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Τετάρτη, 14 Νοέμβριος 2018 22:17




 Legal Notice 122


The past few days one of my personal computers was operating eratically.

Today, on November 14, 2018, I noticed sufficient indications that my personal computer, almost certainly, has been hacked by unknown to me perpetrators.

In the solid state disk memory of my personal computer I had stored an important part of my personal, sensitive information. This information included the digitial images of both sides of my official, international identity card. My identity card includes a sample of my hand-signature. The digital images of my identity card, could, hypothetically, been illegitimately used in order, for forged documents to be fabricated and for forged documents to be illegitimately validated.

This insident, specifically in this time period, could be extremely significant for the following reasons:


1. The past few days, through my recently publicized articles, I have risen the European Union’s security issue of the illegitimately legalized, colonizing-settlers in Greece. It is historically documented that, the settler-colonialism recruits colonizing armies of “drugged and maddened with opiates beforehand” settlers, which, in many cases in the past, they had been mare, unwanted elsewhere, authentic criminals (e.g. Australia). Greece’s colonizing-settlers have been migrated the Greek territory and the Greek, beurocratic and commercial, gate-keeping positions, gradually, through the past, approximately, sixty years. I consider it as obvious the fact that, the established, through the past sixty years, interests (e.g. arbitrary occupation of public land for house erection, private businesses illegitimately confiscation, etc.) of both, the colonizing Metropolis (meaning, the U2RIT’s) as well as, the colonizing-settlers’ themselves, are not negligible, while the induced, by the colonizers, settlers’ mentality and the mentality of the colonisers themselves, are such that (not to mention their corresponding historical records of their criminality against the legitimate, indigenous political dissidents, e.g. operation “Condor”), a legitimate and civilized reaction, towards rising the issue of their illegitimacy, should be considered as not very much probable.

2. The past few days I contacted the State Authorities, not at a low political level, of four States. More specifically, I have sent to them specific information about certain, severe public security issues. This information, indirectly, may imply legal liability on behalf of the U2RIT’s member States.

3. The past few weeks I have made various contacts with regards to two issues which may be intertweened. Specifically, these issues are, the loss of, on average, nine hundred thousands German civilians, each year, because of illnesses and, the loss of, on average, one hundred thousands Greek civilians, each year, because of illnesses. My effort is about, my contributing to the establishment of an international allience of, exclusively civilised, States that shall investigate the true reasons of these human losses and hopefully, according to my rough and subjective calculations, shall, promptly, reduce the volume of these human losses by, around 85% (meaning, the annual, average losses to be reduced to 135.000 in Germany and to 15.000 in Greece).


Also, other probable reasons for the alleged theft of my identity card’s digital images include:


- my being a legitimate political dissident originating from Greece the political establishment of which is, according to the constitutional law professor, George Kasimatis, a dictatorial one and which has fallen under the state of (non-uniformed military) occupation, according to the retired, Greek army General, George Ayfantis.

- My having, recently, resorted to both, the European Human Rights Court and the International Criminal Court at Heage, for issuing claims against the United Kingdom.

- My personal knowledge of specific information about the United Kingdom’s colonizing criminality against innocent Greek civilians (names of operatives, identities of front-organizations, facts about U2RIT’s criminal activities in Greece).

- My public, through my webpage’s articles, denunciations about the Russian Federation’s preliminary preperations for the, at near future, direct or indirect, annexation of the Evros prefecture ‘s, at the northern part of Greece.

- My, according to a reliable testimony and other sufficient indications, involuntary “currying” of a, propriatory technology’s, British electronic brain implant.

- The (unknown to me, in details, due to my lacking of financial resources and due to gang-stalking) probable condition of my biological health due to my having been poisoned, during the year 2006, by an operative loyal to the British services, the identity of which is known to me. In case that, the British government had, deliberately, created, at that time, a serious, and potentially incurable, issue against my personal health, for the “ordinary reasons”, then, they might attempt to illegitimately institutionalize me to prevent the certain, negative publicity of, potentionally, and hopefully not, one more, very bad insident of a Greek political dissident’s “loss” due to a “severe illness”.


Additionally, I wish to declare that, currently, my one and only plan is to relocate myself, as soon as possible, to the Swedish State, for security and professional reasons. In order to make this relocation I need to buy some consumable spare parts for my private passenger car in order for the German police to return the lisence plates of my car and also I need the travel expenses. The sum of the spare parts’ cost and the travel expenses, I expect to earn by selling the engineering designs of my “Asparagus Robot Harvester” project that I am, currently, working on, as much and as fast as I can.

Additionally, I wish to declare also that, I haven’t signed since a lot of time ago and I do not intent to sign before getting to Sweden, any kind of document.


For the above reasons, I kindly ask from the German, State and Security, authorities to take into account this present Legal Notice in order to protect me from any probable attempt against me, of forgery, and from any other threat against my personal security.


Christos Boumpoulis





Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τετάρτη, 14 Νοέμβριος 2018 22:43