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Message to the International Community – Greece under Unilateral, Colonializing Hybrid War PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συνεννόηση για Δράση - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Πέμπτη, 02 Αύγουστος 2018 17:40
Forest fire in Greece 23/7/2018


Message to the International Community – Greece under Unilateral, Colonializing Hybrid War


Greece is being subjected to an unprovoked, unilateral and hybrid, colonizing war.

The agressors of this unprovoked war are the members of the unofficial colonizing federation U2RIT, namely, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, the Israel and the Turkey.

The aggressors are repeating the method by which, the Britons managed to Genocide the innocent and kind Nation of the Tasmanians, at 1642 and then.


  • During the past sixty years, the aggressors enforced within Greek territory the presence of restlers belonging to various, non-Greek ethnic groups. Those restlers, along with other domestic, non-Greek ethnic groups where, mostly, enlisted to a non-uniformed colonizing army. Various methods for realizing this enlisting have been exploited, all of which have resulted the, almost obvious, mental dissassociation with reality, of the members of this army. Among these methods, there was, long term medicating and Monarch-programming.

  • Many kinds of lethal front-organizations were established upon Greek soil for supporting the colonizing army’s black operations towards the extermination, of the Greek natural leadership’s members; and of any other Greek citizen which had been targeted by the colonizers due to, their being influencial towards their community; their owning “key” real estate; their possessing “key” business activities; their possessing “key” gate-keeping roles within Greek society, etc.

  • The colonizers, during the past years have migrated, almost totally, all the Greece’s social foundations, namely, the political system, the judicial system, the mass media, the security authirities, the armed forces, the medical domain, the banking system, the education system, the public organizations, etc., with the colonizing army’s, dissassociated with reality, members.

  • Consequently, the entire Greek State, gradually became dissintegrated. This means, among many other things that, the Greek citizens are experiencing almost a total lacking of State’s support even to the most elementary State’s services.

  • The aggressors are, systematically and overtly, perpetrating catastrophies in order to destroying the Greek Nation.

  • Greece possesses mineral reserves of enormous monetary wealth. Despite this possession, Greece is suffering an instrumental and extreme, economic crisis.

  • During 1974 they perpetrated the Cyprus treason which resulted the division of the Cyprus island.

  • During June 2010 they perpetrated the “Hugh Cooper & Co” treason perpetuating the Greek Nation subjugation for twenty five more years.

  • Currently, they attemting to establish the legal basis for the, near future, annexation of the, approximately, one half of Greece’s territory.

  • Since 1981 and then, the Greek Ministers of Interiors hire a specific private company for the computer processing of the elections results.

  • During the past sixty years, they exterminated the most part of Greece’s natural leadership and they perpetuated a Genocide against the Greek Nation’s members by causing to them, hopefully curable, mental harm.

  • The aggressors, according to sufficient indications, are being perpetrating against some of Greece’s legitimate dissidents a recurence of their traditional “Operation Condor”.

  • During the past, at least thirty years, gradually, it became very rare, meeting or noticing, among Greece’s gate-keeping holders any Greek physiognomy; therefore, the perpetration, on behalf of the aggressors crime against humanity of Aparthide, is obvious.

  • Among Greece’s political system’s members there is not even a single one that has been, promptly, spoken about terminating the “Hugh Cooper & Co” treaty, in order to make Greece’s mineral reserves eligible for economic exploitation for the benefit of the Greek citizens; therefore, the, somehow, subjugation, on behalf of the aggressors, of Greece’s political system is obvious.

  • The Greek Nation suffers, from an unexplained low rate of birth and an unexplained, around one hundred thousands (100,000) deaths due to “illnesses”, each year.

  • Due to the current political conditions, in Greece, many hundreds of thousands Greek scientists and educated professionals have, seemingly, migrated, though actually may have fleed, from Greece.

  • After the July 23, 2018 forest fire in Greece, which manifested simultaneously with the Greek citizens protests against Greek “government’s” handling with regard to FYROM’s illegitimate claims, ninty one (91) civilians were declared dead and twenty five (25) civilians were declared missing. According to reliable and named testimonies and according to sufficient evidence, this fire was deliberatly caused.

The innocent and kind Tasmanian Nation has vanished due to, also, the international community’s negligence.

Among the prudent members of our human kind, is there anyone who might claim that, there are no moral consequences, burdening, today, the rest of the Nations, for their, then, indifference during the Tasmanian Nation’s Genocide?

Concluding, I wish to kindly ask from the international community’s member States to actively support the Greek Nation, for coping with this, on U2RIT’s behalf, unprovoked, unilateral and hybrid, colonial aggression and, the least, to discontinue, as a first order’s diplomatic measure, their diplomatic relationships with them.


Christos Boumpoulis





Greece fire death toll at 91, 25 remain missing

Fire officials in Greece have raised the death toll from a wildfire that raged through a coastal area east of Athens to 91 and reported that 25 people are missing six days after blaze.

Before the national fire service updated the official number of fatalities Sunday night, it had stood at 86. Greek officials previously had not provided a tally of the people reported missing.

The fire sped flames through the village without warning on July 23. A database maintained by the Center for the Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters in Brussels shows it as the deadliest wildfire in Europe since 1900.

The vast majority of victims died in the fire itself, though a number drowned in the sea while fleeing the flames.

Dozens of volunteer divers, some of them retired Navy Seals, kept searching the sea on Sunday looking for the bodies of more possible victims.

Source: http://www.ekathimerini.com/231244/article/ekathimerini/news/greece-fire-death-toll-at-91-25-remain-missing


Greeks Protest to Defend Right to the Name ‘Macedonia’

ATHENS — More than 100,000 people gathered in the Greek capital on Sunday to stage the biggest demonstration in decades against the inclusion of the word “Macedonia” in the name of a neighboring former Yugoslav republic, saying it implies a territorial claim on a northern Greek region.

The rally, drawing around 140,000, according to police estimates, was larger even than most of the numerous demonstrations organized after Greece signed its first international bailout program in 2010, paving the way for years of painful belt-tightening. Still, the demonstration on Sunday appeared to fall far short of the one million that organizers said had attended.

Greece and the Republic of Macedonia began United Nations-mediated talks last month to try to settle the 25-year name dispute. Many Greeks argue that its neighbor’s use of “Macedonia” suggests an encroachment on the Greek region of that name, whose capital is Thessaloniki. That city has itself staged protests over the disagreement.

Using this argument, Greece has blocked the Republic of Macedonia’s attempts to join NATO and the European Union. The NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg, told officials in Skopje, Macedonia’s capital, last month that the name dispute with Greece would have to be resolved before the Balkan country could be considered for membership in the alliance.

The negotiations appear to have stirred patriotic sentiment, as well as stoking tensions, on both sides of the conflict. Last week, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias of Greece, who is representing Athens in the talks, received death threats in the mail that mentioned the negotiations.

For some Greeks, analysts say, the prospect of concessions in foreign policy is a step too far after years of submission to international creditors.

The Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis sought to tap into that patriotism in a speech on Sunday outside the Parliament building in Syntagma Square. “There is only one Macedonia,” he told the crowd. “It was, is and will always be Greek.”

The home of the 92-year-old composer, widely revered for his resistance to the military dictatorship in Greece of 1967 to 1974, was defaced on Saturday, apparently by vandals protesting his planned participation at the rally.

The demonstrators on Sunday came from around the country, many arriving in the capital aboard hundreds of buses, or from the islands by ferry. Some wore traditional clothing, while others dressed as Alexander the Great, the ancient Greek warrior king whose realm was centered in the northern Greek region of Macedonia. Right-wing politicians and representatives of the Greek Orthodox clergy joined them in a sea of Greek flags.

Thousands of police officers were deployed to keep the peace, and the organizers also asked army veterans and reserves to prevent infiltration by anarchists staging a separate rally. In the afternoon, a small crowd of anarchists threw stones at police officers, who responded with tear gas, but the unrest was brief and isolated.

Last month, Thessaloniki, Greece’s second city, drew around 100,000 people to a protest on the issue of use of the Macedonian name. Both demonstrations were a far cry, however, from one held in 1992, a year after the Balkan state broke away from Yugoslavia and named itself Macedonia. On that day, a million Greeks packed the streets of Thessaloniki.

The breakaway country joined the United Nations in 1993 under the provisional name the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Since then, however, dozens of countries have routinely referred to the nation as Macedonia.

Negotiations between Athens and Skopje have become strained. After the United Nations’ special envoy in the dispute, Matthew Nimetz, indicated last week that Athens did not appear to be “denying the identity of the Macedonian people,” he received an angry call from Mr. Kotzias, the Greek foreign minister.

“I clearly and sternly stressed that it is not within his competence to talk about what Athens’ policy is, much less to describe it incorrectly,” Mr. Kotzias said in a statement on Saturday.

The talks have also contributed to a rift in Greece’s governing coalition, with the leftist prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, saying it is “not unreasonable” for the word Macedonia to be used in a compound name for the country. His coalition partner, Panos Kammenos, who leads the right-wing Independent Greeks party and who is defense minister, has insisted that the word Macedonia must not be part of the neighbor’s name. The powerful Greek Orthodox Church also opposes allowing the neighbor rights to the word.

Even if the two nations were to reach a compromise, Macedonian officials have indicated that they would like to submit the deal to a popular vote by means of a referendum. Should that be the case, Greece would come under domestic pressure to do the same, most likely producing a deadlock.

Source: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/02/04/world/europe/greece-macedonia-protest.html


Greek elections data processing

Η SingularLogic αποτελεί το σταθερό συνεργάτη του Υπουργείου Εσωτερικών για τη μηχανογραφική επεξεργασία των αποτελεσμάτων όλων ανεξαιρέτως των εκλογικών αναμετρήσεων από το 1981 και μετά (Εθνικές, Ευρωεκλογές, Περιφερειακές & Δημοτικές).

Από τις πλέον μακροχρόνιες και επιτυχημένες συνεργασίες μεταξύ Δημοσίου και Ιδιωτικού τομέα, το έργο των εκλογών αποτελεί ένα ιδανικό case study υπηρεσιών outsourcing με ωφέλειες και για τις δύο πλευρές.

Το Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών μπορεί να βασιστεί σε ένα αξιόπιστο και σταθερό συνεργάτη, που μπορεί να αναλάβει την πλήρη κάλυψη του έργου σε πολλαπλούς τομείς:

Σχεδιασμός και υλοποίηση όλου του απαραίτητου λογισμικού

Παροχή και εγκατάσταση όλου του απαραίτητου εξοπλισμού

Κινητοποίηση του κατάλληλου ανθρώπινου δυναμικού.

Η SingularLogic αξιοποιεί τη διαχρονική εμπλοκή της σε αυτό το σημαντικό έργο με τη συνεχή αναβάθμιση και βελτίωση των συστημάτων και των σχετικών εφαρμογών. Επιπλέον, η εμπειρία που συγκεντρώνεται βοηθά την εταιρία να ηγείται σε σημαντικούς τομείς όπως Business Process Outsourcing, e-government, μεγάλα έργα του Δημοσίου κ.λπ..

Το έργο των εκλογών απευθύνεται αποκλειστικά στο Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών, που αναλαμβάνει τη συλλογή και επεξεργασία των εκλογικών αποτελεσμάτων για την αμεσότερη ενημέρωση του κοινού. Υπενθυμίζεται ότι τα επίσημα εκλογικά αποτελέσματα είναι αρμοδιότητα των κατά τόπους Πρωτοδικείων, κάτι που αναγκαστικά σημαίνει χρονοβόρα επεξεργασία που διαρκεί αρκετές ημέρες.

Η SingularLogic, σε συνεργασία με το Υπουργείο Εσωτερικών, αναλαμβάνει να υλοποιήσει και να υποστηρίξει έναν παράλληλο μηχανισμό συλλογής και επεξεργασίας των αποτελεσμάτων, που έχει καταλήξει να μπορεί να δώσει ακριβή πρόβλεψη για το τελικό αποτέλεσμα λίγες ώρες μετά το κλείσιμο της κάλπης.

Αν και στο ευρύ κοινό, ο ρόλος της SingularLogic έχει συσχετισθεί με την έγκαιρη και έγκυρη μετάδοση των αποτελεσμάτων τη βραδιά των εκλογών, η εταιρία συμβάλλει σημαντικά στην προετοιμασία και την οργάνωση του έργου που προηγείται και είναι εξίσου σημαντική, καθώς εξασφαλίζει την ορθότητα των αποτελεσμάτων.

Επίσης, μετά τις εκλογές αναλαμβάνει να συγκεντρώσει τα αποτελέσματα των πρωτοδικείων για να γίνει η τελική κεντρική επεξεργασία.

Source: https://portal.singularlogic.eu/solution/331/syllogi-epexergasia-paroysiasi-eklogikon-apotelesmaton


Note: The photo was found here,



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