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This is how, the United Kingdom, destroys its victims (corrected) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Τρίτη, 22 Μάιος 2018 18:57
This is how, the United Kingdom, destroys its victims (corrected)
Disclaimer: The article in the appendix may be, partially or totally, inaccurate. My opinions which I express in the present article are subjective and arbitrary and are based on my past, forty years long, personal experience of the contemporary colonialism. These opinions may be, partially or totally, wrong; and I certainly hope that they are wrong. However, I fear that, my opinions, unfortunately, they are not wrong.
22/5/2018 Update.
The United Kingdom belongs, as the leader, to the unofficial colonizing federation U2RIT along with, the U.S.A., the Russia, the Israel and the Turkey.
The United Kingdom is a colonizing Nation.
U.S.A., Russia, Israel, Turkey and Libya aren't State Parties to The Rome Statute, meaning, they are not State Parties to the International Criminal Court at Hague, while, the United Kingdom is a State Party.
Libya and Greece are United Kingdom's colonies.
The United Kingdom destroys, traditionally, the political dissidents of its colonies. For doing so, instead of directly destroying those dissidents and jeopardizing its criminal persecution at the International Criminal Court, at Hague (ICC), it uses, instead, the other U2RIT's member States which fear nothing with regard to the ICC.
The United Kingdom, from, approximately, early '70 and then, manipulated atrociously members of my family in order to degrade me, involuntarily, to a human "guinea pig" and then, to abuse me, in performing inhumane experimentations with regard, to electronic brain implants and medical/pharmaceutical experiments and probably human harvesting.
At middle 2010, I started finding out what was going on behind my back and started to publisize, at my web site www.agorapoliton.gr some partial and of secondarily importance, revelations.
At that time, the United Kingdom (MI5) engaged the U.S.A.'s services in order to silence me by causing my gradual distruction, in many aspects.
The U.S.A. employed most of the criminal and atrocious methods, that one, may easily find being explained over the Internet if he uses as keywords, "gang-stalking" and "tzersetzung", and many others that haven't yet publisized at the Internet.
The outcome, so far, of this colonial violence is that, my fother has died, most probably, having been murdered by members of the Russian mafia; my mother has found herself in a "very difficult position", which I refrain from describing in details, this position, for legal reasons; and my self, from what it seems, the colinialists, as I am a totally innocent and lawfull citizen, they, systematically and repetitively, attempt to fabricate false evidence in order to present my as a, false, "mental case" and by this way, to, illegitimately, institutionalize and then, assasinate me.
I rise this claim, because I believe that I know "too much", due to circumstantial insidents, and because I believe that I have studied sufficiently, the physiognomies of those who are involved with the mental issues, meaning, the so called "psychiatrists" and the so called "psychologists" (so called because it is impossible to scientifically  define psyche), by visiting their conference and realizing their homogeniousness, in the appearance and in their degree in association with reality. Thus, with a probability of, around, 90%, I may recognize, for example, when a member of those groups has sat beside me in order to, probably, establish the required proximity for his or hers later, false testimony against me, or, when a group of the, so called, "perpetrators" is deploying a "street theater" (please see gang-stalking vocabulary, in the Internet), with cameras and voice recorders, for fabricating false videos and/or voice recordings, in order to frame me.
One may wander, why I take for granted that, a false testimony against me, is, almost certaintly, going to become fabricated?
This is my answer.
The European Union is apparted by twenty eight member-States. Each member-State has, its own political system and its own government.
All the members, of E.U.'s political systems and of E.U.'s governments, with probably few exceptions, they do not dare to, even, pronounce the following phrases:
1. "Hugh Cooper & Co" treaty of 1940.
2. Electronic, brain implants
3. Gang-stalking
4. Zersetzen torture
5. Involuntary human experimentation
6. "Stay behind" NATO's secret colonial army
7. Brain's reverse engineering
8. Internet of People, IoP
9. Synthetic telepathy, mind telemetry
10. Biological extaurtion
11. etc.
Currently, the U2RIT as a whole, posseses, by far, the strongest military capabilities, the highest level of technology, and an ages long tradition of exersizing, against other, innocent and civilized, Nations and individuals, that kind of monstrous and irrational violence which almost directly refers to the mentality of the hominini-gorilini chimpanzee.
Therefore, I take for granted both, that the colonialists are able to find and then to bribe and/or extort, as many as they wish, people who command medical authority (which lays beyond any existing law and which escapes every existing court) and, that they are willing to destroy one more eye witness, meaning myself, of their criminal practices, in order to avoid becoming accountable for their unlawfullness; now that, the European Court of Human Rights is going to, probably, order the declassification of Greece's, criminal records and judicial files, and also, now that, the International Criminal Court, at Hague, is examining the first submited, against the United Kingdom, claims for Genocide against Greece.
The criminal method that, the United Kingdom, has applied and continues to apply, against my family and against myself, essentially, it is identical with the method that was used against Abdel Hakim Belhadj.
Concluding, I would like to urge all the European political dissidents to take good care of themselves; to be aware of the contemporary calamity of colonialism and to urge all the rest, European citizens, to avoid waisting their efforts and their time on turning their attention towards fake incidents, like, as it is my opinion, the "hostage situation" of the two Greek militants (is there anyone else, who benefits more, from this "insident" than the prolongation of the existing, in Greece, colonial establishment?) and to prefere contributing in the resolution of the existing, true hostage situations that, the international colonizing establishment has, definitely, committed against, actually, inumerable, legitimate, lawfull, innocent and patriotic empowered individuals which, the colonizers have, arbitrarily designated as "targeted individuals" and which, they, systematically, try to assassinate them.
Christos Boumpoulis
MI6 and a £1m 'bribe' to silence torture victim: Spies gave up dissident to Gaddafi thugs
Which minister signed the torture deal?
Whitehall sources willing to pay 'whatever it takes' to silence Abdel Hakim Belhadj
Labour government signed off plan to hand Mr Belhadj to Gaddafi in 2004
Head of counter-terrorism wrote to Gaddafi intelligence chief congratulating the Libyans on the 'safe arrival' of the 'air cargo'
MI6 chiefs plan to offer more than £1million hush money to a Libyan who claims British spies sent him to be tortured by the Gaddafi regime.
The Secret Intelligence Service is ‘scrambling’ to prevent Abdel Hakim Belhadj releasing details of his case following the revelation  that a Labour minister sanctioned his extraordinary  rendition – contravening UK policy on torture.
Senior Whitehall sources say SIS bosses are willing to pay ‘whatever it takes’ to silence Mr Belhadj, who is now a senior official in the Libyan transitional government.
And campaigners warn that even if Mr Belhadj rejects the cash and insists on going to court,  Government plans to hold ‘secret justice’ cases behind closed doors could prevent the full truth ever being made public.
Details of panic at the heart of MI6 emerged after it was revealed that the Labour government signed off a plan to hand over Mr Belhadj to Gaddafi in 2004, shortly before Tony Blair signed his ‘Deal in the Desert’ with the former dictator.
Veteran terrorism reporter Peter Taylor used a BBC programme last night to allege that the rendition was ‘given ministerial approval’ – though it is not clear at what level.
That claim piles pressure on former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, who was responsible for SIS in 2004 and has always insisted that the UK was not complicit in torture.
A letter from Sir Mark, then MI6 head of counter-terrorism, written to Gaddafi’s intelligence chief Musa Kusa immediately after the rendition, was found last year in the rubble of Kusa’s headquarters in Tripoli.
It congratulates the Libyans on the ‘safe arrival’ of the ‘air cargo’ and points out that ‘the intelligence was British’ which led to him being handed over. Sir Mark called it ‘the least we could do for you and for Libya’.
Mr Belhadj was intercepted in Bangkok in transit from Malaysia to London, where he was planning to claim political asylum. He was allegedly lured to the Thai capital by MI6 on the promise of a visa, delivered into the hands of the CIA and taken forcibly to Libya.
Mr Belhadj claims that he and his wife were then tortured by Gaddafi’s henchmen.
In 2004 Mr Belhadj was the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which MI5 had linked to recruiting young Britons for Al Qaeda.
He had alleged links with the Taliban and had lived in Afghanistan until the U.S.-led invasion in 2001. He fiercely denies the links with Al Qaeda.
The affair is the subject of a Scotland Yard criminal inquiry. But Mr Belhadj is also suing the Government and Sir Mark for damages.
That has prompted MI6 to propose that the Government settles the case out of court by funnelling more than £1million to him – similar sums were paid out to 16 other detainees including Binyam Mohamed who were imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay.
A senior source told the Mail: ‘This is about covering up British wrongdoing. MI6 has questions to answer. They are scrambling around to settle the case. What they want to do is basically buy the guy off.
‘They just want this to go away. They are prepared to pay whatever it takes. The going rate is well into seven figures.’
Friends of Mr Belhadj say he has not been approached with an offer of cash and that he would refuse it if MI6 did try to buy his silence.
‘All he wants is an admission about what happened and an apology,’ said one. ‘We have been in touch with the Foreign Office and MI6 and have heard nothing from them.’
The friend also accused the Government of using its Green Paper on secret courts to hush up the case. ‘They seem to be delaying things in order to pass this legislation on secret courts so we never find out what happened. We’re not going to allow that to happen.’
Cori Crider, of the legal charity Reprieve, said: ‘Instead of saying sorry, the security services are busily trying to shunt this case and those like it into secret.’
Former Tory Foreign Secretary Sir Malcolm Rifkind, who chairs the Intelligence and Security Committee, described the revelations of ministerial involvement as ‘very, very worrying’ and said he would want to launch his own inquiry.
The Mail has learned that MI6’s desire to sweep the Belhadj case under the carpet has also sparked fierce government in-fighting.
Some Tory and Lib Dem ministers believe they were misled by MI6 bosses when the Coalition took power over the extent of SIS’s involvement in rendition under the previous administration.
One official said: ‘Some ministers were horrified that they had been misled by MI6 when they came into government about just what was going on. This appears to have been signed off by Labour.’
A second source involved in the case said the desire to make the case go away is an attempt to protect Sir Mark Allen, who left MI6 later in 2004 to work for BP and was a central figure in that company securing multi-billion-pound oil deals with the Gaddafi regime.
Government sources said they expect Sir Mark and Jack Straw to be quizzed by the police about the allegations.
Mr Straw has refused to comment but in an interview last year he said: ‘We were opposed to unlawful rendition. We were opposed to any use of torture or similar methods. Not only did we not agree with it, we were not complicit in it and nor did we turn a blind eye to it.’
But he also sought to imply that he was kept in the dark by spy chiefs. ‘No foreign secretary can know all the details of what its intelligence agencies are doing at any one time,’ he said.
I was chained and wrapped in tape says wife
The wife of Abdel Hakim Belhadj claims that she feared being killed after being handed over to the brutal Gaddafi regime by MI6 when she was more than four months pregnant.
The allegations by Fatima Bouchar offer a chilling insight into how the victims of so-called ‘extraordinary rendition’ say they were treated.
Then aged 30, she had been living in China with her husband – a member of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group – when in 2004 the couple tried to travel to the UK, via Malaysia.
Upon arrival in Kuala Lumpur, they were detained and questioned about Mr Belhadj holding a false Iraqi passport. An acquaintance went to the British High Commission to explain that the couple were attempting to reach London.
Soon afterwards, the couple claim they were told they would be permitted to travel to the UK on a BA flight, despite not having EU passports or UK visas.
But when the aircraft stopped at Bangkok, the pair were allegedly detained and taken to a U.S.-run detention facility. Secret papers have revealed how MI6 had arranged for the pair to be handed over.
Miss Bouchar says that when she was dragged away from her husband she feared he was going to be killed. She told the Guardian: ‘I thought, “This is it”. They took me into a cell, and they chained my left wrist to the wall and both my ankles to the floor.
‘I could sit down but I couldn’t move. There was a camera in the room, and every time I tried to move they rushed in. They knew I was pregnant. It was obvious.’
She says she was given water but no food while chained to the wall for five days. Miss Bouchar alleges that, once this ordeal was over, she was forced to lie on a stretcher by CIA agents who wrapped tape around her entire body – leaving her unable to move.
‘My left eye was closed when the tape was applied. But my right eye was open, and it stayed open throughout the journey. It was agony.’ The stretcher was placed on a plane and she was flown to Libya, along with her husband.
The couple say they were handed over to Gaddafi henchmen and taken to Tajoura prison in the east of the city – where Miss Bouchar remained for the next four months.
Initially, she was interrogated for around five hours a day.
‘At one point a cot was brought in the cell along with some baby clothes, nappies, a bed cover and a baby bath.
‘I really thought I was going to have to have my baby there, and that we would both be held there.’
She was released shortly before giving birth to a son and is now pregnant again.
Commentary by STEPHEN GLOVER: First the disgrace, then the cover-up
This is a shaming story of skulduggery, double-dealing and cover-up involving the last Labour government and the security services. I am afraid the Coalition does not come too well out of it either.
We already knew that in March 2004 Abdel Hakim Belhadj, now a senior military commander in the new Libya, was abducted in Bangkok by CIA agents apparently acting on MI6 information and flown to Tripoli, where he was allegedly tortured, and undeniably imprisoned for six years by Colonel Gaddafi.
This was bad enough, implicating as it did MI6 in rendition and torture.
But the story has been made much, much worse by extraordinary new developments.
First, Abdel Hakim Belhadj’s wife, Fatima Bouchar, has described to the Guardian newspaper how she, too, as part of the same rendition, was forcibly flown from Bangkok to Libya by the CIA while four-and-a-half months pregnant. For five days she had been chained to a wall without food before being taped to a stretcher and put aboard the aircraft. Of course, we should remember that this is her account.
Second, one of the BBC’s most respected reporters is claiming that the Blair government approved and knew about Belhadj’s rendition at a ministerial level – something previously categorically denied both by Mr Blair and the then Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw. The BBC, usually ultra-cautious in such matters, would not have made such an explosive claim unless it was sure of its ground.
Third, this newspaper has learned that MI6 wants to offer Belhadj ‘hush money’ to avoid his making extremely damaging revelations in open court, though he seems likely to refuse such an offer and is demanding an apology. I say ‘open court’ but under this Government’s new secret justice proposals it is precisely this sort of civil case that in future would be held behind closed doors, supposedly to protect the identity and techniques of secret agents. In this instance the true purpose would be to conceal MI6’s involvement in rendition and torture, as well as the subsequent cover-up.
All this is so serious, damning and dishonouring to the good name of this country that one’s immediate instinct is to hang one’s head in shame and despair. It was bad enough to suspect that MI6 had been involved in rendition, whose inescapable bedfellow is torture. To be told that so-far-unnamed ministers in effect sanctioned these methods is mortifying.
The background to this shocking affair was Tony Blair’s decision to rehabilitate Col Gaddafi, despite the Libyan dictator’s past funding of the IRA, the murder of PC Yvonne Fletcher by a Libyan ‘diplomat’ in London in 1984, and his ordering of the Lockerbie bombing in 1988 which caused the deaths of 270 people, 43 of them British – not to mention his persecution of his own people.
There were some respectable reasons for getting closer to Gaddafi, though they did not justify the price paid. Mr Blair calculated that, with Saddam Hussein toppled, Gaddafi would be anxious to talk, and prepared even to give up his so-called weapons of mass destruction. For Britain there was the promise of trade. Shell and BP wanted to move into Libya, as did a host of other British companies.
But Gaddafi wanted a morsel first – Abdel Hakim Belhadj. An incriminating letter dated March 18, 2004, from Mark Allen (now Sir Mark), then head of counter-terrorism in MI6, was discovered in Libya last year after Gaddafi’s fall. It shows the extent of British involvement. Sir Mark congratulated Musa Kusa – Gaddafi’s intelligence chief, guilty of many atrocities – on the ‘safe arrival’ of Belhadj.
'This was the least we could do for you and for Libya to demonstrate the remarkable relationship we have built over the years,’ he wrote. Sir Mark added that No 10 was ‘grateful’ for Musa Kusa’s help, though he was probably referring to his role in arranging a visit by Tony Blair to meet Gaddafi in Libya.
That visit took place two weeks after Belhadj’s rendition, when Mr Blair embraced Gaddafi in a tent in a desert, a meeting conceived by Mr Blair for PR purposes, according to that letter from Sir Mark Allen. A further meeting  followed. Lucrative deals were signed. Under the Labour government weapons worth tens of  millions of pounds were sold to the Gaddafi regime.
There was also the infamous ‘prisoner exchange agreement’ which blatantly favoured Libya, eventually leading to the premature release from a Scottish prison of Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi, who had been convicted of the Lockerbie bombing.
Today, 23/3/2018, the major issues that the international mass media keep promoting are, according to my opinion, absurd and instrumental.
The human nature, from a certain perspective, tends, almost irresistibly, towards, knowledge; conscientiousness; and joy. This means, practically, that, both, the leaderships, as well as, the ordinary citizens, would, naturally, remain concentrated towards creative activities all the time.
Instead, we see that, mostly, any creative activity remains, actually, marginalized while, the public opinion is overcharged with, according to my opinion, fake negative issues suitable for convincing, about their supposed authenticity, only very narrow/shallow minded individuals.
The real issues have to do with the massive and systemic violations of the Human Rights.
And the real intentions, unfortunately and from what it seems, remain concentrated on how to destroy the empowered, honest, innocent and creative individuals, everywhere.
The reluctance, on behalf of the leaders of our Nations, to even pronounce phrases like, “gang stalking”; “zersetzen torture”; “electronic brain implants”; “involuntary human harvesting”; “involuntary human experimentation”, etc., according to my opinion, proves the fact that an essential incoherence exists among, the instrumental issues that, the mass media along with the political establishments promote, and the vital issues that, our human kind needs, urgently, to become resolved.
In order for the international community to move forward and to prosper, good leadership remains one of the existing prerequisites.
Good leadership is the outcome of the creative cooperation between, existing good followers and existing good leaders.
From what it seems, the contemporary colonialism is up to destroy each and every, potential, good leader, everywhere.
If, the ordinary citizens of the Nations allow the extermination of our human kind potential good leaders, then, the ordinary citizens of the Nations, I am afraid that, they may be worthy of a not so bright, personal and collective, fate.
Christos Boumpoulis
Can the coming Sovietization of American Dissent be stopped?
…by  Preston James
One of the key trademarks of the Soviet Union which fell in 1989 (thanks to the secret negotiations of VT’s own Lee Wanta) was its unwarranted detainment and persecution of dissenters in mental hospitals.
Some were arrested through mistakes and by complaints made by disgruntled neighbors, others because they spoke out even quietly against the Communist party practices or read western-published goods.
After the mass-murder of priests, Christians, doctors, lawyers and farmers, elaborate delusional rituals were concocted by the Soviet State to demonize dissenters in order to justify their frequent arrests, detainment, persecution and torture, with many sent to gulags for long sentences.
These arrests, detainments and torture pleased the twisted, sadistic, cold-blooded, soulless Khazarian Communist party officials, who ordered such arrests and satisfied their demonic, satanic blood-lust.
Many Russian non-Khazarians were murdered outright, with many later sent to the Siberian Gulags for long sentences, where many died of various causes, such as malnutrition, starvation and disease. All this has been well-documented in Solzhenitsyn’s classic book, Gulag Archipelago.
The Soviet System was founded on the promises of Marx to create equality for all and get rid of the privileged class, but ended up just the opposite.
The result was a small privileged ultra wealthy ruling class of Khazarian communist party officials, the mass-murder of many Russians, and followed by the persecution of non-Khazarian truth-tellers, other dissenters and millions of innocents.
Yes, City of London Babylonian Talmudic Khazarians (Rothschild Khazarian Zionists, proponents of secret World Satanism) were responsible for placing Khazarian Bolsheviks Cutouts in control of mother Russia in 1917 and had also been able to hijack America in 1913 using Cutouts. Both the Bolsheviks and also the American Eastern Blue-blood Ruling Cabal were assembled and supported by the COL Babylonian Talmudic Khazarians. How’s that for a common etiology?
The soulless, demonic torturers and murderers of the Khazarian Bolshevik Red Terror were appointed and financed by the City of London (COL) private central Banksters and also some Wall Street banks at the orders of the COL. These COL Banksters are known to insiders as the international set of moneychangers, but best known as the Khazarian Mafia Banksters.
This international group of COL Franchised Banksters is also called the Babylonian Talmudics or Secret World Satanists, are are known to practice pedophilia, child sacrifice and even child cannibalism in their highest occult circles.
Their Satanic Pedophile Network (SPN) is believed to be worldwide and especially concentrated in Washington DC, Belgium and certain key cities like the wealthy small enclaves in California including Hollywood. They like to deploy the same weapons against society over and over again in all their targeted nations when possible. Thus what was done in Soviet Russia is being progressively rolled out in America, but is a very slow process with lots of setbacks along the way. In the meantime under Putin, the New Russian Federation has broken off from the COL Banksters and is becoming more and more like the Founding Fathers’ Revolutionary America of 1976.
James Perloff has done a magnificent job describing this Satanic Ruling Cabal run out of the City of London. The worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network is now being fully exposed in the alternative media by credible witnesses such as Ronald Bernard and many others.
What does the contemporary American social climate and political system have to do with Bolshevik Russia?
They both became controlled by City of London (COL) Zionists. Russia was taken over by COL appointed and financed Khazarians in 1917 via the Bolshevik Revolution, and America was secretly hijacked by COL-appointed and -financed Khazarians in 1913, with the illegal and unconstitutional passage of the Federal Reserve Act.
As soon as the Khazarian Bolsheviks took over in Russia in 1917 they began the world’s biggest genocidal slaughter in history, murdering about 100 million innocent Russians in the first round.
Those who have studied the secret history of this, (which has been cleansed from most libraries) know that it was ordered by COL Khazarian Banksters as revenge for Russia invading and destroying Khazaria in about 1050 AD for their unwillingness to stop terrorizing and parasitizing neighboring nations.
Note that the COL Satanic Khazarian Banksters have recently been doing everything they can to manipulate the USG and military into attacking and destroying Iran (formerly Persia) for the same reason, revenge for destroying their homeland in about 1050 AD.
The New Russian Federation under President Putin’s leadership will not let this happen and has used Russian Precision Air Power to defeat the CIA/Israeli mercenary ISIS et al, delivering the largest defeat for the CIA since their muffed Bay of Pigs.
Thanks to the determination of President Reagan and his personal Secret Agent Lee Wanta who was appointed and mandated under the Totten Doctrine, the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989 when an Agreement of Cooperation was signed. This agreement mandated that neither the New Russian Federation of the USA would ever meddle with any country bordering either nation. Since then the US has violated this agreement and appears to be attempting to provoke the new Russian Federation into war on several fronts.
It was quite easy for the well-financed City of London Bolshevik Khazarians to infiltrate, hijack and take down mother Russia in 1917. Once they had control, they instituted their Red error and mass-murdered about 100 million innocents.
Even though it was a slam-dunk to hijack America in 1913 through their Federal Reserve Act of 1913, it has been an exceedingly difficult task to remove all individual freedoms, trash the US Constitution and confiscate guns. Every time the Zionist Banksters have attempted to get the guns, Americans have resisted at all levels and ended up just buying more.
Sadly, these powerful wealthy satanic COL Babylonian Talmudic World Zionists are committed to destroying all existing societies.
The COL Babylonian Talmudic Banksters are committed to destroying all nation states, destroying the nuclear family, destroying every nations’s borders, language and reducing the world’s population by 90%.
They are referred to by astute researchers and their top Kingpins as the destroyers of nations and whole peoples. These Babylonian Talmudic Satanist Banksters carry no ancient Hebrew Blood, are often referred to as the occultic Old Black European Nobility and most are of Khazarian Blood.
When these Babylonian Talmudic secret Satanist COL Banksters hijacked America in 1913, they soon found out it was going to be tough to attain their Globalist NWO agenda here. So they formulated a well-coordinated plan that involved creating numerous USG advisory foundations and groups and numerous federal agencies, which they would control and direct to assist them in their destruction of Constitutional America.
These Babylonian Talmudics set up advisory boards and USG departments to set all public education policy, all foreign policy, all domestic policy, and all economic domestic banking policy. It is no coincidence that they started the precursor to the FBI soon after 1913 to cover up all their crimes and to protect American Banksters franchised by the City of London.
Soon under J.Edgar Hoover, the FBI began using human compromise ops to blackmail and manipulate politicians, news editors and corporate leaders for the COL “Franchise Banksters” aka the American Zionist Cutouts of the COL Rothschild Khazarian Mafia Kingpins.
The Banksters set up the illegal, unconstitutional Internal Revenue Service as the collection agency for the Federal Reserve System. The IRS was incorporated in Puerto Rico where it remains secretly based today.
Through its extreme “money power” the Federal Reserve System was able to gain control over the corporations and stack the USG with their own Zio controlled corporate cutouts (whether they realized it or not) who they gained control over through various “round-table type” groups such as the CFR, the Pilgrim Group, the Trilateral Commission and many more such as various defense policy boards.
Things have gotten so blatant that we have seen Israeli espionage group AIPAC manipulating US Politicians to sign their Loyalty Oath to place Israel’s interests first even before that of the USG, otherwise they will be redistricted or voted out of office. Representative Cynthia McKinney refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to Israel and was redistricted and voted out of office.
Of course signing this oath is technically treason and no sitting member of the US Congress that has done this should ever be allowed to hold any office. And as President Jack Kennedy wanted, all Israeli lobbying groups should be registered as foreign agents including AIPAC, the ADL and the SPLC.
The CIA was set up after WW2 to take full control over the Major Mass Media for the COL franchise Banksters. This was called Operation Mockingbird and according to William Colby shortly after he retired from the CIA, it was completely successful.
The CIA, using the black art mind-kontrol skills of Joseph Mengele obtained during Operation Paperclip was able to gain expertise with these Babylonian Black arts of soul-murdering children to produce extreme DID/MPD disorders that can be triggered by code words.
This allowed CIA operatives to gain total control over their minds and create normal appearing folks who could be”activated” at any time to act without their knowledge.
All wars are engineered by the 60+ families that own the big blocks of stock in the defense contractors and COL franchise banks.
All wars are engineered by the COL World Zionists and Israel has been their main action-agent and Cutout manipulating US Politicians while the USG has been the Zionists “main bitch” providing the unrestricted use of its military to wage wars. All American Mideast wars have been illegal and completely unconstitutional and have used good American soldiers as Israeli cannon fodder. Henry Kissinger, top Zionist stooge and Cutout referred to American soldiers one time as dumb cannon fodder.
Many mind-kontrol methodologies have been perfected by the COL Zionists for use in America and Israel to control the masses. And this has been done quite successfully too, allowing America to be taken into wars fought for Israelis-American “Israeli-first” Dual Citizens, Israelis and COL Zionists.
Edward Bernays methodologies have been used and proved very effective to condition desired USG beliefs in the American Mass Mind to produce support for these illegal, unconstitutional wars for Israel and the Zionists.
The deployment of Gladio false-flag terror, real and fake, has been used to successfully stimulate mass subconscious survival fear in the American masses which motivate them to give up basic God given human rights and constitutional rights for more protection by the USG.
This supposed increased protection always turns out to result in this increased USG power being turned against We The People.
The CIA was used to set up up MK-Ultra mind-kontrolled Vietnam Vets to be activated to mass-murder inside post offices. This has been called “going postal”.
This was an early big big experiment. The results were later being applied to other “gun free zones” like cities with no “shall issue” concealed carry laws, schools and universities.
The Zionist intent here was to use these false-flags to scare the masses into backing gun grabbing and the neutralization of the Second Amendment which failed miserably.
The Zionists next move was to deploy more and more MK-Ultra type “lone-nut” shooters into high schools and then grade schools to frighten and blood-shock parents as much as possible, hoping to then be able to grab more and more guns, especially large capacity automatics.
The Zios believe that unless America is disarmed they cannot complete their Agenda to destroy America’s borders, language and culture and completely Globalize America according to their secret Satanic NWO plan.
None of the Major Mass Media will ever mention the important part the CIA’s MK-Ultra has played in many of these so-called “lone-nut” shootings in gun free zones. Nor will they ever tell the truth that Oswald did not shoot JFK, but the CIA did it.
This all seems so incredulous; and most members of the public can just not fit it into their heads or believe it even when shown good photos and evidence. This provides a way for the evil occultists that do these horrendous crimes and to get away with it. Their crimes are just too horrible for most citizens to fathom.
So far these tactics have failed and resulted in even more gun sales, which confuses the Zios a great deal since this strategy worked in all European nations, Australia, New Zealand, Canada. So now the Zios have moved to a new tactic. That is more and more large scale, school mass-shootings. Some have been real; and many have been fake DHS Capstone drills using crisis actors.
Some experts believe a few may be hybrid mixtures to keep researchers confused, but it is hard to know for certain, because no one has had access to any ballistic evidence or actual autopsy videos, X-rays, photographs, DNA, fingerprints which are all required in every state by law.
The recent Valentines Day 2018 alleged mass shooting in a Parkland, Florida High School  is just another example where evidence is being withheld by authorities, so we do not yet know if it was real or not, or a hybrid case.
But here is the bottom line to all this current use of Gladio False-flag ops, whether fake or real, these are “strategies of creating societal tension”. The result Zios want is to create strong motivation in the public and the politicians to start mandating exigent police procedures which are completely unconstitutional.
These new procedures would allow the police to detain anyone who is accused by any authority, legitimate or not, appropriately trained or not, even a web service provider or any other poster. Any accusation against a person who posts dissent or whistle-blowing truth of being dangerous could then result in a call to the police, en exigent detainment in a psych ward for “observation and diagnoses”.
The desire here of the Zios is to see any dissenting author with alternative views or serious USG RICO crime disclosures, detained in a mental ward and have a full psychiatric evaluation (at their own personal cost of course, not the state).
Once this illegal, unconstitutional procedure is enacted, it will be easy to have Zio-controlled stooge psychiatrists or psychologists give the Zio-desired dangerous diagnoses, just as it was done routinely in the Soviet Union.
Here is an article that displays this new Zio motivation, since everything else they have tried has not only failed but backfired. They are getting increasingly desperate because they know their time is short. Why? Because the days of their US Petro-dollar being the world’s reserve currency are now running out and will soon end.
The new obsession of the Ruling Cabal (Zios) is now to formulate and mandate their own imaginary “pre-crime intervention strategies” based on what anyone publishes on the Internet. This would come to be accepted by LE as accepted exigent circumstances practice and would constitute a powerful weaponization of their web censors, who will closely monitor all social media and even private emails. If successfully deployed, this will be targeted at MK-Ultra patsies at first; and then alternative press researchers, many of whom have already been demonetized and adversely censored in many ways, with their websites hacked and tampered with.
Numerous alternative media Internet articles and videos have been recently censored by youtube labeling them with “violent content” or “unacceptable content” when there is absolutely neither in them. Even new, supposedly non-censored video services on the net are using extreme warnings for video when not indicated at all either.
This is exactly the kind of labeling that was done in the Soviet Union, which used extreme measures to label, detain, and persecute dissent of any kind. This all ended when the Soviet Union collapsed, thanks to Lee Wanta’s fine work and heroism, which probably prevented a nuclear WW3 at that time.
Few know about Lee Wanta’s vast fortune he made legally from money speculating at the time the Soviet Union fell, and how he is still being prevented access to a large 32 Trillion dollar trust. French Intel is now trying to help him gain access to it. In addition, few Americans know about Lee Wanta’s vast fortune and fewer yet realize that he plans to use all the money for the American taxpayer.
Since the Iron Curtain fell thanks to Lee Wanta’s work on Operation Stillpoint, the New Russian Federation under President Putin has become supportive of the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church, raised the lifespan in Russia by about 8 years; raised the standard of living a great deal, and promoted a free press that is actually quite good and open despite all the unjustified accusations of the Zios and their Controlled Major Mass Media in America.
As the new Russian Federation becomes more free and prosperous, America continues to descend into Soviet practices to stifle and oppress dissent and neutralize our Constitution.
The World Zionist Ruling Cabal is increasing the pressure to stifle dissent and emerging populism, largely because of the growing popularity of the Internet’s alternative media “Truther” News websites and articles, and the ever decreasing believability and popularity of their mainstream media and News Cartel.
Truly the Internet is the New Gutenberg Press, is revolutionary in its nature, and appears to be setting off a new enlightenment of populism worldwide.
And populism is the Zios’ greatest fear, because they know that once it reaches a certain threshold, they are finished and will be driven from power.

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