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The Brain Implants and the United Kingdom PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Azk IV - "Mind Control" - Dr Rauni Kilde



Γ Κασιμάτης: 1ο Μνημόνιο - Πραξικόπημα & Κατοχή



Καταδίκασε τις Πρέσπες το Ευρωπαϊκό Δικαστήριο Ανθρωπίνων Δικαιωμάτων



The Brain Implants and the United Kingdom


Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, Gloria Naylor and Archibishop Christodoulos disclosed publicly information about the enslaving electronic brain implants and consequently, they were atrociously murdered by the colonisers. To these moral heroes I, humbly, dedicate this present article.


The United Kingdom, from what it seems, urges to demolish each and every post-WW2 development of civilisation in order for the international community’s status quo to return as it was just few days after the supposed WW2 ending when, no one could hold, the United Kingdom, accountable for any crime.

How could I ever rise publicly such an extreme claim?

I chosen to rise such a claim because, for example, of the “Prespes Agreement” mockery where, the subjugated and, obviously, “drugged and maddened” Greek Nation, while being governed by dictators, originating from a State with closed borders and which is hostile, to its neighbours and to immigrants, offers, through this human rights’ severely violating “agreement”, a large part of its Sovereignty, against the ruthless rules of the international capitalism and as a sample of good will, to a privately owned (as prof. Eleni Glykatzy-Ahrweiller disclosed) organisational form which belongs to one of the most faithfull devoties of the international capitalism’s rules.

And why the United Kingdom, allegedly, urges to regain its past legal immunity?

Because, according to existing, contemporary evidence and historical facts, of the combination, of the U.K.’s lack of self-restrain and of the advent of the claustrum-manipulating, electronic brain implants.

The U.K.’s mentality I deeply know, as I have been acquainted with the British services’ operatives the initials of which, are, ΑΟ, ΑΑ, ΛΦ, ΚΚ, ΙΝ, ΔΚ, ΝΓ, ΑΑ, ΠΨ, ΧΠ, ΦΜ, ΦΑ, ΕΑ, ΕΓ, ΕΜ, ΜΔ, ΑΠ, ΘΓ, ΒΣ, ΔΚ, ΔΖ, ΝΚ, ΔΧ, ΣΕ, ΑΤ, ?Ι, ΚΚ, Φ?, ΡΜ, ΡΟ, ΓΜ, ΓΜ, ΓΛ, ΣΕ, as I have been involuntarily subjected to human experimentation and claustrum-manipulating brain implanted, as being gang-stalked since my childehood and continue, and as being a member of a family the most members of which, we have enormously suffered the United Kingdom’s criminality during the past fifty years.

The most accurate way for demostrating this mentality is, I believe, to associate it with,

- the colonisation of Kenua “ The asakaris then put his head in the bucket of water and lifted his legs high in the air so he was upside down. That's when [one of the camp commandants] started cramming sand in Peterson's anus and stuffed it in with a stick. The other askari would put water in, and then more sand. They kept doing this back and forth... Eventually they finished with Peterson and carried him off, only to start on the next”, and

- Josef Mengele’s treatment of his involuntary human “guinea pigs”.


Can, the reader, imagine, were might lead, if people with the above mentioned mentality might possess the ability to arbitrarily implant, to unsuspected civilians, claustrum-manipulating; thought reading; memory substituting; first-person-view capable; GPS equipped; wireless Electronic Brain Link capable, electronic brain implants?

Well, I wish to asure the reader that, our human kind has already been led there.

I was lured, by British operatives to England, during the ‘80s when I was involuntarily turned to a human “guinea pig” and eventually, I was involuntarily brain implanted with a claustrum-manipulating electronic device.

Currently, members of the totally, as it seems to me, brain implanted ΝΑΤΟic “Stay Behind” non-uniformed army violate my humam rights systematically by, among other ways, involuntarily inducing to me the mental state of awake-unconseousness, even in crowded public places like, airports’ waiting rooms, supermarkets, fast-food restaurants, etc. in order for them, to terrorise me; to humiliate me; to administer to me experimental drugs; and to fabricate false incriminating legal evidence in order to slander me, either, as “criminal”, or, as “crazy”.

If, the reader has linked most of the negative developments in the international community with the combination of, the British criminality and the electronic brain implants, then, the reader, according to vast public evidence, has been right in doing so.

The United Kingdom has gone too far, with regard, to the brain implants and to murdering moral heroes, and it seems highly unlike that, just by demolishing the human civilisation the British might get away with this.


Christos Boumpoulis





Consciousness on-off switch discovered deep in brain

By Helen Thomson

ONE moment you’re conscious, the next you’re not. For the first time, researchers have switched off consciousness by electrically stimulating a single brain area.

Scientists have been probing individual regions of the brain for over a century, exploring their function by zapping them with electricity and temporarily putting them out of action. Despite this, they have never been able to turn off consciousness – until now.

Although only tested in one person, the discovery suggests that a single area – the claustrum – might be integral to combining disparate brain activity into a seamless package of thoughts, sensations and emotions. It takes us a step closer to answering a problem that has confounded scientists and philosophers for millennia – namely how our conscious awareness arises.

Many theories abound but most agree that consciousness has to involve the integration of activity from several brain networks, allowing us to perceive our surroundings as one single unifying experience rather than isolated sensory perceptions.

One proponent of this idea was Francis Crick, a pioneering neuroscientist who earlier in his career had identified the structure of DNA. Just days before he died in July 2004, Crick was working on a paper that suggested our consciousness needs something akin to an orchestra conductor to bind all of our different external and internal perceptions together.

With his colleague Christof Koch, at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, he hypothesised that this conductor would need to rapidly integrate information across distinct regions of the brain and bind together information arriving at different times. For example, information about the smell and colour of a rose, its name, and a memory of its relevance, can be bound into one conscious experience of being handed a rose on Valentine’s day.

The pair suggested that the claustrum – a thin, sheet-like structure that lies hidden deep inside the brain – is perfectly suited to this job (Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society B, doi.org/djjw5m).

It now looks as if Crick and Koch were on to something. In a study published last week, Mohamad Koubeissiat the George Washington University in Washington DC and his colleagues describe how they managed to switch a woman’s consciousness off and on by stimulating her claustrum. The woman has epilepsy so the team were using deep brain electrodes to record signals from different brain regions to work out where her seizures originate. One electrode was positioned next to the claustrum, an area that had never been stimulated before.

When the team zapped the area with high frequency electrical impulses, the woman lost consciousness. She stopped reading and stared blankly into space, she didn’t respond to auditory or visual commands and her breathing slowed. As soon as the stimulation stopped, she immediately regained consciousness with no memory of the event. The same thing happened every time the area was stimulated during two days of experiments (Epilepsy and Behavior, doi.org/tgn).

To confirm that they were affecting the woman’s consciousness rather than just her ability to speak or move, the team asked her to repeat the word “house” or snap her fingers before the stimulation began. If the stimulation was disrupting a brain region responsible for movement or language she would have stopped moving or talking almost immediately. Instead, she gradually spoke more quietly or moved less and less until she drifted into unconsciousness. Since there was no sign of epileptic brain activity during or after the stimulation, the team is sure that it wasn’t a side effect of a seizure.

Koubeissi thinks that the results do indeed suggest that the claustrum plays a vital role in triggering conscious experience. “I would liken it to a car,” he says. “A car on the road has many parts that facilitate its movement – the gas, the transmission, the engine – but there’s only one spot where you turn the key and it all switches on and works together. So while consciousness is a complicated process created via many structures and networks – we may have found the key.”

“Consciousness is created via many structures and networks but we may have found the ignition key”

Awake but unconscious

Counter-intuitively, Koubeissi’s team found that the woman’s loss of consciousness was associated with increased synchrony of electrical activity, or brainwaves, in the frontal and parietal regions of the brain that participate in conscious awareness. Although different areas of the brain are thought to synchronise activity to bind different aspects of an experience together, too much synchronisation seems to be bad. The brain can’t distinguish one aspect from another, stopping a cohesive experience emerging.

Since similar brainwaves occur during an epileptic seizure, Koubeissi’s team now plans to investigate whether lower frequency stimulation of the claustrum could jolt them back to normal. It may even be worth trying for people in a minimally conscious state, he says. “Perhaps we could try to stimulate this region in an attempt to push them out of this state.”

“We could try to stimulate the region in a minimally conscious person to try to jolt them out of this state”

Anil Seth, who studies consciousness at the University of Sussex, UK, warns that we have to be cautious when interpreting behaviour from a single case study. The woman was missing part of her hippocampus, which was removed to treat her epilepsy, so she doesn’t represent a “normal” brain, he says.

However, he points out that the interesting thing about this study is that the person was still awake. “Normally when we look at conscious states we are looking at awake versus sleep, or coma versus vegetative state, or anaesthesia.” Most of these involve changes of wakefulness as well as consciousness but not this time, says Seth. “So even though it’s a single case study, it’s potentially quite informative about what’s happening when you selectively modulate consciousness alone.”

“Francis would have been pleased as punch,” says Koch, who was told by Crick’s wife that on his deathbed, Crick was hallucinating an argument with Koch about the claustrum and its connection to consciousness.

“Ultimately, if we know how consciousness is created and which parts of the brain are involved then we can understand who has it and who doesn’t,” says Koch. “Do robots have it? Do fetuses? Does a cat or dog or worm? This study is incredibly intriguing but it is one brick in a large edifice of consciousness that we’re trying to build.”

Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22329762-700-consciousness-on-off-switch-discovered-deep-in-brain/


Crushed Testicles: Mau Mau and The Barbaric Face of The British Empire
The British were supposed to be refined in the handling of their "overseas possessions and subjects". Nothing could be farther from the truth as a case filed in London by former Mau Mau fighters and contents of secret papers carted out of Kenya a week before independence(1963) show. The forces of the British state crushed testicles and breasts with pliers. It was part of a deliberate policy of breaking a civilian population who we regarded as "baboons," "barbarians" and "terrorists." They murdered, raped and ran Nazi-style detention camps
Ben McIntyre.
12 April 2011
One horrific day in September 1957, Ndiku Mutwiwa Mutua claims, he was castrated by the British Government.
Last week the elderly Kenyan appeared in the High Court in London, along with three others to accuse Britain of being liable for what was done to him 54 years ago, and to demand compensation.
The case of Mutua and others versus the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) relates to events that took place at the height of the Mau Mau emergency — the uprising against colonial rule in Kenya between 1952 and 1960.
The Mau Mau rebellion was one of the nastiest chapters in British colonial history. Appalling atrocities were perpetrated by both sides, but few stories of cruelty are worse than that of Mr Ndiku Mutwiwa Mutua.
In 1956 Mr Mutua was a 24-year-old herdsman working for Mr Louvaine Dunman, a white settler in Kenya's Eastern Province. Mr Dunman, a police officer in the district force, was known as "Luvai" among the Kamba people who couldn't pronounce the name Louvaine properly.
While working on Mr Dunman's farm, Mr Mutua began supplying food to the Mau Mau rebels hiding out in the nearby forest. On or before September 17, 1957, he was arrested by Mr Dunman and five other African police officers.
According to a court document, he was repeatedly beaten by European and African officers alike and then taken, blindfolded, to a tent.
Inside, he was allegedly handcuffed and pinned to the ground, with his legs pulled apart and tied or strapped down.
"Having been rendered completely powerless and vulnerable," according to the document, Mr Mutua claims that he was "castrated by one or more of the officers present."
For two days he was allegedly left without medical attention and then liberated from the camp by Mau Mau rebels. He remained in the forest for three-and-a-half years before the rebellion ended and he returned home.
Mr Mutua claims that he suffered depression, anguish, mental stress, and "intense flashbacks to the episodes of assault, including castration (and) mourned the fact that he will never have children of his own and never be with a woman."
Like his fellow claimants, Mr Mutua holds the British Government responsible for his suffering. Another of the plaintiffs also claims to have been castrated, while a third was allegedly beaten and left for dead during the infamous Hola Camp massacre of 1959 in which 11 detainees were clubbed to death.
The only woman claimant said that she was subjected to sexual torture in which she was violated using bottles filled with hot water.
The alleged mistreatment of another claimant, Mr Wambugu wa Nyingi, carries echoes of waterboarding. Mr Nyingi claims that he was "suspended by his feet from the hut roof. He was then subjected to a severe beating over a period of about 30 minutes, while cold water was poured on to his face and into his mouth so he could not breathe."
The claimants' case rests on the argument that these acts of brutality were not isolated or random, the spontaneous cruelty of a few sadists, but a systematic policy organised and condoned by the British authorities, "part of a system of torture, inhuman and degrading treatment applied by police, home guards, and other members of the security services with the knowledge of the colonial administration.
"Many detainees were subjected to gross abuse and torture," say the claimants.

"Such abuse included whippings, beating, castration, and sexual abuse of men and women... in many cases the abuse and torture were so brutal and dangerous that the detainee died."
Lawyers representing the British Government argue that the case should be dismissed because the alleged abuse was carried out by the colonial government, which passed all rights and responsibilities to the independent Kenyan Government in 1963.
When Kenya assumed national sovereignty, government lawyers will argue, this included an implicit acceptance of liability for any outstanding claims against the national administration.
The Kenya Government flatly denies any liability. A letter was sent to British Foreign Secretary William Hague on March 31 stating:
"The Republic of Kenya fully supports the claimants' case and has publicly denied any notion that responsibility for any acts and atrocities committed by the British colonial administration during the Kenya 'Emergency' was inherited by the Republic of Kenya."
Among those rounded up in the run-up to Mau Mau was Hussein Onyango Obama, Barak Obama's paternal grandfather, who became involved in the Kenyan independence movement while working as a cook for a British Army officer after the war.
He was arrested and jailed for two years in a high security prison where, according to his family, he was subjected to horrific violence to extract information about the growing insurgency.
Further light will be shed by the newly discovered Foreign Office files relating to Mau Mau, which were deliberately removed from Kenya.
On December 3, 1963, nine days before Kenya formally declared independence, three wooden crates containing 1,500 highly sensitive government files were loaded on to a British United Airways flight bound for Gatwick.
A memo written by one Foreign Office official noted that the removal of the documents had been carried out in "meticulous fashion," with files selected on the specific grounds that their contents "might embarrass Her Majesty's Government, members of the police, military forces, public servants, or others."
In a memo marked "Most Secret," the Foreign Office noted that "the vast majority of the files concern the Emergency: eg, intelligence reports and summaries, African associations, activities of Africans, unrest in the districts etc . . . collective punishments, detainees and detention camps."
In 1967, the Kenyan Foreign Ministry asked the British Government to return the missing files. The FCO refused.
A confidential FCO memo written on November 2, 1967, warned that if the documents were sent back to Kenya, it could "set a precedent and encourage other governments to follow suit" and demand "the documents of other former Dependent Territories which are now held here."
A letter on the same subject from the Commonwealth Office clearly shows that the decision to remove the Kenyan documents was not an isolated incident:
"The fact that it has always been British policy to withdraw or destroy certain sensitive records prior to independence has never been advertised or generally admitted," the letter states.
"The reply we give to Kenya could affect the treatment of records and files withdrawn from other former Colonial Territories."
After 1967, the files removed from Kenya apparently vanished into the Foreign Office archives. There has long been speculation among historians about what happened to them, including the rumour that they had been loaded into a Lancaster bomber and dropped into the Indian Ocean.
When the four Kenyans filed suit last year, the High Court was informed that some of the most critical evidence relating to the case was still missing. The FO duly launched a search for the documents and in January the missing files were finally located.
The reparations claim is regarded in Kenya as nationally divisive since the Mau Mau was in large part an ethnic rebellion by the Kikuyu rather than a national uprising. Most of the alleged torture and abuse was carried out by Africans of other tribes, albeit under British supervision, adding a potentially toxic tribal element to the mixture.
The claimants are demanding a welfare fund and a statement of regret.
Mr David Miliband, the Labour Foreign Secretary, is believed to have favoured this approach, but a resolution was blocked by FCO officials.
The implications go far beyond the individual accusations levelled by four Kenyans. Hundreds more former Mau Mau detainees could file suit and countless other former colonial subjects may be able to claim mistreatment at the hands of the British Government.
Leigh Day, the lawyers representing the Kenyans, say they do not believe that the case will establish a precedent.
"The systematic torture which went on in pre-independence Kenya was exceptional in its scale and barbarity," a spokesman for Leigh Day said. "This case is about victims who are alive and are seeking redress. People who suffered similar ill treatment in other colonies who are still alive are very few in number."
In a speech at SOAS, the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies, last month, David Anderson, professor of African history at the University of Oxford, who is advising the claimants, said that the files discovered in the FCO archives may be the tip of a huge legal iceberg.
"In other instances — Malaya, Cyprus, Nigeria, to name just three possible examples — there might also be missing documents 'retrieved' to London, with much to tell us about the actions of colonial administrations.
"The Mau Mau claim is not the only claim the British Government may have to worry about," he added. "Claims may arise from, for example, Palestine, and there is a fear that a successful claim could set a precedent."
The files were spirited out of Kenya in 1963 because they "might embarrass Her Majesty's Government." Some 48 years later, they have at last come to light, with their capacity to embarrass the government intact.
Kenyan nationals Wambugu wa Nyingi, (R) Ndiku Mutua, (2nd R) Paulo Nzili (2nd L) and Jane Muthoni Mara, (L) outside the High Court in central London, on April 7, 2011. They are hoping their cases, which include castration, torture, sexual abuse, forced labour and beatings, will secure a statement of regret over Britain's role in the Kenya Emergency, and a victims' welfare fund.
Kenyan nationals Wambugu wa Nyingi, (R) Ndiku Mutua, (2nd R) Paulo Nzili (2nd L) and Jane Muthoni Mara, (L) outside the High Court in central London, on April 7, 2011. They are hoping their cases, which include castration, torture, sexual abuse, forced labour and beatings, will secure a statement of regret over Britain's role in the Kenya Emergency, and a victims' welfare fund.
In a few weeks, a group of quiet, dignified elderly men and women will arrive in London to explain how the forces of the British state crushed their testicles or breasts with plyers. It was part of a deliberate policy of breaking a civillian population who we regarded as "baboons", "barbarians" and "terrorists." They will come bearing the story of how Britain invaded a country, stole its land, and imprisoned an entire civillian population in detention camps – and they ask only for justice, after all this time.
As a small symbol of how we as a country have not come to terms with our history, compare the bemused reaction to the arrival of these Kenyan survivors of Britain's gulags to the recent campaign supporting the Gurkhas. We have all waxed lyrical over the Nepalese mercenaries who were, for two centuries, hired by the British Empire to fight its least savoury battles. Sometimes they were used in great causes, like the defeat of Nazism. Sometimes they were used to viciously crush democratic movements in India or Malaya or Pakistan. But they obediently did the bidding of the Empire – so they are a rare bunch of foreigners who the right will turn moist over and welcome to our island.
I too strongly supported their rights to reside in Britain, out of simple humanity – if they're good enough to die for us, they're good enough to live with us. But isn't it revealing that even in 2009, we can cheer the servants of Empire but blank the people mutilated and murdered by it? There will be no press campaigns or celebrity endorsements for the surivors of the Kenyan supression when they issue a reperations claim in London next month. They will be met with a bemused shrug. Yet their story tells us far more.
The British arrived in Kenya in the 1880s, at a time when our economic dominance was waning and new colonies were needed. The Colonial Office sent in waves of white settlers to seize the land from the local "apes" and mark it with the Union Jack. Francis Hall was the officer of the East India Company tasked with mounting armed raids against the Kikuyu – the most populous local tribe – to break their resistance. He said: "There is only one way of improving the [Kikuyu] and that is to wipe them out; I would only be too delighted to do so but we have to depend on them for food supplies."
The British troops stole over sixty thousand acres from the Kikuyu, and renamed the area "the White Highlands." But the white settlers were artistocratic dillettantes with little experience of farming, and they were soon outraged to discover that the "primitives" were growing food far more efficiently on the reserves they had been driven into. So they forced the local black population to work "their" land, and passed a law banning the local Africans from independently growing the most profitable cash crops – tea, coffee, and sisal.
The people of Kenya objected, and tried to repel the invaders. They called for "ithaka na wiyathi" – land and freedom. After peaceful protests were met with violence, they formed a group, dubbed the Mau Mau, to stop the supression any way they could. They started killing the leaders appointed by the British, and some of the settlers too. As a result, the London press described them as "evil savages" and "terrorists" motivated by hatred of Christianity and civilisation. They had been "brainwashed" by "Mau Mau cult leaders", the reports shrieked.
The 1.5 million Kikuya overwhelmingly supported the Mau Mau and independence – so the British declared war on them all. A State of Emergency was announced, and it began with forced removals of all Kikuyu. Anybody living outside the reserves – in any of the cities, for example – was rounded up at gunpoint, packed into lorries, and sent to "transit camps". There, they were "screened" to see if they were Mau Mau supporters. One of the people locked up this way for months was Barack Obama's grandfather.
Professor Caroline Elkins, who studied the detention camps for five years for her remarkable book 'Britain's Gulag: The Brutal End of Empire in Kenya', explains the tactics adopted by the British to snuffle out Mau Mau. "Electric shock was widely used, as well as cigarettes and fire," she writes. "Bottles (often broken), gun barrels, knives, snakes, vermin and hot eggs were thrust up men's rectums and women's vaginas. The screening teams whipped, shot, burned, and mutilated Mau Mau suspects."
The people judged to be guilty of Mau Mau sympathies were transferred to torture camps. There, each detainee was given a number which they had to wear on a band on their wrist. They were then stripped naked and sent through a cattle dip, before the torture would begin again. "Detainees were frog-marched around the compound and beaten until blood ran from their ears," Elkins writes.
The Kikuyu survivor Pascasio Macharia describes some of the tortures he witnessed: "The askaris [guards[ brought in fire buckets full of water, and the detainees were called on by one, [my friend] Peterson first. The asakaris then put his head in the bucket of water and lifted his legs high in the air so he was upside down. That's when [one of the camp commandants] started cramming sand in Peterson's anus and stuffed it in with a stick. The other askari would put water in, and then more sand. They kept doing this back and forth... Eventually they finished with Peterson and carried him off, only to start on the next detainee in the compound."
Another favoured torment was to roll a man in barbed wire and kick him around until he bled to death. Typhoid, dissentry and lice sycthed through the population. Castration was common. At least 80,000 people were locked away and tortured like this. When I reported from Kenya earlier this year, I met elderly people who still shake with fear as they talk about the gulags. William Baldwin, a British member of the Kenya Police Reserve, wrote a memoir in which he cheerfuly admits to murdering Kikuya "baboons" in cold blood. He bragged about how he gutted them with knives while other suspects watched. Another British officer, Tony Cross, proudly called their tactics "Gestapo stuff."
For the civilians outside, life was only slightly better. Women and children were trapped in eight hundred "sealed villages" throughout the countryside. They were surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards, and forced at gunpoint to dig trenches that sealed them off from the world.
There was always another, honourable Britain who fought against these crimes. The Labour left – especially Barbra Castle and Nye Bevan – fought for the camps to be exposed and shut. They didn't succeed until the British imperialists were finally forced to scuttle away from the country entirely. We will never know how many people they murdered, because the colonial administration built a bonfire of all the paperwork on their way out the door. Elkins calculates it is far more than the 11,000 claimed by the British government, and could be as many as 300,000.
Yet in Britain today, there is a blood-encrusted blank spot about Empire. On the reality show The Apprentice, the contestants recently had to pick a name for their team, and they said they weanted "something that represented the best of British" – so they settled on "Empire." Nobody objected. Imagine young Germans blithely naming a team "Reich": it's unthinkable, because they have had to study what their fathers and grandfathers did, and expunge these barbarous instincts from their national DNA.
This failure to absorb the lessons of Empire is not only unjust to the victims; it leads us to repeat horrifying mistakes. Today, we are – with the Americans – using unmanned drones to bomb the Pakistan-Afghan borderland, as we did a few years ago in Iraq. Nobody here seems to remember that the British invented aerial counter-insurgency in this very spot – with disastrous consequences. In 1924, Arthur 'Bomber' Harris bragged that all rebellion could be stopped with this tactic. We have shown them "what real bombing means, in casualties and damage: they know that within 45 minutes a full-sized village can be practically wiped out and a third of its inhabitants killed," he said. Yet instead of "pacifying" them, it radically alienated the population and lead to an uprising. If we knew our history, we would not be running the same script and expecting a different ending.
Gordon Brown said last year (in India, of all places) that "the days of Britain having to apologise for its colonial history are over." The survivors of England's blanked-out torture camps are entitled to ask: when did we start?

Source: http://msmitty-matters.blogspot.com/2011/04/crushed-testicles-mau-mau-and-barbaric.html

The prominent Greek, constitutional law professor George Kasimatis testifies that, there is a coup d' étet in Greece and that, the Eurozone member-States are financially supporting it. Γ Κασιμάτης: 1ο Μνημόνιο - Πραξικόπημα & Κατοχή, www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_DJKs_LjsI


The prominent Greek military general George Aifantis testifies that, the entire Greek political system, during June 2010, committed treason against Greece by not terminating the "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty. ΑΫΦΑΝΤΗΣ ΚΟΥΠΕΡ NEWSΚΟΣΜΟΣ, www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiP2DlSCIBc


Comment from StopTheCrime.net -
MOST important to read the "Silent Weapons Quiet Wars" the International Bankers Policy Against All of US - their plan is about slavery and genocide . . .
By Dr. True Ott -

Ok, friends. I haven't wanted to tread on this ground simply because it has been my experience that it is well beyond the scope of most people to comprehend, even though it is all completely true. Furthermore, nothing will label you a "crackpot conspiracy nut" by the "establishment" faster than disseminating this information.

So be it!!!

I have personally researched literally thousands of documents and patents related to MK Ultra, and the Nazi scientists brought to America under "Operation Paper Clip" over the last 2 decades. Without a doubt, I have come to the following conclusion: a contingent of heinous madmen have, since the early 50's, successfully put together a most impressive network of technological achievements designed for one, specific, highly malevolent goal: to literally mind-control and program the entire world's human population, in order to achieve their goal of a Utopian "Fourth Reich". These Nazi psychopaths did not disappear after WWII - they merely donned the sheep's clothing and declared a "Quiet War" using "Silent Weapons" - energy weapons designed to enslave the minds and thus the souls of human beings.

You see, it all boils down to this axiom: "As a man Thinketh - So Is He!" Invisible mental chains are much more effective than physical slavery chains. As Goethe said: "No Man is more hopelessly enslaved, than he who falsely BELIEVES he is free."

Decades of research in the U.K.'s "Tavistock Institute" and America's Stanford Research Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and DARPA'S Virginia Tech have indeed resulted in a wide arsenal of fool-proof, highly effective "Quiet Weapons" that have been very successfully deployed! If you doubt this to the point of angry mockery - it simply proves the fact that you no longer have the mental capacity to objectively analyze and utilize cognitive reasoning skills.

Certain "Quiet Weapons" have successfully caused chosen human being "guinea pigs" to actually develop and defend FALSE MEMORIES - which is of course the basis for defending false religious doctrines and fictions such as Mormonism and Zionism so vehemently and emphatically. I know for a fact that LD$ Inc. has deployed and tested such technology on it's church membership via the "Brent Scowcroft" NSA faction since at least the early 70's.

False Memory

Consider this declaration from MIT researchers in the latest edition of SCIENCE: "The phenomenon of false memory has been well-documented: In many court cases, defendants have been found guilty based on testimony from witnesses and victims who were sure of their recollections, but DNA evidence later overturned the conviction."

False Evidence Appearing Real = F.E.A.R. This is the exclusive domain of Satanic entities, my friends, and FEAR is where they must operate. Here then, is the complete picture for you to first of all understand, and then to share with any and all who will dare to listen!

As you review this, consider this quote: "Only the small secrets need to be protected. The big ones are kept secret by public incredulity.” -Herbert Marshall McLuhan, 20th Century Canadian Sociologist

Edward Snowden only has revealed the SMALL SECRETS of NSA, my friends. Only the SMALL SECRETS! Here are the big secrets:

Big Secret 1: Domestic Intelligence (DOMINT)

The NSA maintains records on all US citizens. The NSA routinely gathers information on US citizen who might be of interest and has been doing so since at least the year 1996. Furthermore, since at least 1996, the NSA has developed and maintained a permanent "national security anti-terrorist" surveillance network. This surveillance network is completely disguised and hidden from the public.

Tracking individuals in the US is easily and cost-effectively implemented with NSA's electronic surveillance network "smart grid". This network (DOMINT) covers the entire US, involves tens of thousands of HIGHLY COMPARTMENTALIZED NSA personnel, and tracks millions of persons simultaneously . Cost-effective implementation of operations is assured by NSA computer technology designed to minimize operations costs. NSA personnel serve in quasi-public positions in their communities and run cover businesses and legitimate businesses that can inform the intelligence community of persons they would want to track. NSA personnel in the community usually have cover identities such as social workers, lawyers and business owners.

Big Secret #2: NSA DOMINT renegade "Black Operators" have the ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with mental illnesses and then chemically lobotomized with designer drugs!

Admittedly, this truth is difficult for most Americans to comprehend, let alone accept as reality. However, the PATENTS and RESEARCH do not lie. In a nutshell, this is how it is done: A subject's bio-electric field is as unique and identifiable as a fingerprint, however unlike a fingerprint, the Bio Field can be remotely detected via satellite technology, so individual subjects can be monitored anywhere they are, 24/7. With special advanced EMFequipment NSA cryptologists and computers can remotely read evoked potentials (from EEG brain waves emitted, even when asleep). These brain waves can in turn be instantaneously decoded into a person's brain-states and thoughts. The subject is then able to be perfectly monitored from a distance. NSA personnel can dial up any individual in the country on their "Signals Intelligence" EMF scanning network and the NSA's computers will then quickly pinpoint and track that person 24 hours a day. The hard reality is: The NSA can not only pick out and track anyone in the US, it can also alter brain waves and implant false thoughts and memories if so desired.

Here is the basic flowchart documented by interviewing hundreds of victims:


False Memory

Big Secret #3: NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). When assassination or mental scrambling is not an option, RNM and EBL are two more "Silent Weapons" often utilized on "Targeted Individuals" -(TI's). RNM is the ultimate method of surveillance and domestic intelligence. Speech, 3D sound and subliminal audio can be sent to the auditory cortex of the subject's brain (bypassing the ears), and images can be sent directly into the visual cortex. RNM can alter a subject's perceptions, moods and motor control.

Speech cortex/auditory cortex link has become the ultimate communications system for the entire intelligence community. RNM allows for a complete audio-visual brain-to-brain link or brain-to-computer link aka the EBL.

This technology was first tested, fine-tuned, and perfected during the 80's and 90's in LDS (Mormon) meetinghouses and "temples" worldwide via the "Scowcroft Faction" and the LD$ Inc. dedicated "private" satellite communications network - (and it continues today of course). I personally measured and physically gauged the microwave and EMF transmission in the ELF range continually broadcasted in LD$ meetinghouses and temples before I exited the "faith" in 2002. I had come to the full awareness how artificial "feelings" were being generated in the minds and souls of the LD$ faithful membership, causing them to "know" the "Church is True" despite all logic and physical evidence to the contrary! (Now you know the true reason why LD$ "Stake Centers" have dedicated satellite dishes attached to them.)


False Memory


For those individuals who need some technical specs, here you go - directly from the patents identified in the bibliography below.

Proprietary A.I. (artificial intelligence - Cray computers) digitally decoding the evoked electronic potentials in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic emissions from the brain. Neuronal activity in the brain creates a shifting electrical pattern that has a measurably shifting magnetic flux. This magnetic flux puts out a constant 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt electromagnetic (EMF) wave.

Contained in the electromagnetic emission from the brain are spikes and patterns called "evoked potentials". Every thought, reaction, motor command, auditory event and visual image in the brain has a corresponding "evoked potential" or set of "evoked potentials". The EMF emission from the brain can be decoded into the current thoughts, images and sounds in the subject's brain. This technology was perfected, and then patented back in the year 1974. Quantum Computers and 2.3 YOTTABYTES of memory being installed in the UTAH CENTER will only bring the mind-control into razor-sharp precise choreography!


False Memory


Source Documents: (Yes, I have read each of these books and papers, and have them in my library.)

The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life, by Robert Becker, M.D. Monitoring neuroelectric information in the brain ESB. (p. 265,313,318)

Cross currents, by Robert Becker. Simulating auditory hallucinations. Remote computer tampering using RF emissions from the logic board. (p. 70,78,105,174,210,216,220,242,299,303)

Currents of Death, by Paul Brodeur. Driving brain electrical activity with external EM; magnetophosphenes; Delgado. (p. 27,93)

The Zapping of America, by Paul Brodeur. DoD EM ESB research; simulating auditory hallucinations.

Of Mice, Men and Molecules, by John H. Heller 1963 Bioelectricity; probing the brain with EM waves. (p, 110)

The Three-Pound Universe, by Judith Hooper. CIA EEG research; EEGs for surveillance. (p.29,132,137)

In the Palaces of Memory, by George Johnson. EM emissions from the brain; the brain as an open electromagnetic circuit.

The Puzzle Palace, by James Bamford. Signals Intelligence; most advanced computers in the early 'sixties.

The US Intelligence Community. Glossary terms at National Security Archives; Radiation Intelligence (information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic energy, excluding radioactive sources).

The Search for the Manchurian Candidate, by John Marks. Electrical or radio stimulation to the brain; CIA R&D in bioelectrics. (p.227)

Secret Agenda, by Jim Hougan. National security cult groups.

Crimes of the Intelligence Community, by Morton Halperin. Surreptitious entries; intelligence agents running operations against government workers.

War in the Age of Intelligent Machines, NSA computer supremacy, complete control of information.

Alternate Computers, by Time-Life Books. Molecule computers.

The Mind, by Richard Restak, M.D. EEG Systems inc.; decoding brain EM emanations, tracking thoughts on a computer. (p. 258)

MedTech, by Lawrence Galton. Triggering events in the brain, direct to auditory cortex signals.

Cyborg, by D.S. Halacy, Jr, 1965. Brain-to-computer link research contracts given out by the US government.

Source: http://www.stopthecrime.net/nsaas.html


“The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

“The Organization” Behind Global Gang Stalking Terrorism Operations And Its Methods and Goals Exposed (From Dr. Rauni Kilde’s “Bright Light on Dark Shadows,” 2015)

(ETK Introduction): In her 2015 book, “Bright Light on Black Shadows,” the late Dr. Rauni Kilde (MD) offers the most plausible and probably the most accurate description of “The Organization” behind global stalking terrorism operations that I have yet encountered. As a “targeted individual” herself for over 30 years and as the former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland with degrees in several medical specialties, Dr. Kilde had ample opportunity to study and observe the organized stalking/electronic torture/mind control system first hand. In February, 2015, she was tortured and murdered by “The Organization.”

Below are some of the most pertinent excepts from “Bright Light on Black Shadows,” her first and only book written in English. Dr. Kilde held many national and international awards for her scientific achievements and pubic service and she spoke 6 languages. English was not Dr. Kilde’s native tongue and most of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” was assembled after her death by a European who was also not a native speaker of English. Thus, alas, the book is not well edited. For this reason, I have taken the liberty of very slightly changing the wording of some of the more awkward passages. However, despite her relative unfamiliarity with the English language, Dr. Kilde’s meaning is generally quite clear. The following passages are worth reading and re-reading until full comprehension regarding this hellish system begins to sink in!

Dr. Rauni Kilde: “We are living in an era where everything is controlled by the elite and intelligence agencies and those opposing their tyranny are eliminated by mind controlled, micro-chipped patsies, or false-flag suicide or accidents or induced illnesses.


An Example and Explanation of “The Organization’s” Gang Stalking Operations from 1988 (ETK Note: One can speculate here that “Eve” is Dr. Kilde herself).

“A good friend of mine was able to give insight to the way a harasser, actually, a created criminal mind recruited for an intelligence organization (Israeli Mossad), works. In 1988 she had this conversation with her nanny whom she had hired in the USA to take care of her child, whom she took to Norway during a summer holiday.

One morning the nanny suddenly said to her employer, a beautiful woman with a good background:

AG: You do not know who I am.

Eve: Oh yes, you are A.G.

A.G.: No, I am a soldier.

Eve: Yeah, right.

A.G.: I get more money than you do.

Eve: How?

A.G. Well, I get a commission.

Eve: Out of what?

A.G.: It depends on how valuable the items are, or the information is. You know you will be wiped of everything you have.

Eve: Anything is possible, but no one can touch what I have in Norway because I have no loans.

A.G. Ha, this is what you think! Your properties, with inventory down to the spoon are already on computer, with a different ownership.

At this point, I was she sure she wanted to make herself interesting by making up this bizarre conversation.

Eve: You are talking nonsense.

A.G.: No, you wait and see, after the year 2000 they have gotten everybody.

Eve: Who are “they?”

A.G.: The organization. The drug lords, the intelligence agencies, men turned drug lords, bribed, and now they control the majority of the world, but no one knows it.

Eve: Nonsense, so what does it have to do with me? I am nobody.

A.G. You have assets and art.

Eve: So what?

A.G.: Well, for us at the bottom level, it adds up.

Eve: Who are you working with?

A.G.: The Norwegian woman (who recommended her the nanny) and a third person, a real expert. Then we have a boss. It will happen to you without you knowing it. It is so-o-o-o subtle, so-o-o well done. When it is all too late, then you will know. Horrible stories will be told about you, even your neighbors, friends, and your own family will turn their backs.

Eve: This is absolutely crazy. I have never done anything criminal. I don’t know any criminals and no one I know would want to hurt me, so why me? Your story doesn’t make sense.

A.G.: Exactly, that is the whole idea, you came from the sunny side of life, you have everything- you are intelligent, beautiful and never had a struggle in your life. This is why you are perfect. You have not lived a life defending yourself. You don’t know what hardship is, well- you will get it. You see, it is not fair to all of us who have suffered. We have it coming to us too, through people like you. This is why the organization is so big, everybody goes for it. Why shall you have 15-16 mattresses and others have none or one? We are the masses against the minority, you haven’t got a chance!

At this point, I believed A.G. to be very disturbed, but I continued the conversation by asking her what had happened in her life. She said she was thrown out by her husband with $30,000 to start a new life. Then everything was stolen from her by a big drug lord whom she fell in love with. He lived in the largest mansion at that place and she got recruited, sent to training camp with Mossad trainers. Through a Jewish Organization she was sent as a nanny cover to the Norweigian lady’s ex-husband to steal during nights. Locations of state documents, valuables were stolen. She said they worked as sisters with one rule; secrecy- never tell your sister what your assignment is in each with their boss’s instructions once a week. A.G. continued.

A.G.: You see, the whole point is that none can prove anything. That is the basic rule, elimination of proof and loyalty. Those that talk get eliminated.

Eve: Are you Jewish?

A.G.: Yes, and born in Hamburg. I never have a fixed address, but stay with other recruits around the world. You see, no one can get me. I have access to lawyers and judges anywhere, who protect me. You see, those in the organization are guaranteed salaries, tax relieves, old home and health care. Those who are not in the organization will be left out from the computer, they cannot even use money, but many will die and no one will understand but think it’s from natural causes.

Eve: What do you mean, you mean they don’t kill with guns?

A.G.: laughed. Guns, she laughed, we haven’t used guns for ten years (1978); they use natural diseases.

She kept mixing “we” and “they”, meaning the organization. At this point I was sure that she was doing psychic terror terminology (that) I lately have gotten accustomed to.

Eve: How can you kill with natural diseases?

A.G.: They have top medical staff, also dentists and scientists bribed with top psychiatrists and experts in business and finance to take over the world with microchips and the computer. You see, they have every big shot capitalist on the computer. They sabotage, lend money, and take over.

Eve: Well, but the owner remains the owner.

A.G.: Only as long as he is needed, you see, they build him up. They merge, it is easier to control. When they have someone from the organization trained and ready for that particular job, they get rid of the owner. Cancer, heart attacks are most common, but they have numerous other ways, (including) insect bites, poisons, mental instability- you name it- they do it.

Eve: This is crazy talk- this can never happen in Norway.

A.G.: Norway is the target- they already have it under control. First, they take small communities, until they have infiltrated all offices. Then the capital is lost, and then everything is too late. We have every corporation infiltrated, including security firms. You see, the trick is that we get in anywhere, only Mossad (Israeli intelligence) has a lock no one gets into.

Eve: People in Norway will find out.

Ana laughed.

A.G.: This is the most brilliantly self-financed war. They can see everything that another person does. They can read their minds, they cannot hide anywhere, and the same will happen to you. They can steer you; tiny transistors are placed in your homes, in the walls.

Here I interrupted her.

Eve: In order to follow me anywhere I would have to have a connection in my body.

A.G.: Precisely. You will be implanted. The whole game is implant, microchip, and computer. They will create chaos and sabotage everywhere and draw attention away from serious issues.

Eve: The Norweigian people will not do that.

A.G.: They organized all the down and out people, those in wheelchairs, lost jobs, old people’s homes. After a planned bank crisis people will flock into the organization, but basically they take prisoners, youth without homes and family ties, to training camps where they are IQ tested and trained according to potential. (They are) trained in burglary and sabotage and MICROCHIPPED for mind control, and then they return them to Norway.

Eve: Why would anyone do this to a nice country like Norway that defends human rights and are a peaceful people?

A.G. That is exactly why. You haven’t had a war for 50 years, you and Finland, why?

The region of wars has to shift. Do you think it is fair that Israel shall have this long-lasting war? It will be peace in Ireland and Israel, and you will lose out your resources, corporations and homes, so this will go to other Norwegians in the organization. Only temporarily, because lots of immigrants will be in Norway and they will continue the whole. It is fair, you see, because everybody gets a chance to live a dream life sooner or later in life.

Eve: What motivates people to do this?

A.G.: When you own airlines, banks, corporations, the top computer experts in the world, what is next? The Pentagon, they control the scientists and steal all information from the computers after 2000. They made it like that. They are the only ones that have access to the computers after 2000. They have that chip.

(She kept on talking about a special chip and that their aim was a grand takeover of the world.)

Eve: Look, every nation has a military and will fight these drug lords.

A.G.: They have even fixed that. Elderly, those on pensions and social security have to be part of the organization, all in the name of “National Security.” Everybody will be grouped; the capitalists will feel like kings, they are the last ones to know what is really happening. Each political party will be approached and kept separate in the name of unity, peace, and the betterment of mankind. Everything will be legal and done through the government. You see, in order to save expenses for each nation with defense, they will have a one world army.

Eve: Someone will oppose this, what about the terrorists?

A.G.: They have them too. The Red Brigade, the Bahnhof Strasse gang, and Hells Angels, they all work closely with the very top. Everybody takes bribes, and they are trained by the tops of the military from every country. Unknowingly, they get micro-chipped. With a gas they knock you out during sleep, a tiny cut in the back of the spine. They also cut your chin and down leaving a tiny blood stripe on purpose to scare you. They use everybody when needed to their purposes. The covert activities of humans to mass-enslave humans are done with lies, misinformation, covert grotesque human exploitation and manipulation.

To enslave or yes, to ruin, are the aims. Their plans and activities are beyond the conception of a normal thought frame. Everything is made up, so none will believe it. It is a psychological war. You see, the internet freedom is only to register people. Everything is solicited there so they later can be caught or judged. All the porno, pedophilia, etc., will get it. In Brussels, those in high offices are beamed beta, sex programming which changes your stimuli towards children. This way the organization has something ON them and they have to obey whatever they are told.

Ana told her next business was children in Brazil.

I asked what her expertise was, and she answered, insurance. I asked what her latest job was and where. She said, “In Australia,” due to her swimming abilities. She drilled a hole in the bottom of a yacht belonging to a newspaper owner. He collected insurance and at a later date, the insurance company was tipped off. He got jail!

Eve: What are you going to do with me?

A.G. You will see. Besides you are (already) put on every hit list with all agencies. You see, they plan your life 20 years ahead. They also destroy nations. They cover the law. They have a whole new law system ready to go into use after 2000. It starts with the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, and every little detail they know of your past. And also your medical and hereditary traits.

(There are documents on this technology of how to pick up the entire past of a person, by e.g., interrupting you in your dream state.)

Eve: How does one know that is war in Norway?

Ana gave two variations: One, they call it the silent war, and two, “person to person” war. There will be an agent to every three people in Norway to do one in. The beauty of this is that no one is really doing much harm, because one does not know what the other is doing; but combined, it kills. It all happens over several years so no one reacts and it only that for ex., one person in a family gets hit. They have technology which goes direct to your brain and can make you crazy, paranoid, or angry. The idea is that during your sleep, at 4 am, they wake you up to destabilize your sleep pattern, to wear you down. TV, radio, CDs will turn on by themselves, and all electrical items will function as a slow killer. They implant your walls and roofs with magnets, and make a sign on your roof or house, to be hit when the real blitz starts, and you will hear a sound in every room all night following you from room to room.

This is how they drive you nuts, you see. A psychiatrist will say you suffer from schizophrenia paranoia, and combined with a worm filament in your system, which will work like a sputnik, triggered by a computer program. When it rests, it lies in the elbow or hand or wrist giving constant pain. This knuckle will be somewhat paralyzed for periods of time. The worm will eat up energy centers in your back spine starting from the bottom up.

(At this point I was paralyzed from listening to all this evil. She continued.)

Satanism, you see, is our strongest card, because no one will take it seriously. The whole idea is to be as evil as possible, because it is unthinkable to normal people, no one can digest it.

Eve: Who started all this?

A.G.: Oh, you don’t understand, it is practiced on the highest levels of government. We have meetings in the desert on the largest ranches in the U.S. and everybody thinks up the most evil thing one can do to another person. The CIA is directly involved; actually very heavily. We can also make ourselves transparent, but not everyone, only certain chosen for specific tasks. We have séances and do mass concentrations on a victim. Hells Angels, Nazism, and Satanism is propagated from the same source. (ETK: Judeo-Masonic-Satanism).

Eve: Is that why we have this in Norway?

A.G.: Yes, through your mind-controlled recruits, you see, there is no politics, only one communist control over the world.

Eve: Why are you so greedy and money conscious?

A.G.: Well, the communists found out that they wanted money too, so they befriended the capitalists and made them work for them without understanding it. They are so easily bribed, give them ten years and they will be in the camps. By then, the infiltrator knows the whole system. It will be grandest takeover in history.

Eve: People will spot the infiltrators.

A.G.: Oh no, the first thing we learn are manners, then correct speech, then how to dress, and the most important thing, acting. Yes, they learn acting like in Lee Strasberg acting school. They are very well trained. The name of the game is deception and AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP, THEY HIT YOU! Every recruit, soldier, agent must be in a charity or organization and show impeccable behavior on the outside. This is important, credibility is the main factor.

Eve: How can a woman like you lead such a false and evil life, it will all come back to you.

A.G.: It is live or let die.”

Kilde: …”So, we got insight into how the criminal organization works to destroy the population and their recruits, including using “invisible recruits” when doing some of their harassment operations, including killing of innocent civilians.”

Source: https://www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/3010-2/



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