist which might avoid approaching me (me, wearing clean clothes, clean socks, etc.) at a distance of less than 7 kilometers (mobile C.B. trancseiver broadcast range) in order to avoid the legal consequencies of finding out about the colonisers monstrocities.

Besides, probably, having find out about the related to the supermarkets (of specific coutries) related colonisers' "achievements", there are also the following issues:

- I am a Greek political dissident and whistleblower.
- My first country Greece has fallen, according to the prominent constitutional law professor George Kasimatis testimony) to a dictatorship.
- I have publicly argued that the current dictatorial establishment is being perpetrated by a "Gladio/Stay Behind operation" exactly like the previous, 1967-1974 Greek "colonels dictatorship".
- The most part of Greek Nation's natural leadership's members (Archibishop Christodoulos, Malvina Karali, Tassos Papadoulos, singer Arleta, Socratis Giolias, and many others) have been, covertly, murdered.
- The motive for Greece's subjugation is, according to ex-CIA operative Robert Baer's public disclosure, the confiscation of Greece's enormous mineral wealth.
- More than 10,000 innocent Greek civilians have already died due to a needless, instrumental economic crisis.
- On June 2010, the entire Greek Parliament's members along with the, then, Greek President comitted, overtly, a mere treason by not terminating the "Huge Cooper & Co" treaty in order for Greece's mineral wealth to become liberated for economic explotiation by the Greek Nation.
- My father, Takis Bompolas, has been murdered by Greece's political establishment.
- My mother, Olga Bompola, which is a crucial legal withness to a lawsuit, is being suffering by illegal deprivation of hers freedom.
- I have, through my website www.agorapoliton.gr denounced publicly all of the above while presenting related undeniable legal evidence.
- I openly pursue to offer scientific services to the civilized countries' Defense Industry.
- I possess knowledge about the methods which, the colonial establishment in Greece exploits, in order to retain its political power and perpetuate its existence.
- I possess knowledge about the perpetrators of an assassination attempt, against myself, which taken place during 2006, in Athens, Greece.
- I possess knowledge about the preparations which, Russia is being perpetrated, for the annexation of Evros prefecture, at northern Greece.
- I manifest, for the past decade, political activism which promotes, the rule of Law; Democracy; Freedom; Greece's independence; and the Human Rights.
- I, publicly, promote, the legitimate and peaceful downfall of Greece's coup d' étet and the restoration of Democracy and Freedom, in Greece.
- I am advocating the legitimate interests of my first country Greece and my second country Germany.
- I am an eye witness of certain crimes committed by operatives of the perpetrating, the coup d' étet in Greece, countries, namely, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Israel and Turkey.
- I possess personal knowledge of the identities of certain individuals, who seem to work for various British services and the initials of their names are, ΑΟ, ΑΑ, ΛΦ, ΚΚ, ΙΝ, ΔΚ, ΝΓ, ΑΑ, ΠΨ, ΧΠ, ΦΜ, ΦΑ, ΕΑ, ΕΓ, ΕΜ, ΜΔ, ΑΠ, ΘΓ, ΒΣ, ΔΚ, ΔΖ, ΝΚ, ΔΧ, ΣΕ, ΑΤ, ?Ι, ΚΚ, Φ?, ΡΜ, ΡΟ, ΓΜ, ΓΜ, ΓΛ, ΣΕ. Those individuals may have been involved, on behalf of the United Kingdom, in the committment of crimes against innocent, adults and/or children, members of the Greek Nation.
- I possess knowledge about certain front-organizations in Greece which may be involved in the committment, on behalf of the perpetrating the coup d' étet in Greece colonizing countries, of various inhumane crimes.

Concluding, the existing international relationships between the colonisers and the rest of the Nations seems to me as being the reason of the innocent political dissidents becoming assassinated.

Christos Boumpoulis

HILARIOUS Benny Hill Crazy Hospital



Artificial intelligence can diagnose PTSD by analyzing voices
Study tests potential telemedicine approach

April 22, 2019
NYU Langone Health / NYU School of Medicine
A specially designed computer program can help to diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans by analyzing their voices.
A specially designed computer program can help diagnose post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in veterans by analyzing their voices, a new study finds.

Published online April 22 in the journal Depression and Anxiety, the study found that an artificial intelligence tool can distinguish -- with 89 percent accuracy -- between the voices of those with or without PTSD.

"Our findings suggest that speech-based characteristics can be used to diagnose this disease, and with further refinement and validation, may be employed in the clinic in the near future," says senior study author Charles R. Marmar, MD, the Lucius N. Littauer Professor and chair of the Department of Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine.

More than 70 percent of adults worldwide experience a traumatic event at some point in their lives, with up to 12 percent of people in some struggling countries suffering from PTSD. Those with the condition experience strong, persistent distress when reminded of a triggering event.

The study authors say that a PTSD diagnosis is most often determined by clinical interview or a self-report assessment, both inherently prone to biases. This has led to efforts to develop objective, measurable, physical markers of PTSD progression, much like laboratory values for medical conditions, but progress has been slow.

Learning How to Learn

In the current study, the research team used a statistical/machine learning technique, called random forests, that has the ability to "learn" how to classify individuals based on examples. Such AI programs build "decision" rules and mathematical models that enable decision-making with increasing accuracy as the amount of training data grows.

The researchers first recorded standard, hours-long diagnostic interviews, called Clinician-Administered PTSD Scale, or CAPS, of 53 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans with military-service-related PTSD, as well as those of 78 veterans without the disease. The recordings were then fed into voice software from SRI International -- the institute that also invented Siri -- to yield a total of 40,526 speech-based features captured in short spurts of talk, which the team's AI program sifted through for patterns.

The random forest program linked patterns of specific voice features with PTSD, including less clear speech and a lifeless, metallic tone, both of which had long been reported anecdotally as helpful in diagnosis. While the current study did not explore the disease mechanisms behind PTSD, the theory is that traumatic events change brain circuits that process emotion and muscle tone, which affects a person's voice.

Moving forward, the research team plans to train the AI voice tool with more data, further validate it on an independent sample, and apply for government approval to use the tool clinically.

"Speech is an attractive candidate for use in an automated diagnostic system, perhaps as part of a future PTSD smartphone app, because it can be measured cheaply, remotely, and non-intrusively," says lead author Adam Brown, PhD, adjunct assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at NYU School of Medicine.

"The speech analysis technology used in the current study on PTSD detection falls into the range of capabilities included in our speech analytics platform called SenSay Analytics™," says Dimitra Vergyri, director of SRI International's Speech Technology and Research (STAR) Laboratory. "The software analyzes words -- in combination with frequency, rhythm, tone, and articulatory characteristics of speech -- to infer the state of the speaker, including emotion, sentiment, cognition, health, mental health and communication quality. The technology has been involved in a series of industry applications visible in startups like Oto, Ambit and Decoded Health."

Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190422082232.htm
Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Δευτέρα, 22 Απρίλιος 2019 17:37