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Συνεννόηση για Διαφύλαξη - Απόψεις
Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Πέμπτη, 07 Ιούνιος 2018 08:10


Photo: Germany 6/6/2018, 02:04
Photo: Germany 6/6/2018, 11:37
Legal Notice 104
Today 6/6/2018, according to sufficient indications I was assaulted with "directed energy" weapons, in Germany.
Early in the morning, at 02:04, after I had finished with my recycling work, I returned to my parked private car (see the first photo, above). In front of my car I found an illegally parked (see the parking's designated, with the white line, area) medium size truck. Its side and back walls, around its loading compartment were made by, non-diamagnetic material, namely, plastic cover. Its license plates were Polish.
Less than five meters away there was an empty, very large parking area, of the OBI shopping center where, parking was allowed, during the nights. Furthermore, at the same street, there were, also, around 70% of the parking places, empty.
After entering my car I covered, with a diamagnetic material, the entire front windsheld and slept for the rest of the night.
At 11:37, when I exited from my car, the truck had left, though, another, also medium sized truck had parked, approximately, fifteen meters away from my car and with no other object in between (see second photo, above). The second truch had, also, non-diamagnetic side and back, covers and its license plates were Romanian.
Approximatelly, one hour after I had left from where my car was parked I inspected my overall condition and I found out that, I was manifesting the ordinary symptoms, at a severe degree, of having been assaulted by "directed energy" weapons.
As, few days ago, I had submitted, at the International Criminal Court at Hague, for the second time, official claims against the colonizing United Kingdom, I though that my life was in danger and I decided, to urgaintly earn some pocket-money, through recycling and to leave from Germany as soon as possible.
Now, at 23:15, I am located at Switzerland and my overall condition has 70% recovered.
According to my knowledge, the negative effects upon to "directed energy" weapons assaults' victims are proportional to the level of energy that was used during the assault. Likewise, there are, light, medium and heavy assaults. The negative effects caused by a light assault are fully recoverable, though a medium, or, heavy assault may cause, partially, non-recoverable negative effects. From what I combrehended, the supposed assault, by the two trucks, may had been of medium to heavy intensity. Also, for perpetrating assaults of that kind, usually are being used, camper vehicles, trucks of all sizes with non-diamagnetic side and back covers, traillers with non-diamagnetic covers, passenger cars with obscure side and back windshealds and motorbikes with a load compartments.
I chosen not to report this supposed assault to the German Police due to the combination of, the consequences of the existing May 21, 1949 Treaty that was revealed by the Army General Gerd-Helmut Komossa, in his book, "Die Deutsche Karte - Ein Land ohne Souveränität" and the persistence of most of the European security authorities not to promote the issue with regard to the illegal usage of the "directed energy" weapons against innocent civilians, for political reasons.
Also, I chosen not to report the supposed assault to the German Army's counter-intelligence service due to the attorney Henning Witte's revelations.
A third official report, for imminently submitting to the International Criminal Court, at Hague,  with additional claims against the United Kingdom, which I hold responsible for the supposed assault, is already been prepaired.
The usage of "directed energy" weapons against innocent civilian, as being inhumane, disgraceful and opportunistic, it dictates, according to my opinion, the active and urgaint dissassociation of the U2RIT's member States with the international community's part, which honors the human life as being invaluable and sacred and which reserve cooking, exclusively, for preparing the human beings' food and never, for destroying the human beings themselves.
Christos Boumpoulis
Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence
At the above Youtube video, titled "Magnus Olsson: Nano-Brain-Implant Technologies and Artificial Intelligence", at the time location 32' 30" please see the E.U. attorney Henning Witte talking about Sean Stinn:
"He sent them (the collected data) to the German Ministry of Defense in Bonn. Their answer was: 'Yes we are aware of U.S.A. conducting experiments on Germans, but we are powerless'. I then contacted Andreas von Bülow who had been in the German government under Helmut Schmidt that was Chancellor then and who was later chairman of the German Control Committee of the German Parliament for the German Secret Services for many years. So he knew a lot about how the Secret Services are working. And because he also became a lawyer and I was (gang-) stalked because of my Estonia research or because I represented relatives here in Sweden we kept in touch... And Bülow told me, 'No no no you can not go to the German Ministry of Defense but you must go to a special guy at the American Embassy in Germany. This happened in 1998-1999. My cousin left there his evidence that he was... radiated to the CIA guy in Germany and two days later he was free. And for me it was a very nice key experience. How it first was and suddenly it stopped. For they thought: 'It's becoming too difficult'. I was known via TV, etc because of my Estonia-commitment. And they became fearful. These secret powers are always cowards".