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 21/2/2919 fast-food restaurant, initial faint

21/2/2019 fast-food restaurant, ambulance


 21/2/2019 privacy violation at train's toilette


22/2/2919 fast-food restaurant, verbal hostilities


22/2/2019 fast-food restaurant, water-bottle launch


Legal Notice 129

Disclaimer: During the two incidents at the fast-food restaurant, initially, there was an impression that, both of them may had evolved to, even, life threatening situtations. Therefore, I felt obliged to take some pictures and use them, potentially, as legal evidence.

1st incident
On 21/2/2019 around 01:30 I was at a fast-food restaurant and I was working with my personal computer. At  that time, an unknown to me, black man, which was also a customer in the restaurant, fainted; police patrol was called and arrived; an ambulance was called, arrived and taken the fainted man. I have no information about the authenticity of the fainted man's identity card. (please see the first and second pictures above).

2nd incident
On 21/2/2019 around 02:30 I was at the same fast-food restaurant and I was still working with my personal computer. At  that time, one of the restaurant's guards, came to me and told me that, I was not allowed to consume products that I bought not in this restaurant and he showed me a packaged beverage that it was on my table. The guard left satisfied when I told him that, the beverage was bought from the present fast-food restaurant and I presented to him the payment-receipt which the cashier had given to me when I payed for the good. The too many, existing within the restaurant survailance cameras may have video-recorded the dialog that I had with the restaurant's guard.

3rd Incident
On 21/2/2019 around 15:00 I was near to the train central station's platforms when I felt an intense urge to use a toilette· this was a "toilete emergency" situation. Therefore, I visited the toilete of a train which was waiting nearby for the scheduled time for its departure. That toilete was a modern one with electric door and electric lock. When I entered the toilete, I closed and secured the door with the electric lock. After less than a minute and while I was standing on my feet and urinating, I noticed that the door was vibrating and then the door opened. Two unknown to me men, which were wearing similar clothes, they had opened the door by force. When they saw me being inside the toilette and urinating, they apologized politely and left. Before they had left, I got the impression that, the one of them may had been holding a mobile phone in such a way that, his mobile phone's lens was turned towards the direction of were I was standing. I closed and locked the toilete's door for once more and as soon as possible,  after the two men had violated my privacy (please see the third picture above).

4th incident
On 22/2/2019 around 02:00 I was at the same fast-food restaurant, as above and I was working with my personal computer. At  that time, two groups of people started fighting with each-other within the restaurant. The first group was consisted by a man and a woman and the second group was consisted by many men. All of them were unknown to me. Initially, the fighting was verbal and then, all the kinds of foods and beverages that this restaurant was offering were used as, quasi, "amunitions" and they were launched, by the two fighting groups' members, in large quantities and against each others. Soon, almost half of the restaurant's floor was covered by thrown, humburgers, potato chips, salads and beverages. Soon, the police arrived and arrested some of these fighting customers. I have no information about the authenticity of the arrested, fighting customers' identity cards. (please see the forth and fifth pictures above).

5th incident
On 22/2/2019 and around 9:00, I was sleeping, since around 8:00, while sitting on a chair, at the local Central Railway Station's waiting room. Three members of a security authority came and inspected my identity card. During this inspection, I got the impression that, my identity card, which contains a sample of my hand-written signature, may had been photographed by one of these inspectors' mobile phone's camera.

6th incident
On 22/2/2019 and approximatelly, between 9:30 and 19:00, I visited, twice, the local public library. During the first visit and while I was studying on a desk, unintentionally, a fallen asleep for around one hour. After I wake-up, I went to a near by supermarket and I bought and then consumed beverages which contained coffee. Then, I returned to the library and continued my studying until, around, 16:30 when an unknown to me man approached me, closely, with a book and kept reading it while standing on his feets. At that time, I got the impression that, his behavior may had been half-awkward if not harrasing and I decided to leave the library at once.  

Christos Boumpoulis

Wolves hunting tactics | National Geigraphic


Obedience to Authority - From A Stranger - TV Show "What Would You Do"



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