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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Τρίτη, 11 Σεπτέμβριος 2018 16:28
Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης
Legal Notice 116 - Resort to BMI

Today on 11/9/2018 at around 08:00, I wake up after having slept in my private, passenger car which was parked, obeying to the German Police's specific orders at the geographical coordinates: 47.5482364, 9.7242750 and at the address: Josephine-Hirner Strasse 1, 88131, Schwaen, Lindau (Bodensee) which is a rather isolated parking spot.
At that time I noticed that in the interiors of my car there was a strange smell. Also, I was feeling rather desy and I had a mild headake which both continued until 15:55 while I am typing this legal notice.
Since, from my childhood and then, I never feel, either desy nor headake, I suspect that, during the previous night and as being totally vulnerable while sleeping in my car, which was parked at an isolated parking spot, I may have been gas poisoned.
For the above reason and as being a legitimate political dissident advocating publicly for my first country Greece's legal rights, against the atrocious informal colonial federation U2RIT and I openly pursue to offer scientific services at Sweden's Defence Industry, I kindly request for the, as soon as possible, German Government's protection.

Christos Boumpoulis


Resort to BMI


To: Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution
From: Christos Boumpoulis, Greek political dissident
Date: 11/9/2018
Subject: Urgent request for protection

Dear Sir/Lady,
I kindly request from your office to urgently protect my personal security and my freedom.
I am located at Lindau Germany, I have verbally informed the local police about my related vulnerability and due to police orders, with regard to my personal passenger vehicle, I am forced to spend the nights at an isolated part of the city thus exposed to considerable risks with regard to my personal security.
As a result, today, after waiking up in the morning I noticed sufficient indications that, during the last night, at the isolated area, I may have been gas-poisoned by unknown perpetrators.
The reasons of my personal security concerns are the followings:
- I am a Greek political dissident and whistleblower.
- My first country Greece has fallen, according to the prominent constitutional law professor George Kasimatis testimony) to a dictatorship.
- I have publicly argued that the current dictatorial establishment is being perpetrated by a "Gladio/Stay Behind operation" exactly like the previous, 1967-1974 Greek "colonels dictatorship".
- The most part of Greek Nation's natural leadership's members (Archibishop Christodoulos, Malvina Karali, Tassos Papadoulos, singer Arleta, Socratis Giolias, and many others) have been, covertly, murdered.
- The motive for Greece's subjugation is, according to ex-CIA operative Robert Baer's public disclosure, the confiscation of Greece's enormous mineral wealth.
- More than 10,000 innocent Greek civilians have already died due to a needless, instrumental economic crisis.
- On June 2010, the entire Greek Parliament's members along with the, then, Greek President comitted, overtly, a mere treason by not terminating the "Huge Cooper & Co" treaty in order for Greece's mineral wealth to become liberated for economic explotiation by the Greek Nation.
- My father, Takis Bompolas, has been murdered by Greece's political establishment.
- My mother, Olga Bompola, which is a crucial legal withness to a lawsuit, is being suffering by illegal deprivation of hers freedom.
- I have, through my website www.agorapoliton.gr denounced publicly all of the above while presenting related undeniable legal evidence.
- I openly pursue to offer scientific services to the Swedish Defense Industry.
- I possess knowledge about the methods which, the colonial establishment in Greece exploits, in order to retain its political power and perpetuate its existence.
- I possess knowledge about the perpetrators of an assassination attempt, against myself, which taken place during 2006, in Athens, Greece.
- I possess knowledge about the preparations which, Russia is being perpetrated, for the annexation of Evros prefecture, at northern Greece.
- I manifest, for the past decade, political activism which promotes, the rule of Law; Democracy; Freedom; Greece's independence; and the Human Rights.
- I, publicly, promote, the legitimate and peaceful downfall of Greece's coup d' étet and the restoration of Democracy and Freedom, in Greece.
- I am advocating the legitimate interests of my first country Greece and my second country Germany.
- I am an eye witness of certain crimes committed by operatives of the perpetrating, the coup d' étet in Greece, countries, namely, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Israel and Turkey.
- I possess personal knowledge of the identities of certain individuals, who seem to work for various British services and the initials of their names are, ΑΟ, ΑΑ, ΛΦ, ΚΚ, ΙΝ, ΔΚ, ΝΓ, ΑΑ, ΠΨ, ΧΠ, ΦΜ, ΦΑ, ΕΑ, ΕΓ, ΕΜ, ΜΔ, ΑΠ, ΘΓ, ΒΣ, ΔΚ, ΔΖ, ΝΚ, ΔΧ, ΣΕ, ΑΤ, ?Ι, ΚΚ, Φ?, ΡΜ, ΡΟ, ΓΜ, ΓΜ, ΓΛ, ΣΕ. Those individuals may have been involved, on behalf of the United Kingdom, in the committment of crimes against innocent, adults and/or children, members of the Greek Nation.
- I possess knowledge about certain front-organizations in Greece which may be involved in the committment, on behalf of the perpetrating the coup d' étet in Greece colonizing countries, of various inhumane crimes.

I am addressing my present request towards your moral and legal obligations, according to the humanitarian principles and according to the international law, towards a legitimate and lawfull Greek political dissident, meaning myself, whose country is, undeniably, a dictatorship and who is, according to formal documents, being politically persecuted by the local Greek authorities.

Christos Boumpoulis
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Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Τρίτη, 11 Σεπτέμβριος 2018 19:19