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Open Letter to General Micael Bydén PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Παρασκευή, 12 Οκτώβριος 2018 00:27

General Micael Bydén


Open Letter to General Micael Bydén


Dear General Micael Bydén,

Please allow me to spare the diplomatic protocols and, during these extraordinary circumstances, to use a straignt language.

By this letter I wish to urge you to, somehow, rescue the Swedish civilians by disengaging Sweden from the European Union and also, from any other disfunctional international organization.

There are undeniable testimonies (prof. George Kasimatis) that Greece has fallen to a mere dictatorship. The abnormal political circumstances in Greece exist for the, at least, last fifty years.

Recently, around ten thousand innocent civilians died due to economic desperation while Greece’s mineral wealth worth an enormous monetary value. Also, every year a statistical average of around one hundred thousands innocent Greek civilians die from supposedly spontaneously manifested “deseases”.

At the same time, there is no other State, neither, a European Union’s member, nor, any other, that is reacting negatively towards the existing, in Greece, extreme, deviation and violation, with regard, to the democratic principles, to the human rights and to the international law; though everyone knows what is going on, in Greece. Instead, all the members of the informal colonizing federation U2RIT, namely, U.K., U.S.A., Rusia, Israel, and Turkey, and also China, keep offering to the Greece’s colonizing administration vast political support.

During this long period, Greece is being military occupied by the non-uniformed colonizing army which operates, precisely, as it is described in both, the book of Mark. M. Rich, New World War Revolutionary Methods for Political Control – second edition, 2011, Lulu Ent., as well as, in the article titled “The Organization” And Its Methods and Goals Exposed by Dr. Rauni Kilde (M.D.), at www.gangstalkingmindcontrolcults.com/3010-2/ .

Members of my family and myself, we are being suffering from this occupation army since the early ‘70s. My father has been murdered by them, my mother which is a crucial legal witness to a lawsuit and an insider, has become isolated and suffers extremely unconfortable conditions and I have been, during my childhood, forced to involuntarily become human experimentee, and accordingly, I remain subjected to a gangstalking program, which is a leathal program, since, approximately 1979 until today.

As, the members of the occupation army have committed against me, nearly, all the crimes which are being described into the related, to the gangstalking (these crimes I have indirectly revealed in my website www.agorapoliton.gr in the form of naratives which involve one africaner), definitions and reports, meaning that my related experience is of a first hand, I am entitled to inform you that, these members are entirely mad dogs and the ones who deployed them into Greece are nothing but mere psychopaths.

For legal reasons I refrain from mentioning publicly the specific methods which, these mad dogs keep attempting in order to legally frame me.

Simultaneously with all this mistreatment and according to one reliable testimony and other sufficient indications, I have been, involuntarily, brain implanted with a devise which, almost certainly, performs Remote Neural Monitoring and intervenes to my brain’s claustrum area; which mean that I am a handicaped person almost totally unable to defend, due to my brain’s implanting, my human rights.

Despite the facts, that I have extensibly publicized at the Internet descrptions and related formal documents as hard legal evidence, and that I am handicaped, none of the, more than ten, European States which I visited, since I fled from Greece on May 1st, 2014, offered my any kind of essentiall assistance which, anyhow, they were obliged by existing international treaties to offer to a legitimate refugee as myself.

In a few words, the political circumstances within the most part of the European Continent, according to undeniable evidence, is horribly similar, though externally, effective cover-up provisions exist, to the circumstances which were manifested during the Soviet Stalin’s era.

These days my main concern, besides staying alive, healthy and free, is to be able to come to Sweden.

I hope that I shall succeed in reaching Sweden while the Swedish people keep enjoying their freedom and their developed civilization, and if possible to see you personally and exchange with you various creative perspectives of the above issues.



Christos Boumpoulis





Gang stalking and ritual defamation

NOVEMBER 23, 2017

One of the single most common features of gang stalking complaints is that slander and defamation is being waged behind a persons back. This is also a main fetaure of what psychologiss call “delusional complaints,” of the type suffered by “schizophrenics.” and others who are “mentally ill.” Indeed, religion is often a main feature of schizophrenic delusions as well.


Related Stories: The Case of the “Slenderman” and schizophrenia; then, the odd circumstances where un-empathetic societies that bomb babies and rape our data seek to label others as having a lack of empathy, aka “psycho’s and anti-socials.”


But in politics, certain elements of our western culture suffer the loathsome an literally communicable disease of “neuro-memetic fasciitis of the mind,” too, by spreading memetic slander and defamation by targeting individuals. And, we see this most commonly in politics, academia, and other institutions.


Few circumstances in modern psychology, sociology, or policing allow us insight into the nefarious practice of gas lighting and official source anomie than the case of ritual defamation, which is widely used in policing, and especially in DVIC gray area policing aka “community policing.”It is this gray area collusion where many civil conspiracies are hatched these days, and I will provide an example below of such a case, and that case, where actual gang stalking takes place.


So, keep in mind that most OGS is the direct actions of local “mobs” of insiders ranging from union members to police and fire, to academics and other institutional forces working together to control an individual, or to craft, or contain a narrative. This is called “framing” in public relations circles, but also is a feature of “bad jacketing” as well. And, the preferred tool of slander these days originates in database abuses, which then frequently becomes the defamation campaign waged in the thin disguise of “police investigatory privilege” via the massive NSA-Israel–FiveEyes data theft that we see today.


So-bad jacketing and ritual defamation is a practice of religious cults and sects who work in institutions and policing, much as we saw with Andy Ostrowski in The Kids for Cash state of Pennsylvania who was targeted by Republican’s, judges, and Scientologists as well ( a virtual trifecta of OGS) because he advocated for judicial reforms, children’s rights to not be bought and sold for state incentive dollars, and more. So, OGS is political in many/most cases.


Asking “Who stole progressivism” is like asking “who stole feminism.” The answer is: the usual suspects.


This was most evident in the last election cycle, when some noticed that the progressive party had been hijacked by an especially vicious form of hate that can only be described as psychopathic-and that, encouraged by people who “are in the business of hate.” This is how sick our society has become-that hate is actually a business model for psychopaths and DVIC profiteers. And-it proved how hollow their ethos is.


Here is a bit about ritual defamation as practiced by NGO’s and other political elements in western societies as a form of leverage and compromise operation on a grand scale. And keep in mind that these elements used data bases, and then, as we see with many of the new fakerape’s being rolled out every day in the press, actual rapes are being conflated with mere slanderous allegations of impropriety, with the same effect as if they were actual rapes.


This is what ritual defamation IS, and regardless of any opinion for or against the “necessity” of airing all that dirty laundry, we see without a doubt that the same slanderers are involved time and time again-that those who are “in the business of hate” have left their ideological and linguistic, and tactical fingerprints all over the dialogue. This is what the Whisper Campaign IS, which not in-coincidentally, was also a main feature of the Palestinian Exodus of 1948.


So- what IS ritual defamation, and why does it matter? Well, for starters, it is very Jewish. From Yakov Hirsch, citing Laird Wilcox:


It’s important to recognize and identify the patterns of a ritual defamation. Like all propaganda and disinformation campaigns it is accomplished primarily through the manipulation of words and symbols. It is not used to persuade, but to punish. Although it may have cognitive elements, its thrust is primarily emotional. Ritual Defamation is used to hurt, to intimidate, to destroy, and to persecute, and to avoid the dialogue, debate and discussion upon which a free society depends. On those grounds it must be opposed no matter who tries to justify its use


Then, Hirsch goes on to explain how extremely Jewish the smear campaign is in cultural practice and politics, as he cites one after another Jewish whsiperer in the defamation of BDS supporter Linda Sarsour, and Senator Keith Ellison, (D) MN. Also note how the term anti-semite-like fakerape’s-have deflated meaning in such a dialectic.


Then, notice that these smears routinely appear in the New Yarwk Times, just like the original piece about OGS that inspired ROGS blog. The reader will note that my goal is to reduce and eradicate database abuse, to expose political psychiatry/psychology in action, and, to protect future victims, and also provide help for others who are actual TI’s from all folds of this dialectic. But also, to call the blackmailing cockroaches out of their hidey holes.


For me, I encountered people who used the tactics of Gavin de Becker, who is also a Department of Homeland Security contractor. So, for me, there is little doubt that this is one function of this agency, and it’s IA styled black cash hidden domestic operations. Unlike each and every other blog about OGS, here, I provide evidence of these operations, and links to the wider dialectic


Here is ritual defamation in practice, and it is important to note that it is not a delusional complaint:


The reason for this discrepancy over Sarsour is explained by understanding why she is being defamed.


What Linda Sarsour did or didn’t do is irrelevant; the goal is to make her Palestinian perspective taboo. We see more evidence that Bari Weiss has that frame of mind from her description of Congressman Keith Ellison in her same “hate” article. How does Weiss refer to Congressman Keith Ellison?


“Recall that only a few months ago, Keith Ellison, a man with a long history of defending and working with anti-Semites, was almost made leader of the Democratic National Committee.”


To be clear, Bari Weiss is calling Keith Ellison an “anti-Semite.” Non-anti-Semites don’t “defend” and “work with” anti-Semites. But the question that arises is that we know Keith Ellison is not an anti-Semite. Listen to the Jews who know him best….That Ellison is not an anti-Semite earns him no protection from ritual defamers like Weiss.


….It is noteworthy that Weiss’s conscience is clear, that NYT readers will leave her “hate” column believing Keith Ellison hates Jews. Anti-Semitism is a stain Ellison will never remove. Think of the real world “hate” Weiss intended for Ellison. But Keith Ellison being a “Muslim peacenik,” as JJ Goldberg called him, offered him no protection from Weiss. Because from Weiss’s right-wing Jewish perspective, Keith Ellison has a “forbidden attitude, opinion or belief” that must be made taboo.


We clearly see that ritual defamation is both a feature of politics AND a main complaint of those who are gang stalked. And with little to no doubt, we see that organized gang stalking is in fact and practice, a very Jewish tactic-but also a mob tactic- of social engineering and control. In the example above, we see it toxifying progressive politics, and revealing Jewish racism, but also, we see that all roads lead to Israel, no matter whose side you are on. It’s a win/win for that lobby.


Now, let’s look at community policing for signs and symbols where social interactions can be forensically analysed to see if they are affected by OGS; to see what kinds of politics are involved. But also, to see what kind of “electronics” and databases are used to target individuals.


Here is a case where Bijan Ebrahimi, a crippled immigrant, was pedofied by local police and community stalkers who likely were on his internet connection. “They” eventually murdered him, and set him on fire after a seven year long stalking, and some 80 calls to police, where he was “framed” as an unstable liar, and a pedophile. Welcome to the new religious theocracy! And, the “scapegoat” of Catholic and Jewish rituals, and kabbalists.


Here below is a comment from 2004, when both the internet, and organized gang staking as an occut practice, and gang stalking as a political and social engineering tactic took hold across America. Note the specific name of a specific council member who was named in the blog, the use of coded symbols, the mention of ‘mob’ activity’, as well as elements from police and firefighters being implicated as stalkers. Then, notice that license plates are being tracked (click the link to the full article).


This license plate tracking is not insignificant, because as we saw in the case of the Electronic Peeping Toms of Minnesota and the police stalking of Minnesota reporters, journalists, and lawyers around 2011 (just after the DHS ramped up sectarianism and selective enforcement of law and surveillance) TODAY, we see Automated License Plate Reader’s (ALPR’s) in use across the country. Imagine the impact on or political climate? Then, add the NSA full capture database that has been collected since then…..


From LA Indy Media in 2004:


How to otherwise explain the kids all driving around with the decals?


Well, we make them nervous. And they should be….if they are breaking the law.


Maybe this is why GEORGE NAKXXX, YAKUZA BACKED STATE ASS-EMBLYMAN, gets so much support from some firemen’s cells – uh, we mean unions.


I have preserved this conversation here as well, because frequently, webwashing takes place just AFTER I write about or document online evidence of OGS. But like the example of Who’sA Rat which I provided here, from that same era, we see that OGS is very real, and that attempts are made to control the public’s insight into this nefarious practice. And, so, here we see state paid and union backed actors actively subverting the law-or in the least playing hide and seek on state dollars.

Source: https://researchorganizedgangstalking.wordpress.com/2017/11/23/gang-stalking-and-ritual-defamation/


Police failed to protect Bijan Ebrahimi prior to his murder, IPCC says

Report highlights catalogue of errors by Avon and Somerset officers over Iranian refugee who was target of hate campaign

Police repeatedly failed to protect a disabled Iranian refugee as neighbours waged a violent seven-year campaign of hate that culminated in his murder by a misguided vigilante, a report has concluded.


Avon and Somerset police officers may have been biased against Bijan Ebrahimi because of his race, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) said.


The watchdog revealed that Ebrahimi made 85 calls to the force between 2007 and July 2013, when a neighbour punched and kicked him to death before setting fire to his body outside his Bristol home.


In 73 of the calls, Ebrahimi reported allegations including racial abuse, criminal damage and threats to kill, but police failed to record a crime on at least 40 of those occasions. Rather than seeing him as vulnerable, he was dismissed as a nuisance, the report said.


In the days before his death Ebrahimi called the police to say his neighbour Lee James had barged into his home and attacked him. Police did attend but arrested Ebrahimi, 44, rather than James. Neighbours, who wrongly believed he was a paedophile, cheered as he was led away.


Ebrahimi was allowed home and later called police to tell them a mob had gathered outside, pleading with them to send help. Hours later James murdered him.


The report highlighted a catalogue of separate errors in the way Ebrahimi was dealt with in the years leading up to his death and the hours before the murder, adding that there were systemic problems within the force.

It said that while James bore immediate responsibility for Ebrahimi’s death, the police “missed a significant number of opportunities” to step in.


IPCC commissioner Jan Williams said: “The constabulary failed Bijan Ebrahimi on a number of levels, over a number of years. This failure was at its worst at the very time that his need was greatest.


“Our investigation identified a series of poor police service responses that spanned at least seven years, and that exposed the constabulary’s failure to identify Bijan Ebrahimi as a vulnerable man in need of protection and support.


“Bijan Ebrahimi self-identified as a victim of race hate crime, but was never recognised as a repeat victim of abuse who needed help. Instead, his complaints about abusive neighbours were disbelieved and he was considered to be a liar, a nuisance and an attention seeker. Neighbours’ counter allegations were taken at face value and accepted.


“The constabulary’s failure to challenge unfounded rumours that Bijan Ebrahimi was a paedophile was to form the backdrop to the fatal events of 14 July 2013.


“We found evidence that Bijan Ebrahimi had been treated consistently differently from his neighbours, to his detriment and without reasonable explanation. Some of the evidence has the hallmarks of what could be construed as racial bias, conscious or unconscious.”


Two men, beat manager PC Kevin Duffy, and community support officer Andrew Passmore, were both jailed over how they dealt with Ebrahimi after being found guilty of misconduct in a public office. They and two other constables, Leanne Winter, 38, and Helen Harris, 40, who arrested Ebrahimi, have been dismissed from the force.


Avon and Somerset police conducted misconduct proceedings against 17 officers and civilian staff. The report said there had been a “range of outcomes” and two other officers receiving final written warnings.


The IPCC report said during the days before his death Ebrahimi was treated with “disrespect, prejudice and even contempt”. He was subject to “inappropriate arrest, humiliating and degrading treatment in custody and subsequent return home, without any meaningful risk assessment”.

It pointed out that after his arrest when Ebrahimi told Harris, one of the officers was sacked,that she was being racist, she told him he was being racist towards her and her colleagues because they were white.


When a call handler told beat manager Duffy that Ebrahimi wanted to speak to him, he replied: “I’ve no intentions of taking any calls from Bijan Ebrahimi… I will speak to him at my convenience.”


If the police had acted properly, a dispute between two neighbours might not have morphed into a neighbourhood-wide paedophile hunt, the report said.


Ebrahimi had been forced to leave a previous address because neighbour wrongly believed him to be a paedophile and his home was set on fire. Over the years he reported threats to kill, assault, being struck by a car, racial abuse, being spat at and punched. In one attack he was scalded when a housemate threw hot water over him.


The report said: “Police consistently failed to apply their own hate crime policy, which would have triggered serious investigation. Police failed to take action against named offenders.”


Ebrahimi’s family believe he was the victim of institutional racism. In a statement they said: “The IPCC’s report speaks to the institutional racism that lies at the heart of Bijan’s murder and immolation. Had the authorities not colluded in the race hate crime that Bijan suffered in his council flat over all those years, he would be alive today.”


The IPCC report briefly made the point that other agencies knew of the problems Ebrahimi was suffering. His family called for Bristol city council to take responsibility for what they see as its failings in the case.


Avon and Somerset chief constable Andy Marsh apologised to Ebrahimi’s family. He said: “We failed him in his hour of need and I am unreservedly sorry for the pain his family have suffered.


“It’s clear that we had opportunities to change the tragic outcome for Mr Ebrahimi and we failed to take them. Some of these failings were systematic but it’s important to acknowledge that the actions of a very small number of individuals had a catastrophic effect.”


Marsh said measures and new ways of working had been introduced, including a new call handling systems, services designed to identify and protect vulnerable people and leadership programmes.

Source: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/jul/05/police-failure-protect-bijan-ebrahimi-murder-ipcc