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Τα μεταλλεία της Κίρκης



Marlon Brando: Treatment of Native Americans/Indians by Colonialists



Deadly “Radio Silence” – Kirki’s Copper Mine

The international community, with regard to the “Hugh Cooper & Co” treaty, currently, “behaves” in a way that, more or less, reminds the “Horror Movie”.

The copper reserves of the mine which is located near to the Kirki village, at Evros prefecture, at northern Greece, are, approximatelly, one hundred times more than Chile’s copper reserves.

In order for these copper reserves to remain unexploited, thus keeping the international prices of copper intact, an overt treason was committed by Greece’s, political system, mass media, justice foundation, security authorities, military domain, academic domain, etc.; and generalized, economic, political and social, catastrophies were perpetrated in order to cover-up the treason.

The interesting question is, why no one, within the international community, denounces the violation, against Greece, of the, colonialism banning, international law?

The following questionaraire might clarify this issue:

  1. Were, in Greece, as front organizations, private schools; children’s summer campings; children’s supplemental teaching centers, etc., by which, Greece’s colonizers were, systematically, destroying and/or subjecting to involuntary medical/scientific/pharmaceutical experimentations, from the Greek children, those which were presenting exceptionally high abilities and were, would be, future members of Greece’s natural leadership, in order for, preemptively, excluding the possibility for Greece to gain an effective and patriotic leadership?

  2. Were, in Greece, convicts that they were, systematically, being enlisted in the colonizers’ non-uniformed mercenary’s army, after their prison sentence was served and they were unable to find a professional job for earning their living?

  3. Have, the colonizers, terminated their, ages long, practice of perpetrating genocides against their colonies’ populations?

  4. What is the origin of the colonizers’ non-uniformed, mercenary army’s, untraceable, financial income?

  5. Have, Greece’s social institutions, been migrated by colonizers’ non-uniformed, mercenary army’s members?

  6. Are, Greece’s colonizers being performing death programs, namely gang-stalking, against innocent and legitimate, political dissidents?

  7. Were, some of Greece’s, supposedly, most prominent citizens, mare smagglers of human organs/tissues?

  8. Are, Greece’s colonizers, using, systematically, illegal chemical/biological/directed_energy weapons against innocent Greek civilians?

By answering the above questionare, I am almost certain that, the reasons for the international community’s deadly, quasi, “radio silence” would become revealed; and a “window of opportunity”, for the international community to re-orient towards, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity, might open.


Christos Boumpoulis




1. In the above Youtube video which is titled, “ΑΫΦΑΝΤΗΣ ΚΟΥΠΕΡ NEWSΚΟΣΜΟΣ” (www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiP2DlSCIBc), the prominent Greek military general George Aifantis testifies that, the entire Greek political system, during June 2010, committed treason against Greece by not terminating the "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty. That treaty was signed between, essentially, the U.S.A. and the Greek government, as a consequence of the “Marsal” economic aid plan, after the end of the WW2. By that treaty the control of the total of Greece’s mineral wealth was transferred, exclusively, to the American, until 31/12/2010. In that treaty a term was included that was giving to the Greek government the opportunity to unilateraly terminate the treaty before 30/6/2010; otherwise, the treaty was going to, silently, become renewed for twenty five more years.

2. Retired Greek Army General George Aifantis

Greece, gentlemen, who has mineral wealth more than a hundred times, than Chile's, why then is she hungry? Because they do not allow us to exploit this wealth. And they do not allow us to exploit, gentlemen, our mineral wealth, because of a concession that once happened towards the American companies and the consequence is that the U.S.A. is going to dominate the wealth of our Stat held by America, our state wealth for another twenty-five years.

Because when a year ago, on television in Athens, I was presented and urged the government to unilaterally, terminate the Cooper treaty, because it had a magnificent article, the thirty article, saying: "Six months before the ending of the treaty, which it was on 30/12/2010, if, until 30/12/2010, the Greek Government does not declare the unilateral termination of the treaty, it is non-verbally renewed for another twenty-five years, and therefore, fellow Greeks, be careful if you let the same Government and the same political parties, to govern our country in the future, after the new elections, you must know that we will be slaves for another twenty-five years because the Cooper treaty was renewed, silently, and all our minerals shall be controlled by the U.S.A.


If, however, fellow Greeks, you manage to change governments; to change the Constitution; and vote for Greek politicians, in the upcoming elections and consequently a Greek government becomes formed then, [she] may consider the Cooper treaty void. Because, there have already been fifty years passed without, this treaty, being activated and consequently, it can become unilaterally terminated.

However, the current members of all parties, although I said that the Communist Party had a moral obligation, because the one who first revealed the Cooper's treaty was executed and he gave his own blood and his own life for the revelation of Cooper's treaty, that political Party had a moral line.

Good and clear words, after thirty years of drilling, at Thessaly and Grevena, has been proven to exist as mineral reserves, gas and oil; there is a secret report at IGME, which is being manipulated from the outset and does not take its reports out for giving them to the Greek people and we, as a result, remain collectively hungry.

Hitler, when he brought troops of occupation, worked here in the village of Vathi, Kilkis, for mining uranium. And he took uranium and made seven bombs. What happened to the bombs, you'll find it in my book, "Awakening". Those, which the Americans threw at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, were Hitler's. They did not have bombs, then, the Americans. And they were taken from the uranium of Kilkis, the village of Vathi, Kilkis. He worked in Kirki village, between Alexandroupolis and Sappes. Close to the train there is the Kirki village. Close to this village, there is Kirki's mines, sulfur-mixed.

The sulfur-mixed, my dear Greeks, are chemical composites, it is from the nature, so it is joined with many metals: iron, copper, gold, lead, silver.

It is so rich the Kirki's mine, in copper, silver, gold and lead, which are the richest in the world.

The pellons, we call them so, we which are dealing with the mines, because, of course, Sirs, I have also studied physicochemistry and have been dealing with the mines for several years. Because he had thrown me away, the junta from the army for a few years and in order to brought up my children, because I knew physics and chemistry, I was making research over the mountains and I was discovering marbles and mines and then I was selling them to those who had money in order to live my children. I have see them and I know them better than the IGME's executives who get information them from the books and maps; however, the books are taken from England and Germany, not from our own domestic research.

The metal that goes into the rock, if it is thirty centimeters, forty centimeters, its width, we call it, a pellon. It has come out of the Greek word, "vein".

All over the world, exploiting, Gentlemen, in sulfur-mixed are, at most, half a meter, sixty, seventy centimeters. Do you know how much Kirki's pellons are? Twenty-five and thirty meters, Gentlemen. And it is totally unexploited. Those Nations who have, twenty centimeters, thirty, pellons, exploit and live their peoples. Since the day Hitler left, the Greek governments have not put, at Kirki's mine not even a glimpse.

Source: transcript from the Youtube video, title: "ΑΫΦΑΝΤΗΣ ΚΟΥΠΕΡ NEWSΚΟΣΜΟΣ", link: www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiP2DlSCIBc


3. The photo was found in wikipedia.




The body of former Chilean President Salvador Allende was exhumed in May in an attempt to determine whether the democratically elected Socialist president was murdered by the Chilean military in the initial stages of the coup or whether he committed suicide as General Augusto Pinochet claimed on that day, September 11, 1973.

The sixty-five year old president had been in office for three years. An official investigation has also been opened in the death of world renown Chilean poet Pablo Neruda, who died on September 23, 1973. His death, the junta reported, was from prostate cancer, but the newly released military files indicate he too may have been murdered by the Pinochet regime. Neruda was sixty-nine at the time of his death. Neruda’s driver has said that he (Neruda) had been poisoned by Pinochet’s henchmen.

Judge Mario Carroza ordered investigations into both deaths. While most appear to support the investigations, some say they will “open up old wounds.” While Pinochet continues to have supporters in the Chilean right, most Chileans want to see the truth, and perhaps justice.

The wanton nature of Pinochet’s regime and their foreign backers, particularly U.S. President Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger, have always called into question the true nature of the oft self-proclaimed “greatest democracy in the World” and its foreign policy. Even prior to Salvador Allende’s election to the presidency in 1970, the U.S. government was at work interfering with Chile’s internal affairs and sovereignty. For example, Nixon and Kissinger had funneled several million dollars to candidates opposing Allende before the election and continued funding opposition figures after the election.

Allende’s first act as president was to make sure that all school children had milk. In part, this policy was enacted because he, as a medical doctor, saw developmental deficiencies in many poor children. Therefore, he concluded that the inclusion of milk in their diet would greatly improve their health and well-being.

At the same time, Allende and his Popular Unity Party allies were prevalent among the copper miners, union people in general and shantytown dwellers. Accordingly, the political right, rich and foreign corporate interests, particularly Kennecott Copper, Anaconda and ITT, were all set in opposition to Allende. This was especially the case since he aimed to nationalized most major corporations in the belief that the revenue from a nation’s resources should be directed towards the common good, social development and poverty alleviation rather then to enrich the already wealthy elites and foreign corporations.

So it is understandable that Nixon and Kissinger were very active in attempting to manipulate Chile’s internal affairs immediately after Salvador Allende’s election. Indeed, the first act in relation was the assassination of General Rene Schneider on October 22, 1970. (People should not forget that the first 9/11 type of event is considered by many researchers to have taken place in 1973 and was an act of state terrorism against the democratically elected government of Salvador Allende in Chile.) The assassination of Rene Schneider, who was sympathetic to Chilean democracy, opened the door for Pinochet to, then, lead the military.

“60 Minutes” aired an episode outlining the Schneider story just a few days before the second (the US) 9/11 occurred. The timing perhaps was appropriate.

Throughout the Allende presidency as he was implementing programs to achieve the realization of his social and domestic policies, the U.S. was running constant interference with Chile’s trade relations and international banking relations. Therefore, the reality with Chile is that we were never allowed to see what a free, socialist Chile would have looked like because of the constant interference and ultimately violent U.S. led opposition to a democratically elected, socialist president.

(It is easy to imagine the reasons that a successful socialist-leaning country would pose a serious threat to the USA in relation to its prevalent economic models, political system and connected ideological underpinning. In relation, the destruction or marginalization of such a country, in tandem with propaganda about socialism, is an acceptable and longstanding US policy whether involving Salvador Allende, Venezuela’s Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías or any number of other leaders who would cut into maximum earnings by US favored corporations in order to serve their own countries’ people. Under the circumstances, perhaps US citizens can learn a lesson about their own present economic conditions.)

So after the coup with the US’s darling Pinochet in power, Kennecott and Anaconda were free to extract Chile’s mineral wealth with no concern for the society, justice, nor ecological considerations. Instead, profits and other sorts of self-serving gains were the main concerns, just as they are today vis-à-vis the US government’s cozy relationship with big business at the expense of average people in their own and other nations.

All considered, Chile’s current willingness to take an honest look at her history is commendable, as the pursuit of truth and justice are sorely needed when such grievous wrongs have existed for so many countrymen in the fairly recent past. (The most common number of civilians killed by Pinochet’s regime is “over 3,200.” It’s apparent that the number is way more then 3,200, but its hard to find a more specific sum since much of the slaughter was undertaken in a clandestine manner.) Moreover, Chile’s example in such an honest self-examination could eventually be emulated by many other governments, including West Papua’s in Indonesia.

A close but almost totally ignored parallel to Chile’s resource wealth and corrupt history is West Papua, Indonesia. West Papua is one of the most resource rich places on Earth with large amounts of gold and copper. Despite the tremendous resource wealth, most of the people residing there live in extreme poverty. Further, West Papua was taken over by Indonesia during the time of the Suharto dictatorship, and with (of course) the blessing of the US government.

Such a blessing is understandable in light of the fact that the primary beneficiary of wealth extracted to date has been the U.S. based mining company Freeport. Indeed, U.S. corporate interests continue to reap the resource wealth across the world while demonstrating little or no concern for the populations or environment in those places that are making them rich. So Freeport is hardly the exception to the rule in its partnership with the brutal Indonesian military, involved in many human rights abuses, serving as Freeport’s main security force.

West Papua is and has been for over forty years under occupation by the Indonesian military, that is in turn supported by the U.S. with arms and periodic training arrangements paid for by the US taxpayers. As we wait to find out the truth concerning Salvador Allende and Pablo Neruda, we should bear in mind that their history is simply one component in our struggle for truth and justice — a longstanding, ongoing and never ending process that must never be abandoned.

Source: https://www.globalresearch.ca/the-death-of-salvador-allende-murder-or-suicide/25272


CHILE. During the Cold War era, Hitchens tells us, Chile was “the most highly evolved pluralistic democracy in the southern hemisphere of the Americas,” with its electorate divided along these lines: one-third communist and socialist, one-third conservative, and one-third centrist. With the help of funds poured into the country by our CIA, the left-wingers were kept away from the controls. But in 1970, Surprise! Radicals put together enough alliances to elect D. Salvador Allende, a sort-of Marxist, to the presidency. That made the extreme right-wingers very unhappy, as it also did the CIA and U.S. corporations with branches in Chile, such as ITT, Pepsi-Cola, and the Chase Manhattan Bank. Kissinger would come to their rescue.

By long-established tradition, Chile’s military stayed out of politics. General Rene Schneider, chief of the Chilean General Staff, was a firm believer in that tradition. Since those who wanted to overthrow President Allende (and this definitely included Kissinger) needed the cooperation of the military, it was decided that Schneider had to be kidnapped and, if he resisted, murdered. This was done. The details of how it was done are too complicated to go into here. As to the degree of the CIA’s involvement and whether Kissinger is guilty of “direct collusion in the murder of a democratic officer in a democratic and peaceful country,” the evidence supplied by Hitchens is convincing.

In any event, Chile would not be democratic or peaceful much beyond the election of Allende. With the assistance of the CIA, a military junta headed by the fascist General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte assassinated Allende and seized power in September 1973, and for the next 15 years ruled Chile by terror. Thousands of Chilean moderates and liberals were “disappeared.” Some of Allende’s major supporters fled Chile for their lives, but “hit men” armed and subsidized by the CIA hunted them down and killed them. The most notorious example was the car-bombing assassination of the former Chilean foreign minister Orlando Letelier and his aide Ronni Moffitt as they rode through the streets of Washington, D.C.

The active complicity of Kissinger in some of these crimes and acquiescent awareness of all of these crimes as they unfolded is forcefully argued by Hitchens by the use of documents, once secret, that have been released in recent years. The complicity of Kissinger can also be assumed from his power over the CIA, which was the U.S. government’s chief agent of evil in Chile and elsewhere. Although the CIA often seemed to run completely wild, Hitchens tells us that actually during this period a semi-clandestine body called the Fory Committee (sounds like something out of the Stalin era, doesn’t it?) “maintained ultimate supervision over United States covert actions overseas (and, possibly, at home).” It reviewed every covert operation undertaken by the CIA and other intelligence agencies.

Between 1969 and 1976, Henry Kissinger was chairman of that committee.

EAST TIMOR. Kissinger does not mention East Timor in his memoirs, and one can see why. There is strong evidence that he gave the go-ahead for its destruction.

This small country in the Indonesian archipelago became an orphan when the Portuguese colonial empire melted in 1974. Struggling to stay alive, the East Timorese created a left-wing government, but its weakness tempted the giant next door. On December 7, 1975, Indonesia’s corrupt dictator General Suharto (later deposed and jailed by his own people) sent troops into East Timor to seize control. Timorese resisted with gallant stubbornness, and paid the price of at least 100,000 deaths (some put the death toll at 200,000)–one-sixth the entire population.

The invasion of East Timor was launched only a few hours after Kissinger and President Ford had stopped in Indonesia to meet with General Suharto and his military cadre. Before leaving Indonesia, Kissinger told the press that the United States would not recognize the new East Timor republic and “the United States understands Indonesia’s position on the question.” It was plain that Kissinger and Ford had given Suharto the go-ahead for the invasion, using arms that the United States had ostensibly supplied for “defense.” Years later, Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who was our ambassador to the United Nations at the time of the invasion of East Timor, wrote in his memoir that Kissinger “wished things to turn out as they did, and worked to bring this about.”

Hitchens is among the many who believe Kissinger profited from his diplomatic assistance to Indonesia’s old establishment, which opened the way for James Moffett’s Freeport MacMoRan to control one of the world’s largest gold-and-copper mining operations. “In 1989,” writes Hitchens, “Freeport MacMoRan paid Kissinger Associates a retainer of $200,000 and fees of $600,000, not to mention a promise of a two-percent commission on future earnings.” Kissinger also became a well-paid member of its board of directors. In 1991 Kissinger helped Moffett close “a deal for a thirty-year license to continue exploiting” the Indonesian mining operation.

At a large New York City gathering to promote one of his books in 1995, Kissinger was waylayed by questioners who insisted on raising the 20-year-old shame of the East Timor bloodbath. At first he tried to brush aside the issue, saying “to us, Timor, look at a map, it’s a little speck of an island. This was not a big thing on our radar screen.” But the questioners continued to pursue him. Journalist Allan Nairn confronted him with a State Department memo of December 18, 1975, proving that Kissinger and President Ford had given U.S. approval for the invasion. Furthermore, said Nairn, Ford had personally told him in an interview that they had given approval. Then Nairn hit him with the bombshell question: “Would you support the convening of an international war crimes tribunal under UN supervision on the subject of East Timor and would you agree to abide by its verdict in regard to your own conduct?”

Source: https://www.texasobserver.org/341-he-can-run-but-he-cant-hide-why-is-henry-kissinger-so-scared-of-universal-jurisdiction-christopher-hitchens-counts-the-ways/