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The United Kingdom’s Imminent Hit – Mayday Mayday Mayday (UPD) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Πέμπτη, 28 Φεβρουάριος 2019 02:57
Communications Blocking – You tried to call an invalid phone-number



The United Kingdom’s Imminent Hit – Mayday Mayday Mayday (UPD)


Update 28/2/2019, 12:00

Today, the blocking of my telecommunications continuous, therefore I am obliged to send my message to certain interested parties through this present website.
The following message is addressed to a Greek recipient:
Δια ταύτα, προτείνω ως μέτρα αντιμετώπισης της τρέχουσας εποικιστικής-αποικιοποίησης της Ελλάδας και για άμεση εφαρμογή, τα παρακάτω.

1. Προώθηση της μαζικής χρήσης πομποδεκτών τύπου, κυρίως, C.B. και δευτερευόντως,  PMR. Η διαπροσωπική επικοινωνία μέσω χρήσης τέτοιου τύπου τεχνικών μέσων εξασφαλίζει, σχεδόν πλήρως, την έλλειψη μετα-δεδομένων με αποτέλεσμα την, σε μεγάλο βαθμό, αποκατάσταση της ελευθερίας του λόγου, ο οποίος, με τη σειρά του, θα ενισχύσει την ώση των πολιτών προς τη Δημοκρατία και την Ελευθερία.
2. Δημόσια ενημέρωση των πολιτών αναφορικά με τα ζητήματα, πολιτικών διώξεων (gang-stalking), MKUltra, Monarch Programming, synthetic telepathy, settler-colonialism, ακούσια ανθρώπινα πειράματα, λαθρεμπόριο ανθρώπινων οργάνων και ιστών.
3. Ίδρυση κέντρου αποκατάστασης θυμάτων αποικιοκρατίας. Το κέντρο αυτό, κάνοντας χρήση, φυσικών, μη-ιατρικών μεθόδων θα βοηθά τους πολίτες των οποίων η σύνδεση με την “πραγματικότητα” έχει ατονίσει για διάφορους λόγους (ψυχότροπες χημικές ουσίες, ηλεκτρονικά εμφυτεύματα εγκεφάλου, Monarch Programming, κ.λπ.) να ανακτήσουν την κανονική επαφή τους με την “πραγματικότητα”.
4. Ίδρυση κέντρου οικονομικής ανασυγκρότησης, οικογενειών, επιχειρήσεων και της Εθνικής οικονομίας.
5. Ίδρυση κέντρου προστασίας και φιλοξενίας, Ελλήνων, πολιτικά αντιφρονούντων και ακτιβιστών για τα ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα, σε χώρα του εξωτερικού.

Εν κατακλείδι, καθώς η ανθρώπινη ζωή είναι ιερή και η αξία της ανυπολόγιστη, υπό τις παρούσες, τραγικές πολιτικές συνθήκες οι οποίες επικρατούν στην Ελλάδα, με τα ανωτέρω προτεινόμενα μέτρα, δίνεται η πρώτη προτεραιότητα, στην διάσωση της ανθρώπινης ζωής αθώων πολιτών και δευτερευόντως, στην ενίσχυση της συλλογικής ικανότητας, του Ελληνικού Έθνους, να αντιμετωπίζει ολιστικά, καταστροφικές απειλές όπως είναι η εποικιστική-αποικιοκρατία.

Main Article


Since 26/2/2019, I am located at Prague, Czechia. And since late January 2019 and then, I was at Italy and then, at Slovenia.

On 27/2/2019 early in the afternoon, I had a conversation, through SKYPE with one of my associates while I was in a public library. For circumstancial reasons that phone-call had to temporarily been discontinued. Since then, my telecommunications are blocked (please see the picture above).

The communications’ blackout is a military tactic and signifies an imminent military attack.

In my case, the existing definitions of the “gang-stalking” describe that, the intended goal is to lock somewhere (e.g. prison, mental institution, etc), after having enforced upon the the state of homelessness, the victims of this atrocious method. The colonisers’ (meaning, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russia, the Israel and the Turkey) after having, indirectly, arranged to alienate me with my private passenger car, within which I was sleeping, they enforced me, to spend much time in public places where, due to my, with claustrum manipulating, involuntary brain implanting, I would remain extremely vulnerable for being subjected to any kind of violence and/or misstreatment, including involuntarily offering to them the chance to fabricate forged incriminating me legal evidence.

During this time period I have suffered extreme “street theater”, which is a part of the “gang-stalking” (also called “zersetzen torture”, it is a death program and, in my case, the instigator is the United-Kingdom’s government). During these, many, incidents of “street theater” e.g. at train stations, at Hostels and at various public places, where I was indirectly forced, due to my having being illegitimately deprived, by the U.K., from my financial resources, to sleep during the nights, many kinds of my human rights’ violations may have been commited; while, information, conveyed to me by honest and legitimate people who respect and appreciate my human rights activism, sudjest that, the genocidal and atrocious colonising Nations may have methodised, by manipulating accordingly, the clothes which I am wearing, in order to, probably, create (by illegitimately exploiting the electronic brain implant’s, which was involuntarily implanted in my brain, ability to induce to me the mental state of awake uncontiousnesss) and document missleading impressions against my normal mental health.

Such an organised mistreatment should not surprise anyone as, it is publicly known the fact that, most of the European Union member-State’s leaders and also most of the European Union member-State’s security authorities avoid, systematically and absolutely, to even, publicly pronounce the notions, gang-stalking; MKUltra; Monarch Programming; claustrum manipulating electronic brain implants; remote neural monitoring; settler-colonialism; synthetic telepathy; involuntary human experimentation; human organs/tissues smuggling; genocidal policies, etc. In other words, within this horrible, European Union’s political circumstances, which deprive the E.U.’s leaders from the freedom of speech, why, the political persecution and torture of the European, legitimate political dissidents should surprise anyone?

The reader may ask, why me?

According to undeniable evidence, the intended goals of settler-colonialism include, confiscating, on behalf of the colonising Nations, of the indigenous people’s land; children; and future.

As far as, my family is concerned, since my childhood, the colonisers, in order to use me as a human “guinea-pig” for developing, their electronic brain implants’ technology and other experimental medicines, they, initially, “devaluated”, by using illegitimate and violent means, my unsuspected parents; then, they “devaluated” myself by, also, using illegitimate means, meaning fabricating forged incriminating evidence against me; and finally, they illegitimately, deprived me from my human rights and actually, enslaved me.

During this standardised procedure, I had the opportunity to find out, actual names of related criminals; actual criminal facts; and actual front-organisations.

This knowledge combined with, the colonisers’ urge to confiscate from my body existing incriminating them material evidence (meaning, one or more electronic brain implants) and probably, with the colonisers urge to make impossible for me to gain knowledge of any ongoing, within my body, medical experimentation while having the ability to publicly disclose the above, legally and morally, incriminating, the colonising Nations, information.

My estimation that, a colonisers’ criminal hit against me is imminent, beyond my telecommunications blocking, is based on recent, and almost certainly fake, international news which the mass media keep propagating.

For example, the supposed hostilities between, India and Pakistan.

It is common knowledge the fact that, the former British colonies are being, politically, controlled by the United Kingdom. Therefore, India and Pakistan, almost certainly, satisfy their colonial Metropolis’ urgent need for instense “political noise” (related seem to be the estimations about an alleged nuclear threat) in order for the British to, literary, “dump” the leftovers of the European dissidence.

Another example might be the supposed political approach between, the U.S.A. and the North Korea.

Who politically controls the U.S.A.?

Who politically controls the North Korea?

How many manifestations of entryism could be more characteristic than the one which seems as being performed by the harmoniously cooperating (within the boundaries of the entryism method) entryism partners, U.S.A. and North Korea?

Concluding, by taking for granted the notorious, remorseless and ages-long ruthlesness of the colonising Nations, for how long, the European citizens expect to remain non-transhumanised in case that, sadly, the remaining European political dissidents might become destroyed by the colonising Nations?

Anyone who may do elementary arithmetic comprehend that, the less, European, political dissidents have been leftover, the more, innocent civilians die due to the settler-colonialism’s genocidal policies.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: According to unverified information, Crimea has been evolved as the neo-soviet wing’s quasi “Guadanamo prison”; and allegedly, this is the involuntary destination that, the British, may have designated for myself after their alleged hit.

Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Πέμπτη, 28 Φεβρουάριος 2019 13:55