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Open Letter to the Kingdom of Sweden's People 17/8/2018 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Παρασκευή, 17 Αύγουστος 2018 22:52
WORLDS BEST Swedish military Giraffe A4 AESA Radar System

Open Letter to the Kingdom of Sweden's People 17/8/2018

To: The Kingdom of Sweden's People.
From: Mr. Christos Boumpoulis.
Date: 17/8/2018.
Subject: Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

Dear Swedish friends, Ladies/Gentlemen,
It seems to me that, the Swedish Nation’s importance with regard to the Human Rights’ safeguarding, all over the world, is being, progressively, increased.
The contemporary colonialism, while is being, little by little, exposed to the international community, he increases his not so creative efforts in order to, preemptively and correctively, eliminate the legitimate dissence and to manipulate the various populations in order for the unsuspected citizens to indirectly, decline from their own Human Rights, without, actually, realizing that they do so.
In order to explain how much serious the circumstances have become I shall give you an example.

A Turkish court remanded in custody on Friday 23/2/2018 two Greek soldiers who were detained after crossing the border, into Turkey in bad weather in a heavily forested frontier region, Turkish media said, despite Greek calls for their swift return.
Greece said the soldiers had been on a border patrol when they strayed from their route because of the poor weather.
Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu news agency said the soldiers were detained on grounds of attempted military espionage and entering a prohibited military zone. Another news agency, DHA said the court ruled that data on their phones be investigated.

The two soldiers were, finally, were freed on 14/8/2018 after intense, mass media and Internet, operations which promoted this “incident” as a supposed “hostage” situation.
Since, at least four years ago and then, actually, legitimate Greek political dissidents remain subjected, by certain colonizing Nations, to authentic hostage situations which have the form of combined, enforced disappearance and gangstalking.
The colonizers, in order to cover-up these specific and authentic, manifestations of their death-program of gangstalking which is, actually, a modern version of the traditional “Operation Condor”, they organized the instrumental detention of the two Greek soldiers, for consuming the public opinions attention and for twisting the, on behalf of the public opinion’s, comprehension of the notion of “hostage”. Meaning that, the public opinion, after the collective, quasi, “hysteria”, which was instrumentally promoted by the mass media and through specific web sites, in the Internet, towards the alleged patriotic rescuing of the supposed “hostages”, almost no citizen would, then, even comprehend as such, the public denunciations of the isolated victims of the contemporary colonialism who request for support, freedom and vindication.
How do I know that, the two Greek soldiers’ “hostage” situation was a fraud?
During this incident, unavoidably, the members of the corresponding families of these two soldiers, had gained excessive symbolic power. According to unverified information, one, probably, unknown to me individual, seven days before the two Greek soldiers “release”, used a not secured communication channel in order to, indirectly, inform the members of the two soldiers’ families that, if they would exploit, the excessive symbolic power they had gained in order to promote, to the public opinion, the authentic cases of hostage-situations, which the colonizers, allegedly, were trying to cover-up, then, the imprisonment of the two Greek soldiers would had become useless to the colonizers and as such, it would had become terminated.
The supposed “hostage” situation ended unexpectedly and without any convincing explanations, seven days after the two families’ became informed about the existing “antithesis”, in terms of transactional analysis, they could employ for achieving the freedom of their loved ones.

According to sufficient indications which I combine with my best, subjective and arbitrary, estimation, the colonizers, sadly, have, already, crossed the Rubicon river.

I wish the Swedish Nation to be, secure, free, democratic and vital; for its own benefit and for the entire international community’s benefit.
Towards this direction I would suggest, if I may:
1. The Swedish citizens, both, the adults as well as, the youth, that should gain proficient knowledge of the notions: gangstalking, zersetzen torture, transhumanism, entryism, Monarch-programming, remote neural monitoring, claustrum, Internet-of-people, directed energy weapons, laser weapons, chemical weapons, biological weapons, behaviorism, hybrid warfare, Babylonian Talmud, borderline personality, empathy, malignant racism, colonialism, instrumental rationality, undecidability, homeostasis, transactional analysis, game theory, statistics.
2. Exceptional actions should turn the Swedish food-chain infrastructure full-proof against any, either, collective, and/or, discrite, unhealthy intervention.
3. By employing very speedy procedures, a new robotic technology should be developed in order for delicate object manipulation of a not standardized kind should become able to be performed by, cheap to manufacture, robotic devices.
5. The measured value of a number of specific parameters remain crucial for the viability (and security) of any society, under any conditions. Normally, e.g. in time of peace, most of these parameters remain, systemically, ignored. This, has to change. Also, adequate feedback procedures should be constructed and coupled with these vital parameters in order for the Swedish society’s viability to remain secured under any kind of environmental variations.

From what it seems the latency margin, for the realization of the above suggestions, is, actually, zero (0).

Recently, I may have seen, one or more, Swedish citizens and what I may have seen in his/hers/their face/s inspires me to say the followings:

I understand that, the Swedish people have knowledge of the related parameters of their own country.
I understand that, the Swedish people have a developed self-knowledge of both, their own selves, as well as, of their own collective existence.
I understand that, the Swedish people are being, probably and more or less, influenced by environmental, in terms of politics, factors.
However, I wish to assure the Swedish people that, they are excellent and kind, as individuals and as a Nation, equally, with the best, of the rest of the Nations; and that, the perception about them, both as individuals and as a Nation, that the other Nations retain, reflects accurately what they, actually, are.
There are many levels of the Nations’ development. And above a specific, very high level of development, the sense of self-confidence ceases to exist and its place occupies the blessing of a certain kind of meaningful silence. The Swedish Nation remains a positive example for other Nations to follow.
During this, not so bright, historical period, according to my opinion, the international community acknowledges the Swedish Nation’s presence as a blessing and resorts towards the Swedish Nation’s achievements, in the domain of Freedom, as they were a silent but still salvific, beacon.

Christos Boumpoulis


Turkish court detains Greek soldiers held after crossing border
MARCH 1, 2018
ATHENS/ISTANBUL (Reuters) - A Turkish court remanded in custody on Friday two Greek soldiers who were detained after crossing the border into Turkey in bad weather in a heavily forested frontier region, Turkish media said, despite Greek calls for their swift return.
Greece said the soldiers had been on a border patrol when they strayed from their route because of the poor weather.
Turkey’s state-owned Anadolu news agency said the soldiers were detained on grounds of attempted military espionage and entering a prohibited military zone. Another news agency, DHA said the court ruled that data on their phones be investigated.
The soldiers told the court that they ended up on the Turkish side after following footprints in the snow and that they meant to send the images they took on their phones to senior officers, Anadolu said.
“We are in consultation with Turkish authorities for a prompt resolution of the matter,” Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos told reporters earlier. “Legal processes in Turkey will be put in motion swiftly and we expect the return of the two Greeks to our country”.
The incident took place during a normal patrol in the forest area of Kastanies at Evros.
“Yesterday’s incident was the result of a mistake. The two Greek officers diverged from their route because of the bad weather in the area, and found themselves, I repeat, by mistake, in Turkish territory,” Tzanakopoulos said.
Greece’s army command said earlier that from the first moment, Greek authorities were in contact with their Turkish counterparts and that procedures for the soldiers’ return to Greece were ongoing.
Turkish officials were not immediately available to comment.
The two Greeks, a second lieutenant and a soldier, were in good health and were being held in Edirne.
The two NATO partners teetered on the brink of war in 1974, 1987 and 1996 over long-running disputes on ethnically divided Cyprus, mineral rights in the Aegean Sea and sovereignty over uninhabited islets in that sea.
In December, during Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Athens, the two countries agreed to revive a consultation process for confidence-building measures.
Source: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-greece-turkey/turkish-court-detains-greek-soldiers-held-after-crossing-border-idUSKCN1GE0Y7

Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children's IQ
By Dr. Joseph Mercola
A recently-published Harvard University meta-analysis funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has concluded that children who live in areas with highly fluoridated water have “significantly lower” IQ scores than those who live in low fluoride areas.
In a 32-page report that can be downloaded free of charge from Environmental Health Perspectives, the researchers said:
A recent report from the U.S. National Research Council (NRC 2006) concluded that adverse effects of high fluoride concentrations in drinking water may be of concern and that additional research is warranted. Fluoride may cause neurotoxicity in laboratory animals, including effects on learning and memory ...
To summarize the available literature, we performed a systematic review and meta-analysis of published studies on increased fluoride exposure in drinking water and neurodevelopmental delays. We specifically targeted studies carried out in rural China that have not been widely disseminated, thus complementing the studies that have been included in previous reviews and risk assessment reports ...
Findings from our meta-analyses of 27 studies published over 22 years suggest an inverse association between high fluoride exposure and children’s intelligence ... The results suggest that fluoride may be a developmental neurotoxicant that affects brain development at exposures much below those that can cause toxicity in adults ...
Serum-fluoride concentrations associated with high intakes from drinking-water may exceed 1 mg/L, or 50 Smol/L, thus more than 1000-times the levels of some other neurotoxicants that cause neurodevelopmental damage. Supporting the plausibility of our findings, rats exposed to 1 ppm (50 Smol/L) of water-fluoride for one year showed morphological alterations in the brain and increased levels of aluminum in brain tissue compared with controls ...
In conclusion, our results support the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposures on children’s neurodevelopment. Future research should formally evaluate dose-response relations based on individual-level measures of exposure over time, including more precise prenatal exposure assessment and more extensive standardized measures of neurobehavioral performance, in addition to improving assessment and control of potential confounders.
Studies Have Repeatedly Linked Fluoride to Reduced IQ and Brain Damage
There are so many scientific studies showing the direct, toxic effects of fluoride on your body, it’s truly remarkable that it’s NOT considered a scientific consensus by now. Despite the evidence against it, fluoride is still added to 70 percent of U.S. public drinking water supplies.
It amazes me that the medical (and dental) communities are so stubbornly resistant to connect the dots when it comes to the skyrocketing increase of cognitive decline in adults and behavioral issues in children (ADD, ADHD, depression and learning disabilities of all kinds). In fact, there have been more than 23 human studies and 100 animal studies linking fluoride to brain damage. Fluoride can also increase manganese absorption, compounding problems, since manganese in drinking water has also been linked to lower IQ in children.
Source: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/dr-mercola/fluoride_b_2479833.html


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