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Detection method of a directed-energy weapons' assault (appendix) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Detecting directed-energy weapons


Detection method of a directed-energy weapons' assault (appendix)


Over the past few years I developed a simple method for detecting a directed-energy weapons' assault.
This method is intended to be exploited by any contemporary, legitimate political dissident and/or so-called, "targeted individual" and it is based on the presumption that, the directed-energy weapons act similarly like a micro-wave oven, namely, their energy is mostly absorbed by the water which is imbedded within human tissue and makes this water to evaporate while roasting the human tissue proportionally to the quantity of water that, each kind of tissue embeds (the human brain and the circulatory system, are constituted by an enormous proportion of water and this is why the directed-energy weapons are expected to very much cause harm to the human brain and the heart).
The human skin secretes human fat. And human fat contains a proportion of water.
The human fat, normally, remains electrically conductive; unless it has been roasted by microwave radiation.
Various electronic devices, the enclosure of which should be made from plastic material, like a modern digital photographic camera contain a memory card; and this memory card communicates electrically with the corresponding electronic device through its electric contactors (in a regular SD memory card there are nine contactors).
The detecting method is consisted in, wipping the ends of our, covered with traces of secreted human fat, fingers on the SD memory card's contactors and then placing the memory card in the corresponding electronic device.
According to my experimentation, a directed-evergy weapon's assault against an individual who carryes with him an electronic device with the memory card's contactors contaminated with a thin film of human fat, shall roast that human fat and it shall make it a non-conducting electricity, material. Consequently, the next time that the electronic device shall be powered-on, it shall be unable to access its memory card and shall prompt its user that, "there is no memory card".
This loss of communication between the electronic device and its memory card, according to my experimentation, constitute a strong evidence that, the one who was carrying with him the electronic device was subjected to a directed-energy weapon's assault.
This method does not results the destruction of the memory card.
There is a cleaning product which can be found in most of the supermarkets and elsewhere, that is able to remove from the memory card's contactors the roasted human fat. This product is, mainly, used for cleaning and degreasing any kind of electronic contactors. Such a cleaning product I bought in France and specifically, it is the "WD-40, Specialist, Nettoyant Contacts Séchage Rapide". There may have been many times that, this product has restored my memory cards' normal operation.
By using this simple detecting method I may have gained knowledge, of places; of ways; of personal identities; of the extent of usage; of the severity of usage; of the side effects, etc., of the contemporary, illegitimate usage, against innocent and legitimate civilians, of the directed-energy weapons.
And by publisizing this knowledge, in case, that knowledge, was actually gained, I estimate that, I might, involuntarily, jeopardize, unjustly, my own personal security. Therefore, for the time being, I refrain from disclosing such knowledge and also, I express my personal belief that, those who may authorise such illegitimate assaults and those who may perpetrate them, remain cruel murdereds and nothing more.


Christos Boumpoulis


P.S.: The above detection method, if it is, actually, effective, according to my opinion, may contribute positively in retaining, the brains and the hearts, of many, innocent, legitimate and defenseless, civilians in a good condition.




What is a People Cooker?


A People Cooker is:

an electronic weapon used to cook the body of people by invisible radiowaves (compare microwave oven), and used to incapacitate, torture and murder people.

a person (creature) using electronic weapons to incapacitate, torture and murder people (including children).

This is not science fiction. Electronic weapons are used world-wide by secret services against a countries own population. Electronic weapons are horrible weapons violation all human rights and leaving almost no evidence.


The people cookers - cooking people like a microwave oven cooks meat

[Published: April 28, 2008. Updated: May 4, 2008, May 9, 2008, June 10, 2008]


Military and intelligence agencies have developed frightful electronic weapons in black budget projects the last decades. These weapons, based on radio waves, are used to disable, to present pain and torture, to drive into suicide, schizofrenic or criminal behaviour. This is done by cooking/irradiating body parts, letting a victim hear voices, reading the mind, etc. through walls and from distance. Read and prepare yourself for the people cookers, you may be next!


Try to recall the most sick and disturbed persons you have ever read or heard about. Now try to imagine there are persons far worst than the ones you know, torturing innocent people slowly to death, torturing and murdering children, even torturing and murdering animals. That is really difficult to accept for us, normal people as we are.We simply do not want to believe this kind of evil exists, it makes us sick, we may start vomiting when stories so horrible are being suggested, being told.

But it can be even worst. Imagine this evil is related to your government, is being approved, executed, controlled, outsourced by your national secret services including military. It is all hard to believe isn't it. Unfortunately for your peace of mind these disturbed persons really exist, and unfortunately your national secret services are really involved in these horrible activities. But even more unfortunate are the victims of these horrible crimes.


The new generation of electronic weapons is capable of burning and cooking humans, destroying (exploding) body tissue, or cause heart attacks. This is all possible from large distances (hundreds of meters) and through walls. These weapons are now (2008) being used at large by secret services to eliminate people: incapacitate, drive into suicide, insanity, criminal behaviour, or are just used to cause heart failure, brain damage, etc. They replace knife, bullet, poison, car accidents.


Push button torture & murder - cooking people


Secret services have turned into depots of psychopaths and murderers. And it is getting worse. They now recruit people to press the buttons of these electronic weapons, button[1] is cook-a-person, button[2] is simulate-a-heart-attack, button[3] is simulate/cause-kidney-failure. Can you image a person microwaving someone like a microwave oven cooks meat?


Electronic weapons, capabilities April 2008


Low-power microwave weapons can be hidden e.g. in a shopping bag and are used to distract e.g. by giving you burning sensation, stings, make you burp or fart within seconds, blur your vision. High power microwave (HPM) weapons can be installed everywhere and mounted in cars (including your own) and can be used to cook a person like a microwave oven cooks meat, to 'shoot' and burn. Most of these weapons can be aimed very precise, that is why they are called Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). From a distance (and through walls) they can hit you, but not the person sitting next to you. Sometimes these weapons are called non-lethal because they are designed to be applied only for a very short period with the intention to incapacitate people or make people get out of the beam, not to kill them immediately. All experts agree that zapping persons for extended periods is very damaging, which is easy to understand, compare reports about cell phone irradiation.


The perfect weapon, does not kill (immediately), leaves no evidence


If you want people out of the way without evidence you cannot use a gun. There will be proof of a bullet and damaged tissue. With current electronic weapons eliminating people is very easy and best of all, elimination is without evidence. When you want to prevent a person from giving a presentation at work, you can heat him up the night before so he will feel sick, give some diareah, make him cough when talking, make him scratch his head, etc. If this was done to you, would you be able to understand this? Probably you would think you just had the worst luck that day. BUT THIS WAS NOT BAD LUCK: YOU WERE INCAPACITATED WITH ELECTRONIC WEAPONS. In other words, you were cooked that day. They also may do this to the target's children, meaning the target must stay home or go home to take care of his child.


Low power/low intensity is just as damaging to your functioning as a human being


Electronic weapons will not immediately kill you or burn a hole in your body. When you are in a meeting someone in the same room can zap your head with a low intensity device, so you want to scratch your head. Someone may fire an energy burst at your throat so you start coughing when you are doing your presentation. They may mount a microwave weapon in your home aimed at your legs when you are in bed and after a month you have to see a doctor because your feet really hurt. They attack your credibility or have you out of the way during important events. These are all very damaging low power/low intensity applications. You may loose your job, a promotion, your family, etc.


High power/high intensity is horrible torture


If the target understands what is being done to him they will increase frequency and intensities. The target gets cooked by HPM (high power microwave), for example every five minutes he receives a burst making him burp, giving a burning sensation on the back, feeling cooked inside where beam went through, and in case of high intensity there is also a burning sensation where the beam leaves the body. Or they make the target's body react to what is happening in his surroudings. E.g. everytime a car passes by, the target is zapped so that he will burp or fart at the same time (it takes 1-3 seconds to make make a person burp or fart). Or they burn his intestinals (tailbone) so he will suffer horrible cramps, burn his back with insane intensity when he is in the swimming pool, shoot HPM at him when he is running. THIS HORRIBLE TORTURE IS CALLED PEOPLE COOKING.


Everybody can be a target


In some cases you are just a one time target, and once they they got what they want they will go away. In other cases, you are on a list and must be eliminated, not because you are a bad person but mostly because you just was at the wrong place at the wrong time. If 1-out-of-20 people in your country are connected somehow to the national secret services network (probably much more) then chances are you have co-workers, friends, acquintances who are part of this network. Of course they will not tell you this.


Part of the population is eliminated to let the sick system survive i.e. recruit new agents (murderers), see also the links below. May be you have something they want, e.g. your house is at a strategic position (corner), may be you criticize the policy of your government, may be you are a loner, may be you are an activist, may be you play piano on sunday mornings, may be you know something of some person.


You may argue that the chance you become a target is very small. That is right. But don't think you cannot become a target if you live a normal life, in fact most persons placed on this list are friendly, non-shooting back persons. You may become a target more easy then get involved in a car accident.


Physical and mental death


If you have been selected to be eliminated, see above, neighbours, co-workers, friends, etc. are recruited and become part of the sick system. The aim is your physical or mental death: suicide, phychiatric patient, criminal, disease caused by irradiation or poisening. Although gang stalking techniques are used for this and are very effective for may be 90% of the cases, the process is significantly speeded by applying electronic weapons. These weapons are used to make a target look like a schizophrenic. If the target does not know about these weapons he may think he has been hit by the fury of God himself. If the target does know, then it is very difficult to convince other people what is done to him.


These weapons have been developed but they did not tell us and did not develop methods to detect these kinds of harassment. Governments/secret services keep electronic weapons out of the media, police is not instructed on what to do with complaints like these.


Covert electronic harassment/torture - examples


It is called covert as the target being burned/cooked has no clue of what is happening. Examples:

Heated body, feeling sick like having the flu

Headaches that come and suddenly disappear

Sting sensations like a fly or mosquito

Blurred vision

Irresistible coughing

Very serious diareah

Heart attack/cramps

Kidney pain

Excessive burping

Excessive farting

Stomach pain

Stomach bubbling

Intestinals cramps

Pain in the legs

Pain in ankles

Heel muscle

Reduced strength in hands

Aging the body


If you do not know what can be done to you, you will get a wrong diagnose because nothing is wrong with you (in the first place)! You may even get operated.


Covert electronic harassment/torture - How it is applied


Most of this harassment is done the same ways people are gang stalked. If you tell someone about these incidents, they will say: I got the same problem sometimes.

When you bend over they hit your back

When you stand on one foot e.g. in the kitchen to get something from a cupboard they hit that foot

When you turn your head, they hit your neck

When you sleep they cook your legs so they will feel stiff the next morning

When you sleep they wake you by cooking your stomach

When you rub your eyes they blur your vision


Also important is that they 'help' the target by making things worst. Example: suppose your left leg becomes painful because you hit a piece of wood by accident. Now, they will zap your leg at the location you feel pain over and over again, including nights, to make you suffer (maximum pain).


Non-covert electronic harassment/torture - examples


It is called non-covert as the target being burned/cooked knows exactly what is happening.

All mentioned above

Make your body react (burp/fart) to cars driving by your house

Burn your anus

Microwave you with insane intensity (you feel like being cooked alive)

Shoot you with HPM when on the street

Burn/cook your body

Leave visible evidence of their attacks

Burn your child e.g. in the stomach, then burn you in the stomach

Burn/cook your children reacting to what you say/do

Shoot your child in the eye when you dry the face after a shower (to make it appear you hurt them)


Also important is that they 'get exited' when the target makes mistakes. Example: suppose you release a software update but something is not correct. Now they will beam you on the head, the back, your child, etc. to drive you out of your mind, insane. Sometimes they wait for a long time just to get a good 'shot'.


The people cookers belong to sickest species on the planet


As already stated above, the only thing people applying electronic torture have in common with normal people is that they look human. They are murderers and as such there no boundaries for them anymore. It cannot be emphasized enough, the persons applying electronic harassment/torture belong to the sickest species on the planet. I know,other horrible torture also exists, like cutting organs from a living persons. You cannot compare horrible torture, but day-by-day torture by people cooking, including children, certainly is very horrible (the end result being physical or mental death).


The people cookers are part of the psychopaths and murderers that make up your national secret services. We, the normal people, created laws and human rights. The ones who violate these must be jailed. Let's jail these bastards!



Peoplecooker.com (in Dutch: mensenkoker.nl)

The Hidden Evil (by Mark Rich)


The normal people at war with the mentally ill (the murderers and psychopaths)

Secret service: fear for the truth to be revealed!(13) - normal people are murdered to keep the system running (the sick system needs blood to survive and expand)

Secret service: fear for the truth to be revealed!(9) - use of electronic weapons (including mind invasive technology) to suggest psychiatric problems, schizophrenia

Bioeffects of Selected Non-Lethal Weapons

Electronic Torture

Electronische Wapens (in Dutch)

Peter Mooring


Source: https://www.peoplecooker.com/


Dr. Rauni-Leena Luukanen-Kilde: Mind-Control




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