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Theft of My Documents – Request for Support PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Κυριακή, 10 Φεβρουάριος 2019 04:51





Theft of My Documents – Request for Support

Before 5/2/2019, a sequence of, documented, publisized (in my website www.agorapoliton.gr) and comforming to the definition of “plausibly deniable gang-stalking”, events happened, in Austria and in Germany. This sequence, allmost certainly, intended to deprive me from my passenger car in order to become a totally defenseless and vulnerable, to forged incrimination, political dissident.

I resisted becoming deprived from my car as I collected enough money to replace the consumable spare parts that I was requested to change.

However, on 5/2/2019, some people who care about me informed me that a political persecution against me was imminent.

Therefore, with the support of certain Greek patriots I fled from Germany and through Austria and Switzerland I relocated to Italy.

In Italy, though I requested, from the local Greek communities and the State, for support I wasn’t offered any and I found myself having to sleep, during the nights besides to the train station, covered with one blanket and exposed to, extreme death threats (related to the British government and due to my political activism) and cold weather.

Today, the circumstances seem that they may have escalated as, two incidents (around 19:00 while I was walking towards the Rome’s Terminal Train Station and around 22:00 at the Terminal Train Station’s waiting area) seem, to conform to the definition of gang-stalking’s “street theater” and intending to forge-incriminating evidence against me and also the theft, probably while I was sleeping in the streets, of two documents, the one of which was a money transfer receipt and the other one was a hand-written document containing a sample of my name and family-name written in capital letters.

Here are the reasons for this, on behalf of the British government, seeming agression’s escalation.

By definition, by perperating gang-stalking, against the political-dissdents, the British intend to assassinate their victims, after having, isolated them from any kind of support; driving them to bankratsy; enforcing to them the state of homelessness; fabrikating against them forged incriminating evidence; and unjustly imprison or institutionalise them.

Contrary to my expected, by the British, victimisation, I started politically cooperting with a patriotic, exta-Parliamentary political party offered me prompt and crucial support, of various kind, which I used and actually, rescued my life.

Also, I am supplying, to this Greek Patriotic political party vast information in order to convince its members to participate publicly in propagating to the Greek citizens the exising information about the horible and involuntarily, with claustrum-manipulating brain implanting of them.

Furthermore, I disclosed to them, while discusing through the unprotected communication channel of Skype, the following sensitive and incriminating the colonisers, information:

- Information about Greek kids’ illegitimate human experimentation.

- Information about smuggling of Greek organs-tissues.

- The colonially traditional finanching settler-colonialism also, through the monetary profits which realise the covert, through supposedly spontaneously manifesting “diseases”, genocide of the Greek Nation, and in order for the British, not to become accountable for violating almost the entre international law.

- The food-chain in Greece may has been, almost entirely, militarised and may has been integrated with advanced techology.

- The “psychiatric” domain on Greece has been militarised and is being abused torturing and destroying mentaly healthy political dissidents.

- There is no meening in trying to resolve the colective issues that the mass media keep promoting while the people’s human rights keep being systematically violated.in Grece,,

- The existing correlation beween: the non-conventional weapons; the settler-colonialsm; and the entryism.

- The extreme need for changing the existing on Greece, internal status quo, before the next political elections.


The Patriots which made the political party I am cooperating with which, upgraded my hope that, avoiding my becoming assassinated by the British is possible; though, currently, the price of the Human Life is no more than 70 euros and the colonisers command innumerable, “dissassociated with reality”, “drug and maddened with opiates beforehand, cold hearted and murderous, operatives which are, willing and able to, uprovokedly, slander me in any possible way.

My political activism has no malice against the colonisers, while, by knowing the sufferings of so many fellow citizens, my moral conseousness obliges me to act promptly and creatively in order to contibute in terminating their sufferings.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Many good Greek citizens have been assassinated by the colonisers’ current “operation Condor”. Why, the rest of E.U.’s member-States disert, the remaining legitimate political dissident, totally vulnerable to the monstrous colonisers? Why they pretend ignorance with regard, to our involuntary, with claustrum-manipulating, brain implants; and with regard to the known ways that, the gang-stalking is being perpetrating the extermination of good people;


Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Κυριακή, 10 Φεβρουάριος 2019 05:14