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DNA sample taking



Macron Tours Damaged Arc de Triomphe After Paris Hit by Riots





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Identity Theft


Common sense, according to my opinion, dictates that:


- The mature in mind humans are able and willing to discriminate, the effects from, their corresponding, causes.

- The mature in mind humans for resolving the situations which they consider them as being problematic, pursue the elimination, while respecting the Human Rights of everyone which is being involved with, of the, related to the specific situations, corresponding causes.

- The mature in mind humans are able and willing to discriminate, what is real from what is fake.

- It is almost impossible for the imature in mind humans to enjoy, Peace, Freedom, creative and lawfull Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.


During the year 2011 I was visiting one wonderful Nation’s land and while I was walking between the buildings of the local University I noticed a small crowd of mostly, but not exclusively, university students which were gathered close to a large table above of which there were various objects.

As the whole scene seemed to me rather strange I approached and asked, what was this gathering all about. As I was informed, this University’s students were, voluntarily, giving samples of their DNA in order for a scientific research screening to take place. That incident was one of the first, of a long sequence of others which, may have forced me to start comprehending in which condition the international community has fallen.

On July 21th, 2017 my article titled, “Biological weapons – There is no ‘Chimera’ without a ‘Bellerophon’ (www.agorapoliton.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=1674:chimera-bellerophon&catid=27:apopseis&Itemid=62 ) publicised my arguments for which, I tend to conclude that, a medical protocol able to completely cure cancer, almost certainly, already exist.

Therefore, in retrospect, I am thinking whether:


- The internal organs and/or tissues, of all these inumerable people who die from cancer, could they become transplanted to other living people who, for medical reasons, they need these organs/tissues?

- Could, the database within which, the DNA identity of all those who have, voluntarily, given samples of their DNA, become, criminaly, exploited in order for, the “organised crime”, to become able to match, candidate human organ/tissue “donors”, with, candidate VIP victims, in order for the “organised crime”, to commit criminal entryism?


A vast amount of information, within the Internet, with regard to the online-real_time-wireless transmition of one’s mind thoughts, exists.

It seems to me usefull for the reader of this present article to ask himself:


- The alleged controllers of the electronic-telepathy (actually, Remote Neural Monitoring) technology are the ones who, in the past, according to undeniable historical evidence, they committed and/or instigated all the Genocides of the past. How much probable might be, for people of such ruthlesness, to not torture, from all the so-called “targeted individuals”, those who have been, involuntarily, also brain-implanted, by, in order to cause to them extreme dispare, redirecting to them, from external sources, their own, recently stollen thoughts?

- The alleged controllers of the electronic-telepathy technology, according to undeniable historical evidence, identify with the instigators of the contemporary settler-colonialism. How much probable might be, for people of such ruthlessness, to not having methodised, to the extent that the existing technology is adequate for such an application, the online and real-time, electronic transmition of the indigenous members of the colonised Nations’ stolen thoughts towards the members of the corresponding non-uniformed, colonising-settlers’ minds?


Concluding, I wish to express my subjective belief that, no matter how much, one, wishes to enjoy, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity, if, s/he believes that, these bleshings shall manifest as a result of, hypothetically, a banch of colonising-settlers’ destroying historical monuments and passenger cars, without any effort, on behalf of the ordinary citizens, to mature in mind, then, I fear that, that one’s life and future, are, unavoidably, going to become stolen, along, with his or hers, own, identity.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Due to my mobile Internet subscription’s very slow data transfer rate I didn’t had the chance to watch the, titled “Macron Tours Damaged Arc de Triomphe After Paris Hit by Riots ”, Youtube video.

Note: The photo was found here,






Excerpt from my article, “Are, the U-Boot’s Red-Lights, Coming Back?”.

While I am typing these lines, I, literary, ask my self whether, the reader may consider, the above arguments, as being a part of an arbitrary academic discussion, or, a kind of an worthless, mere theorizing, therefore I think that, I would better present an imaginary example in order for making my arguments, literary, more “tangible” (with a light sense of humor just to make the present subject a little less unpleasant).

Here is my imaginary story.

The (colonising) British MI5 identifies a burger shop, somewhere in Greece, and decides to turn it a colonising front-organisation, therefore, it designates that burger shop’s owner, JS-1 (from Jan Schlichtmann, by John Travolta, at the movie, A Civil Action) as a TI (means, Targeted Individual) and orders its operative JB-1 (from James Bond, e.g. Sean Connery from the movie series) to gain the ownership of this shop by using any means.

The operative JB-1 has no real-estate, therefore, he seeks and identifies NT-1 (from Ninny Threadgoode, in the movie Fried Green Tomatoes), which is owner of her’s appartment residence and which is a ST-1’s (as Simon Templar, from The Saint, by Roger Moor, in the television series) neighbour and good friend. By the complicit of the operatives JB-2 and JB-3, JB-1 manages to “drug and madden”, NT-1, “with opiates beforehand” and by the complicit of the operatives JB-4 and JB-5, he manages to steal NT-1’s signatures upon few blank A4 papers. Then, he forges adequate legal documents in order, for him to illegitimately become the legal manager of NT-1’s real-estate, for designating NT-1 as mentally incompetent and for incarcerating her into a mental institution.

Then, JB-1, after having gained the control of NT-1’s appartment, he manages to lure JS-1 into renting and moving into NT-1’s appartment after having “load” it with a reach variety of electronic surveillance devices that MI-5 provided.

The JS-1 family and their nanny moves into the rented house and after one month, the nanny is murdered, while the JB-1 is being complicit and JB-6 becomes an advocate for, replacing the murdered nanny and eventually, for destroying, from “inside”, JS-1’s entire family and stealing from him the ownership of his targeted burger-shop.

The NT-1’s good friend, ST-1, noticed the whole scam and faces the dilemma: should he report what he noticed to the local Security Authorities and almost certainly, condemn his self to becoming either, an inhabitant of one of the modern quasi “U-Boot” prisons that, the contemporary settler-colonising Nations have established all over the world, or, an inhabitant of one of the modern front-organisations, psychiatric institutions, or, to say nothing and, indirectly, make, by this way, himself a complicit to this scam and also, destroy his moral capital?


The GDR’s Bolsheviks, used, at Hohenschönhausen’s prison, the “Red Lights” for isolating the GDR’s political dissidents, from each other and from the rest of the population and the “cold water pools” for torturing these dissidents in order to cause their dissassociation with reality and eventually, recruite them as members of their colonising non-uniformed army.

The contemporary “Bolsheviks”, according to my opinion, they do not have to get into such trouble, as building new prisons, because the modern technology offers them the ability to inflict, upon the contemporary, legitimate dissidents, the same, moral and physical, pains by other means.

For example, by commiting gang-stalking against a lawful dissident, in order to imposse upon him, an induced poverty and in order to illegitimately cut his communications through the Internet, the quasi “Red Lights” effect may become achieved, while, impossing, also, a state of homelessness upon him, he would, unavoidably, find himself having to spent his nights, e.g. into his own passenger vehicle under ambient temperatures as low as minus twelve degrees on the Celsious scale, which, seemingly, constitutes the achievement of the quasi “Cold Pools” effect, of the GDR’s prison.

Source: http://agorapoliton.gr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2172:are-the-u-boot-s-red-lights-coming-back&catid=27:apopseis&Itemid=62


The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.)

“The Organization” Behind Global Gang Stalking Terrorism Operations And Its Methods and Goals Exposed (From Dr. Rauni Kilde’s “Bright Light on Dark Shadows,” 2015)

(ETK Introduction): In her 2015 book, “Bright Light on Black Shadows,” the late Dr. Rauni Kilde (MD) offers the most plausible and probably the most accurate description of “The Organization” behind global stalking terrorism operations that I have yet encountered. As a “targeted individual” herself for over 30 years and as the former Chief Medical Officer of Northern Finland with degrees in several medical specialties, Dr. Kilde had ample opportunity to study and observe the organized stalking/electronic torture/mind control system first hand. In February, 2015, she was tortured and murdered by “The Organization.”

Below are some of the most pertinent excepts from “Bright Light on Black Shadows,” her first and only book written in English. Dr. Kilde held many national and international awards for her scientific achievements and pubic service and she spoke 6 languages. English was not Dr. Kilde’s native tongue and most of “Bright Light on Black Shadows” was assembled after her death by a European who was also not a native speaker of English. Thus, alas, the book is not well edited. For this reason, I have taken the liberty of very slightly changing the wording of some of the more awkward passages. However, despite her relative unfamiliarity with the English language, Dr. Kilde’s meaning is generally quite clear. The following passages are worth reading and re-reading until full comprehension regarding this hellish system begins to sink in!

Dr. Rauni Kilde: “We are living in an era where everything is controlled by the elite and intelligence agencies and those opposing their tyranny are eliminated by mind controlled, micro-chipped patsies, or false-flag suicide or accidents or induced illnesses.


An Example and Explanation of “The Organization’s” Gang Stalking Operations from 1988 (ETK Note: One can speculate here that “Eve” is Dr. Kilde herself).

“A good friend of mine was able to give insight to the way a harasser, actually, a created criminal mind recruited for an intelligence organization (Israeli Mossad), works. In 1988 she had this conversation with her nanny whom she had hired in the USA to take care of her child, whom she took to Norway during a summer holiday.

One morning the nanny suddenly said to her employer, a beautiful woman with a good background:

AG: You do not know who I am.

Eve: Oh yes, you are A.G.

A.G.: No, I am a soldier.

Eve: Yeah, right.

A.G.: I get more money than you do.

Eve: How?

A.G. Well, I get a commission.

Eve: Out of what?

A.G.: It depends on how valuable the items are, or the information is. You know you will be wiped of everything you have.

Eve: Anything is possible, but no one can touch what I have in Norway because I have no loans.

A.G. Ha, this is what you think! Your properties, with inventory down to the spoon are already on computer, with a different ownership.

At this point, I was she sure she wanted to make herself interesting by making up this bizarre conversation.

Eve: You are talking nonsense.

A.G.: No, you wait and see, after the year 2000 they have gotten everybody.

Eve: Who are “they?”

A.G.: The organization. The drug lords, the intelligence agencies, men turned drug lords, bribed, and now they control the majority of the world, but no one knows it.

Eve: Nonsense, so what does it have to do with me? I am nobody.

A.G. You have assets and art.

Eve: So what?

A.G.: Well, for us at the bottom level, it adds up.

Eve: Who are you working with?

A.G.: The Norwegian woman (who recommended her the nanny) and a third person, a real expert. Then we have a boss. It will happen to you without you knowing it. It is so-o-o-o subtle, so-o-o well done. When it is all too late, then you will know. Horrible stories will be told about you, even your neighbors, friends, and your own family will turn their backs.

Eve: This is absolutely crazy. I have never done anything criminal. I don’t know any criminals and no one I know would want to hurt me, so why me? Your story doesn’t make sense.

A.G.: Exactly, that is the whole idea, you came from the sunny side of life, you have everything- you are intelligent, beautiful and never had a struggle in your life. This is why you are perfect. You have not lived a life defending yourself. You don’t know what hardship is, well- you will get it. You see, it is not fair to all of us who have suffered. We have it coming to us too, through people like you. This is why the organization is so big, everybody goes for it. Why shall you have 15-16 mattresses and others have none or one? We are the masses against the minority, you haven’t got a chance!

At this point, I believed A.G. to be very disturbed, but I continued the conversation by asking her what had happened in her life. She said she was thrown out by her husband with $30,000 to start a new life. Then everything was stolen from her by a big drug lord whom she fell in love with. He lived in the largest mansion at that place and she got recruited, sent to training camp with Mossad trainers. Through a Jewish Organization she was sent as a nanny cover to the Norweigian lady’s ex-husband to steal during nights. Locations of state documents, valuables were stolen. She said they worked as sisters with one rule; secrecy- never tell your sister what your assignment is in each with their boss’s instructions once a week. A.G. continued.

A.G.: You see, the whole point is that none can prove anything. That is the basic rule, elimination of proof and loyalty. Those that talk get eliminated.

Eve: Are you Jewish?

A.G.: Yes, and born in Hamburg. I never have a fixed address, but stay with other recruits around the world. You see, no one can get me. I have access to lawyers and judges anywhere, who protect me. You see, those in the organization are guaranteed salaries, tax relieves, old home and health care. Those who are not in the organization will be left out from the computer, they cannot even use money, but many will die and no one will understand but think it’s from natural causes.

Eve: What do you mean, you mean they don’t kill with guns?

A.G.: laughed. Guns, she laughed, we haven’t used guns for ten years (1978); they use natural diseases.

She kept mixing “we” and “they”, meaning the organization. At this point I was sure that she was doing psychic terror terminology (that) I lately have gotten accustomed to.

Eve: How can you kill with natural diseases?

A.G.: They have top medical staff, also dentists and scientists bribed with top psychiatrists and experts in business and finance to take over the world with microchips and the computer. You see, they have every big shot capitalist on the computer. They sabotage, lend money, and take over.

Eve: Well, but the owner remains the owner.

A.G.: Only as long as he is needed, you see, they build him up. They merge, it is easier to control. When they have someone from the organization trained and ready for that particular job, they get rid of the owner. Cancer, heart attacks are most common, but they have numerous other ways, (including) insect bites, poisons, mental instability- you name it- they do it.

Eve: This is crazy talk- this can never happen in Norway.

A.G.: Norway is the target- they already have it under control. First, they take small communities, until they have infiltrated all offices. Then the capital is lost, and then everything is too late. We have every corporation infiltrated, including security firms. You see, the trick is that we get in anywhere, only Mossad (Israeli intelligence) has a lock no one gets into.

Eve: People in Norway will find out.

Ana laughed.

A.G.: This is the most brilliantly self-financed war. They can see everything that another person does. They can read their minds, they cannot hide anywhere, and the same will happen to you. They can steer you; tiny transistors are placed in your homes, in the walls.

Here I interrupted her.

Eve: In order to follow me anywhere I would have to have a connection in my body.

A.G.: Precisely. You will be implanted. The whole game is implant, microchip, and computer. They will create chaos and sabotage everywhere and draw attention away from serious issues.

Eve: The Norweigian people will not do that.

A.G.: They organized all the down and out people, those in wheelchairs, lost jobs, old people’s homes. After a planned bank crisis people will flock into the organization, but basically they take prisoners, youth without homes and family ties, to training camps where they are IQ tested and trained according to potential. (They are) trained in burglary and sabotage and MICROCHIPPED for mind control, and then they return them to Norway.

Eve: Why would anyone do this to a nice country like Norway that defends human rights and are a peaceful people?

A.G. That is exactly why. You haven’t had a war for 50 years, you and Finland, why?

The region of wars has to shift. Do you think it is fair that Israel shall have this long-lasting war? It will be peace in Ireland and Israel, and you will lose out your resources, corporations and homes, so this will go to other Norwegians in the organization. Only temporarily, because lots of immigrants will be in Norway and they will continue the whole. It is fair, you see, because everybody gets a chance to live a dream life sooner or later in life.

Eve: What motivates people to do this?

A.G.: When you own airlines, banks, corporations, the top computer experts in the world, what is next? The Pentagon, they control the scientists and steal all information from the computers after 2000. They made it like that. They are the only ones that have access to the computers after 2000. They have that chip.

(She kept on talking about a special chip and that their aim was a grand takeover of the world.)

Eve: Look, every nation has a military and will fight these drug lords.

A.G.: They have even fixed that. Elderly, those on pensions and social security have to be part of the organization, all in the name of “National Security.” Everybody will be grouped; the capitalists will feel like kings, they are the last ones to know what is really happening. Each political party will be approached and kept separate in the name of unity, peace, and the betterment of mankind. Everything will be legal and done through the government. You see, in order to save expenses for each nation with defense, they will have a one world army.

Eve: Someone will oppose this, what about the terrorists?

A.G.: They have them too. The Red Brigade, the Bahnhof Strasse gang, and Hells Angels, they all work closely with the very top. Everybody takes bribes, and they are trained by the tops of the military from every country. Unknowingly, they get micro-chipped. With a gas they knock you out during sleep, a tiny cut in the back of the spine. They also cut your chin and down leaving a tiny blood stripe on purpose to scare you. They use everybody when needed to their purposes. The covert activities of humans to mass-enslave humans are done with lies, misinformation, covert grotesque human exploitation and manipulation.

To enslave or yes, to ruin, are the aims. Their plans and activities are beyond the conception of a normal thought frame. Everything is made up, so none will believe it. It is a psychological war. You see, the internet freedom is only to register people. Everything is solicited there so they later can be caught or judged. All the porno, pedophilia, etc., will get it. In Brussels, those in high offices are beamed beta, sex programming which changes your stimuli towards children. This way the organization has something ON them and they have to obey whatever they are told.

Ana told her next business was children in Brazil.

I asked what her expertise was, and she answered, insurance. I asked what her latest job was and where. She said, “In Australia,” due to her swimming abilities. She drilled a hole in the bottom of a yacht belonging to a newspaper owner. He collected insurance and at a later date, the insurance company was tipped off. He got jail!

Eve: What are you going to do with me?

A.G. You will see. Besides you are (already) put on every hit list with all agencies. You see, they plan your life 20 years ahead. They also destroy nations. They cover the law. They have a whole new law system ready to go into use after 2000. It starts with the IRS, the Internal Revenue Service, and every little detail they know of your past. And also your medical and hereditary traits.

(There are documents on this technology of how to pick up the entire past of a person, by e.g., interrupting you in your dream state.)

Eve: How does one know that is war in Norway?

Ana gave two variations: One, they call it the silent war, and two, “person to person” war. There will be an agent to every three people in Norway to do one in. The beauty of this is that no one is really doing much harm, because one does not know what the other is doing; but combined, it kills. It all happens over several years so no one reacts and it only that for ex., one person in a family gets hit. They have technology which goes direct to your brain and can make you crazy, paranoid, or angry. The idea is that during your sleep, at 4 am, they wake you up to destabilize your sleep pattern, to wear you down. TV, radio, CDs will turn on by themselves, and all electrical items will function as a slow killer. They implant your walls and roofs with magnets, and make a sign on your roof or house, to be hit when the real blitz starts, and you will hear a sound in every room all night following you from room to room.

This is how they drive you nuts, you see. A psychiatrist will say you suffer from schizophrenia paranoia, and combined with a worm filament in your system, which will work like a sputnik, triggered by a computer program. When it rests, it lies in the elbow or hand or wrist giving constant pain. This knuckle will be somewhat paralyzed for periods of time. The worm will eat up energy centers in your back spine starting from the bottom up.

(At this point I was paralyzed from listening to all this evil. She continued.)

Satanism, you see, is our strongest card, because no one will take it seriously. The whole idea is to be as evil as possible, because it is unthinkable to normal people, no one can digest it.

Eve: Who started all this?

A.G.: Oh, you don’t understand, it is practiced on the highest levels of government. We have meetings in the desert on the largest ranches in the U.S. and everybody thinks up the most evil thing one can do to another person. The CIA is directly involved; actually very heavily. We can also make ourselves transparent, but not everyone, only certain chosen for specific tasks. We have séances and do mass concentrations on a victim. Hells Angels, Nazism, and Satanism is propagated from the same source. (ETK: Judeo-Masonic-Satanism).

Eve: Is that why we have this in Norway?

A.G.: Yes, through your mind-controlled recruits, you see, there is no politics, only one communist control over the world.

Eve: Why are you so greedy and money conscious?

A.G.: Well, the communists found out that they wanted money too, so they befriended the capitalists and made them work for them without understanding it. They are so easily bribed, give them ten years and they will be in the camps. By then, the infiltrator knows the whole system. It will be grandest takeover in history.

Eve: People will spot the infiltrators.

A.G.: Oh no, the first thing we learn are manners, then correct speech, then how to dress, and the most important thing, acting. Yes, they learn acting like in Lee Strasberg acting school. They are very well trained. The name of the game is deception and AFTER SEVERAL YEARS OF FRIENDSHIP, THEY HIT YOU! Every recruit, soldier, agent must be in a charity or organization and show impeccable behavior on the outside. This is important, credibility is the main factor.

Eve: How can a woman like you lead such a false and evil life, it will all come back to you.

A.G.: It is live or let die.”

Kilde: …”So, we got insight into how the criminal organization works to destroy the population and their recruits, including using “invisible recruits” when doing some of their harassment operations, including killing of innocent civilians.”

Source: https://www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/3010-2/


In the service of the phony center, the press also utilizes a “triangulation strategy” to soften and minimize the most egregious atrocities taking place in the country. If there were a chance that people might learn of the secret government literally holding people as electronic slaves in distributed concentration camps created from the victim’s own homes and minds, the CIA would be portrayed as fighting the slave trade overseas. See, I cannot argue with fighting slavery overseas. It is a good thing, assuming it is real and not just more PR propaganda. But now it has purposely distracted from the domestic abuses. The general rule is to triangulate by emphasizing something similar to the domestic problem except that it is not quite so bad or is committed by bad criminals the government is chasing or by foreign groups or governments. It masks the most serious abuses (people can only concentrate on so many things). Someone not familiar with the idea of masking by triangulation might even think someone in the press was trying to help but, gosh, here at least is a watered-down something.

Triangulation here is similar to the “limited hang-out” strategy so often used by intelligence agencies when they fear worse exposures of their crimes. That is, they admit a few abuses that are bad but hardly the worst abuses or the bulk of the abuses, play up those admissions for a time, and then declare that “it’s time to move on.” Amazingly enough, after a few years they often begin denying and hiding the few admissions they actually made and we have what Robert Parry has called lost history (though most of the actual history was never revealed anyway).

Source: https://geeldon.wordpress.com/category/psychiatric-reprisal-2/page/2/


Arc de Triomphe damaged in Paris' worst violence since 1968 uprising

Workmen have cleared away burnt cars, scrubbed the defaced Arc de Triomphe monument and replaced shattered windows of luxury boutiques in Paris after the city centre's worst riots in half a century.

Several thousand riot police were overwhelmed on Saturday as they fought with protesters in the shadows of some of Paris' fabled landmarks and through its fanciest shopping districts.

More than 400 people were arrested and more than 100 injured, shocking Parisians and tourists alike.

At the base of the 19th-century Arc de Triomphe, police kept the public back as clean-up crews set about erasing graffiti, much of it targeting French President Emmanuel Macron and some expressing anarchist sentiments such as "overthrow the bourgeoisie!"

A Paris City Hall official overseeing the clean-up said lasting damage might be caused to the Arc de Triomphe if crews are forced to erode the arch's stonework to render it clean.

"I've worked on monuments around Paris for 20 years and I've never seen anything like this at the Arc de Triomphe. It was carnage," he said.


The protests began as a backlash against Mr Macron's fuel tax hikes, but have mined a vein of deep dissatisfaction felt towards his liberal economic reforms, which many voters feel favour the wealthy and big business.

Mr Macron says higher diesel taxes are needed to fight climate change by spurring motorists to drive cleaner cars.

The violence in Paris was the worst in the elegant centre of the capital since a 1968 student uprising that brought France to its knees.

Authorities said violent groups from the far right and far left as well as "thugs" from the suburbs had infiltrated the so-called yellow vest movement in Paris on Saturday.

Boulevards that should have been packed with tourists and Christmas shoppers resembled battle zones, as smoke and tear gas hung in the air and debris littered the ground.

Source: https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/world/2018/12/arc-de-triomphe-damaged-in-paris-worst-violence-since-1968-uprising.html



Published: August 31, 2008, updated: October 20, 2012


Secret services are responsible for the deaths of thousands of normal people every year world wide (for The Netherlands, I estimate 300-400 deaths minimum every year). It all starts with gang stalking, where a large group of people is used to stalk a target. This method was improved with the introduction of through wall vision (to monitor a person through the wall), GPS (to track a person everywhere). Also, wide acceptance and use of mobile phones makes gang stalking far more easy. The approximate location of a person carrying a mobile phone is known and stalkers close to the target can be contacted and instructed within seconds.

If the target does not collapse, electronic weapons burning and cooking the target are put into action (compare a microwave oven cooking meat).


When being eliminated, the target is observed 24 hours a day, and the movements of the target are used to react to the target in one way or the other. Examples:

Every time the target leaves his house, a neighbour also leaves his house

Every time the target says to room mates he is going to store X, a car may be driving in front of him driving the exact route

At every junction the target arrives the road is blocked by bad stopped cars, or 3-4 cars driving on the road where to go, or a truck is blocking the way

But also:

Every time the target walks into his living room a car passes by at the same moment

Every time the target clicks a web page, a bang on the wall follows

Every time the target talks on the phone about subject X, and later goes outside, people passing are talking about exactly the same subject to each other

Total loss of privacy

One of the most horrifying experiences for the target is the total loss of privacy. Can you imagine how it feels:

When you talk to someone on the phone about subject X and receive a spam email referring to this conversation

When a person you know calls you and refers to something he should not know about

When you move your head at night in bed, and then a sound it made on your wall

And these 'coincidences' do not happen once a month, but many times a day, sometimes several times a minute. The total loss of privacy is a very important aspect in driving a person into suicide. I believe this loss of privacy is more or less comparable with the loss of privacy experienced by the world's most famous people. These people however are not being tortured 24 hours a day.

It gets worst: they read your mind to react to your thoughts

With current state of (advanced computer) technology it has become possible to read a persons mind. My research found that it has become 'easy' to read minds by monitoring subvocal speech. This is also possible from distances up to hundreds of meters but I am not sure if long distance mind reading can be done without being chipped. Many military advanced technologies are disclosed years after of being in use. In general you can state that if it can be done, it is done.

When a person silently talks to himself or silently reads, tongue and vocal cords are still controlled by the human mind, this is also known as subvocal speech. Without too much effort these signals can be received and decoded into a very high word recognition rate. AS MOST PEOPLE TALK SILENTLY TO THEMSELVES, THEIR THOUGHTS ARE NO lONGER PRIVATE!. There are also descriptions of mind reading machines and reports, including reports from targets like James F. Marino, stating that much more advanced mind reading also has become reality.

For targets of gang stalking and electronic harassment, mind reading is the next horrible step. They thought they had some privacy left: their thoughts. But today the stalkers and people cookers not only react to movements of the target but also to what the target is thinking about. Can you imagine how it feels:


Every time when you think about someone a horn is honked or aanother sound is made

If you think about a woman in a red coat ((and you say to yourself: nice coat), suddenly every where you go women in red coats appear

Every time you say 'murderer', or another word, in your head, a sound is made somewhere outside

There are some important remarks here:

This is also a psychogical 'game', so when the target starts to discover that his thoughts are read, he will be given the illusion that all his thoughts can be read very easy. This is NOT true.

They do this e.g. by involving a lot of people in the harassment for a few days, e.g. by posting perpetrators at all locations the target may visit.

If the target knows his mind is read he can change his 'thoughts'.

For example, the target may 'talk to himself silently' the name supermarket X and then drive to some totally different location. The trick here is to 'pronounce' the word as clean as possible.

Facilitators and operators of these beyond imagination horrible torture methods are not random criminals but are part of our national secret services. And again these methods are not being used against criminals but against almost random normal law-abiding citizens.

Social implications of mind reading

In general I believe subvocal speech recoqnition is a real threat to our society NOW. Once you have a device that can record subvocal speech, you only need some software to decode. Bank card security codes are no longer safe. (Electronic) combination locks are no longer safe. Stealing, manipulation has become very easy. Mind reading in general, which I consider part of electronic weapons, must be banned. Every attempt to develop technology to read the mind must be stopped. Criminals, including our national secret services, can do horrible things with this technology. Large scale abuse of this technology already takes place today by the sickest species on this planet, our national secret services, by using mind reading to torture normal people, and I leave it to your imagination what else they do with it.

Source: http://www.stopeg.de/mind-reading-the-ultimate-torture-method.htm

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