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Open Letter to E.U. Member-States government's leaders



Sebastian Kurz Austria Chancellor

Charles Michel Belgium Prime Minister

Boyko Borisov Bulgaria Prime Minister

Andrej Plenković Croatia Prime Minister

Nicos Anastasiades Cyprus President

Andrej Babiš Czech Republic Prime Minister

Lars Løkke Rasmussen Denmark Prime Minister

Jüri Ratas Estonia Prime Minister

Juha Sipilä Finland Prime Minister

Viktor Orbán Hungary Prime Minister

Leo Varadkar Ireland Taoiseach

Giuseppe Conte Italy Prime Minister

Māris Kučinskis Latvia Prime Minister

Dalia Grybauskaitė Lithuania President

Xavier Bettel Luxembourg Prime Minister

Joseph Muscat Malta Prime Minister

Mark Rutte Netherlands Prime Minister

Mateusz Morawiecki Poland Prime Minister

António Costa Portugal Prime Minister

Klaus Iohannis Romania President

Peter Pellegrini Slovakia Prime Minister

Miro Cerar Slovenia Prime Minister

Pedro Sánchez Spain Prime Minister

Stefan Löfven Sweden Prime Minister



From: Mr. Christos Boumpoulis

Date: 10/6/2018

Subject: Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.


Your Excellencies Ladies and Gentlemen,


As an ordinary, quasi German citizen, I would like to find out the followings.

Why are you, totally, avoiding to express any opinion about the issues: gang-stalking; involuntary brain implanting; zetsetzen torture; forced marriages; involuntary human experimentation; involuntary human harvesting; brain implants' slavery; Cooper treaty; brain's reverse engineering; contemporary CHEKA; Democracy; Human Rights; structure of medical domain; etc.?


Οι κούφιοι άνθρωποι - Τhe hollow men



The ordinary citizens, from what I have seen and experienced, during my visits to many European countries, they, actually, comprehend and appreciate the beauty of the Human Life.


Dreaming Out Loud



The embedded, within these ordinary citizens, European civilization provide them, with the will, with the strength and with the morality, to, even heroically, struggle, by using exclusively honest means, for what is truly worthy, in human life.


Dramatic finish at High School State Cross Country Championship



However, the present political conditions within the European Union deprive them from enjoying some of the most fundamental prerequisites of the humane living, meaning, Democracy; Human Rights; Justice; and ultimately, Freedom.


A Cry For Freedom - Wild Horses



Your duty is, essentially, to secure, for the benefit of the citizens of your, corresponding, country, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

Do you possess the will to fulfill your duties?

Do you possess the personal freedom which is required for fulfilling your duties?

Do you possess the required skills for fulfilling your duties?

If, the answer to the above three questions is, yes, then, it would be better to prove it, now, as, a genocide is being committed against innocent and kind, one or more, Nations; innumerable innocent civilians die, exclusively, because of violations of the colonialism banning international law; innumerable innocent civilians die, exclusively, because the medical domain's structure remains, totally, irrational; innumerable innocent and healthy civilians become, involuntarily, subjected to inhumane experimentation and/or harvesting; innumerable innocent civilians have become enslaved by, involuntarily, having been implanted with electronic brain implants and thus, they have become prone for, becoming deprived from their freedom of though and for, wireless, within a 2 to 11 meters range, inducing on them of an awake unconsciousness state in order for them, to become faultily incriminated; or, to become unjustly humiliated; or, to become bodily harmed; or to become assassinated, etc.



Filippos Pliatsikas - Poli Hioni



Superfluous, videotaped and written, testimonies exist, within the Internet, of the above mentioned innocent European civilians' sufferings. Therefore, your potential denial or inability to publicly express your opinions about them, and also to, effectively, eliminated them, shall probably, imply that, the European Union, may remain under, a state of duress, if not of a severe subjugation.



Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: The above video titled "Οι κούφιοι άνθρωποι - Τhe hollow men" intends to describe the present condition of the European Union's societies.


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