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Δευτέρα, 17 Δεκέμβριος 2018 22:56




Seeking Political Asylum at an Asian Country




My name is Christos Boumpoulis and I have always been, and continue to be, an innocent, lawful and creative Greek citizen.

Since my early childhood, the British authorities, while exercising illegitimate settler-colonialism against Greece, they victimized, certain members of my family and my self, in order to subject me, involuntarily, to scientific experiments. Also, after having adulterated the social foundations of my country (judicial system, bureucratic public organizations, medical/pharmaceutical sector, security authorities, mass media, political system, etc), they subjected me to a long term gang-stalking, which is a death-program, in order to become characterised, unjustly, as pseudo-unreliable, for my, potential, public claims about the severe violations of my Human Rights, to become, by the public opinion, unjustly, ignored.

The British settler-colonisation of Greece is responsible for the following facts, in Greece:

- The State’s judicial files and criminal records are kept classified and existing legislation forbids the citizens to examine their own files in order to inspect about any irregularities and exercise their legitimate rights.

- The political elections’ results, since many decades ago and unconstitutionally, they are being prepared and then verified by a single Greek private company.

- The most part of the Greek Nation’s natural leadership’s members have died by ways that conform to the notion of “plausibly deniable assassination”.

- According to the prominent Constitutional Law professor George Kassimatis and to the prominent military General George Ayfantis, Greece has fallen under a dictatorial resime and also under occupation.

- According to George Ayfantis, the total of the Greek Parilament’s members, during June 2010, they committed an overt treason, against the Greek Nation, by not terminating the “Huge Cooper & Co” treaty and by this way they deprived the Greek Nation from economically exploiting its enormously wealthy mineral reserves.

- According to public denunciations, in Greece, innocent citizens who are crucial legal witnesses for lawsuits against the settler-colonising regime are being tortured or murdered.

- According to sufficient indications and public denunciations, a Genocide of causing mental harm, against the Greek Nation, is being perpetrated by the settler-colonising regime.

- Innocent and legitimate Greek political dissidents are being, systematically, persecuted by the settler-colonising regime and in some cases, like myself, these dissidents have fled from Greece.


Main Subject


Few weeks ago and after having fled from Greece on May 1st, 2014 and having visited more than ten European Union’s member-States which are also NATO’s members, I realised that, it is almost impossible, while remaing within the NATOic part of Europe to avoid being, by the British authorities’ non-uniformed army (Stay Behind – Ritchie Boys), illegitimately and inhumanely, subjected to gang-stalking, which is their means for obstructing me to desclose publicly the information which I possess, as having been victimized by the British, about their colonising criminality upon the Greek soil.

For the above reason I, recently, decided to resort to the non-NATOic part of the European Union, namely, to Sweden and to Finland, and ask for support in order to flee from the NATOic part.

Unfortunately and for unknown to me reasons, these two Scandinavian States replied with a de fact refusal to offer me their support.

As I value my own life as being sacred and invaluable and as I am an innocent and lawful citizen, I wish to live; I wish to live long; I wish to live healthy and able bodied; I wish to live free; and I wish to live creatively and to prosper.

Therefore, I am obliged to seek for legitimate support, in order to flee from the NATOic part of Europe, elsewhere.

By this present article I wish to inform the reader that, I have initiated arrangements for finding political asylum at, initially, one specific Asian country, which possesses deep and bitter knowledge about the British brutality and to kindly ask him to pray for an innocent civilian to find a selter from that brutality.


Christos Boumpoulis








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