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Legal Notice 106 - Coup d' étet in Greece

Γ Κασιμάτης: 1ο Μνημόνιο - Πραξικόπημα & Κατοχή


1. The prominent Greek, constitutional law professor George Kasimatis testifies that, there is a coup d' étet in Greece and that, the Eurozone member-States are financially supporting it.





2. The prominent Greek military general George Aifantis testifies that, the entire Greek political system, during June 2010, committed treason against Greece by not terminating the "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty.

3. Σύμφωνα με όσα αποκάλυψε κάποτε ο Γιάννης Λάτσης στην Ελένη Γλύκατζη-Αρβελέρ, το κρατικό μόρφωμα των Σκοπίων είναι ιδιοκτησία του διαβόητου κερδοσκόπου Τζορτζ Σόρος.
Πηγή: www.youmagazine.gr/2018/01/24523-ahrweiler-idioktisia-tou-soros-ta-skopia
The prominent Greek professor Mrs Helen Glikantzi-Ahrweiler testifies that, according to the Greek tycoon Giannis Latsis, the State of FYROM belongs to the international investor George Soros.


Gang Stalking: Nowhere To Hide- With Eric Karlstrom

4. The American professor Eric Karlstrom testifies that, gang-stalking exists as a violent and illegitimate means of oppressing and destroying the legitimate political dissidents, in all the countries of the world, with no exception.



5. Mahatma Gandhi — 'Poverty is the worst form of violence'.


Main Subject
Almost recently, I visited a small beverages shop, located in a country in the central Europe, in order to buy some refreshements.
During my visit, two, unknown to me, members of a company of customers, which were, simultaneously, visiting this shop, initially, started to noisly arguing and then started to punch each other with their feasts.
During their fight some of the shop's products were thrown to the floor.
There were surveilance cameras within the shop.
That fight seemed like being fake as, those who were fighting with each other, kept punching each other, though, without any indication of pain being manifested.
Also, the police patrol which arrived at the scene, after the two fighting persons had already left, kept waiting outside the shop, without questioning anyone and with no obvious reason.
During my visit in the shop and for security reasons I made a, 18 minutes long, selfie video-recording.
The next day I noticed an unknown to me individual who kept behaving in a way that created to me the impression that he was, persistently, gang-stalking me.
At the time of this incident the behaviors of the two fighting with each other individuals seemed to me suspicious and I suspect that, this incident may had been an attempt for framing me.
Probable motives of such a supposed framing are the followings:

1. I am a legitimate Greek political dissident advocating the legitimate interests of my native country Greece which currently suffers a coup d' étet.
2. I am an eye witness of certain crimes committed by operatives of the perpetrating, the coup d' étet in Greece, countries, namely, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, the Russian Federation, Israel and Turkey.
3. I possess personal knowledge of the identities of certain individuals, who seem to work for various British services and the initials of their names are, ΑΟ, ΑΑ, ΛΦ, ΚΚ, ΙΝ, ΔΚ, ΝΓ, ΑΑ, ΠΨ, ΧΠ, ΦΜ, ΦΑ, ΕΑ, ΕΓ, ΕΜ, ΜΔ, ΑΠ, ΘΓ, ΒΣ, ΔΚ, ΔΖ, ΝΚ, ΔΧ, ΣΕ, ΑΤ, ?Ι, ΚΚ, Φ?, ΡΜ, ΡΟ, ΓΜ, ΓΜ, ΓΛ, ΣΕ. Those individuals may have been involved, on behalf of the United Kingdom, in the committment of crimes against innocent, adults and/or children, members of the Greek Nation.
4. I possess knowledge about certain front-organizations in Greece which may be involved in the committment, on behalf of the perpetrating the coup d' étet in Greece colonizing countries, of various inhumane crimes.

Additionally, I wish to declare that, the perpetrating the coup d' étet in Greece, coutries' services are, systematically, gang-stalking me, for the past, at least four years and that, according to sufficient indications, they are perpetrating illegal active measure against me for financially destroying me in order, most probably, to abuse against me existing legislation which is related to the marginalized members of society and by this way to, criminally, achieve my unjust institutionalization.
The manifested in Greece coup d' étet exists for at least 65 years; it is violent and lethal; it uses all existing means, even unimaginable ones, for the material and political benefit of the perpetrating, colonizing metropolis and for its own perpetuation; it has made even the slitest leftover of the colonizers', would be, trustworthiness to vanish; and its has, sadly, already deprived our human kind from some of the most, kind and excellent, people in the world.

Christos Boumpoulis


Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Κυριακή, 01 Ιούλιος 2018 10:31