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Medicated with Neuroleptics Social Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatrists?



Should the use of neuroleptics be severely limited?

by Peter R. Breggin, M.D.

The frequently cited Scandinavian genetic studies (Kety et al., 1975; reviewed in Breggin, 1991) actually confirm an environmental factor while disproving a genetic one. Such conclusions may seem incredible to readers who have been bombarded with psychiatric propaganda, and I can only hope they will personally review the literature and read Toxic Psychiatry for a review and analysis. But even if schizophrenia were a brain disease, it would not make sense to add further brain damage and dysfunction by administering neuroleptics.

If the neuroleptics are so dangerous and have such limited usefulness, and if psychosocial approaches are relatively effective, why is the profession so devoted to the drugs? The answer lies in maintaining psychiatric power, prestige, and income. What mainly distinguishes psychiatrists from other mental health professionals, and of course from non-professionals, is their ability to prescribe drugs. To compete against other mental health professionals, psychiatry has wed itself to the medical model, including biological and genetic explanations, and physical treatments. It has no choice: anything else would be professional suicide. In providing psychosocial therapies, psychiatry cannot compete with less expensive, more helpful non-medical therapists, so it must create myths that support the need for medically trained psychiatrists.

After falling behind economically in competition with psychosocial approaches, psychiatry formed what the American Psychiatric Association now admits is a "partnership" with the drug companies (Sabshin, 1992). Organized psychiatry has become wholly dependent for financial support on this unholy collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry (Breggin, 1991). To deny the effectiveness of drugs or to admit their dangerousness would result in huge economic losses on every level from the individual psychiatrist who makes his or her living by prescribing medication, to the American Psychiatric Association which thrives on drug company largesse.

If neuroleptics were used to treat anyone other than mental patients, they would have been banned a long time ago. If their use wasn't supported by powerful interest groups, such as the pharmaceutical industry and organized psychiatry, they would be rarely used at all. Meanwhile, the neuroleptics have produced the worst epidemic of neurological disease in history. At the least, their use should be severely curtailed.

Beyond the specific issue of the neuroleptics, there is a much broader one -- how are we to understand and to show care for people who undergo emotional pain and anguish (Breggin, 1991,1992; Mosher and Burti, 1989). Are we to view them as defective objects or as human beings struggling with emotional and social problems and personal conflict? Are we to drug them into oblivion, or are we to understand and empower them? Giving a drug disempowers the recipient. It says, "You are helpless in the face of your problems. You need less feeling and energy, and less brain function". The true aim of therapy should be to strengthen and to empower the individual. People, not pills, are the only source of real help.

Source: https://alex-sk.jimdo.com/peter-r-breggin-should-the-use-of-neuroleptics-be-severely-limited/


New World War Revolutionary Methods for Political Control


Wall Street’s targeting of the entire population with destructive medication to treat fake mental illnesses is probably on of the biggest deceptions in our lifetime. It is a major medical fraud and probably a crime against humanity. Millions, including physicians, consumers, and the general public, are being deceived.

In addition to profit and neutralizing individuals, the targeting of the population appears to serve another purpose. As observed in Volume I, it becomes a biological necessity for the psychopaths who rule a society to psychologically and biologically kill as many normal people as possible.

While this has typically taken the form of concentration camps, wars, and persecution in the past, the targeting of perfectly healthy people with medication that literally destroys their bodies, appears to be a massive and cleverly disguised attack against the population in general.


Rather than thinking of psychopaths as mentally ill, it may be more accurate to consider them a separate subspecies of the human race. They know they are protected by the naivety of the common worldview. Their pursuit of power is hyperactive. It is no exaggeration to say that, while the normal people are busy pursuing their activities, these characters literally sit around thinking of ways to deceive the populace into giving them control

Because they are primarily focused on placing themselves in position of influence, they have a tendency to occupy these positions more so than normal people. Their vigorous pursuit of power, combined with their natural abilities to conceal themselves and lie with no inhibitions, allow them to achieve such positions. These characters have been continually responsible for a pattern of historical atrocities.

They spend a considerable amount of time constructing a mask on a personal level. On a macro level, a group of them will construct a similar face dy using an ideology. If such people have the financing, they can overthrow constituted governments, typically without a majority of the people being aware of it. They place people similar to themselves in position of influence. And as part of their mask, they install semi-normal people in positions which have high public exposure.

They eventually establish control over the entire governing structure of a country, including its military and police, as well as the psychological sciences, and institutions which can be used to influence society, such as NGOs, academia, and the media.

They conceal their true objective using an ideology which includes a plan for a better world. Some elements of their plan may seem reasonable or even desirable. In addition, however, an enemy is created which is portrays as an obstacle to the better world.

The utopia is only possible when the enemy is removed. A portion of the population is recruited to assist in accomplishing this. Also, a privileged class of people is created within the government to serve the pathocracy and is rewarded for its obedience.

Organizations run by psychopaths usually profess only humanitarian intents. A pathocracy will have the appearance of nornalcy. Evidence suggests that the US government has been entirely overthrown by a network of groups exhibiting psychopathic traits that have disguised themselves using humanitarian fronts.

They are facilitating a revolution which will result in them having control of the entire planet. Using the multinational force, they are waging a worldwide war against civilians to accomplish this.

We’re informed that a group of people is standing in the way of this global utopia. Various labels have been assigned to them. They are resisters, clinging to old ideologies which have no place in the new world. They are obstacles to our evolution, we’re told. Many of them are using information as a weapon to change people’s worldviews. Some of them are promoting conspiracy theories.

The new enemy will be denied anctuary, tracked everywhere with intrusive surveillance, and attacked with PsyOp and NLW relentlessly. Most of these weapons and tactics, which are used in combination, leave little or no trace of their use.

Directed-energy weapons, including microwaves, lasers, and acoustic frequencies, will be used on the enemy. Depending on the frequency and power level, these weapons can cause a wide variety of effects spanning the mental, emotional, and physical realms. CNO are used to attack the enemy’s computers. This includes efforts to disrupt and degrade hardware and software, as well as spoofing attacks.

People can be traumatized with microwave hearing technology. Powerful silent subliminals can setup mental conflicts and can be used to influence people’s emotions, thoughts, and behavior. Holograms can be transmitted to specific points in space to scare people.

PsyOp attacks are transmitted through every possible channel of communication that the TA uses. The TA’s environment is psychologically prepared with products which have triggers that they’ve been sensitized to.

Calmatives that are to be covertly administered to the enemy can cause anxiety and dizziness, headaches, sedation, and also depression. Biological weapons, including viruses that create injuries or medical conditions, are also to be used. It has been suggested that biological weapons can be tailored to affect a specific race or bloodline.

In order to maintain a dictatorship it is absolutely critical that control is established on the neighborhood level.

Methods of executing large numbers of normal people are instituted when psychopaths rule a society. Although this has usually meant death camps and wars, evidence suggests that an additional method, which appears to be linked to a global eugenics program, includes targeting the entire population with toxic medication.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Anglo-American Establishment is using the military to reach down into your neighborhoods, single people out, and silently torture them, while using the mental health system, congress, media, and NGOs to conceal their attacks.

As we’ve learned, individual psychopaths believe it is necessary for their personal survival to degrade people. On a larger scale, we also understand at this point, that when they run a society they consider it a necessity to annihilate large portions of normal people.

Source: New World War Revolutionary Methods for Political Control, by Mark. M. Rich, page 261.


Main Subject


There are, according to my opinion, at least, four methods for, essentially, lobotomizing any innocent and mentally healthy, human being:

- the surgical lobotomy

- the electrocomvulsory method

- the usage of the directed energy weapons (microwaves)

- the usage of the neuroleptics


According to Peter Breggin, the negative effects, upon the, neuroleptics administration, victims’ mentality is nothing else but devastating.

This is the reason for these neurotoxic substances, having been, systematically, given to the Rusian Gulag’s inhabitants for totally destroying their mentality.

Scientific research has proven the innefectiveness of these, supposed, medication, while, vast literature verifies the unscientific character of both, the supposed “mental illnesses”, as well as, the supposed “sciencies” of “psychiatry” and “psychology”.

Within some of the European States, the public authorities, according to local legislation, in certain occassions, they resort to the professional opinion of, social workers, or, “psychologists”, or, “psychiatrist”, in order to form an opinion about the mental condition of specific citizens.

While they doing so, in most cases without having been any related court order, they, actually, perpetrating an extrajudiciall punishment, as, they, arbitrarily, transfer the control of the, being under investigation, innocent citizen’s human rights towards individuals who present themselves as “scientists” without, necesserily, being such.

Should these supposed “scientists” perform their (unfair and inhumane) duties while they remain under the influence of neuroleptic “medication”?

Why am I rising such an issue?

I am rising such an issue because, since the early ‘70s, I have witnessed horrible insidents with regard to the “mental personell”.

More specifically, as being a legitimate political dissident which promote publicly the legitimate interest of my first country, namely Greece, against the atrocious British colonialism, I have been subjected to the British colonialism’s illegitimate “active measures” and I have forced by them to become, financially broke; unofficially exiled from Greece; partially ragged; and homeless as a sleep into my private, passenger car.

During many similar occassions and while I was visiting various European States I was, without being notified, by State’s “mental personell” for evaluation, due to my almost proper dressing, or, due to my almost proper appearance; and due to my requesting for financial support from strangers.

How do I recognize this “mental personell”?

As, being able to recognize the members of the “mental personell” remains an issue of, literary, life and death, for each and every legitimate political dissident, I visited one of their conferences and I studied their resources in order to become able to recognize their common traits, with regard to their deminour; their probable racial characteristics and their common methods.

As being able to recognize, with a certainty of about 90%, the members of the “mental personell”, I had the chance to find out that, in most of the cases ,were I had been approached by them for their evaluating my mental condition, I observed on their behaviour, with near certainty, the manifestation of the neuroleptics’ side effects.

For example, one seemed being suffering from tardive diskinisia so much that she was unable to even handle a glass bottle of Coca Cola that she had at her table, next to mine, at a cafeteria. At another occasion, the individual’s glance seemed so “medicated” by neuroleptics that might be similar to another individual’s who had “pleased” him or herself many times. At another occasion, the individual seemed as being manifesting a kind of “dissassociation with reality” that was giving the impression s/he could not bare his or hers own self. Almost at each and every case of my such experiences, the individuals were suffering from obesity and probably from diabetis, as it is known that, the neuroleptics’ side effects include, obesity and diabetis.

With the currently publices information with regard to the colonizing Nations’, namely, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the Israel and the Turkey, systematic abusage of the “mental” medical sector, in order to destroy the legitimate political dissidents, one, could plausibly wonder, are, the colonizers, medicate the members of the “mental personell” with neuroleptics in order for them to perpetrate an actual Genocide against these legitimate, political dissidents?

In the hypothetical case that, actually, the States’ Authorities, of various countries, have given, to medicated with neuroleptics “mental personell” the ability to destroy legitimate political dissidents, and also, some time in the near future, a marshial law becomes established as a legal result of the undeniable arbitrary and illegitimate interventions, on behalf of the colonizers and within some European States, in which position, these State Authorities are going to find themselves, with regard to being complicit to a Genocide’s accussations?

Are there any “human beings” willing and able to employ medicated with neuroleptics individuals in order to destroy other, innocent and kind, human beings?

Do, the European States’ authorities, ommit to exclude all those who systematically use neuroleptics from becoming a member of the “mental personell”?

Would, anyone which is not a regular neuroleptics’ user, ever fullfill the, according to the contemporary colonialism, “mental personell’s” “duties”?

The human life is sacred and invaluable.

Innosence is sacred and vital for the human Civilization.

The ones who may, horribly, employ the usage of neuroleptic chemicals in order to instigate political assassinatins against legitimate political dissidents, if such individuals actually exist, may find themselves, some time in the near future, being accountable for their atrocious crimes.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Many good people have been politically assassinated so far. Among them, one, may count also, Archibishop Christodoulos, Tassos Papadopoulos, Socratis Giolias, Giannos Kranidiotis, Arleta, Bernd Seiffert, Leena Luukanen-Kilde, and many others. Related to these assassinations, assassins exist. These assassins, may, or, may not, enjoy doing their horrible crimes; the related complicit to these crimes, despite whether they are hiding or not behind “face saving” false excuses, they may, or, may not, enjoy their crimes; and the related instigators of these crimes, may, or, may not enjoy their crimes. The assassins, the complicits and the instigators, may believe that, they are going to be left unobstructed to perpetrate their crimes, for ever. Do they have right believing so? Does, the existence of pending, involuntary human experimentation, or, the intention of claiming back, involuntary implanted electronic devices, permit the illegitimate and criminal deprivation of innocent civilians' freedom?


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