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Panagiotis & Olga Bompolas
Panagiotis & Olga Bompolas: The Downfall of the European Union


From the early '60 until today, Greece has been an enforced provider of innocent and healthy human beings for the informal colonial federation U2RIT's members, to conduct involuntary scientific/medical/pharmaceutical experimentations; to perform involuntary human harvesting; and for enlisting, enslaved citizens, to its contemporary "Stay Behind"/"CHEKA" colonial army.

My parents, Panagiotis (Takis) Bompolas and Olga Bompola, had eye witnessed the complete procedure of how, the contemporary colonialism was, literary, "hunting" the innocent civilians for consuming them at their, experiments, their harvesting, their enslavement and their enlisting.
In case that, the information which my parents possessed, was disclosed publicly, then, the U2RIT's member-States, most probably, would had become disgraced and marginalized for many centuries.

My father, as I have described in details in my article titled "My father's death" from early 2012 until May 25th, 2015, was, gradually, cooked with microwaves. And the day after the Greek "elections" he was, involuntarily, confined in a medical institution where his health deteriorated until, on December 12th, 2015 he, supposedly, "died". According to sufficient indications, the perpetrators of my father's cooking were, known to the Greek Police, Russian members of the contemporary CHEKA and as, on May 26th, 2015 I received, through the social media, implied death threats which involved pictures of pistols, I believe that my father was covertly murdered.

My mother was, also, confined, on May 26th, 2015, in the same medical institution. Since May 13th, 2013, she is a crucial witness to the lawsuit B13/141/13-5-2013, IB/13/20946 which I submitted. This lawsuit, most probably, is related to the core of the contemporary, colonialism's criminality.

Both of my parents knew how, the colonizers frame innocent and healthy small kids and adults in order to deprive them from their human rights and then, to enslave them for inhumanely exploiting them, for doing experiments; for doing human harvesting and for tranforming them to contemporary Chekists/OrgaDrones.

For these inhumane operations, front-organizations and foreing services' operatives, were involved. The identities of such front-organizations and such operatives, my parents knew.

During 2006, at least four of those operatives of which, the initial letters of their names may have been, "ΑΟ", "ΑΑ", "ΛΦ", "ΔΚ", attempted, either, as instigators, or, as perpetrator, to assassinate me by poisoning. This attempt resulted my multiple hospitalization and whether or not, I shall, actually, survive this assassination attempt hasn't, yet, been concluded.

The present condition of my mother remains a disgrace for the entire European Union. I repetitively publisized, through my website, www.agorapoliton.gr, the political persecution against my parents. The credible threats against my life; the gang-stalking against me, since my childhood; my unofficial exile; and my knowledge about the present condition of the Greek Security Authorities, live me with no options for rescuing my mother.

The members of the Greek political system (please see, 6/2010 "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty's treason, Aegean Marinas, Hotel Hilton, Hotel Asteras, given for Turkish exploitation) together with the mass media (please see, "Operation Mockingbird") claim, more or less, that, on March 2, 2018, two Greek soldiers, a lieutenant and a sergeant (Turkey is a member of the unofficial colonial federation U2RIT which benefit from the silent renewal, for 25 more years, of the "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty), mistakenly crossed the land border between Greece and Turkey's Edirne region because bad weather had caused the men to lose track of where they were.

The Turkish government, who obviously serves, together with the present Greek "government", their, common, U2RIT interests, supposedly keeps, for the past 100 days, the two Greek soldiers as "hostages".
Is this fake fake "hostage situation" a U2RIT's black-op for covering up my mother's true hostage situation?

Nevertheless, I would like to ask, from the E.U. member-States' leaders, Sebastian Kurz Austria Chancellor, Charles Michel Belgium Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov Bulgaria Prime Minister, Andrej Plenković Croatia Prime Minister, Nicos Anastasiades Cyprus President, Andrej Babiš Czech Republic Prime Minister, Lars Løkke Rasmussen Denmark Prime Minister, Jüri Ratas Estonia Prime Minister, Juha Sipilä Finland Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán Hungary Prime Minister, Leo Varadkar Ireland Taoiseach, Giuseppe Conte Italy Prime Minister, Māris Kučinskis Latvia Prime Minister, Dalia Grybauskaitė Lithuania President, Xavier Bettel Luxembourg Prime Minister, Joseph Muscat Malta Prime Minister, Mark Rutte Netherlands Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki Poland Prime Minister, António Costa Portugal Prime Minister, Klaus Iohannis Romania President, Peter Pellegrini Slovakia Prime Minister, Miro Cerar Slovenia Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez Spain Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven Sweden Prime Minister, to actively apply the principles of the European civilization and proceed, with no delay, to the rescuing, of Olga Bompola and of all the other innocent victims of the contemporary colonialism's, inhumane and atrocious, malpractices.

Otherwise, they better aknowledge the official Downfall of the European Union, as we know it, and let the European Nation, on their own initiatives, to undertake the appropriate active measures for rescuing their innocent civilians.
I wish to express my believe that, even those who have chosen to let hatred govern their lives, like the ones who follow the Babylonean Talmud directives, they have the right to live according to their own civilization; but, they may do so, exclusively, on their own lives' expense.

People, like myself and like Olga Bompola, exist which prefer to live, peacefully, harmlessly and kindly and which consider the human life as being sacred and invaluable. These people have, also, the right to live according to their own civilization.


Christos Boumpoulis



Excerpts from "Marx and Satan" by Richard Wurmbrand

From Chapter Two, "Against All Gods", Sub-Heading "Satan in Marx's Family" (pg 23 paperback):
"Marx was an avowed enemy of all gods, a man who had bought his sword from the prince of darkness at the price of his soul. He had declared it his aim to draw all mankind into the abyss and to follow them laughing."
From Chapter Four, "Too Late", Sub-Heading "Family Letters" (pg 46 paperback):
"Another possible hint is contained in a letter written to Marx by his son Edgar on March 31, 1854. It begins with the startling words, "My dear devil." Who has ever known of a son addressing his father like this? But that is how a Satanist writes to his beloved one. Could the son have been initiated as well?
Equally significant, Marx's wife addresses him as follows, in a letter of August 1844,
Your last pastoral letter, high priest and bishop of souls, has again given quiet rest and peace to your poor sheep.
Marx had expressed, in The Communist Manifesto, his desire to abolish all religion, which one might as­sume would include abolishing the Satanist cult too. Yet his wife refers to him as high priest and bishop. Of what religion? The only European religion with high priests is the Satanist one. What pastoral letters did he, a man believed to have been an atheist, write? Where are they? This is a part of Marx's life which has re­mained unresearched."
From Chapter Five, "A Cruel Counterfeit", Sub-Heading "Bukharin, Stalin, Mao, Ceausescu, Andropov":
"Other evidences of Satanist persuasion among Marxist leaders are also significant. Troitskaia, daugh­ter of the Soviet marshal Tuhatchevsky, one of the top men of the Red Army who was later shot by Stalin, wrote of her father that he had a picture of Satan in the east corner of his bedroom, where the Orthodox usual­ly put their ikons.
When a certain Communist in Czechoslovakia was named head of the State Council for Religious Affairs, an institution whose purpose is to spy on believers and persecute them, he took the name "Hruza," which means in Slovak "horror," an appellation used for "dev­il."
One of the leaders of a terrorist organization in Argentina took upon himself the nickname "Satanovsky."
Anatole France, a renowned French Communist writer, introduced some of the greatest intellectuals of France to communism. At a recent exhibition of demo­niac art in Paris, one of the pieces shown was the specific chair used by that Communist writer for pre­siding over Satanist rituals. Its horned armrests and legs were covered with goat's fur.

Britain's center of Satanism is Highgate Cemetery in London, where Karl Marx is buried. Mysterious rites of black magic are celebrated at this tomb."
Source: truthseeker-archive.blogspot.com/2009/09/excerpts-from-marx-and-satan-by-richard.html


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