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Σάββατο, 29 Δεκέμβριος 2018 05:56



Assassinations, in Greece, With Bullets and Poisons

In the above Youtube video titled “ΣΤΡΑΤΗΓΟΣ ΑΥΦΑΝΤΗΣ: ΑΛΗΘΕΙΕΣ ΠΟΥ ΔΕΝ ΤΟΛΜΑ ΚΑΝΕΝΑ ΣΥΣΤΗΜΙΚΟ Μ.Μ. ΕΝΗΜΕΡΩΣΗΣ ΝΑ ΔΕΙΞΕΙ ΔΗΜΟΣΙΑ”, at the time frame 31:00,  the retired Greek military general George Ayfantis testifies that, in Greece, “the capitalistic ‘priesthood’ orders, they, are going to obey them despite whether they like it or not. And the one who might disobey, he shall be [plausibly deniable, C.B.] executed, either, with bullets, or, with poisons”.
General Ayfantis’ claim is accurate and true, simulteneously, for the Greek leadership and for the ordinary citizens.
Archibishop Christodoulos, Malvina Karali, Socratis Giolias, Kostas Tsalikidis, and many others refused to obey illegitimate orders and now, they are all dead.
Also, as far as I am concerned, on March 1999 I refused to pretend ignorance about my father’s human rigths’ having been systematically violated and concecuently, I was tortured inhumanely (I made a lawsuit against the pepetrators which was ignored by the Greek judicial system); two hundred millions drachmas were stolen from my families reserves; my father Takis Bompolas was cooked by directed-energy weapons, by known perpetrators, and eventually “died”; as being a crucial, legal witness, my mother Olga Bompola, was inhumanely gang-stalked; on 2006 I was poisoned by a known, loyal to the British interests, perpetrator; on summer 2012 at Paris, France, a group of Russian, and not only, known, operatives attempted to poison me; on March 2013 a fake traffic accident, near to the Kavala city, Greece was attempted against my, life; on May 1st, 2014 an attempt for, against me, political percsecution forced me to flee from Greece and to live in my car; and, while existing statistics propagate to the public opinion the claim that, during Christmas an, alleged, increased tendency for suicides manifest, on December 25th, 2018, I had activated, besides my passenger car my electricity generator and I was enjoying myself as I was preparing, on my computer, inside my car, the mechanical drowings of one of my robots, an ambulance with medical crew and two police patrol cars with many police officers, they raided my car, and I do not blame the policemen and the paramedics for that, they asked me to go out of the car and, repetitively, they kept asking me, seemingly, incoherent questions which, all, included two specific words.
What was the content of their written report about this incident? I fear that, I shall never find out. And as I always prefer to be safe than sorry, I chosen to flee from Germany.
While all these things were happening; while professor G. Kasimatis and general Ayfantis’ testimonies claim that Greece has fallen under the state of dictatorship and occupasion; while, every year on average one hundred thousands innocent Greek civilians die from, supposedly, spontaneously, manifesting “illnesses”; while the lives of innumerable Greek families are being destroyed from the settler-colonisation of Greece; I thought that, I was, not only entitled, but, even more obliged, to ask for help. Therefore, I contacted through the Internet the leaderships of many other Nations and wrote to them about what is happening to the Greek Nation and asked for their help.
For legal reasons I must refrane from disclosing details about how much, the settler-colonisers, since then, may, allmost, hysterically, seek to forge fake evidence in order to slander me as allegedly being a fake “mental case”, if such an attempt accually exist.
However, I imagine that, if, the ordinary Greek citizens, indirectly or directly, willingly or by negligence, keep supporting these settler-colonisers, then, probably, the Greek Nation’s difficulties shall perpetuate.

Christos Boumpoulis
Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Σάββατο, 29 Δεκέμβριος 2018 06:19