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British Colonialism and Stimuly-Response Unethical Exploitation (upd 3) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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British Colonialism and Stimulus-Response Unethical Exploitation (upd 2)
Mind Control Exhibits
The neurotechnology that the secret agencies have been implanting in people's brains not only allows them to modulate/demodulate the neurological patterns associated with human thought ("synthetic telepathy") but by extension also allows them to cause implanted subjects to speak involuntarily out loud.
In other words, not only are your private thoughts not necessarily your own, but also when you speak it is possible that the impulse to speak and the choice of words was likewise caused remotely by a government handler/operator. In either case, you will not become consciously aware that the technology is active when you think "their" thoughts or speak "their" words. The technology BYPASSES YOUR CONSCIOUS WILL AND PERCEPTION. You will think the thought, or speak the word, but in most cases you will not be able to discern that it was not of your own will, except in cases where the handler causes an alarm designed to get your attention, such as causing other physiological responses in your body, or sounds in the environment to which you have been conditioned, occurring simultaneously with the artificially-induced thought or speech.
What this means is that if you are a subject of these capital and outrageous human rights violations, then your operator/handler has the capability to communicate with you by making you speak THEIR words out loud using YOUR voice, all via remote control of your brain itself.
Source: www.zersetzung.org/mind-control/mc-exhibits
A legitimate and lawfull, intermitently from the day I was born until today, citizen is what I am; and my official, criminal record and judicial, files should be entirely empty.
In Greece there is law 2472/1997 (for the citizens' protection against improper processing of their personal data) which forbides any access, on behalf of the citizens, into their corresponding official, criminal record and judicial files. Such kind of unconstitutionsl laws characterize, also, the manifestations of dictatorships.
Since January 25, 2015 the political governance of Greece has fallen, by political elections of questionable fareness, to a group of people which have multiple overt links (education, children's school, etc.) with the United Kingdom.
Stimulus - Response (psychology)
In psychology, a stimulus is any object or event that elicits a sensory or behavioral response in an organism.
In perceptual psychology, a stimulus is an energy change (e.g., light or sound) which is registered by the senses (e.g., vision, hearing, taste, etc.) and constitutes the basis for perception.
In behavioral psychology (i.e., classical and operant conditioning), a stimulus constitutes the basis for behavior. In this context, a distinction is made between the distal stimulus (the external, perceived object) and the proximal stimulus (the stimulation of sensory organs).
In experimental psychology, a stimulus is the event or object to which a response is measured. Thus, not everything that is presented to participants qualifies as stimulus. For example, a cross mark at the center of a screen is not said to be a stimulus, because it merely serves to center participants' gaze on the screen. Also, it is uncommon to refer to longer events (e.g. the Trier social stress test) as a stimulus, even if a response to such an event is measured.
In the second half of the 19th century, the term stimulus was coined in psychophysics by defining the field as the "scientific study of the relation between stimulus and sensation". This may have led James J. Gibson to conclude that "whatever could be controlled by an experimenter and applied to an observer could be thought of as a stimulus" in early psychological studies with humans, while around the same time, the term stimulus described anything eliciting a reflex in animal research.
In behavioral psychology
The concept stimulus was essential to behaviorism and the behavioral theory of B. F. Skinner in particular. Within such a framework several kinds of stimuli have been distinguished (see also classical conditioning):
An eliciting stimulus was defined as a stimulus that precedes a certain behavior and thus causes a response. A discriminative stimulus in contrast increases the probability of a response to occur, but does not necessarily elicit the response. A reinforcing stimulus usually denoted a stimulus delivered after the response has already occurred; in psychological experiments it was often delivered on purpose to reinforce the behavior. Emotional stimuli were regarded as not eliciting a response. Instead, they were thought to modify the strength or vigor with which a behavior is carried out.
Source: wiki
Implants using Electroencephalography (EEG) technology can read and decipher brain waves.
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com/zoltan-istvan/a-brain-implant-that-regi_b_6258676.html
Main subject
The opinions expressed in this article are based, on my personal experiences, on reliable testimonies of other eye witnesses and on written descriptions on various books and published articles.
It seems evident that modern colonialism, the leadership of which belongs, according to my opinion, to the Britons, is being, progressively, destroying the world, as we know it.
One, may wander, how, the Britons, succeed in dominating our entire world? And furthermore, how they could impose a colonial domination upon societies that include, also, extraordinarily intelligent citizens?
Here are, according to my opinion, the answers.
The British colonialism is based, mainly, on an unethical exploitation of the stimulus-response property of every, arbitrarily designated as such, by the colonialists, "targeted individual" (T.I.).
Controlled by the colonialists, usually through abusage of narcotics (usually hashish), perpetrators frame the unsuspected T.I.s, even during their childhood, in order for them to become, usually without gaining knowledge about it, faultily categorized as mentaly incompetents and/or as criminals. This criminal assault against the innocent T.I.s' Human Rights becomes perpetrated initially, through the illegitimate and secret drugging them and then, through the abusage of the Behavioral Psychology's methods. For the accomplishment of those assaults various colonial front organizations are being employed like, private and public schools, private supplemental education centers for students, summer camps for children, etc.
Then, again while the victims of such criminal acts remain totally unsuspected, various existing laws related to supposed "crime prevention" are being intentionally abused in order for Predictive Brain Implants (PBI), meaning implants using Electroencephalography (EEG) technology to decipher the brain, to become, secretly, implanted to the innocent T.I.s in order for, their thoughts, their emotions, the contents of their hearing and the content of their vision, after having become deciphered, to be transmitted, through wireless networks, to the remote handlers of these PBI.
The knowledge, in real time, of the combinations between, the T.I.s thoughts and the actually related Stimuly (visual objects, text, etc. and/or sound, speach, words, etc.) gives to the PBI's handlers the ability to associate, with each and every T.I., a complete list of, elementary thoughts (Response) combined with their related cause (Stimuly).
The colonialists, by having stollen the actual combinations of Stimuly-Response, for each, implanted with PBI, T.I., they can faultily incriminate any of these T.I.s, anytime and for ever, by fabricating false incriminating evidence, as follows.
An (recorded, and/or, live feed) adulterated (by various related computer software that perform, both recorder and live feed, video montage) video is being used which shows the T.I. within its social environment. During this video, the T.I. is being subjected, simultaneously, to two, distinct, stimuly (visual and/or sound). Of those two Stimuly, the origin of the first one, namely, the specific Response (meaning the intended T.I.'s thought) of which, the remote handlers inteded to produce within the T.I.'s mind, is being removed (visually and sound), via video editing/adulteration, from the video, while the other one Stimuly is left in order for an false and incriminating (in terms of suposed crime prevention) association to become fabricated between the second Stimuly, which is left intact in the video and the T.I.'s thought (which was, actually, the Response towards, exclusively, the first, and removed from the video, Stimuly).
Finally, while the T.I.s remain unsuspected, various crime preventing laws are being abused, by exploiting the adulterated (recorded or live feed) video, in order for the T.I.s, to become unjustly arrested, and/or to become unjustly institutionalized, and/or to become unjustly drugged, and/or to become unjustly tortured with directed energy weapons.
By stealing and then, unethically exploiting the T.I.s actual Stimuly-Response association, the British colonialism keep, perpetually, enslaved, among many others, the most honest, creative and empowered individuals; the relatives of other victimized individuals; individuals who are tissue-compatible to persons of colonial interest; the eye witnessess of past and present colonial crimes, etc.
As far as I am conserned, I have been framed, by members of the NATO's, non uniformed "Stay Behind" army (the initial letters of some of those members are, ΑΟ, ΑΑ, ΛΦ, ΚΚ, ΙΝ, ΔΚ, ΝΓ, ΑΑ, ΠΨ, ΧΠ, ΦΜ, ΦΑ, ΕΑ, ΕΓ, ΕΜ, ΜΔ, ΑΠ, ΘΓ, ΒΣ, ΔΚ, ΔΖ, ΝΚ, ΔΧ, ΣΕ, ΑΤ, ?Ι, ΚΚ, Φ?, ΡΜ, ΡΟ, ΓΜ, ΓΜ, ΓΛ, ΣΕ) since my childhood. Certain perpetrators, usually hashish addicts, had been approached me while pretended to be ordinary friends. Under certain circumstances, in my school and in the supplemental education center and in certain summer camps for children, they had secretly drugged me and they fabricated false incriminating evidence against me.
Then, the brain implanted followed; the involuntary human experimentations followed; most probably, the involuntary human harvesting against me followed; and finally, an endless combination of, gang-stalking/tzersetzen-torture and Stimuly-Response unethical exploitation for fabricating false evidence against me, keeps unfolding until today.
Since I have, only recently, fully realized the colonialists' criminal practice with regard to the Stimuly/Response exploitation for fabricating false incriminating evidences against my self, I estimate that there has to be, almost, inumerable times in the past where I had, actually, been the victim of this specific a crime. And in retrospect, I remember various occassions where, this framing, most probably, may had taken place.
Also, recently, a specific incident may had taken place where, the colonialists, may have surpassed even their own selves, in the most sick, the most perverted, the most disgusting, the most monstrous, the most inhumane, the most atrosious, attempt to fabricate false incriminating evidence against an innocent individual, meaning myself.
The members of the security authorities, in various countries, who may become complicit to this atrocious crimes bare integral responsibility. Their responsibility is based in the public knowledge that, gaining access to the contents of their corresponding criminal records and judicial files, is forbidden by unconstitutional laws, in various countries like Greece, which may be nothing else but covert, colonial dictatorships. Also, it is based in the fact that, they may abuse, as a "face saving" false excuse the, by definition, adulterated content of the, totally controlled by the contemporary colonialism, NATO's supposed anti-terrorism Databases. Therefore, I would kindly suggest, to the members of the security authorities of various countries, to avoid contributing, willingly and consiously, to the assassination of innocent T.I.s which may be present in their countries, even though their superiors may provide them with many "face saving", false excuses as, according to the long wisdom that many milleniums of our human kind's existence on this world have crystalized, literary, it is very easy for one to sell his own soul to "Evil", though, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get it back.
It is certain that, as all the rest of the T.I.s, I am concentrated in how to survive from all this colonial monstrosity, though, simultaneously, I keep wandering, to what degree, the rest (meaning, those who are not among the T.I.s) of our human kind members, who are, literary, being "stormed" with superfluous and credible information about the British contemporary colonialism's atrosities, may have become a short of, quasi, "zombies" for not reacting, at all, to this monstrosity?
Christos Boumpoulis
Brain Implant Victim Tips
From prisoner of wars
Doctors & special interest groups implanting adults & children secretly during surgery in order for research, extermination & exploitation (Voices, Electric Shocks, Unnatural Physiological Rewiring, Maiming, Torture & Sexual Abuse)
When I was younger, I was walking home from school when a shady looking fellow passed by and directly blew smoke into my face. When I got home my nose/sinuses flared & began to stuff up with mucus. That night it got to the point where I could not breath through my nose. I was sent to the hospital where they (A Chinese & 2 Jews) immediately decided to perform surgery to remove "adenoid flare up". And that was the end of my life. I have been a slave/prisoner of these kooks ever since and have only found out recently what this entails.
First: Yes you do have a "brain Implant" (Material piece of technology) in your head (Inserted Through the nose or back of throat) most likely from a surgery you had along time ago. It uses low "radio" frequencies hooked up to a computer that translates them & sends/receives into thoughts, emotions, physical/mental actions, etc.
It can do pretty much anything with/to your body/mind.
Second: You have been targeted. Reasons differ.
Third: The best thing for you to do is to move back to your country of nationality/ancestry, become a citizen of that country & cancel the other citizenship. Get in contact with organizations against these implants/mind slavery.
Fourth: DO NOT go to a psychiatrist. They WILL diagnose you with schizophrenia.
Fifth: The people around you DO NOT know what is happened to you. The implant in your head is effecting them because the people on the computer (who implanted you) are sending the people around you things through YOUR own brain, making it look semi-natural. They are also BLOCKING other people from NATURALLY contacting you. The people around you are ignorant of your predicament.
SIX: You are being what they called, "suicide" (Job Sabotage, Social Sabotage & Mental/Physical Sabotage)
Seven: These people are sick criminals, twisted doctors, professors & even special interest organizations and "students" & GOVT.
Eight: People "in the know" will not help because they are
1: Ignorant & have a false sense of security and of what is REALLY happening to you and the capabilities of the technology.
2: Threatened with being "hooked up" (hearing tons of voices)
3: Are the sick perpetrators. This IS BLOOD FUED (Racial Holy War)
Nine: TRY AND REMEMBER WHEN THE LAST TIME YOU WENT UNDER (sleep) FOR SURGERY WAS. Buy yourself what is called an "ENDOSCOPE" (4 millimeter video model if you can afford it). Use this to view your sinuses and
back of your throat & adenoid area. You should see the scar tissue where they made the incision. Once you have found the area where they inserted it get an ULTRASOUND of the area or an MRI. You should see a tiny implant about the size of an Tylenol/Advil/M&M.
TEN: Find someone to pull it out, however you should have it done awake, with friends/family watching & video taped the doctors every move. If this is not feasible you may perform the surgery yourself. In addition to the video endoscope (4mm) you will also need a "rhino-scope" (4mm) w/ scalpel and tong/clamp attachments & some liquid Novocain. The best way to pull it out is first breath some vics vapor rub. Turn on & insert your Endoscope while video-taping. Then dip a small piece of medical cloth in the Novocain & clamp it in your rhino-scope. Insert that and numb the area you will be performing on. Insert a dry piece of cloth near/under the Incision point for blood. Have some "quick-clot" (US Marine Soldier Medical Powder) on hand just in case. Begin to make small incisions into the scar tissue until you find the implant. If the implant has wires attached sever them with the scalpel, you can pull them out later, remove the implant with the Rhino-scope tongs. View this implant under a micro-scope and record all the information/data on it.
ELEVEN: Congratulations, you are now free from all the pedophile, criminal, homosexual, atheist, communists in the world, however, They will most likely retaliate by what called "hooking you up" Prepare to experience tons of voices 24 hours a day, BUT, this will fade away over time and certainly is a small price for freedom because THEY CAN NO LONGER ACTUALLY HURT OR INJURE YOU OR DO ANYTHING EFFECTING YOU PHYSICALLY WITHOUT THE IMPLANT. Sticks, stones & implants may brake your bones but words will never hurt you.
Note: Do NOT tell your doctor/psychiatrist (They are NOT your friends) you have a "brain implant". Just say you got some small object shoved way in your head when you were younger & never got around to getting it out or something to that effect. Remember the implant is most likely up the back of your throat inside near the base of your brain.
It has been discovered there are New York Public Health Laws and New York Mental Health Laws that are being used to strip New Yorkers of their New York "STATE" Civil Rights secretly, allowing "State of New York" authorities to destroy any New Yorkers health and life without notification of the persons affected. The same kinds of actions are happening to all persons in other "states", under their own states laws.
To make things worse there are other New York State laws that allow state authorities to evade admitting that they have secretly declared a person incompetent for subsequent nomination into a deadly human experiment using covertly installed in the body devices (in vivo) that emit deadly energy, while the person is completely unaware and going about their daily tasks and going to work. Even if the person's doctor or lawyer were to ask the authorities, the authorities decide whether to tell them or not and according to law, do not have to tell them, unless the victim has substantial evidence and takes the authorities to court. If a person's doctor or lawyer knows of what is happening to the victim, they won't tell the victim, because they are licensed with the state and therefore obligated not to aid uncovering an ongoing human experiment "lawful investigation".
The attacks on people throughout the nation and world vary, where the technology ranges from implanted in the body devices emitting deadly energy to other techniques of implanted in the body tracking devices to allow them to be efficiently stalked by authorities teams of harassers and also tracking devices to allow the use of deadly radar beams to be sent into their bodies location. The general issue is that the people are having their immune systems traumatized to destroy their health and minds. Many of the victims report torture level pain in a virtual sentence of death.
In States like New York the laws allow federal authorities like the agency Health and Human Services (HHS), military authorities like the CIA, hospitals, universities, institutions, private corporations and doctors, to operate under permission of written New York State laws; the entities mentioned are therefore by law given permission to operate in the State of New York by New York itself, those entities however are still obligated to obey the other laws of New York State that protect a person, which the entities are not obeying. The entities are also obligated not to breach New York States CONSTITUTIONS CIVIL RIGHTS OF NEW YORKERS; therefore the entities from other than the state itself are actionable for liability for breaching the peoples civil rights, just the same as state authorities are liable when they have ignored a persons civil rights. Thereby all of the attacks reported by people throughout the nation are being allowed by the respective STATES laws that the person lives in. The issue therefore is that in order to bring a complaint to stop the attacks it can and should be brought first in a STATE Court, because the STATE authorities are in action as permitting the activity even where it is from federal authorities for example. This is known from our having found the laws that specify the state gives permission for the entities to operate inside New Yorks jurisdiction. The specific laws that allow such atrocities will be outlined in detail in this articles next installment.
It sounds impossible, it is not, there are such laws here in New York and there appears to be the same laws, with somewhat different wording that allow for the same thing to happen, in the other 49 states.
There are several thousand people over the last 15 or so years telling of their being attacked and or used in human experiments that have destroyed their lives, these people were leading normal lives and suddenly their world was turned upside down by State authorized authorities making up for their state budgets deficits by designating people falsely to be "incompetent" and selling the victimized people for use in human experiments for profit. The old saying is, "if you follow the money the truth will be found"; the money motive is a part of the issue of why a person is chosen, because the states need money and they also have men and women without conscience that will do whatever they are ordered to do. Not like you, where your conscience would bother you to pick some New Yorker or people in another state to experiment on, knowing full well their life would be destroyed. Because of the authorities and media ignoring this injustce many of the victims of this abuse have died.
Imagine you wake up and find yourself the target of the authorities, who are really covertly silently torturing you and no authorities will listen to you or help you at all. The electronic pulsing devices do not only cause extreme pain, but are designed to affect the frontal lobe of the brain to depreciate judgment, in effect a reducing the intellect of a person. As the laws are today you too are also at risk for the same thing happening, as well also your family and friends and acquaintances; the potential really exists that you have already been implanted and the authorities have not turned it on or high enough for you to notice it. The laws are on the books and the activities are well known to be going on, there are innumerable websites discussing the attacks on people throughout the nation. One person having this happen to them, is one too many.
The discussion of people affected varies as to how to get the attacks to stop. There has until now been confusion about the source of jurisdictional responsibility of the attacks, resulting in people taking their cases incorrectly to the federal courts; it has been shown by law the states are responsible and not the federal government. Not to say the federal government is not involved; it is a fact however the states are permitting the attacks upon a New Yorkers, Californians, Texans or whatever state the person lives in, where federal or other entities are in action.
Gathering sufficient evidence is what is needed to gain a hearing in court, it has been difficult to do under the circumstances that the authorities call the attacks "human experiments or research", as a cover for their unconstitutional crimes. The general issues for most of those claiming to be affected is the common thread of their experiences with other victims, such similar reports amount to evidence by commonality; that essentially says to an observer, that something more than mass hysteria is occurring.
The victims reporting here in this article have gathered substantial evidence of various kinds and their evidence conforms to courts requirements for a hearing. It is now in the hands of the Court to do the right thing, or cause further litigation of the case where it may ultimately wind up having to be appealed and by due diligence of Lamb and Mecca, wind up in a federal court; that will in all likelihood result in the federal court enforcing their New York State Constitutional Civil Rights, where they coincide with their federal Constitutions' Civil Rights.
You might have asked yourself why attorneys have been unable or unwilling to bring a complaint into court, why detectives produce nothing they will back up in a court, why doctors see nothing; well there are laws in New York and other states that hold them criminally liable for exposing an ongoing "so called" human experiment quantified in the eyes of the authorities as being a "lawful investigation" of a suspect/subject. Such so called "lawful investigation" have the full weight of law to enforce the maintenance of secrecy, so that the experiments remain secret, thereby the laws prevent licensed with the state authorities from rendering "honest service" to victims. Where the licensed professionals such as attorneys, private detectives and doctors may well appear to be helping, they always fall short of the goal because they are compromised by the laws, if they are not actively misleading the victim. The laws that allow what is described are unconstitutional, but are used by authorities as if they were constitutional; the laws for maintaining secrecy of investigations to keep victims from getting evidence by the state authorities, is by keeping all licensed with the state professionals on a legal leash. Many of the licensed with the state professionals and authorities have exhibited actions and attitude of sanctioning such atrocities. The same reasonings are why the news media has ignored the victims plight. The only way out is through a court where the activities are exposed.
Some of those who are being experimented on have made an effort to get the problem resolved by going to court. That may seem like the intelligent response to do, to get something so offensive to stop, but it has been a nightmare for those making the attempt in court; due to another set of authorities laws and policy and case law that support State authorities allowance to lie compounding the problem. Such that the authorities can legally deny all knowledge of the activity, leaving the victim without any ability to get to the truth unless their court case is properly structured. To most of you who read this, it may seem impossible the authorities are allowed to lie in consideration of what's being complained about, but the issue has been decided in court cases that have found for State authorities being allowed to lie while in pursuit of a "lawful investigation" of a suspect/human subject; where in our case we are talking about the authorities pursuit of a person who is a human experiment. Licensed with the state professionals are not supposed to help or aid a victimized person to expose the activity, professionals who don't want to go along could be subject to retaliation by authorities, in being threatened with jail or loose their license to enforce secrecy; such threats have no real weight and those professionals that go along are guilty of conspiracy to defraud. That anybody can have the State step in and seize them as their guardian by nominating the person incompetent secretly without notice is inherently illegal and on the opposing side supported that it is illegal by case law. The licensed professionals are not free from responsibility, they are actionable and not free from liability where they are silent or go along with authorities, on the basis of the egregious nature of the actions authorized by authorities. What is being done to people in the 50 states, is against their guaranteed state Constitutions Civil Rights of persons. These are some of the reasons for all the secrecy by authorities, being they can be stopped and the authorities know that, their main objective is to keep victims from going to court and that is their highest priority.
As victims we have been fighting for our lives trying to stop the insidious atrocity in court, it is a fight critical and crucial to saving our own lives, as well as to help save the lives of many people in New York and throughout the United States where we win. The two affected new Yorkers, John and Debbie have been diligent in searching out a means to produce evidence where the evidence gathered has not been dependent upon licensed authorities; as a part of their evidence they have used a special advanced electronic test according to an electromagnetic standard test of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc., which is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology, setting standards for industry and governments around the world. They have gathered other evidences as well to support their case.
How did we get to this depraved state of human rights abuse and what can be done to reverse the trend of adoption of Nazi like legal allowances to have our State Constitution Civil Rights of persons of any state taken away. These actions of state authorities taking away a person's rights without telling anyone that they are really stealing the body and mind of a person to torture or kill them, is just like a judicial secret star chamber of rogue judges deciding who lives and who dies. The actions of authorities described in this article are a new form of corruption for use by authorities in personal vendettas, legitimate activist assassinations, money making, power and outright sadistic training of other authorities to learn how to do an attack upon a person. That is an issue for the courts to remedy you may think, well there are two people in Court in New York who are also victims and as of this June 2nd 2010, they are attempting to turn this extraordinary immoral activity around and make such vague laws illegal through case law. The Plaintiffs in court being Deborah Lamb and John Mecca are being egregiously affected with pain and suffering from electronic torture by implanted devices, they are currently scheduled for a hearing this July in Long Island New York, of their well supported and properly organized case. You are asked to forward this article to all and anyone whom you believe cares, who has lost hope, who can further spread the word and to those who may want to attend the hearing to show support. Also we need your Prayers that justice prevails and we win.
Implantable devices for torture
The following is not an immutable fact. That is to say the devices do not have to be small to avoid detection. This is because there are such things as chemical capacitors and plastic microchip circuits. The implant as an issue of its functionality is possible to be primarily a capacitor being the virtual battery, several capacitors such as the ultrapacitor variety behave like batteries, as for their charging it can be done by several methods such as a thermopile, RFID antenna made of semiconductive plastic or ultra thin ( 2 to 4 atoms wide of any metal so as to be thin enough not to show up and be coiled up, as well batteries ( I doubt batteries are used anymore as the ultrapacitor is a superior hybrid having the advantages of bot battery and capacitor wrapped up in a new chemical ultrapacitor). The guts being the transceiver can be as stated plastic. Such a device made of plastic composition and deformed into a myriad of body tissue compatible forms would be very easy in evading medical imaging. Factoring this in puts a serious damper on detection by medical scan observation for the artistically crafted new immoral implants. I do not say they are impossible to image either as I believe properly tweaked an MRI could cause substantial interferrence tooccur around the implant, but which of the radiologist technicians has the know how and will to do that. The time is changing, hopefully Bush will not declare martial law and the new President whether McCain or Obama are I think equal as to the possibility to get this fiendish Nazi activity to stop. For the moment we are endeavouring to design a way to detect the devices more effectively and idientify their exact location in the body for removal and to possibly deactivate them. This process of engineering may take monts or years, which of us has that long to get somewhere in defeating the technology. We should all pray to God that this scourge on mankind is rended and destroyed. It will take all our concerted efffort for a political change so please keep up your efforts as you know we will also continue until the enemy is defeated.
Source: www.sites.google.com/site/mindcontrolslave/brain-implant-victim-tips
A Brain Implant That Registers Trauma Could Help Prevent Rape and Violent Crime — So Why Don’t We Have It Yet?
By Zoltan Istvan
There’s been a lot of talk across America about college rape culture in the last few weeks. Much major media has been highlighting the persistent and unfortunate problem. Perhaps the most well known article came from Rolling Stone, which ran a controversial story highlighting seven University of Virginia fraternity students allegedly raping one freshman girl for hours during a party. In the wake of so much arresting coverage, numerous universities and legislative bodies are considering new methods to deal with the problem.
So far, those new methods seem to consist mostly of advocating for clearer language to stop the violence from happening in the first place and greater transparency in the rape victim’s reporting process. I’m not optimistic the changes will do much to stop rape and other forms of criminal violence in any significant way. There are too many aggressive, idiotic men out there—and yes, men are almost always responsible for the violence.
The facts of domestic abuse in America are sobering. Nonprofit Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence reports that every 15 seconds a woman is beaten and that 35 percent of all emergency room visits are a result of domestic violence. Nonprofit A.A.R.D.V.A.R.C., An Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence Aid and Resource Collection, reports that that the US Surgeon General states that domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to women between the ages of 15 and 44 in the United States. According to Feminist.com, over 22 million women in the United States have been raped in their lifetime, based on the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey 2010. SafeHorizon, the largest victims’ service agency in America, says there are 2.9 million reports of child abuse every year nationally, and it costs $124 billion dollars annually in medical, court, law enforcement, child welfare, and juvenile protection services to deal with the problem.
As a futurist and founder of the political organization the Transhumanist Party, I strive to consider all societal problems from technological and scientific points of views. It turns out there might be a simple solution that could reduce rape and some violent crime all across the country. I call it the trauma alert implant.
Cranial implants and brain wave technology have come a long way in the last few years. Already, hundreds of thousands of people in the world have microchip implants in their heads, consisting of everything from chips to help Parkinson’s sufferers to cochlear implants for the deaf to devices to assist Alzheimer’s patients with memory loss. For each, this technology allows a better life. DARPA recently announced a $70 million dollar five-year plan to develop implants that can monitor soldier’s mental health. It’s part of President Obama’s new multi-billion dollar BRAIN Initiative.
Implants using Electroencephalography (EEG) technology can read and decipher brain waves. Trauma, however experienced, is a measurable biological phenomenon that can be monitored and captured by an implant device. Scientists must do nothing more than create a trackable chip that sends an emergency signal to nearby authorities when it registers extreme trauma. Help can then arrive quickly to the victim.
Much of the the technology for such a device basically already exists. And such a device could be useful for far more than rape or criminal violence, too. Drowning, being burned in a fire, automobile accidents, building collapses, snake bites, kidnappings, bullet wounds, senior citizens who’ve fallen down stairs and can’t get up—the list of terrible things that happen to humans goes on and on. The result of every one of them is almost always the same: brain waves that manifest extreme trauma—the human’s most basic response and alert system. Regardless what misfortune happens to a human being, most experts agree that getting victims rapid emergency assistance is the single best way to help them.
The great thing about a trauma alert implant is that not everyone would have to get it to stop violent crime. In fact, probably most people wouldn’t (though, I surmise in the future many people will get one for a multitude of reasons). The existence of the chip itself—similar to a possible hidden camera in a room—would be enough to scare off many criminals, who would always be second guessing if their victim had one. This would especially be the case when it comes to crimes that are hard to prove or go habitually unreported, such as date rape.
All things considered, the trauma alert implant sounds like a sensible and impressive thing. So why don’t we have them yet?
To begin with, Americans are wary of brain implants. They don’t mind holding a cell phone to their ears for a half hour, but ask them to get a piece of sophisticated tech inside their heads and many freak out. They squawk how weird it is and that they don’t want to be a cyborg (all the while spending untold hours surfing the internet, flying on jet airplanes 30,000 feet in the air, and taking multiple vaccines and pills). The transhumanist age is already here, whether it’s weird or not. For most people, it’s just a matter of culturally accepting it.
Another complaint that people have with implants is the privacy issue. Nobody wants to be trackable. Sure, that’s understandable. But bear in mind, that every time you get on the internet, stop at a gas station, or use your credit card, you’re already being tracked. We may all distrust surveillance, but that’s not going to stop the gargantuan amount of cameras recording in America right now, many of them in public places. While solid information is hard to find on how many cameras are operating in America, Wikipedia reports that Chicago has at least 10,000, and the United Kingdom may have as many 4.2 million cameras, or 1 for ever 14 people. The good news is, just like our cell phones we carry around, we’ll likely have the option to turn off our implants anytime we want, thereby giving us control of who can watch us. Additionally, surely implants could be programmed so that they could “only” be tracked once they were triggered for extreme trauma.
Another main reason Americans dislike implants is because of religion. At least 85 percent of the country’s population holds some form of faith—mostly of Christian denomination. And a significant number of Christian people consider brain implant technology to be the Mark of the Beast. I’m an atheist, so I don’t understand those fears. But I do know that Revelations and the Second Coming of Jesus supposedly can’t be stopped by people, according to the Bible, so perhaps Americans should work through their cyborg-phobias and embrace useful transhumanist technology. After all, if a gang of rape perpetrators suspected their victim had a trauma alert chip that would notify authorities, do you think they’d still commit the crime? Surely most wouldn’t, especially not university students.
I have two young daughters: a four-year-old and a one-year-old. I’m grateful they will probably never have to worry about drunk drivers on their prom night. In a decade’s time, most cars on the road in America will be driverless or come with alcohol detection systems that don’t allow inebriated drivers. Such technological innovation is just a drop in the ocean of the benefits that progress brings to our world. The truth is that technology can help fix almost all the world’s problems. It can also help with the tragedy of rape and criminal violence, which dramatically harms nearly 10,000 women and children a day in the US. If even a small portion of the population would have trauma alert implants, rape and criminal violence might be substantially reduced.
Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
For the definitions of the predictive brain implants please see:
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