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Chimpanzee - human last common ancestor (upd!!) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Most Brutal Chimpanzee Society Ever Discovered | The Rise of the Warrior Apes
Chimpanzee - human last common ancestor 
Model of the speciation of Hominini and Gorillini over the past 10 million years; the hybridization process within Hominini is indicated as ongoing during roughly 8 to 6 Mya.
The chimpanzee–human last common ancestor, or CHLCA, is the last common ancestor shared by the extant Homo (human) and Pan (chimpanzee) genera of Hominini. Due to complex hybrid speciation, it is not possible to give a precise estimate on the age of this ancestral individual. While "original divergence" between populations may have occurred as early as 13 million years ago (Miocene), hybridization may have been ongoing until as recent as 4 million years ago (Pliocene).
Speciation from Pan to Homo appears to have been a long, drawn-out process. After the original divergences, there were, according to Patterson (2006), periods of hybridization between population groups and a process of alternating divergence and hybridization that lasted several million years. Some time during the late Miocene or early Pliocene, the earliest members of the human clade completed a final separation from the lineage of Pan — with date estimates ranging from 13 million to as recent as 4 million years ago. The latter date and the argument for hybridization events are rejected by Wakeley (see current estimates regarding complex speciation).
Richard Wrangham (2001) argued that the CHLCA species was very similar to the common chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) — so much so that it should be classified as a member of the genus Pan and be given the taxonomic name Pan prior. However, no fossil has yet been identified as a probable candidate for the CHLCA or the taxon Pan prior.
In human genetic studies, the CHLCA is useful as an anchor point for calculating single-nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rates in human populations where chimpanzees are used as an outgroup, that is, as the extant species most genetically similar to Homo sapiens.
Source: www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chimpanzee-human_last_common_ancestor
The evolution of our human kind has been, until today, a very long and unequal, process.
From the state of the brutal chimpanzee through the state of various, contemporary Nations, there has, inevitably, been, the elements, of creative effort and of sufficient time.
Each living creature follows its own evolutionary course; the same applies, also, to the groups.
People are not equally civilized, with each other; and Nations, are not equally civilized, with each other.
Everyone, naturally, would like being equally developed like the greatest personalities of our human kind; and every other Nation, naturally, would like being equally developed like the most excellent and kind, Nations.
In the evolutionary process, wishfull thinking makes no different; it may have taken thousands years for some Nations, to overcome unproductive rituals like, cannibalism and murder; while, it may have taken few decades for other Nations, to reverse their evolutionary course.
My advise towards the less developed Nations would be, to try to become patient.
The advancements in civilization, unavoidably, take enormous amount of time and enormous amount of effort; it has taken several mileniums in order for Greece to develop an humanitarian civilization within which, murder and cannibalism, remain forbidden.
Concluding, the less developed Nations, instead of comparing themselves with those which are more developed, something which may, needlessly, waist a part of their spiritual energy, they could keep measuring the direction and the volume of their one evolutionary achievements while having in their minds that, the possibility for a falling back to more primitive states of existence remains, always, eligible and that, each and every positive evolutionary progress they make contributes proportionally to the overall evolutionary progress of our human kind.
Christos Boumpoulis
P.S.: Not so recently, a rather polite person, while we had a conversation, tryed to argue that, there were two kinds of prisoners, within the Gulag (both, the old, Soviet ones and the contemporary, colonial ones); the winning-prisoners and the loosing prisoners. From that conversation and then, I realized that, the root problem of our human kind, during our days, most  probably, is that, the members of a large part of our international community embody, sadly, a mentality inferior of the Hominini-Gorillini's mentality. Wishing to contribute positively in the peacefull resolution of this problem I invented this, seemingly, awkward way of composing my articles, meaning, addressing to the "second order observer", the youtube videos, the poetry, etc. However, equaly as all the rest, I remain exposed to the, potential, brutality of the "chimpanzees" and the "gorillas" or our societies who, from what it seems, they remain certain that, their "wisdom" is so much greater than Socrates' that, they, most probably, should be considered as ordinary "Gods".
Gorilla vs. Gorilla | National Geographic
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