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 Heiko Maas



Open Letter to the G.F.M. Mr. Heiko Maas


To: The German Foreign Affairs Minister Mr. Heiko Maas.

From: Mr. Christos Boumpoulis

Date 3/7/2018

Subject: Request for urgent support.


Your Excellency Mr. Heiko Maas,

The obvious persistence by which, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Israel and Turkey, pursue, the globalization of transhumanism, the institutionalization of the Human Rights' violations, and the gradual elimination of the Nations' sovereignty, is profound.

There is a coup d' étet, in Greece, at least since June 2010 and most probably for the last sixty years or more. Responsible for this coup d' étet remain the United Kingdom and the rest of the above mentioned Nations.

During this period, illegal, human experimentations and human harvesting, have taken place and thousands of innocent Greek civilians have died, due to the existing political establishment, in Greece, including most of the legitimate political dissidents and many members of Greece's natural leadership, like, Archibishop Christodoulos, Malvina Karali, singer Arleta, Socratis Giolias, Giannis Aggelou, Panagiotis Kondylis, Christodoulos Floudas, and many more.

In Greece, these days, the British colonialism presents its most monstrous manifestation.

I, kindly, request, your urgent support in order, to remain alive; to remain healthy; and to retain my freedom, as according to sufficient indications, the British government is determined to “silence” me by any means, even by assassinating me, for the following reasons:

  1. As a victim of illegitimate human experimentations, I possess knowledge about, the illegal methods; the identity of perpetrators; and the identity of front-organizations, which were used for victimizing innocent Greek civilians, during the past sixty years.

  2. I possess crucial knowledge about the death of my father, Takis Bompolas, who, according to sufficient indications, he was murdered.

  3. I possess knowledge related to torturing of crucial judicial witnesses, in contemporary Greece.

  4. I possess knowledge about the methods which, the colonial establishment in Greece exploits, in order to retain its political power and perpetuate its existence.

  5. I possess knowledge about the perpetrators of an assassination attempt, against myself,  which taken place during 2006, in Athens, Greece.

  6. I possess knowledge about the preparations which, Russia is being perpetrated, for the annexation of Evros prefecture, at northern Greece.

  7. I manifest, for the past decade, political activism which promotes, the rule of Law; Democracy; Freedom; Greece's independence; and the Human Rights.

  8. I, publicly, promote, the legitimate and peaceful downfall of Greece's coup d' étet and the restoration of Democracy and Freedom, in Greece.

Without your support, while remaining in Germany, my personal security isn't secured at all.

During my 2011 visit in Germany, there has been, at least, one assassination attempt against me. More specifically, around midst 2011, my private car's, clutch hydraulic system was sabotaged in order to leak and simultaneously, the timing belt was purposely made louse, by unknown to me perpetrators.

Also, innumerable other times, during my latter visits in Germany I was subjected to gang-stalking of the most severe form, including extreme occasions were, false incriminating, against myself, evidence were, seemingly, attempted to become fabricated.

Furthermore, since British colonialism has, currently, entered an extreme crisis as, its atrocious methods are being, systematically, exposed all over the world by named witnesses and even worst, as one of its victimized Nations, Greece, is, currently, struggling to regain its Freedom, the British government with the support of the other four contributing governments, apparently, shall not hesitate to “sacrifice” any political dissident, like myself, in order to enforce discipline within its colonial empire.

Therefore, I kindly request for your urgent mobilization for securing, my survival and my personal security, and also, if you allow me, I hold you responsible, as being the German Minister of Foreign Affairs, for effectively assisting me in, legitimately, defending myself against the profound aggressiveness of the contemporary colonialism.

Concluding, I wish to express my belief that, the brother Nations, Germany and Greece, by standing, each one by the other's side, they shall manage to cope effectively with this awful international crisis and afterwards, they shall establish, for themselves and for others, circumstances of genuine, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.




Christos Boumpoulis





1. The prominent Greek, constitutional law professor George Kasimatis testifies that, there is a coup d' étet in Greece and that, the Eurozone member-States are financially supporting it. Γ Κασιμάτης: 1ο Μνημόνιο - Πραξικόπημα & Κατοχή, www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_DJKs_LjsI

2. The prominent Greek military general George Aifantis testifies that, the entire Greek political system, during June 2010, committed treason against Greece by not terminating the "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty. ΑΫΦΑΝΤΗΣ ΚΟΥΠΕΡ NEWSΚΟΣΜΟΣ, www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiP2DlSCIBc

3. ”Σύμφωνα με όσα αποκάλυψε κάποτε ο Γιάννης Λάτσης στην Ελένη Γλύκατζη-Αρβελέρ, το κρατικό μόρφωμα των Σκοπίων είναι ιδιοκτησία του διαβόητου κερδοσκόπου Τζορτζ Σόρος”.
Πηγή: www.youmagazine.gr/2018/01/24523-ahrweiler-idioktisia-tou-soros-ta-skopia
The prominent Greek professor Mrs Helen Glikantzi-Ahrweiler testifies that, according to the Greek tycoon Giannis Latsis, the State of FYROM belongs to the international investor George Soros.

4. The American professor Eric Karlstrom testifies that, gang-stalking exists as a violent and illegitimate means of oppressing and destroying the legitimate political dissidents, in all the countries of the world, with no exception. Gang Stalking: Nowhere To Hide- With Eric Karlstrom. www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNjTG9g1fWU



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