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NDD1 device – Robotic Mind Control – Mark Phillips

www.youtube.com/watch?v= B8EKkOkwF_w


Gang-Stalking: An Example 



Gang-stalking (zersetzen torture) is a death-program.

This death-program is being used by the contermporary colonialism in order to devide the colonized Nations’ people, in order to rule them.

The devision is being performed between the “perpetrators” (the meta-victims) and the “targeted-individuals” (the victims).

The perpetrators are, ex-normal people which have been disassociated from reality, by using, “Monarch-programming”, “MKULTRA mind-control chemical substances and electronic brain implants.

The enlisting of the perpetrators is being done within front-organizations like, education institutions, medical institutions, and in every domain of the contemporary society.

For the gang-stalkning’s definition and details, the reader may find, in the Internet, in the articles and the videos of, Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde, Gloria Naylor, Mark Phillips, Eric Karlstrom and others.

Among many others, the Targeted Individuals may suffer also, an electronic brain implant having being, involuntarily and unsuspectedly, implanted in him in order, for the Perps to induce, wireless and any time they want, the mental state of awake unconsciousness, in order to, administer to them, potentially lethal, chemical substances and/or experimental medications, to humiliate them publicly, to fabricate false incriminating them evidence, or to assassinate the.


Main subject


In order to make gang-stalking understood, I though that I should present a, not necessarily imaginary, example which follows:

The targeted-individual (T.I. from now on, and Preps for the perpetrators), which is, in this example, involuntarily brain implanted and an whistle-blower who has recently had publicly disclosed information about the colonizers’ freakening activities, visits an University for studying. For security reasons, as this specific day, which is not an working day and very few other visitors are walking through the University’s premisisses, he occupies a table at the most central part of the University, meaning, very close to the main entrance, with optical contact with the security office and within a large indoor area. At the specific spot were, the T.I. started to studying, on average, every 8 minutes, one or more visitors were passing by him.

The Perps, during the first hour, set a stable camera for videotapeing the scene. Then, let say at 18:20, the first Prep, which he manifest in his movement signs of tardive diskinisia, approaches the T.I., leaves his back-bag on a table six meters away from the T.I. and leaves from the scene, completely.

Twenty minutes later the Perp hasn’t show for taking his back-bag and the T.I. starts to become worried as, he knows that, the colonizers may attempt to incriminate him by placing a foreign property within his bags and have the Perp faultily accusse him of having steal that property from his left back-bag, or even worst, the colonizers, in order to take revenge they wouldn’t hesitate to send a back-bag full of explosives. Therefore, at 18:41 he is photographing the scene and he tries to notify the security officers who, at that time, he was absent of his office.

After fifty minutes, three murderus Perps are passing by the T.I., they proceed to the veranda and they sit at a spot which was at the 5 o’ clock direction with regard to the T.I.’s position and six meters away. These three murderus Perps are carrying a large, ordinary and black colored hand bag and are letting it on the ground beside them. All of them, are having the specific kind of smile, little sardonic and within a not so sharp physiognomy, that the Perps, frequently, ware and in general, they create the impression that they are mare papms.

Five minutes later, at 19:43, the T.I. which he hadn’t noticed that, the three murderus Perps had sat, almost, behind him, he started having the, very well known to him, sensation of being assaulted be a moderate powered attack with directed-energy, lethal military weapon. As with every assault with this kind of lethal weapons, the T.I.’s brain cells started to become rosted. In such conditions the brain cell cause, among many other things, a muscle reaction which is very familiar to the T.I.s.

Also, the thought processes become so slow and so shallow that, the victim of this kind of assault may not think clearly and correctly in order to defend himself.

At that instance, the T.I. becomes surprised and almost paniced. He realized that, the three murderus Perps were sitting behind him having a suspicious bag and that, the origin of the directed-energy assault may be, either, the initial, left close to him back-bag and/or the bag besides the three murderous Perps.

Three minutes later, while the T.I. struggles to find a rational solution on how to defend himself, the initial Perp appears again in order to take his back-bag and leave the scene.

The T.I. has two options to react. One, to videotape, as legal evidence of the returning Perp while taking his back-bag in order to protect himself from any, potential, false accussations, or, two, to not keep evidence and risk, potentially, becoming, literary, obliged to prove that he is not an “elephant”.

But still, how could, any human being, record, specifically with discration, legal evidence of his innocence, while he is being assaulted with deadly, directed-energy, military weapons, so that, he wouldn’t become accussed of taking illegal video recording and eventually, becoming, unjustly (as it is almost impossible for one to prove that he had been assaulted with deadly, directed-energy weapons), legally accountable?


The governments, probably, know about the gang-stalking and the innocent civilians’ becoming assaulted with the directed-energly weapons and do nothing for protecting the citizens.

The security authorities, probalby, know about the gang-stalking and the innocent civilians’ becoming assaulted with the directed-energly weapons and do nothing for protecting the citizens.

The military authorities, probably, know about the gang-stalking and the innocent civilians’ becoming assaulted with the directed-energly weapons and do nothing for protecting the citizens.


Few years ago, I was a visitor at a police station were I should sign some legal documents. While I was sitting on a chair in front of a police officer’s desk, somewhere in Europe, the police officer anounced to me that he or she, should go to the police station’s laser-printer to collect some printouts. I was left at the office for ten minutes and I had the longest micro-wave rosting of my brain that I have ever had.

And many years ago, I had a conversation with a high rank military officer of one Balkan country’s army. The information that I collected then, combined with information that I gained later leads me to estimate that, the intestine colic pains may, also, be used, systematically, in order to enforce subjugation to the gate-keeping roles’ holders of various countries.

Concluding, I believe that, under the current political conditions of the international community, the ordinary citizens’ potential initiatives, combined with a complete redesigning of the food-chain infrastructure, may lead all of them to, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.


Christos Boumpoulis



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